“Lord Father, life is always easier when I keep close to you.”
- Mother Angelica, EWTN Foundress (1923 – 2016)

Your faith is a daily source of comfort. But life has been difficult during the last few weeks of COVID-19, including many people not being able to attend Mass. Holy Scripture and the saints remind us that we are not alone. God does not forsake us.

With this in mind, EWTN has created a place to help you find comfort and hope. Here, you’ll find prayers specific to this moment, Mass and Adoration links, relevant news, and resources for those who are now homeschooling.

Reflect and Turn to Our Immaculate Mother
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Daily Mass and Readings
When you are unable to attend Mass, EWTN is here for you with a variety of options. You can visit our Daily Mass and Readings page to watch a video of today’s Mass.
Watch the Mass live in your area at
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You can watch live from one of our many channels around the world. When on the Watch Live page, click “United States” to choose a different country and alternate satellite feed.
Listen Live
You can listen live from one of our radio stations from around the world. When on the Listen Live page, click “United States” to choose a different country and alternate satellite feed.
Channel Finder
To watch the televised Mass from Our Lady of Angels Chapel located at EWTN – or to watch many other inspirational and informative programs – you can use our television channel finder for domestic or international listings.

Prayers and Devotions

Pope Francis has granted an indulgence to COVID-19 patients and those who pray for them. EWTN has compiled a list of prayers, especially chosen to comfort you in these times.

Words of Hope and Love

Fr. John Paul encourages all to support each other during the pandemic and to look to Jesus who is our life, our hope, and joy. Also, in a treasured classic from EWTN, Foundress Mother Angelica discusses overcoming fear and trusting the Lord.

More Spiritual Resources

EWTN has many resources to inspire, comfort, and inform you.