Secretary of State: Archbishop Pietro Parolin

The Secretariat of State closely assists the Supreme Pontiff in the exercise of his supreme function. The Cardinal Secretary of State presides over it. It includes two sections, namely the section for general affairs under the immediate direction of the Substitute, assisted by an Assessor, and the section for relations with states under the direction of its own Secretary, with the assistance of a Subsecretary. Attached to this latter section is a body of cardinals and some bishops.

First Section: General Affairs
Substitute: Archbishop Giovanni Angelo Becciu
Assessor: Mons. Peter Bryan Wells

The first section handles anything entrusted to it by the Holy Father, as well as matters of daily business which do not fall within the competence of other dicasteries. It fosters relations with these departments, with the bishops, and with the diplomatic missions of the Holy See.

Second Section: Relations With States
Secretary: Archbishop Paul Gallagher
Undersecretary: Monsignor Antoine Camilleri

The second section of the Secretariat of State handles all matters pertaining to civil governments, fostering diplomatic relations with nations, and maintaining contact with all the diplomatic missions of the Holy See. It takes care also of what concerns the presence and activity of the Holy See in international institutes.