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Catholic Café From the Diocese of Memphis, a popular destination for men to share experiences, strengthen their faith and become better husbands and fathers

For comfortable conversation about the Catholic faith, radio listeners worldwide make The Catholic Café their top destination. There, Deacon Jeff Drzycimski shares his timeless insight into the issues facing our world today, challenges everyone must confront in their daily lives. The Café’s “Luxurious Corner Booth” is a place for men to share their experiences, strengthen their faith, and ultimately become better husbands and fathers. Drzycimski is the permanent Deacon for the Diocese of Memphis, as well as Assistant Principal for Faith & Mission at St. Benedict and Auburndale Catholic High School. He’s also an author, video producer and sought-after speaker at conferences, retreats and parishes. He and his wife have been married for over thirty years, and have nine children.