Miracle Hunter

'Miracle Hunter' Michael O'Neill delves into the fascinating world of miracles and takes listeners on a hunt that explores the greatest mysteries and marvels of the Catholic Church. From visions of the Virgin Mary and inexplicable medical healings through the intercession of Saints to the miracles of the Eucharist and those who bear the wounds of Christ, listeners will journey through the wonders that have inspired the fascination and faith of believers for centuries.
Miracle Hunter - 06/12/2021 - Interviews: Fr Roberty Spitzer and Kevin Wells
Interviews: Fr Robert Spitzer on Eucharistic miracles and Kevin Wells, author, Priest and Beggar (Fr. Al Schwartz)
Miracle Hunter - 06/05/2021 - Interviews: Father David Marham and Elizabeth Ficocelli
Interviews: Fr David Marcham (Vice-Postulator for the cuase of Patrick Peyton) and Elizabeth Ficocelli on Lanciano
Miracle Hunter - 05/30/2021 - Interviews: Coleen Meyer and Elizabeth Ficocelli
This week, Michael O’Neill speaks with Coleen Meyer about apparitions of Mary alleged in Montana. Also, speaking with Elizabeth Ficocelli about the apparitions of the Sacred Heart (Paray-le-Monial)
Miracle Hunter - 05/22/2021 - Interviews: Sophie De Mullenheim & Melissa Villalobos
Interviews: Sophie De Mullenheim, author, Holy Mysteries!: 12 Investigations into Extraordinary Cases and Melissa Villalobos, John Henry Newman miracle recipient.
Miracle Hunter - 05/15/2021 - Interviews: Marge Fenelon and Marie Oastes
Interviews with Marge Fenelon ("My Queen, My Mother: A Living Novena" and Marie Oates (Bl. Guadalupe Ortiz)
Miracle Hunter - 05/08/2021 - Interviews: Marion Amberg & Natasha Howes
Interviews with Marion Amberg, author "Monuments, Marvels, and Miracles' and Natasha Howes, producer of Fatima
Miracle Hunter - 05/01/2021 - Interviews: Adam Blai and Michael Lichens
Interviews with Adam Blai, author of Catholic Guide to Miracles and Michael Lichens about Carlo Acutis: A Millenial in Paradise
Miracle Hunter - 04/24/2021 - Interviews: Miguel Sancho and Brett Thoman
Interviews: Miguel Sancho, author, "More Than You Can Handle: A Rare Disease, A Family in Crisis, and the Cutting-Edge Medicine That Cured the Incurable" Miracles in Medicine and Brett Thoman, author,"Padre Pio and the Pandemic: Disciple of Our Lady of Sorrows."
Miracle Hunter - 04/17/2021 - Interviews: Deacon Bob Digan & Joe Drape
Interview with Deacon Bob Digan, miracle of St. Faustina and Joe Drape, author of "The Saint Makers"
Miracle Hunter - 04/10/2021 - Interviews: Susan Tassone and Joseph Pronechen
Interviews with Deacon Bob Digan, miracle of St. Faustina and Joe Drape, author of "The Saint Makers"
Miracle Hunter - 04/03/2021 - Easter Show - Interviews: Dr Gerard Verschuuren & Meg Hunter-Kilmer
"Dr. Gerard Verschuuren - author, A Catholic Scientist Champions the Shroud of Turin. 9OPHI) Meg Hunter-Kilmer - author, Saints around the world "
Miracle Hunter - 03/27/2021 - Raymond Arroyo & Roma Downey
Interviews with Raymond Arroyo, author of the Thief Who Stole Heaven, and Roma Downey, "Crucifixion" film
Miracle Hunter - 03/20/2021 - Michael Hesemann & Barrie Schwortz
Intervews: Michael Hesemann, author of Jesus of Nazareth and Barrie Schwortz, official Shroud of Turin photographer"
Miracle Hunter - 03/13/2021 - Kevin Wells and Robert Gutherman
Interviews "ENCORE: Kevin Wells, author of ""Priest and Beggar"" Fr Aloyoius Schwartz & Robert Gutherman - St Katherine Drexel, miracle recipient
Miracle Hunter - 03/06/2021 - Interviews with: John Cuddeback
Interviews with: John Cuddeback, Author of "True Friendship" and Kevin Wells, author of "Priest and Beggar - The Heroic Life of Venerable Al Schwartz"