Catholic Café

From the Diocese of Memphis, a popular destination for men to share experiences, strengthen their faith and become better husbands and fathers
Catholic Café - 09/19/2020 - Challenge Yourself Not To Envy
The well known #parable of the Workers in the Vineyard is edifying and at the same time challenging. Jesus teaches us that there is #hope for each of us at any stage of #life, but challenges us not to #envy what others have. #Catholicism #Jesus #God #Christianity
Catholic Café - 09/12/2020 - Forgiving Seventy Times Seven
#Forgiveness is typically easier to receive than it is to give. There are perhaps many reasons for this, but nevertheless, when one forgives his brother from his heart as the Lord call us to do, we are much more ready to receive the forgiveness we all so desperately need.
Catholic Café - 09/05/2020 - Wisdom Of Mother Theresa
Deacon Jeff discusses some of his favorite #MotherTeresa quotes. #Catholicism #stmotherteresa
Catholic Café - 08/29/2020 - John The Baptist: The Herald
John the Baptist has always been a very intriguing and important figure in salvation history. But, in fact, each one of us is called to be a John the Baptist, a herald of the Christ.
Catholic Café - 08/22/2020 - The Queenship Of Mary & The Crown
We all strive to be more holy, but not everyone realizes that humility is a prerequisite for holiness. Keeping down to earth is the best way to reach for God.
Catholic Café - 08/15/2020 - Have Humility First
We all strive to be more holy, but not everyone realizes that humility is a prerequisite for holiness. Keeping down to earth is the best way to reach for God.
Catholic Café - 08/08/2020 - Letting God Do What He Does Best
So many of us try and #control every aspect of our lives and of the world. Perhaps it is time that we let go, and let #God do what He does best. #Catholicism #Christianity
Catholic Café - 08/01/2020 - Help For A Knotty World
There is a lesser known devotion dedicated to Our Lady under her title of Undoer of Knots. This sounds like a great time in our knotty world to explore the help the Blessed Mother offers us. #Catholicism
Catholic Café - 07/25/2020 - Satisfying Your Hunger
What does it mean to have, "hunger" and where does this concept come from? We all enjoy answering a need, whether it's in food, rest, or in friendship. Ultimately, God has to be part of the equation of fulfilling our desires and when we try to fill that place that only God can, we become restless and frustrated.
Catholic Café - 07/18/2020 - Living By The Spirit Parables: Sto
When we live by the flesh, Saint Paul tells us, we are more prone to fall into sin. Being driven by our emotions can be devastating. As Christians, we are called to live by the Spirit.
Catholic Café - 07/11/2020 - Parables: Stories Of Truth Parables: Sto
Jesus used parables quite often during his ministry because he knew they would be received by those to whom he taught. Perhaps parables might be employed more today to teach the truth.
Catholic Café - 07/04/2020 - Devotion To The Precious Blood
A specific devotion to the Precious Blood of Jesus may seem to be esoteric, but there is a strong tradition of this devotion in Catholic history.
Catholic Café - 06/27/2020 - A Sacramental Antidote
What is the answer to all of the #evil stuff in the world? As Catholics we have options at our disposal that not everyone has and sometimes we forget the great mercy and love that God makes available to us through the sacraments.
Catholic Café - 06/20/2020 - Making Assumptions
Deacon Jeff Drzycimski & John Edwards discuss making assumptions. Many times when we make an #assumption we can turn it in our heads into something way out of proportion. We need to work on allowing the benefit of the doubt more and treat people as #human beings.
Catholic Café - 06/13/2020 - Hope In Crisis
Deacon Jeff and Tom Dorian discuss having #Hope during this time of crisis. Also, Tom Dorian discusses witnessing the looting going in the suburbs of Minneapolis.