Through dramatic reenactments, Dr. Matthew Bunson explores the lives of the time-honored Doctors of the Church and how they continue to proclaim the Gospel to the modern world.

“The declaration that a saint is a Doctor of the Universal Church implies the recognition of a charism of wisdom bestowed by the Holy Spirit for the good of the Church and evidenced by the beneficial influence of his or her teaching among the People of God.” Pope Benedict XVI, 2012

Relying on experts in Church history, theology, and spirituality, EWTN’s The Doctors of the Church offers the first ever series dedicated to the remarkable lives, writings, and holiness of the 36 men and women declared Doctors over the centuries.

The Doctors of the Church are men and women who are revered by the Church for the special value of their writings and preaching and the sanctity of their lives. A Doctor is named by a special decree of the Pope or an Ecumenical Council. They each made important and lasting contributions to the faith and are to be recognized for their great merits. Initially, the Doctors were considered the Church Fathers Augustine, Ambrose, Jerome, and Gregory I the Great, but the Church added others to the list over the centuries.