The Dr. Ray Podcast

In “The Dr. Ray Podcast,” Dr. Ray Guarendi talks about parenting issues from diaper dilemmas to teenage traumas to college crises! Family, personal and professional life issues are dealt with in a straight-forward, no-nonsense, and often humorous way.
Episode 3
The Parent Illusion. Dr. Ray talks about the difference between the 1st and 2nd child.
Episode 2
Dr. Ray peaking his curiosity on those still wearing mask. What is their motivation? Who was telling them to do it? What does that say about fear in all of us?
Episode 1
The Misleading of your first born child. How easy it was can give you a false sense of your abilities as a parent. How do you deal with the shellshock of a 2nd child?
Episode 4
Dr. Ray talks about the doubt we feel when we find our kids or grand kids have been lying to you. How do we handle it?
Episode 6
Dr. Ray shares about his appearance on the Jerry Springer Show and what came up when they discussed adolescence.
Episode 7
Dr. Ray talk about the relationship of Parents & Kids and the reality of parent guilt and the unspoken conversations.
Episode 8
Today Dr. Ray talks about his days in the weight room and what we can do to learn how to make the most of our workouts this year.
Episode 9
Dr. Ray chats today about our thought process. How we think about situations, think about ourselves and how to change the way we think.
Episode 5
Dr. Ray talk about the struggles of excessive Christmas gift giving from the Grandparents.