Prefecture of the Papal Household
Prefect: Archbishop Georg Gänswein
Regent: Father Leonardo Sapienza, R.C.I.

The Prefecture looks after the internal order of the pontifical household and supervises everything which pertains to discipline and service either by clergy or laity who constitute the pontifical chapel and family. It is in charge of the Apostolic Palace and is at the service of the Holy Father, both there and wherever he goes. It arranges audiences with His Holiness and supervises papal ceremonies other than the strictly liturgical.

Office for the Liturgical Celebrations of the Supreme Pontiff
Master of Ceremonies: Mons. Diego Giovanni Ravelli

This Office prepares whatever is necessary for liturgical and other sacred celebrations which are carried out by the Supreme Pontiff or in his name and, in keeping with existing prescription of liturgical law.

Apostolic Camera
Camerlengo of the Holy Roman Church: Cardinal Kevin Joseph Farrell
Vice-Camerlengo: Archbishop Ilson de Jesus Montanari

The Apostolic Camera is the department of the Roman Curia whose task is to ensure the continued functioning of the ordinary activities of the Holy See after the death, or resignation, of a Pope. It is presided over by the Cardinal Chamberlain of the Holy Roman Church, assisted by the Vice-Chamberlain together with certain prelates chamberlain. It exercises the functions given to it in the special law on the Vacancy of the Apostolic See, and it is limited to those functions while the See is vacant. 

For more information on the role of the Camerlengo during the Vacancy of the Holy See, see the section on the Papal Interregnum.