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Our Own Pentecost
As the Church rounds out the season of Easter with the celebration of Pentecost, it is important to realize that the coming of the promised Holy Spirit is not just for the Universal Church, there is also a personal aspect of Pentecost when we recall our own reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation.
The Ascension
The Easter Season is still upon us and the Church calls us to celebrate the Ascension of the Lord. Many may have lost sight of what this feast can mean for us if we know how to look at it in the proper context. Our Lord not only rose from the grave, he rose from the earth as well!
My Kids Have Left The Church: Losing Our Kids To The World
My kids have left the Church. Or my friends, or my family. This seems to be a constant refrain from concerned Catholics today. As a continuation of our show last week, we delve a little further into what to do and what not to do when the ones we care about stop caring about God.
The Catholic Church In A Pagan World
When you look at all the events that are occurring around us, you realize that our modern world has slipped into a pagan existence not unlike the times of early Christianity. But, we are not left without hope, The Church is truly a light in the darkness for our families.
Holy Face Devotion: Work of Reparation
The Devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus, usually represented by the Shroud of Turin image of the face of Jesus, was started by a lesser-known Carmelite nun from the middle of the nineteenth century. It is Church-approved and based on her private revelations. With a focus on the evils of Communism and atheism, it is especially relevant even in our world today.
The Season Of Resurrection
When all the Easter candy and decorations are cleared out of stores, many think Easter is over. But, that is not true for the Church. In much the same way we prepare for Easter through the season of Lent, it is appropriate that we realize and take the time to celebrate the entire season of Easter afforded us by the Church.
Resurrection Morning: The Resurrection Is Real
By recounting the scriptural accounts of the morning of the Resurrection, the state of mind of those involved, and the evidence of the events that occurred, we can rest assured that the Christian faith in a Risen Christ is not only feasible and reasonable, but most assuredly true.
Holy Week Again: High Holy Days
For some folks, this Holy Week is just one of many, many Holy Weeks in a lifetime of Church life. The week may have lost its luster. Perhaps there is a way to reinvest and reinvigorate this, our last week of Lent 2024.
Cabrini: A Movie Review
With the recent release of the movie Cabrini by Angel Studios, there has been a very divisive reaction from various sectors and especially among Catholics. Perhaps a review of this film about the life of the first American saint, Frances Xavier Cabrini, will help bridge the divide.
Laetare: Rejoice
The Fourth Sunday in Lent carries with it a special character even within the desert of the lenten journey. It is a time to start to realize that we are loved by Jesus, and though we move through this season in a spirit of profound repentance, we must have hope.
Cleansing Your Temple: The Temple Of The Spirit
When we read about Jesus cleansing the Temple of moneychangers we can see how the Lord desires the Church to be first a house of worship. But we also read in Scripture that our bodies are temples as well, temples of the Holy Spirit. So we need to periodically cleanse our own temples to properly prepare ourselves for worship of the Lord.
Temptation And Spiritual Warfare: Why We Are Tempted
Some wonder what role temptation plays in the story of salvation and why the First Sunday of Lent focuses us on the Temptation of Jesus in the Desert. We must understand why God allows us to be tempted, and how temptation and spiritual warfare are related so that we can grow closer to God through Jesus during Lent.
The Church Visible: The Sacrament Of Salvation
Some have declared that how we worship is not so very important, and that apparent extravagance is a misplaced distraction from the truth of the Gospel message. Perhaps, though, there is value in the manner in which our Church gathers to worship and that the Sacred Scriptures can help us see this.
Ready, Set, Lent: Preparing To Prepare For Easter
Time flies and it is already time to be thinking about the season of Lent and how we can best prepare ourselves for the Easter Mysteries. Making our Lent matter more will enhance our Easter experience. So, prepping for Lent is the key to a Happy Easter.
Soul Esteem: Dying To Self
For some, there is an apparent contradiction between the Catholic concepts of dying to self and self esteem. Many think it impossible that both can be true goals at once. When you consider the self to be a soul, however, and pursue soul esteem, then dying to self becomes more apparent as a beneficial path of the spiritual life.