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2021-09-08 05:00:00 UTC
A Skateboarding Priest at Eucharistic Congress 2021
Pope Francis will travel to Budapest Hungary this weekend for the closing of the International Eucharistic Congress. The Register and EWTN has been covering the Congress live and Franciscan Missionary of the Word Father John Paul Mary joins me Budapest. Then we turn to Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse from the Ruth Institute about a troubling, LGBTQ+ agenda driven back-to-school video issued by the Biden Administration.
2021-08-27 05:00:00 UTC
The Situation in Afghanistan
As the Taliban gained power throughout Afghanistan in the last several weeks concerns have been raised across the globe over the humanitarian crisis. Pope Francis is among the religious leaders, who have spoken up for the Afghani people, seeking to defend human rights and religious freedom under the country’s new Taliban rule. Register contributor Andrea Picciotti Bayer has written about the tragedy in Afghanistan at and she, as well as Just war expert and former naval officer Msgr. Stuart Swetland, who has been a source for Register reports on the situation in Afghanistan, joins us today here on Register Radio.
2021-08-21 05:00:00 UTC
Doctor Joseph Meaney
Amid a wave of new COVID-19 vaccine mandates being rolled out by businesses and institutions, Catholics who morally object to the vaccines are finding themselves at odds with those who think the ethical obligation to protect public health should trump conscious rights. On Register Radio, Joseph Meaney of the National Catholic Bioethics Center, offers guidance for Catholics to wade through the issues in play and make properly informed decisions for their own health and the good of society.
2021-08-13 05:00:00 UTC
EWTN at 40 Years with Michael Warsaw
40 Years ago this week, Mother Angelica took a leap of faith and started the Eternal Word Television Network. Today, EWTN is the world’s largest religious media organization, with content in multiple languages on multiple platforms including television, radio, the internet, books and even a newspaper. To celebrate this 40th anniversary we are joined here on Register Radio by Michael Warsaw, EWTN’s CEO and Chairman of the Board.
2021-08-07 05:00:00 UTC
Following the Footsteps of St. Dominic-/ Converse Satan Shoes
This week Dominicans are honoring the 800th anniversary of the death of St. Dominic in Italy, and the arrival in 1221 of the Dominican Order in Great Britain. To mark the occasion, four British Dominican friars are following the footsteps of their predecessors on a walking pilgrimage in England. Here on Register Radio we’ll accompany Father Toby Lees and Brother Bede Mullens for part of their journey. Also this week, Catholics are ditching their Converse Shoes over the company’s embrace of Satanic Symbols, Register writer Virginia Aabram has the story.
2021-07-31 05:00:00 UTC
New editor-in-chief of CNA - Shannon Mullen
A new era has begun at the Catholic News Agency even as the news cycle continues to bring challenging stories both inside the Church and around the world. This week on Register Radio, we get to know Shannon Mullen, the new editor-in-chief of the Catholic News Agency. And then, we are joined by the Register’s Washington Correspondent Lauretta Brown to catch up on the latest pro-life news from the nation’s capital.
2021-07-24 05:00:00 UTC
Msgr Charles Pope and Limiting the Latin Mass
Historically changes to worship have always cause intense reaction. Reaction to Pope Francis’ decree Traditionis Custodes limiting the use of the traditional Latin mass is no different. Msgr Charles Pope helps us sift through the concern and frustrations many Catholics have we expressed. Then in an editor’s corner Matthew Bunson executive editor for EWTN News and Jeanette De Melo discuss a the Napa Institute conference and a round up of Catholic news .
2021-07-16 05:00:00 UTC
Art History in America and the Current Sexual Revolution
Art, music, literature -- in a word beauty -- has in the life and history of Catholicism been a great evangelizing force. For a lesson in this we often turn to the lasting masterpieces and legacy of Christendom in Europe. But what about on our own shores: Is there an imprint on the U.S. from American painters, poets, and the like who were Catholic? On Register Radio, we explore American artists and Catholicism in the US with Robert Royal, founder and Editor in Chief of the Catholic Thing. Then we look at the ways the sexual revolution has impacted the professions, particularly education, psychology and medicine with Jennifer Roback Morse of the Ruth Institute.
2021-07-10 05:00:00 UTC
Register Radio - 071021- Did Pro-Abortion Catholic Dems Attend Catholic School?
