Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I listen to EWTN Catholic Radio?
    Download our app on the Google Play Store, the App Store, and Fire Tablet Apps.
  2. Is there an EWTN Catholic Radio station in my area?
    Could be! There are EWTN Radio stations from coast to coast in America. The easiest way to find out is to visit our Radio Affiliate Map.
    This list is updated monthly with new affiliate stations, including contact information and local websites.
  3. What can I do to bring EWTN to my area?
    Below are three available options: 
    - Purchase time on a local radio station. 
    - EWTN will provide programming free of charge
    - Build a New Station.
    - Purchase an existing radio station.
  4. I looked at your list of stations, and there’s no station in my area. How come? 
    That would take someone in your area (perhaps you) to start one! All EWTN Radio Affiliate stations are independently owned and operated. EWTN Radio provides programming to them free, but we don’t own them. 
  5. Does EWTN Radio carry the same programs as EWTN Television? 
    Some programs are the same on radio and TV… like the Daily Mass and evening programs like Life on the Rock and The World Over. EWTN Radio also covers a number of live events with EWTN Television, like the March for Life and special events involving the Holy Father. However, from 6am to Midnight (Eastern), our programming is 84% radio-exclusive, including great programs like EWTN Open Line, Catholic Answers Live and the Son Rise Morning Show!
  6. How do I listen on Sirius Satellite Radio?
    You’ll need a Sirius radio for that. They’re available at many retailers or directly from Sirius. Go to or for information about EWTN on Sirius.
  7. How do I listen to EWTN Radio online? 
    Go to the EWTN Radio Listen Live page. Click on the play button and you should start hearing EWTN Radio within seconds. 
  8. How do I listen on my mobile device?
    Download our app on the Google Play Store, the App Store, and Fire Tablet Apps.
  9. I like to subscribe to podcasts. Do you provide those?
    In many cases, yes. Programs that EWTN produces like The Journey Home and EWTN Open Line are available as podcasts shortly after airing on EWTN Radio.  Programs produced by others (like Catholic Answers and the Doctor is In) are available directly from them.
    For a list of our podcasts, go to
  10. I heard something on EWTN Radio. Can I get a copy of it?
    Some programs are available from the EWTN Religious Catalogue: Others like Catholic Answers or Women of Grace are available directly from the program provider. If you’re not sure where to go, send us an e-mail:
  11. How do I know what is airing and when?
    EWTN Radio’s program schedule can be found at:
  12. How do I listen to EWTN Radio via shortwave in North America?
    Some parts of the United States and Canada can hear EWTN Radio on shortwave, others cannot. For a list of EWTN shortwave frequencies, go to
  13. Why is the radio schedule for my local EWTN Radio affiliate different than the monthly schedule I receive in the mail from EWTN?
    Many of the EWTN Radio family of affiliate stations “time-shift” certain EWTN Radio programs in order to reach more listeners in their respective time zones with particular shows, as well as offering some of their own local content. These are the reasons why EWTN’s national Network radio schedule (used in monthly mailing) many times differ from your local EWTN Catholic Radio affiliate.
  14. Is EWTN Radio available in Canada on AM or FM?
    Currently, religious programming is not available on AM or FM due to government rules and regulations.  You can hear EWTN Radio on Sirius in Canada, and by listening online.


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