Women Made New

Every week, author and speaker Crystalina Evert chats with her guests about the hard topics that women struggle with. She and her guests remind everyone it’s never too late to start over. Women Made New is women helping women!
Women Made New - 11/28/2020 - Why Women are Choosing To Veil
What value do you give to tradition in our church? This week we welcome Lily Wilson the founder of veilsbylily.com. She will tell us about the history of the veil in our church and we will discuss why more and more of us are choosing to veil.
Women Made New - 11/22/2020 - Emily Wilson Hussem
Dr. Paul Thigpen discusses his book "Saints Who Battled Satan." Get your boots on, it's time for some spiritual warfare!
Women Made New - 11/21/2020 - Emily Wilson Hussem - Awaken My Heart
In these days of lockdowns and illness it is easy to slip into a feeling of emptiness. This week on Women Made New we sat down with Emily Wilson Hussem to discuss her new book "Awaken My Heart". She invites you on a journey of practicing gratitude and a deeper appreciation of God's presence in your life.
Women Made New - 11/14/2020 - Saints Who Battled Satan
Dr. Paul Thigpen discusses his book "Saints Who Battled Satan." Get your boots on, it's time for some spiritual warfare!
Women Made New - 11/07/2020 - The Life and Example of St. Elizabeth of the Trinity
Claire Dwyer discusses her new book "This Present Paradise" about the life and example of St. Elizabeth of the Trinity.
Women Made New - 10/31/2020 - Danielle Bean - Manual for Women
Danielle Bean discusses her book Manual for Women and shares how women can harness their strength and get Mom Strong!
Women Made New - 10/24/2020 - Catherine Hadro on the Upcoming Election and Advocating for the Unborn
Crystalina sits down with with Catherine Hadro, Host and Managing Editor of EWTN Pro-Life Weekly. She will discuss topics including voting in the upcoming election and how you can be an effective advocate for the unborn.
Women Made New - 10/17/2020 - Leila Miller on Raising Chaste Catholic Men
Raising children in this day and age is difficult. Raising chaste young men is a whole other level of difficulty. That's why we are sitting down with author and mother of eight Leila Miller to discuss her book Raising Chaste Catholic Men. She will give us mothers a road map to discussing how we can direct our boys to sainthood while fighting off the influence of the surrounding world.
Women Made New - 10/10/2020 - Implementing Biblical Teachings Into Everyday Life w/ Lisa Brenninkmeyer
Lisa Brenninkmeyer, author of many bible study programs and founder of Walking with Purpose discusses how she implements the teachings of the bible into everyday life.
Women Made New - 10/03/2020 - Kimberly Hahn on Biblical Wisdom for Your Marriage
Kimberly Hahn sits down with Crystalina to discuss her book Chosen and Cherished: Biblical Wisdom for Your Marriage and ways you can strengthen your faith and your family.
Women Made New - 09/26/2020 - Sarah Swafford - Emotional Virtue
This week Crystalina sits down with Sarah Swafford to discuss her book Emotional Virtue. They discuss how to create drama free relationships, social media pressures and why unplugging might be the best course of action if you are feeling overwhelmed.
Women Made New - 09/19/2020 - Faith, Family and Fighting Cancer
Cancer is a scary word and for some a diagnosis can destroy them. Our guest Erin Fitzgerald took on cancer by digging deep into her faith. Studying the saints emerging cancer free. She sits down with us to share her story of faith, family and fight.
Women Made New - 09/12/2020 - Spiritual Warfare
Crystalina sits down with Dr. Paul Thigpen to discuss his book Manual for Spiritual Warfare. Get tips on giving yourself and your friends and family the protection we all need.
Women Made New - 09/05/2020 - How Families Can Cope with COVID
The doctor is in! Dr. Scipione sits down with Crystalina to discuss how families can cope with shutdowns and quarantines in the age of COVID.
Women Made New - 08/29/2020 - Fr. Mark Mary - Life of Mother Angelica
This week Father Mark joins Crystalina to discuss the life and legacy of Mother Angelica. Father Mark also discusses his own vocation story and the importance of maintaining a close relationship with Our Lady.