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Presidential Politics Heats Up/Synod 2024 Working Document
Presidential politics are heating up in the United States. Peter Laffin joins us for analysis on presidential fitness for office, party platforms and how the race to Election Day 2024 is shaping up. Then Jonathan Liedl discusses the Synod 2024 in light of the latest working document that will guide the Vatican’s October meeting.
Supreme Court Decisions and International Religious Freedom
We talk with Cristina Squiers on the Supreme Court’s decision in the Chevron case and take a look at International religious freedom with Catalina Scheider Galinanes.
Religious Freedom Week and Catholic American Heroes
Around the Fourth of July each year Catholics celebrate Religious Freedom Week. The focus this year was church vandalism, blasphemy laws, and religious persecution around the globe. Bishop Kevin Rhoades, head of the US Bishops committee for Religious Liberty joins us. Then we turn to the Unsung Catholic Heroes of the American Revolution with Register staff writer Joseph Pronechen.
State Ballot Initiatives and Catherine Hadro
We take a look at state ballot initiatives on abortion with CNA’s Jonah McKeown. Then we talk to Catherine Hadro, the new host of EWTN News In Depth, about her new role, how Mother Angelica’s legacy is continuing to play out at EWTN, and some of her own insights into the pro-life movement.
Pope, G7, Comedians and Skeletons/ USCCB meeting and SCOTUS on Mifepristone
The Pope G7 and AI, celebrity comedians, the discovery of an unexpected skeleton and celebrating Big Bang Theory were among Vatican news items this week. CNA’s Hannah Brockhaus reports from Rome. Then Matthew Bunson covers the US Bishops spring meeting and CNA’s Ken Oliver reports on the Supreme Court’s rejection of pro-life doctors’ case against the abortion pill mifepristone.
USCCB v. EEOC and 4 million Gather for Uganda Martyrs Feast
Catholic organizations are in conflict again with the Biden Administration over abortion. Daniel Blomberg, vice president and senior counsel for Becket explains. Jonathan Liedl reports from Uganda where 4 million people gathered for mass for the feast day of St. Charles Lwanga and companions.
Tales of Corpus Christi and National Eucharistic Pilgrimage
This weekend many Catholics will participate in Eucharist processions. During the Eucharistic Revival, there have been hundreds of public displays of worship of the Blessed Sacrament captured by our radio guest Catholic photographer Jeff Bruno. And EWTN News’ Catherine Hadro and Mark Irons talk about their experiences of the National Eucharistic Pilgrimage.
Midwest’s Marian Mark and True Confessions
Pilgrims are trekking on four different routes for a National Eucharistic Pilgrimage that covers more than 6,000 miles. The Marian Route traverses the Midwest. And Jonathan Liedl, who hails from Minnesota, gives us highlights of Midwestern Catholicism. Then we get a broader glimpse of Catholicism in America as told through Fran Maier’s new book True Confessions: Voices of Faith from a Life in the Church.
Jimmy Akin/Frank Rocca
Jimmy Akin discusses the new apparitions guidelines issued by the Vatican and Frank Rocca discusses the Catholic Church in China.
New Feminism/ Armenian Christians
As we celebrate Mothers’ Day, it's time to build a new women’s movement. That’s the case made by Catholic wife, mother and legal scholar Erika Bachiochi. Then we turn to the ongoing crisis of Armenian Christians who continue to suffer persecution. We talk to special guest Former U.S. Ambassador of International Religious Freedom Samuel Brownback.
Jessica Hooten Wilson/Fr. David Pivonka
Flannery O’Connor scholar Jessica Hooten Wilson gives her take on the film Wildcats and what animates the Catholic 20th century writer’s prophetic imagination. Franciscan University of Steubenville’s president Fr. David Pivonka joins us to explain why Franciscan University has pushed back against the new interpretation of the Title IX rule.
Nicole Leblanc/Jon Sorensen
Two mothers had the courage to choose life in the face of death. Register contributor Nicole Leblanc tells an inspiring story of faith and friendship with Jessica Hanna. Catholic Answers COO Jon Sorensen shares his perspective on the stumbling block his organization met when trying to evangelize through the latest technologies.
Chris Stefanick
An interview with "Real Life Catholic" Chris Stefanick.
Tammy Peterson and Dignitas Infinita
EWTN News Correspondent Colm Flynn speaks about Tammy Peterson about her journey to the Catholic Church, and Jonathan Liedl, Senior Editor for the National Catholic Register, assesses the document Dignitas Infinita which examines the crucial truth of Human Dignity and notes the threats to it.
Pope Francis' Media Moment
Fr. Roger Landry joins us with his reflections on Divine Mercy, and how penance cleanses the soul for receiving Christ in the Eucharist. Matthew Bunson and Jeanette De Melo take a look at Pope Francis’ media moment. A trove of books and recently published media interviews are spotlighting the Holy Father and his message.