Catholic Café

From the Diocese of Memphis, a popular destination for men to share experiences, strengthen their faith and become better husbands and fathers
Catholic Café - 01/17/2021 - Glorifying God With Your Body
Temples Of The Holy Spirit: Glorifying #God with Your Body So many think that a relationship with God is primarily expressed in the heart and mind, through faith. But, Saint Paul teaches us that we are to praise and worship God, to glorify him, with our bodies as well. #Jesus #Catholicism #Christianity
Catholic Café - 01/10/2021 - God Is Our Father
God calls Jesus his Son, and by virtue of our baptism, we are welcomed into the Christian Family as adopted brothers and sisters of Jesus. That means, we have a Divine Father and that is Good News!
Catholic Café - 01/03/2021 - Having An Epiphany: Jesus Still Comes To Us
Jesus may have come to us on Christmas 2000 years ago, but maybe you have not realized that he continues to come to us today and every day of our lives. Find out what an Epiphany truly is.
Catholic Café - 12/27/2020 - The Holy Family Today: Guiding Us Through Chaos
Even though the story of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph is nearly 2000 years old, believe it or not, there is still much to learn from their example for living in our modern times.
Catholic Café - 12/20/2020 - The 2020 Knights Of Columbus
The #KnightsofColumbus are not necessarily the same Knights that your grandpa was a member of years ago. State Deputy of the Tennessee Knights of Columbus, Michael McCusker, joins us to discuss the important work the #KofC carries out today and every day. #Jesus #God #Catholicism #2020 #God
Catholic Café - 12/13/2020 - The Lit Intercession Of Mary
The #BlessedMother is a powerful intercessor who loves us as only a mother could love. When we are under #spiritual attack, she is a tremendous ally. #Jesus #Christianity #Catholicism #Catholic #God
Catholic Café - 12/06/2020 - Spiritual Attack: Be Prepared
While the #holidays are usually something we look forward to for good reason, it can also be a season that the #Devil may use as a guise to infiltrate our lives and attack us. We must be vigilant. #Bible #Catholicism #Christianity #God #Jesus #advent #adventcrazy #adventseason
Catholic Café - 11/29/2020 - Life Renewed: COVID Opportunities
These are certainly very tough times for many, but perhaps we can see some possibilities for a renewal of grace in our lives as we seek to navigate through the difficulties.
Catholic Café - 11/22/2020 - In Thanksgiving For A King: Healing With Love
The Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe and the secular Thanksgiving holiday intersect in our country and our lives at an opportune time for much-needed healing.
Catholic Café - 11/15/2020 - Talents: The Weight Of Love
The Parable of the Talents is familiar to most, but perhaps there is another way of looking at it that might give us a renewed perspective on this powerful #Gospel message. #Jesus #Christianity #God
Catholic Café - 11/08/2020 - Living Life After The Election
Getting through a very contentious and divisive #Election Day is certainly not easy, and it definitely is not over the day after Election Day. Perhaps we should ponder how to live life after the Election. #God #Jesus #Catholicism
Catholic Café - 11/01/2020 - Evangelizing With The Family By Living The Faith
We may think that #evangelization requires a great deal of study, and knowledge and presentation skills, and that does help. But, actually, some of the most effective evangelization takes place when a #Catholic family just simply lives out its #faith. #Catholicism #Christianity #family #Jesus #marriage
Catholic Café - 10/25/2020 - Loving Your Neighbor Is Also Loving God
In this day and age, it seems increasingly difficult to love our neighbor. And yet, Jesus is explicit. We cannot love God completely if we do not love our neighbor as we do our own selves.
Catholic Café - 10/17/2020 - What Belongs To Caesar & What Belongs To God
Setting our priorities is the key to figuring out how to navigate the challenges of the world, but we cannot set those priorities properly unless we know what belongs to #God and what belongs to the world. #Catholicism #Jesus #Christianity
Catholic Café - 10/10/2020 - The Spiritual Challenge Of Abundant Living
A lot of us think it is always a blessing to have a lot, but there can be many spiritual challenges with living with abundance.