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Joe Pearce Talks Hobbit Day and JRR Tolkien's Life
In the month of September, we mark the 50th anniversary of the passing of one of the greatest writers of the 20th century, JRR Tolkien and we celebrated this week both Hobbit Day and Tolkien Week. This week on Register Radio we talk to author and Tolkien expert Joseph Pearce about the legacy of the devoutly Catholic scholar and his masterwork The Lord of the Rings.
Tight Information Flow for the Synod on Synodality
We are now only a few weeks away from the start of the Synod on Synodality in Rome, and Synod officials have announced that the media will have limited access to the Synod’s sessions. This raises the question: Is a Tightly-Controlled Information Flow the Best Way to Go? This week on Register Radio we talk with Russell Shaw one of the great veterans of the Catholic Press about the Synod, secrecy, and the state of Catholic media.
Pope Makes History in Mongolia/ Artificial Intelligence and Catholic Colleges
The Pope of the Peripheries makes history in Mongolia. Catholic News Agency’s Courtney Mares traveled in the papal press corps during first ever papal visit to the north central Asian country. She joins us now with her traveler’s diary notes. Then we look at AI on College Campuses. How are Catholic colleges and universities handling this new moment of artificial intelligence. There’s no one size fits all answer. Register writer Matthew McDonald gives us perspectives from the field.
Dorothy Day, Mongolia and A Message to Journalists on Synod on Synodality/ Parents Push Back Politized School Curricula
Students are back in school or soon will be. And parents of public school students are, in some places, on high alert to safeguard their children from politicized agendas – especially in regards to gender identity in their school curriculum, Senior editor Joan Desmond has been following the latest developments in parental rights in California and across the country, she joins today. But first we turn to news from the Vatican. Roman holidays – that is the traditional August escape from hot and humid Rome – is over and Pope Francis has picked up a busy schedule with a 4 day trip to Mongolia, continued preparations for the synod, the signaling of support for the cause of Dorothy Day and confirmation that sequel to Laudato Si is in the works.
Editors Corner on Abortion Pill ,Maui Fires & Religious Liberty
The Maui fire devastation and a spared Catholic Church, a court ruling reinstating limits on abortion pills, Ohio pro-lifer’s gearing for an aggressive abortion ballot measure in November and Churches destroyed by a mob in Pakistan are some of the stories that Matthew Bunson and Jeanette De Melo talk the latest news in an Editors’ corner. Then EWTN New legal analyst Andrea Picciottt Bayer gives an update on a few religious liberty cases making their way through state courts.
World Youth Day Pilgrims Takeaways/ Barbie Makes You Think
World Youth Day surpassed expectations last week with 1.5 million pilgrims joining Pope Francis for a vigil and then the closing mass Aug 6 in Lisbon. Blogger and WYD pilgrim Kevin McCartney & Father Sean Conroy join us now to talk about their experience. Then we turn to another summer blockbuster – Barbie, which made history as the first film solely directed by a woman to surpass 1 billion in global box office sales. Register writer Meghan Schultz gives her take on the film.
World Youth Day/White House Abortion Policy
Editors Corner with Jeanette DeMelo and Matthew Bunson discussing World Youth Day and Lauretta Brown on the latest White House challenges to abortion policy.
World Youth Day Lisbon 2023 / The Miracle Club and Lourdes
Hundreds of thousands of young people will meet Pope Francis in Portugalfor World Youth Day 2023 . The Holy Father doesn’t want this opportunity to be simply religious tourism… it’s a spiritual pilgrimage. Father Roger Landry joins us now to talk about how WYD people can help us all on our spiritual pilgrimage of life. Then we turn to another well know pilgrimage site Lourdes. The film The Miracle Club highlights the journey of a group of women to Our Lady’s shrine at Lourdes in France. Register senior editor Joan Desmond reviews the film plus offers her own experience of assisting pilgrims to Lourdes.
Sounds of Freedom/ Working Through Grief / Grandparents
Sound of Freedom has now topped box office charts. Register writer Patti Armstrong has followed the movie’s production, its success and its serious subject matter – human trafficking. Then we turn to a subject not easy to speak about but that everyone faces at some point in life—grief. We explore how to grieve the Catholic Way: Seeking Heavenly Help Through Sorrow and Trauma. And then don’t forget Grandparents’ Day July 23.
Supreme Court’s Religion-Related Decisions and Pope’s New Doctrine Head Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernandez
The Supreme Court ended its term with two religion-related decisions, ruling in favor of religious accommodation and free speech. Andrea Picciotti Bayer explains the Court’s decisions and relevance for any believer and the common good. Then Pope Francis announced last week a new head for the Dicastery for the Doctrine of Faith. Edward Pentin offers reporting and analysis on Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernandez.
Catholics in the American Revolution & Update on Bishop Strickland
Happy Fourth of July! As we prepare for Independence Day, let’s do some trivia on Catholic connections in the American Revolution. Register writer Joseph Pronechen has the fact about some of the unsung Catholic heroes who made their mark at our nation’s beginnings. But first we look at important Church news US this week – Register editor in chief Shannon Mullen discusses the Vatican’s apostolic visitation of Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler Texas.
Synod on Synodality Document and Eucharistic Conversion
The #Synod on Synodality concluded its preparatory phase this week with the release of the planning document that will guide the October gathering of synod members. The document lays out what promises to be a wide-ranging discussion on #Pope Francis’ vision of a more inclusive, decentralized and “listening” church. Register Senior Editor Jonathan Liedl joins us with analysis. Then we hear from a young woman who converted from #Judaism then Protestantism to Catholicism and now is witnessing to others the power of the #Eucharist. Joanna Wischer shares her story. #popefrancis
Origins of LGBTQ+ Ideologies and Father’s Day
Baseball, LGBTQ+ pride, a troupe of men grotesquely dressed in nuns’ habits receiving honors for their so-called charity and other men dress in women’s jerseys receiving top prizes in women’s competition. Then Father’s Day thrown into the middle of this. These are the marks of the month of June. How did we get into this madness and where do we go from here? Two authors and fellows at the Ethics and Public Policy center offer their insights: Carrie Gress and Noelle Mering join us today.
The Hillbilly Thomists ( Encore)
Alyssa Murphy talks with The Hillbilly Thomists, Dominican Friars that are combining Catholic theology with bluegrass music.
GRN's Len Oswald - Fr. Landry On HOPE
Interview with Len Oswald who is retiring from EWTN radio largest affiliate Guadalupe Radio Network after 27 years. Then Register columnist Father Roger Landry talks about HOPE and how it helps those who are sinking into suicide and depression.