Women Made New

Every week, author and speaker Crystalina Evert chats with her guests about the hard topics that women struggle with. She and her guests remind everyone it’s never too late to start over. Women Made New is women helping women!
Women Made New - 09/12/2020 - Spiritual Warfare
Crystalina sits down with Dr. Paul Thigpen to discuss his book Manual for Spiritual Warfare. Get tips on giving yourself and your friends and family the protection we all need.
Women Made New - 09/05/2020 - How Families Can Cope with COVID
The doctor is in! Dr. Scipione sits down with Crystalina to discuss how families can cope with shutdowns and quarantines in the age of COVID.
Women Made New - 08/29/2020 - Fr. Mark Mary - Life of Mother Angelica
This week Father Mark joins Crystalina to discuss the life and legacy of Mother Angelica. Father Mark also discusses his own vocation story and the importance of maintaining a close relationship with Our Lady.
Women Made New - 08/22/2020 - Sister Bethany Madonna
Sister Bethany Madonna sits down with Crystalina to discuss the mission of the sisters of life. She also tells our listeners about her encounter with God at adoration and how that led her to her vocation.
Women Made New - 08/15/2020 - Reflections on the Gift of Motherhood
Crystalina Evert discusses the many blessings of motherhood with guest Danielle Bean, author of the new book "Giving Thanks and Letting Go: Reflections on the Gift of Motherhood," written to help mothers through the grief and joy of launching their children into adulthood.
Women Made New - 08/08/2020 - Jason Evert
Crystalina is joined by her husband Jason Evert.
Women Made New - 08/01/2020 - Baby and Beyond
Author Allison Auth talks about her book "Baby and Beyond: Overcoming Those Post-Childbirth Woes"
Women Made New - 07/27/2020 - Cameron Fradd
Author, podcast host, wife and mother of 4 Cameron Fradd gets real with Crystalina
Women Made New - 07/18/2020 - Dating Detox - Lisa Cotter
Lisa Cotter, co-author of "Dating Detox: 40 Days of Perfecting Love in an Imperfect World" delves into dating during and the ever-changing landscape of single life.
Women Made New - 07/10/2020 - Chris Stefanik
Crystalina talks to guest Chris Stefanik about his new program " I AM"
Women Made New - 06/27/2020 - Challenging Conversations With Your Kids
As kids grow up parents need to have some difficult conversations. Topics include how children's bodies are changing and how kids need to navigate a world that celebrates values contrary to church teaching. Becky Greene sits down with Crystalina to discuss ways in which parents can navigate these awkward conversations and build a dialogue with their children.
Women Made New - 06/20/2020 - Healing Wounds in Marriage
Our guest this week is Leila Miller, author of "Primal Loss: The Now-Adult Children of Divorce Speak." Crystalina and Leila discuss broken marriages and how adults who come from broken marriages can build strong marriages of their own.
Women Made New - 06/13/2020 - Coping with the Quarantine
The doctor is in! Join Crystalina and Dr. Kymberly Scipione for a fun discussion of coping with the quarantine.
Women Made New - 06/06/2020 - How COVID-19 Is Changing Family Life
In this debut episode of Women Made New, Crystalina Evert and guest Kimberly Hahn discuss the coronavirus and how it is changing family life.
Women Made New - 06/04/2020 - PROMO
New show coming June 6 at 12 noon.