EWTN Favorite and Scripture Scholar Fr. Mitch Pacwa analyzes Church Traditions and Teachings in light of Sacred Scripture during this weekly live program.
03/24/2020 THE EUCHARIST PT. 4
Fr. Mitch Pacwa continues exploring parallels between Jesus and the High Priests of the Old Testament, focusing on the Eucharist.
03/17/2020 THE EUCHARIST PT. 3
03/10/2020 EUCHARIST PT. 2
03/03/2020 EUCHARIST PT. 1
02/25/2020 SAVED PT. 56
Fr. Mitch Pacwa discusses how to prepare for the final judgement by looking at the parable of the servants and their talents.
02/18/2020 SAVED PT. 55
02/11/2020 SAVED PT. 54
Fr. Mitch Pacwa continues his discussion on the importance of perseverance in the ordinary Christian life, especially through the universal experience of suffering.
02/04/2020 SAVED PT. 53
Fr. Mitch Pacwa looks at the Apostles’ call to persevere in the ordinary Christian life and in suffering.
01/28/2020 SAVED PT. 52
Fr. Mitch Pacwa discusses Jesus’ teaching on perseverance in the struggle against sin, as opposed to the Calvinist notion of "once saved, always saved," and highlights Jesus’ agony in the garden of Gethsemane as an example.
01/21/2020 SAVED PT. 50
01/14/2020 SAVED PT. 50
Fr. Mitch Pacwa discusses the possibility of a Christian deliberately turning away from salvation and the gift of the Holy Spirit and instead choosing apostasy.
01/07/2020 SAVED PT. 49
Fr. Mitch Pacwa continues his discussion of "once saved, always saved" and other Calvinist doctrines that can cause some misconceptions in Sacred Scripture.
12/17/2019 SAVED PT. 48
12/10/2019 SAVED PT. 47
Fr. Mitch Pacwa discusses the mystery of receiving free, undeserved grace from God and doing the good works for which He created us.
12/03/2019 SAVED PT. 46
Fr. Mitch Pacwa discusses the antidote to a wavering faith or the loss of hope, which is the biblical summons to love and to do good works.