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Hooked on the Camino - Traveling the Camino de Santiago
“Hooked on the Camino” that’s how one bishop described his 5th pilgrimage on the ancient way of St. James. Recently 3 US Bishops traveled the Camino de Santiago together for two and half weeks. They shared their pilgrimage experience with the National Catholic Register’s Senior Editor Jonathan Liedl.
The German Synodal Path/ Transgender Services Business
Pope Francis went to Kazakhstan this week to visit the small Catholic community there as well as attend a congress for leaders of world religions. AC Wimmer, an editor and journalist for EWTN News joins us on Register Radio to discuss the papal trip as well the latest news of the German synodal path. Then we turn to Register national reporter Lauretta Brown to look at Planned Parenthood’s thriving transgender services business and how a growing number of people are speaking out against the adversely affected by a so-called gender transition.
Queen Elizabeth's Life & A Mother Teresa Film
The late Queen Elizabeth II, as monarch of Great Britain and the head of the Church of England, met five popes in her lifetime. Pope Francis in his statement upon her death Sept. 8 promised prayers for her peaceful repose and praised her for “her example of devotion to duty, her steadfast witness of faith in Jesus Christ and her firm hope in his promises.” Edward Pentin, the Register’s Rome Correspondent, who hails from England, joins us now to remember the Queen. Then EWTN News’ executive director Matthew Bunson and National Catholic Register’s Jeanette De Melo discuss Mother Teresa and the film “Mother Teresa: No Greater Love” marking the 25th anniversary of her death.
INTERVIEW: Notre Dame Coach - Marcus Freeman
School days are back. And so is college football. Ahead of college football season 2022 week 1, the Register’s Senior Editor Jonathan Liedl talked to the Fighting Irish’s new head coach Marcus Freeman about faith, fatherhood and Notre Dame football.
20 New Cardinals & an Extraordinary Consistory
This is a week of consistories at the Vatican – there will be three of them! On August 27 Pope Francis will place a red biretta on the heads of 20 new cardinals in an ordinary consistory. Then he’ll have another consistory to approve the canonization of new saints. And then there’s an extraordinary consistory, for which all the cardinals of the Church were invited to Rome. This extraordinary consistory to discuss the governance changes brought by the Roman Curia’s new constitution, Praedicate evangelium. EWTN News’ executive editor Matthew Bunson is covering these events in Rome. Before his trip Matthew gave us a preview on what to expect during this unusually busy August at the Vatican. Then Andrea Picciotti-Bayer talks Religious Liberty across the globe – with a look at China, Nicaragua and Nigeria.
Sex Trafficking & VISA- also Church in Nicaragua
Over the last month, the leftist regime of President Daniel Ortega has cracked down on the Catholic Church in Nicaragua with several acts of suppressing clergy, Catholic media outlets and public worship. Last week the Vatican expressed the Holy See’s concern for the situation. The Register’s senior editor Joan Desmond brings us the story. Then Register writer Lauretta Brown reports on another crackdown, this time one that can potentially be positive: Visa and P0rnhub are facing a lawsuit that could help curb the powerful porn industry’s role in child abuse and sex trafficking.
State ballot initiatives on abortion.
After the U.S. Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision overturned Roe v. Wade’s false assertion that abortion is a federally protected “right, ” the question of regulating abortion in America has returned once again to the fifty states. Many legislators and citizens will be faced with decisions on this important topic in the coming months. This week on Register Radio, we are joined by Paul Linton, a Catholic attorney and author of Abortion Under State Constitutions to discuss upcoming state battles on abortion. And then, we talk with Alyssa Murphy the Register's Managing Editor of with a round-up of the stories you won’t want to miss.
Colm on Flynn- Papal Trip to Canada
Pope Francis was in Canada this week on what he has called a “penitential pilgrimage.” His aim was to address the harms suffered by Indigenous individuals and communities in Canada. The papal trip had three main stops: first Edmonton in the west, then Quebec City in the east, for the Pope to meet Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and, finally, a visit to the remote Baffin Island community of Iqaluit, in the far north. EWTN News was able to travel with the papal press corps during the trip. And the Register provided a special report from Edmonton by Colm Flynn just before the Holy Father touched down in North America. Colm Flynn joins us here with his story.
"Pregnant Persons" and State Abortion Laws
A month after the Supreme Court issued their decision in Dobbs effectively sending the legalization of abortion back to each state to legislate, we take a look at what’s happened in the national abortion policy debate and what states to watch. Lauretta Brown, the Register national correspondent will report. Then Senior Editor Joan Frawley Desmond discusses another intense topic: pregnant persons… that’s right not pregnant women but generic persons. How has the transgender movement and the pro-abortion movement conflicted over what it means to be a woman.
Catholic Press Association Winners
Every summer the Catholic Press Association gathers together Catholic media personnel for an annual convention and for award recognitions. This year the National Catholic Register took home 22 awards as well as the top accolade of Newspaper of the Year in the national division. Listen in to Register Radio for a rundown of EWTN News’ honors. We’ll also discuss with Register senior editor Jonathan Liedl the Pontifical Academy for Life’s latest document that seems to contradict established Church teaching on contraception and lastly we’ll hear from our newest intern Hannah Cote on her coverage of culture and arts – particularly discussing her reviews of Disney flicks you’ll want to pass on.
Jeanette DeMelo -Running a Catholic Newspaper
Matthew Bunson interviews Jeanette De Melo, the Register's editor in chief about what it takes to run the National Catholic Register. They discuss the history of this almost 90 plus year old paper and how Jeanette came to work work there.
Roe v Wade Overturned by SCOTUS
Catherine Hadro and Lauretta Brown join Register Radio host Jeanette DeMelo to discuss the SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe vs Wade
Junes Holy Days and Today's Top Headlines
June brings Summer sun and often vacation fun. For the Church it is packed full of important feasts, from Pentecost to Trinity Sunday to Corpus Christi and many in between. Register columnist John Grondelski helps us raise our hearts and minds to that which matters most union with God as we contemplate June’s holy days. Then Jeannette DeMelo and Matthew Bunson look at today’s headlines in an Editors Corner
Guns and School Shootings
The national response to tragic gun violence in recent weeks, including mass shootings at a grocery store in Buffalo, New York, an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, and a hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma, have fallen along predictable party lines. The US bishops and many Catholic voices have responded in ways that addresses both policy issues related to gun access as well as other underlying cultural factors. Register senior editor Jonathan Leidl will report on what he calls the “both/and” Catholic response to this national crisis. But first we turn to a Church leader who more than 20 years ago was part of the first Catholics who responded to the mass shooting at Columbine High School in Littleton Colorado. Jim Beckman who was a part of the youth ministry team at St. Francis Cabrini Church shares how a mass shooting in his town changed the way he did ministry forever
Pentecost Sunday & New Cardinals
Happy Birthday Church. Pentecost Sunday is here. And given current events there is a need more than ever to celebrate the Holy Spirit’s constant presence in the Catholic Church. To help us prepare for Pentecost we’ve invite Scripture Scholar John Bergsma back to Register Radio. And then, we catch up with Edward Pentin with insights on the new cardinals.