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WOMEN OF GRACE host Johnnette Williams embraces the essence of feminine spirituality as she informs, instructs and inspires listeners with the truth of the Catholic faith.
2021-09-23 05:00:00 UTC
The Miracle Hunter and Marian Apparitions
Michael O’Neill, AKA The Miracle Hunter, joins host Johnnette Williams as they talk about angels and Marian apparition sites around the world. They discuss places such as Lourdes, France, and Fatima, Portugal as well as Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico . Caller Chris tells of his healing of sight at Lourdes.
2021-09-22 05:00:00 UTC
The Flat Earth Conspiracy
Host Johnnette Williams welcomes new age researcher & blogger Sue Brinkmann as they talk about wacky things that distract from the faith. This week they discuss the " Flat Earth Conspiracy. " There are people - who are well known - who still thing the Earth is flat. Sue says It really is about distrusting authorities and institutions. This theory seems to be based on both a conspiracy mentality and a deeply held belief that looks a lot like religiosity but isn’t necessarily specifically tied to a religion. Caller Nora wants to know the "7" Archangel names. Agnes has a friend who sends her 'smudge sticks.' What should she do?
2021-09-21 05:00:00 UTC
The 8th Gift of the Holy Spirit
Mother Angelica said that there is an 8th gift of the Holy Spirit. Host Johnnette Williams says it is 'guts'. The guts for overcome all the sin and suffering. How do you do it ? Prayer is a power. Make the right choices. Forgiveness is important. Caller Marilyn wants to forgive her son-in-law who pulled the ventilator plug on her daughter. James called in and say he had to forgive his abuser to grow closer to Jesus.
2021-09-20 05:00:00 UTC
Caring for Elderly Parents
Are you someone who has to care for elderly #parents or someone who has Alzheimer's? Host Johnnette Williams share her experience of caring for her mother. Caller Sandy has a mother with #Alzheimer's and has been caring for her for 10 years. It is a struggle for her family with a working husband and teenage children. She sometimes feels #guilt for not having time for each. Caller Teressa has a similar issue in her home and feels like she is away from her #family too much to care for her mother. Listen to words of wisdom for families who are going through this situation.
2021-09-16 05:00:00 UTC
Answering Emails and Phone Calls
Johnnette takes a day to answer emails and calls that have stacked up. Emails from a mother whose daughter has left faith. A nurse who has to give contraception to teens and is worried about her faith. A mother whose son is becoming a marijuana farmer. Write her at womenofgrace@ewtn.com
2021-09-15 05:00:00 UTC
Encore from March 3- 2021: Host Johnnette Williams welcomes new age blogger Sue Brinkmann as they talk about wacky things that distract from the faith. This week they discuss if Catholics should take homeopathic medicine, If Cartoon Cat is OK for children to watch. Callers also asked about acupuncture and new age articles in local paper
2021-09-14 05:00:00 UTC
Teach Us to Pray
Johnnette brings you a live, call-in show to simplify and amplify your life of grace. She teaches about prayer and how important it is we ask God for His will to be done. Call Matt ask for prayer for traveling friends. amela was prayer from Rachel, mother of 8, who has growing blood clots. Derek wants to know how to raised Holy children.
2021-09-13 05:00:00 UTC
September Marriage Monday 2021
MARRIAGE MONDAY: Host Johnnette Williams welcomes her husband Jack as they talk about marriage and how we are to lead our spouse to the faith. They share that you MUST pray together as a couple. Caller Evelyn wants to know what she must do to prepare for a future spouse. Catherine wants to know why Catholics must even get married if it is between your partner and God. Enrique has anxiety when talking to spouse. See what wisdom the Williams give.
2021-09-10 05:00:00 UTC
A 911 Prayer
"Should a good Catholic be angry and still want revenge for what happened on Sept 11th?" asks caller Tommy. Host Johnnette Williams shares her insight. She says praying for our enemies is what God tells us to do. She also says a prayer for the victims of the attack from 20 years ago. Caller Linda has a mother who is 100 and having forgetful thoughts. What can she do as not to be mad when her mother tells the same stories everytime?
2021-09-09 05:00:00 UTC
Fr. Matthias of the Immaculate Heart
Host Johnnette Williams welcomes Fr. Matthias of the Immaculate Heart, O.C.D. as her guest on today's show. He talks about prayer and how we are to be a light in the world. We are to look out toward the world while looking up to Heaven toward Our Lord. Father tells us we are to be consumed by love. Also discussed is the upcoming WOMEN OF GRACE event in Texas.
2021-09-08 05:00:00 UTC
Can Demons Send Text Messages?
Host Johnnette Williams welcomes new age researcher & blogger Sue Brinkmann as they talk about wacky things that distract from the faith. This week they discuss demons texting. They share a blog by an exorcist who witnessed three cases in which demons have texted the team and/or the family of the possessed person. he demons did everything they could to convince the priests and the family to abandon them. But their loved ones did not waiver nor did the love of Christ. Ultimately, Love cast them out. Listen to this interesting episode of WOMEN OF GRACE
2021-09-07 05:00:00 UTC
Dr. Paul Chaloux on Suffering
Host Johnnette Williams welcomes guest Dr. Paul Chaloux as they discuss his new book "Why All People Suffer: How a Loving God Uses Suffering to Perfect Us." Dr. Chaloux says that suffering is one of the most challenging and inescapable mysteries of life even for the innocent. Thinkers have long been vexed by the idea that a good God permits suffering, and it has been a stumbling block for many souls striving to live lives of faith. Learn how to recognize and respond joyfully to God s call in the face of loss, disability, injury, illness, and death
2021-09-03 05:00:00 UTC
What Does It Mean to Be Good (Purgatory)?
On today's show, Johnnette Williams poses the question, "what does it mean to be good?" when discussing purgatory and teaching it to high school age kids. Also, Johnnette discusses a Catholic listener's marriage dilemma with his atheist spouse. This and much more on today’s Women of Grace on EWTN Radio!
2021-09-02 05:00:00 UTC
Guest: Melissa Maleski
Host Johnnette Williams welcomes guest Melissa Maleski. Melissa will be on the upcoming WOMEN OF GRACE retreat talking to young women. Melissa also shares highlights of her book " The Supreme Vocation of Women: According to St. John Paul II." In it she says that St. John Paul II propelled the Church into a new era of fruitful contemplation about the dignity and value of women, often reiterating how women specifically as women reveal the image of God in the world. Caller Mary Alice shared how Music is her gift to the Lord. Caller Joshua is depressed about his mother who has a drinking problem. Listen to more on this episode of WOMEN OF GRACE.
2021-09-01 05:00:00 UTC
Difference Between Christian & Occult-Based Fantasy
Host Johnnette Williams welcomes new age researcher & blogger Sue Brinkmann as they talk about wacky things that distract from the faith. This week they discuss children's books in which the characters use sorcery in one way or another. Sue tries to help Christian parents and educators learn how to discern whether or not this content is suitable for children. Many books give grave distortions of good and evil. Callers also ask about healing touch, essential oils and Medusa tattoos.