Vatican Secret Archives
Archivist: Archbishop Jean-Louis Bruguès O.P.
Prefect: Bishop Sergio Pagano, C.R.S.P.
Vice-Prefect: Professor Paolo Cherubini

This institution along with the Vatican Library are responsible for the guardianship of much of the greatest treasures of the modern era. These include original manuscripts form our greatest authors and documents and historic memorabilia from the most important events in history.

Vatican Apostolic Library
Librarian: Archbishop Jean-Louis Bruguès O.P.
Prefect: Fr. Cesare Pasini
Vice-Prefect: Dr. Ambrogio M. Piazzoni

The earliest origins of the Papal library are lost in antiquity, but practically nothing has remained of this period. The modern period begins with Nicholas V (1447-1455), humanist and founder of a notable private collection which has to form the first nucleus of the present library. Sixtus IV gave juridical form to the library conceived by Nicholas V with the bull Ad decorem militantis ecclesiae of 15 June 1475. As of 1 January 1996 the patrimony of the library included 1,600,000 printed books, 8,300 incunabula (of which 65 printed on vellum), 150,000 manuscript volumes, 100,000 prints and engravings, 300,000 coins and medals, and 20,000 objects of art.

Vatican Press (Vatican Polyglot)
Director-General: Fr. Sergio Pellini S.D.B.

The official printing plant of the Holy See. Called polyglot (many tongues) from the 30+ languages in which it publishes.

L’Osservatore Romano
Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Giovanni Maria Vian
Assistant Editor-in-Chief: Mr Carlo di Cicco
Editor of French-language weekly: Dr Jean-Michel Coulet
Editor of English-language weekly: Mrs Anna Morghen, Mrs Kate Marcelin-Rice, Ms Mary Nolan, Ms Elizabeth Simari
Editor of Spanish-language weekly: Fr Arturo Gutiérrez Gómez, L.C.
Editor of Portuguese-language weekly: (vacant)
Editor of German-language weekly: Mrs. Astrid Haas
Editor of Polish-language monthly: Fr Władysław Gryzło, S.J.
Vatican Publishing House (Libreria Editrice Vaticana)
Director: Fr Giuseppe Costa, S.D.B.

Publishes and distributes (as opposed to prints) the liturgical, Magisterial and other documents of the Holy See.

Vatican Radio
Director-General: Fr Federico Lombardi, S.J.
Vatican Television Center
Director-General: Fr Federico Lombardi, S.J.

The aim of the Vatican Television Center (CTV) is to contribute to spreading the Good News of the Gospel by using television to document the Pope’s pastoral ministry and the activity of the Apostolic See.

Vatican Radio Office of Papal Charities
Almoner of His Holiness: Archbishop Konrad Krajewski

This agency distributes funds to persons in need in and around Rome and throughout the world.

Labour Office of the Apostolic See
President: Bishop Giorgio Corbellini
Vice-President Emeritus: Archbishop Giovanni De Andrea

Responsible for labor relations of the Holy See with its employees. Settles labor issues which arise. Instituted by Pope John Paul II in 1989.

Central Statistics Office

Compiles, systematizes and analyzes information on the status and condition of the Church. Attached to the Secretariate of State.