Miracle Hunter

'Miracle Hunter' Michael O'Neill delves into the fascinating world of miracles and takes listeners on a hunt that explores the greatest mysteries and marvels of the Catholic Church. From visions of the Virgin Mary and inexplicable medical healings through the intercession of Saints to the miracles of the Eucharist and those who bear the wounds of Christ, listeners will journey through the wonders that have inspired the fascination and faith of believers for centuries.
The Miracle of Father Kapaun & Sr Marie de Mandar Grancey
Interviews: Roy Wenzel, author, “The Miracle of Father Kapaun - Priest, Soldier and Korean War Hero" & Erin Von Uffel - promoter, canonzation cause of Sr Marie de Mandat Grancey
A Cardiologists Examines Jesus & The Film “Nefarious”
Dr Franco Serafini, author, A Cardiologist Examines Jesus: The Stunning Science Behind Eucharistic Miracles & Carey Solomon, producer, director and writer of the film "Nefarious".
Our Lady of Fatima & The Compendium of Marian Devotions
Interviews: Fr. Ed Broom, author of The Compendium of Marian Devotions + On the feast day of Fatima & David Carollo, Executive Director for the World Apostolate of Fatima reflects on the meaning for the messages our Lady gave to the world.
The Canonization Cause of Jacinta & Francisco + The World of Marian Apparitions
Interviews: Sr Angela De Fatima Coehlo, vice postulator for the canonization cause of Jacinta and Francisco, and author of Inside the Light. & Adam Blai, author, The World of Marian Apparitions: Mary’s Appearances and Messages from Fatima to Today
The Virgin of Revelation & A Father's Heard: The Miracles of St Joseph Today
Interviews: Sr Emanuela Edwards, from the Missionaries of Divine Revelation, discussing the Virgin of Revelation & Andrés Garrigó, director of the film: A Father’s Heart: The Miracles of St Joseph Today
The Eucharistic Miracle of Buenos Aires & the Our Lady of Good Counsel Image
Interviews: Ron Tesoriero, documentary "Science tests Faith", discusses the Eucharistic Miracle of Buenos Aires & Julia Colandra-Lineburg discusses Genazzano and the Our Lady of Good Counsel image.
Father Aloysius Ellacuria & the Canonization Miracle of St Faustina
Interviews: Fr Kevin Manion, actor and promoter, discussing Fr Aloysius Ellacuria & Bob and Maureen Digan, miracle recipient, discussing the Canonization miracle of St Faustina
A Medical View of Christ Passion & The Shroud of Turin
Interviews: Dr Timothy Millea (Medical View of Christ’s Passion) & Dr Wayne Phillips, expert (Shroud of Turin)
Blessed Conchita Cabrera / Blessed Carlo Acutis
Interviews: Kathleen Beckman, author, Conchita, Beautiful Holiness & Carlo Acutis through the eyes of his mother, Antionia Salzano Acutis!
Our Lady of All Nations and Santiago -The Camino Within
Interviews: Dr Mark Miravalle, professor of Mariology at Franciscan U at Steubenville (Our Lady of All Nations) & Erin Berghouse, director, "Santiago – The Camino Within"
Venerabe Henriette DeLille & The Trials of St Patrick
Interviews: Paul McCusker, producer, (The Trials of St Patrick) & Sr Sylvia Thibideaux (Venerable Henriette DeLille)
St Galgano's Sword and Fr Al Schwartz
Interviews: Solene Tadie, NC Register / EWTN Correspondent (St Galgano's Sword) & Kevin Wells, author Priest and Beggar (Fr Al Schwartz)
"Following Padre Pio..." & '"Lourdes: Healing and Rebirth"
Interviews: Brett Thoman, author, "Following Padre Pio: A Journey of Discovery from Pietrelcina to San Giovanni Rotondo & Anthony Ryan, Ignatius Press, discussing "LOURDES: Healing and Rebirth" by Thierry Hubert, O.P. and Sophie Delay
Sr. Timothy Marie Kennedy and Dennis Morin
Sr. Timothy Marie Kennedy OCD, author, Unleashing Hope: The Biography of Venerable Maria Luisa & Denis Morin, former vice-postulator of Venerable William Gagnon
Miracles of the Seven Sorrows Rosary & Everyday Miracles of Lourdes
Interviews: Immaculee Ilibagiza, author, A Blessing in Disguise: Miracles of the Seven Sorrows Rosary & Marlene Watkins, author, Everyday Miracles of Lourdes