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Miracle Hunter 'Miracle Hunter' Michael O'Neill delves into the fascinating world of miracles and takes listeners on a hunt that explores the greatest mysteries and marvels of the Catholic Church. From visions of the Virgin Mary and inexplicable medical healings through the intercession of Saints to the miracles of the Eucharist and those who bear the wounds of Christ, listeners will journey through the wonders that have inspired the fascination and faith of believers for centuries.

Michael O’Neill is an award-winning author, EWTN host and creator of the popular miracle-tracking website O’Neill, a graduate of Stanford University and member of the Mariological Society of America, has been interviewed about his research on programs like NBC Today and The Dr. Oz Show and was featured in the National Geographic magazine cover story and map about the Virgin Mary “The Most Powerful Woman in the World”. He is the creator and host of the EWTN docuseries "They Might Be Saints" about the lives of future saints and the search for canonization miracles.