At a moment when Democrats in Congress are pushing for tax payer funding for abortions in the federal budget and the Supreme Court is taking up in the next term a case that some say could overturn Roe V. Wade, a recent new poll shows a majority of Americans favor restrictions on Abortion. Catherine Hadro host of EWTN Pro-life Weekly gives us an overview of news affecting the pro-life movement. Then we turn to Patrick Reilly, president of the Cardinal Newman Society, to talk about his blog at Did the 60 Pro-Abortion Catholic House Democrats Attend Catholic Schools?| National Catholic Register ( His blog call for a strengthening of Catholic identity in our catholic schools.
2021-06-26 05:00:00 UTC
Register Radio - 06/26/2021 - Genocide in Nigeria and both a Mother and Carmelite nun
‘Rape, Slavery, Murder’ in Nigeria. A genocide of Christians may be under way in Africa. Religious Freedom Advocate Sounds Alarm on Christian Genocide This week on Register Radio, we talk to Eric Patterson Vice President of the Religious Freedom Institute about the violence. And then, Register Senior Editor, Joan Frawley Desmond tells us the incredible story of the late Ann Miller, a mother of 10 adult children who became a Carmelite nun.
2021-06-19 05:00:00 UTC
Register Radio - 06/19/2021 - Bishops Vote on Eucharist and Pro-Abortion Politicians
The U.S. Bishops met in a virtual assembly this week. The center of debate was Eucharist coherence: How to respond to declining belief in the Eucharist on one hand and how to handle Catholics in public life like President Biden who promote abortion and transgenderism in laws contrary to what the Church teaches. Register Washington Correspondent Lauretta Brown covered the conference and gives us a wrap on Register Radio. The Supreme Court decided unanimously that the City of Philadelphia can’t force Catholic Foster Care Agencies to place children in same-sex households. EWTN News legal analysis Andrea Picciotti-Bayer provides analysis.
2021-06-12 05:00:00 UTC
Register Radio - 06/12/2021 - Bishops Talk on Eucharist and Sacred Heart Secrets
The US Bishops will gather virtually next week for their spring meeting, and at the top of their agenda is the Eucharist. While the Bishops will consider drafting a formal statement on the Eucharist in the life of the Church, they will also be hearing about a proposed plan for a Eucharistic Revival to deepen a greater understanding and love of the Real Presence among the faithful. On Register Radio David Spesia, Executive Director of Evangelization and Catechesis for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops gives us a preview of this crucial initiative. And then, in honor of the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we are joined by Emily Jaminet to discuss her book, Secrets of the Sacred Heart: Twelve Ways to Claim Jesus' Promises in Your Life.
2021-06-05 05:00:00 UTC
Register Radio - 06/05/2021 - Miracle of Vistula -and Johnson Wedding
In 1920, in the face of the Soviet Unions’ aggression, Catholic Poland stood alone. How does Poland’s resistance serve as a cause for hope today. The Register’s UK Correspondent KV Turley tells the story of the “Miracle of Vistula” When Our Lady Saved the World From Communism. And then, there’s the recent Catholic wedding of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the Westminster Cathedral. Some Catholics have questions how such a marriage can be valid. We are joined by Fr. Pius Pietrzyk for an explainer on Catholic Marriage and Church law.
2021-05-29 05:00:00 UTC
Register Radio - 05/29/2021 - Sohrab Ahmari Interview
Convert to Catholicism and best-selling author Sohrab Ahmari has made a significant contribution to the important question of where we are as a culture and how we have lost our sense of tradition. This week on Register Radio we talk to the author about his new book The Unbroken Thread: Discovering the Wisdom of Tradition in an Age of Chaos. And then, we catch up with the news from the editor’s corner on the division among bishops on the drafting of a teaching document on Eucharistic coherence.
2021-05-22 05:00:00 UTC
Register Radio - 05/22/2021 - Pentecost and Editors Corner May 2021
Happy Birthday Church. Pentecost Sunday is here. And we celebrate the Holy Spirit’s constant presence in the Catholic Church, many Catholics are being re-invited back to Mass as bishops are reinstating the Sunday obligations following the coronavirus pandemic restrictions. To help you prepare for Pentecost we’ve invite Scripture Scholar John Bergsma back to Register Radio. And then, we catch up with the news from the editor’s corner.