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Running A Catholic Newspaper ( Encore)
Matthew Bunson interviews Jeanette De Melo, the Register's editor in chief about what it takes to run the National Catholic Register. They discuss the history of this almost 90 plus year old paper and how Jeanette came to work work there.
Human Composting & March for Life 2023
This weekend men and women, young and old from around the country rallied in demonstration of the tragedy of abortion. Their protest marks the anniversary of Roe v. Wade which was decided 50 years ago on Jan 22, 1973, despite the fact that Roe has been overturned. Pro-life organizers told the Register’s national reporter Lauretta Brown that the marches are now more important than ever. She joins now to explain why. Then we turn to a different kind of pro-life question: Is Human Composting a moral option? Register columnist John Grondelski joins us to explain the Church’s teaching on proper Christian burial.
Fr. de Souza on Pope Benedict XVI & Cardinal Pell
Father Raymond de Souza has interviewed both Pope Benedict XVI and Cardinal George Pell of Australia. This week on Register Radio Fr. De Souza talks with Jeannette DeMelo and Matthew Bunson on the legacy of Pope Benedict and his long friendship with Cardinal Pell.
Pope Emeritus Benedict XI Funeral
Register’ Rome correspondent Edward Pentin and Senior Editor Jonathan Liedl share impressions on Pope Emeritus Benedict XI's funeral and insights into his legacy.
2022 Year in Review
As we closed out 2022, the Register prepared our year in review edition. The Register’s national correspondent Lauretta Brown gives special attention to #pro-life heroes this year marking their long hard work to overturn Roe vs Wade. Then the Register’s Rome correspondent Edward Pentin for a look back at this year’s happenings involving the #Pope and the #Vatican.
The Latest in Vatican News
As pilgrims make their way to Rome for Advent and the Christmas season, important Vatican news continues, including the crisis of the German Synodal Path, the Synod on Synodality, and the on-going trial of Cardinal Angelo Becciu. This week on Register Radio, we are joined by the Register’s Rome correspondent, Edward Pentin with the latest on these stories and more.
The Immaculate Conception 2022
Johnnette shares that the Immaculate Conception is the Catholic dogma that states that Mary was conceived without original sin or its stain. That’s what “immaculate” means: without stain. She asked listeners to share how Mary has changed their life. Anne tells of how putting 'Miraculous medals ' in her son's car helped him to make good decisions. Judy, Madalyn, Barbara all share their stories too .
The Hillbilly Thomists
Alyssa Murphy talks with The Hillbilly Thomists, Dominican Friars that are combining Catholic theology with bluegrass music.
Understanding Mass Readings and New Saints
Scripture scholar John Bergsma help us deepen our understanding of the ‘A’ cycle of readings we hear at Sunday Mass. Then explore the new sainthood causes for 3 American women in an editor’s corner.
The 2022 USCCB Conference Reviewed
The U.S. #bishops met this week to choose new leaders for their conference and discuss key priorities for the Church in the America including life issues after #Dobbs, #Synod on Synodality and #Marriage catechumenate. EWTN News was on the ground reporting from the event. The Register’s Lauretta Brown and Jonathan Liedl join us with their take aways. #USCCB
Midterm Results & USCCB Elections
The 2022 Mid-Term elections did not deliver the anticipated Red Wave that was expected to carry the Republicans back to power in Washington, DC. It did bring some major surprises, however, and left the GOP poised to block President Biden’s agenda for the next two years. What were the biggest takeaways from the midterms? This week on register Radio, we are joined by Lauretta Brown, Register staff writer who has been covering the midterms. And then, we talk with Register Senior Editor Jonathan Liedl about the upcoming USCCB Fall General Assembly.
The latest on the US Midterms and the Synod on Synodality
As Election Day Approaches, many Catholics have joined EWTN in praying a Marian Novena for Our Nation. At the Register we are praying as well as continuing to cover the important issues at play in the midterms. The Register’s National Correspondent Lauretta Brown joins us from Washington. And then Senior Editor Jonathan Liedl talks about the latest on the Synod on Synodality including what’s in the working document and who will represent the US in the continental phase.
Politics in Church and State: Synod and US Midterms
Pope Francis has decided to extend the Synod on Synodality to October 2024. His announcement on Oct. 16 included his decision to divide the Synod of Bishops into two sessions that will meet in Rome in October 2023 and October 2024. Register Rome correspondent Edward Pentin joins us with analysis of this news. Then EWTN Legal Analyst Andrea Picciotti-Bayer joins us to discuss the new term at the US Supreme Court and cases Catholics should watch. She’ll also highlight how Religious Liberty is in the crosshairs of midterm election campaigns
The 60 Year Anniversary of Vatican II
On Oct. 11, 2022, the Catholic Church recognized the 60th anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council by Pope John XXIII. To commemorate the Council and examine the mark it continues to have on the Church these 60 years later, the National Catholic Register published a symposium of voices. Senior Editor Jonathan Liedl helped organize this effort and Theologian Larry Chapp contributed to the special edition. Both join Jeanette DeMelo to discuss Vatican II’s continued relevance in this moment as well as its significance for the future of the Church.
The Results of the EWTN News Opinion Poll
As midterm elections are only one month away, pollsters are taking a pulse on what’s important to voters and gaging how they intend to cast their ballot. EWTN News has commissioned polls of Catholic voters. Here on Register Radio we examine the latest poll data that shows that confidence in President Joe Biden has plummeted and the economy is top on voters’ minds. We’ll also look at the consistent way weekly Mass going Catholics stand out in their views from the general population. Then we turn to something lighter and yet deeper art, culture and eternal perspectives with Register UK Correspondent KV Turley.