Catholic Café

From the Diocese of Memphis, a popular destination for men to share experiences, strengthen their faith and become better husbands and fathers
Faith And Science: Seeking The Author Of Truth
Many wonder if the discovery of alien life would challenge our Catholic faith, or if our faith can be proven or disproven by empirical science. We must have a proper understanding of the relationship between faith and science.
Bold Yet Meek: Living In Tempered Strength
One must be bold sometimes to proclaim the truth of God in this day and age, and yet one must also me meek and humble like Jesus. It may seem tough or even impossible to balance boldness and meekness.
Universal Church: Seeking Unity And Not Division
Sacred Scripture tells us that when Peter hauls in a large load of 153 fish, the net was unbroken. Theologians and scholars tell us this might be an image of a single, worldwide Church.
Meatless Fridays: Obligation Or Opportunity
Most Catholics know to abstain from meat on the Fridays of Lent, but not all Catholics are sure about what the Church asks of the faithful on every other Friday of the year.
Litany Of Humility: Antidote To Pride
The virtue of humility stands in direct opposition to and protection from the temptation to act upon prideful inclinations. The Litany of Humility is a powerful prayer we can invoke to lead us closer to Christ in humility.
Guilt And Shame: Go And Sin No More
Guilt and shame, in the proper context, may actually be something that we can use to motivate and better ourselves as we strive to live in right relationship to God.
Catholic Charities: Knowing The Other
The heart of love, or charity, in the Catholic faith, requires that one recognize the dignity of every human person, regardless of their social status, financial situation or even their mother tongue.
On Holy Ground: Rediscovering Reverence In Your Faith
The story of the burning bush in Sacred Scripture teaches us about the importance of holy ground. Perhaps we could do with an increase of reverence in our own faith life in the Church.
The Faithfulness Of God
If only we could learn to be as faithful to God and God is to us. Even our father in faith, Abraham, had difficulty in putting his faith totally in God and a promise that Sarah would conceive a child.
Authentic Manhood
What does it mean to be Real Man?
Feminism And Cancel Culture
What does a woman really want? Author Leah A. Jacobson joins the conversation today in the Catholic Café.
Synod on Synodality
Many are aware of the universal Synod On Synodality at the Vatican, but some folks may be unware that it is actually very important for the average parishioner to get involved at the diocesan level.
Cursed or Blessed: Trust in the Lord
The Old Testament speaks of being cursed or blessed. But, when Jesus Himself delineates between those who are blessed and those who suffer woes, we find that what the world views as a curse or woe, is actually a blessing.
I Am Unworthy
In the story of the calling of Peter, we might see our own challenge to do what we have been called by the Lord to do. Many of us do not feel holy enough, or qualified enough. And yet, the Lord calls us anyway.
Make a Spiritual Resolution: Top 10 List
Most of us are used to making resolutions at New Years, and most of us are used to failing at them. Perhaps this year we should try and make a Spiritual Resolution instead in hopes of building our spiritual life.