The Spirit World

The Spirit World offers a Catholic perspective on issues related to angels, demons, and how the spiritual and physical worlds interact. Hosted by Debbie Georgianni and Adam Blai.
May Mailbag
This week on The Spirit World, you call in with your question or comment for This Month's Open Forum and Mailbag show. We also will be taking your calls and emails to address your questions about supernatural.
The Blessed Mother's Role in the Spirit World
This week Adam & Debbie discuss The Blessed Mother's Role in the Spirit World as well as take your calls and emails.
Mystical Body of Christ
This weekend We will explore the role and understanding of the Mystical Body of Christ.
The Holy Rosary
This weekend to start the month of Mary we’re talking about the Development of the Holy Rosary.
Open Mailbag
This weekend we open the mailbag to your questions about angels and demons.
Exorcism in the Movies
With the release of "The Pope's Exorcism" & "NEFARIOUS" This week Adam & Debbie discuss Exorcism in the Movies.
Divine Mercy
This week Adam & Debbie discuss the private revelation of divine mercy.
Crucifixion and the Resurrection
This week Debbie & Adam talk about what happened between the crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus
Sacramentals vs. Superstitions
As Debbie and Adam discuss on the show, the supernatural is very real, and demonic activity appears to be on the rise, coinciding with widespread denial of its existence. Far more powerful, however, is the constant love and mercy of God, and the actions of His angels and intercession of His saints. Drawing on their experiences in very different but complementary fields, Debbie and Adam provide a regular dose of spiritual reality while always encouraging listeners to have confidence in God and the sacraments of His Catholic Church. this week we are answering your mailbag questions on the spirit world.