Women Made New

Every week, author and speaker Crystalina Evert chats with her guests about the hard topics that women struggle with. She and her guests remind everyone it’s never too late to start over. Women Made New is women helping women!
A Transformational View Of Being A Woman
(Encore) This week on Women Made New, Crystalina sits down with Lisa Cotter about her new book, Reveal the Gift: Living the Feminine Genius. Lisa uncovers a transformational vision of a woman's purpose, meaning, and gifts, which might not be exactly what you expect!
Women Living Out God's Will
Crystalina interviews 4 women who share their faith journeys and how they are living God's will in their own lives.
Women Made New Learning Series Coming To You
Debbie Cowden & Catherine Hadro join Crystalina to talk about issues that women are going through in their own lives. Plus the launch of the Women Made New, FREE, Learning Series on June 5th.
Teresa Tomeo And Having A Better Relationship With Your Mom
Crystalina interviews Teresa Tomeo about her new book, "Everything's Coming Up Rosie: 10 Things My Feisty Italian American Mom Taught Me About Living Life". In addition, how can adult women have better relationships with their mothers?, and How can we walk in our parents shoes to understand them better?
Beauty Tips For Women
(Encore) How can you as a woman become more beautiful and more transformative to the people around you? Crystalina has Fr. Joseph Mary Wolfe, MFVA on to discuss spiritual beauty tips for women that are practical and really work.
Courage Is Contagious
Dominique Paplaczyk shares her journey with Catholicism, what brought her fully into her #faith, and how she is responding, with #courage, to the promptings of the #Hol Spirit in her life. Plus a beautiful birthday message in honor of #MotherAngelica from Katherine Hadro. #Catholic
Conquering The Lies We Tell Ourselves
This week on Women Made New! We discuss Cameron Fradd's chapter in the upcoming book Women Made New: Reflections on Adversity, Transformation, and #Healing. She talks about the #lies we tell ourselves and how to overcome negative self-talk with the #grace of #God. #Catholic #Catholicism #Christian
Holy Saturday, Easter Traditions, And Raymond Arroyo
Happy Easter from Women Made New! Crystalina Evert discusses the stillness of #HolySaturday and how it reminds us that Jesus in the #Eucharist is such a gift to us, Catholic women share their #Easter traditions plus an interview with Raymond Arroyo! #Catholic
Have The Best Holy Week Imaginable
(Encore) Crystalina Evert and Daniel Campbell discuss Holy Week and how to finish strong in this last week of Lent. What can you do to help yourself have the best #HolyWeek imaginable? #Lent #Catholic #sacrifice #Christ
What Can You Do With Your Anger?
(Encore) This week on #Women Made New, Crystalina sits down with Dr. Ray Guarendi to discuss his book Living #Calm: Mastering Anger and Frustration. How can you determine whether your #anger response is justified and what to do when it isn’t? We will break down the different types of anger and how to handle those #challenging moments in life. #Catholicism #Jesus
Struggling With Infertility
Crystalina Evert sits down with Marisa de Lecce as Marisa recounts her journey and struggle with infertility issues. #infertility. #Catholic #pregnancy #woman
Saints Who Sinned, Suffered & Struggled
This week on #Women Made New, Crystalina sits down with Meg Hunter-Kilmer to talk about the Saints who sinned, suffered and struggled on their way to #holiness. We are all called to be saints regardless of our past. #Catholicism #Jesus
Embracing Your Suffering
Crystalina discusses with Jeff Cavins how the Cross and #Christ go together. #Jesus does not come without the Cross, but when we embrace our #suffering there are #grace filled moments and freedom.
A Mom To Mom Conversation
Crystalina Evert has a conversation, #mom to mom, with Leanne Margaret Etheridge about trying to bring her #family to #God. #woman #Catholic
Spiritual Warfare
Crystalina sits down with Dr. Paul Thigpen to discuss his book Manual for #Spiritual Warfare. Get tips on giving yourself and your friends and family the protection we all need. #spiritualwarfare