Episode Eleven: The Catholic Reformation

In Episode Eleven we look at the Catholic response to the Protestant Reformation; and by using expert analyse and live action costume drama sequences, filmed in historic locations, we bring to life the Catholic or Counter Reformation. In the wake of the Council of Trent came forth the true Reformers, who were loyal to Holy Mother Church. As the old great saints reaffirmed the teachings of the true Church, saints like St Pius V, St Charles Borromeo, St Francis de Sales, no Catholic reformer or order quite exemplifies the Catholic or Counter Reformation like the Jesuits. The Jesuits were so effective that they were feared in Protestant countries for they could reconvert whole territories back to the Catholic faith. Professor Thomas Madden of St Louis University says that every single one of them was prepared for martyrdom and that they were literally jubilant when they were sent somewhere very dangerous. In England for example, even being a Jesuit or harbouring one was a capital offence. We look at priest hides in an Elizabethan Catholic manor house, and recreate a raid by the Queen's enforcers on a Recusant house, together with the martyrdom of St Margaret Clitherow.