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Register Radio - 09/18/2020 - Navy Chaplain Controversy and Catholic Vote
With the 2020 election less than 50 days away, the Trump and Biden campaigns have been appealing to communities of faith — including Catholics — by highlighting issues they believe will resonate with religious voters. This week on Register Radio we talk to Register correspondent Lauretta Brown about the outreach of both campaigns to the Catholic vote. And then, we hear from Jonathan Liedl about the controversy over the Navy and the chaplain corps that raises questions about religious liberty in the armed forces
Register Radio - 09/12/2020 - A New Website and John Clark on Prudence
In the time of the coronavirus the virtue of prudence has been used a lot by some Church leaders. But is it truly understood and more important is it being applied properly? This week on Register Radio we talk to Register contributor John Clark about prudence and the pandemic. And then Matthew and I catch up on all of stories you need to know about on Editor’s Corner, including the new look at
Register Radio - 09/05/2020 - Kids Leaving Faith- also Karl Marx Truth
Who was Karl Marx and what was his connection to the Devil? This week on Register Radio, we talk to Register contributor and historian Paul Kengor about his new book, “The Devil and Karl Marx: Communism's Long March of Death, Deception, and Infiltration.” And then, how do you deal with loved ones leaving the Church? We are joined by Debbie Georgianni and Jerry Usher, hosts of Take 2 on EWTN radio to talk about their new book, “Trustful Surrender, Stories of Grace Amidst Crisis.” Join Jeanette DeMelo and Matthew Bunson for Register Radio .
Register Radio - 08/28/2020 - Republican Convention -Conscience Rights
The Republican National Convention has just wrapped up, and President Trump made his case for re-election one week after former Vice President Joe Biden made his appeal at the Democratic National Convention. This week on Register Radio, we talk to EWTN News’ Political Affairs Correspondent Kate Scanlon about the RNC and what happens next in the 2020 election. And then, conscience protections are emerging as a major issue for the country as conscience rights are under attack. We talk to Register contributor Andrea Picciotti-Bayer.
Register Radio - 08/22/2020 - Democrat platform and Joe Biden
What does the Democrat platform and choice of nominees mean for Catholics, the Pro-Life movement, and the country? This week on Register Radio, we talk to Register correspondent Lauretta Brown about outcomes of the Democratic National Convention. And then, Joe Biden’s support for abortion and other positions place him in opposition to some very important Church teachings. We are joined by the Catholic News Agency’s Ed Condon to discuss the ramifications as we touch on his column On Biden, Abortion and Communion.
Register Radio - 08/14/2020 - The Choice of Senator Harris
The 2020 presidential moved into high gear with the selection of California Senator Kamala Harris as the vice presidential candidate for the Democrats by former Vice President Joe Biden. The choice is a historic one as Harris the first Black vice president and the first of Indian descent. What does the choice mean for Catholics? This week on Register Radio, we talk to Register correspondent Lauretta Brown about the choice of Senator Harris and how this will impact the race, especially for Catholics. And then, Editors’ Corner is back. We look at Catholic stories from around the country and the globe.
Register Radio - 08/08/2020 - Catholic Education During Pandemic
Last spring many parents found themselves with their children home while still enrolled in school. This period of virtual learning was a dabble for many in homeschooling. But as the new school year approached in the midst of controversy surrounding re-openings and mask wearing, many Catholic parents opted for homeschooling programs. This week on Register Radio, we talk to Register senior editor Joan Frawley Desmond and writer and a new homeschooling mom Mary Harrell about the debates and the appeal of homeschooling.
Register Radio - 07/24/2020 - Catholic Schools During Covid
With the school year only weeks away and with COVID-19 still a concern everywhere, parents across the country are waiting anxiously to find out if their children will be going back to class in person or on-line. And many Catholic schools are struggling to open their doors at all. This week on Register Radio, we talk to Register contributor Judy Roberts about Catholic schools and the crisis of COVID. And then, Turkey’s magnificent Hagia Sophia – once a cathedral and then. Mosque and then a museum – has been turned back into a mosque. What does this mean for Christian-Muslim dialogue, Christian persecution, and the fate of what was once the grandest church in Christendom?
Register Radio - 07/17/2020 - George Weigel- The Next Pope
One of the keenest observers of the Church weighs in on the future of the papacy and the office of Pope. This week on Register Radio, we talk to renowned author George Weigel about his new book, The Next Pope. Join Jeanette DeMelo and Matthew Bunson for Register Radio every Saturday at 7pm Eastern, and Sunday at 11am Eastern, here on EWTN Radio.
Register Radio - 07/10/2020 - Andrea Picciotti-Bayer- SCOTUS Rulings
The United States Supreme Court ended one of the most memorable terms in recent years, with major decisions on religious liberty, presidential powers, and pro-life issues. This week on Register Radio, we talk to Register contributor Andrea Picciotti-Bayer about the Supreme Court term.
Register Radio - 06/26/2020 - St. Junipero Serra in Todays Culture
The last week has seen the destruction of statues all across the country, including the toppling of a beloved statue of St. Junipero Serra in San Francisco. What is behind the attacks and where could all of this be heading for culture and the Church in America. This week on Register Radio, we are joined Register contributor by Dr. Paul Kengor. And then, we are joined by Register Rome correspondent Edward Pentin about his new book, The Next Pope and find out more about some of the world’s most prominent cardinals.
Register Radio - 06/19/2020 - American legal landscape- Good news
The United States Supreme Court jolted the American legal landscape with its June 15th decision that equates sexual orientation with sex discrimination. What’s that mean for employers and for our U.S. culture in general? On Register Radio Religious Liberty advocate Montse Alvarado of Beckect weights in on the reasoning behind the decision and it’s implications for Catholics. Then we hear turn to EWTN News producer Colm Flynn who has focused his lens and his ink in the Register pages on spotlighting uplifting stories during these most challenging of times.
Register Radio - 06/12/2020 - Protesting on both our knees
As the country continues to deal with protests and marches, and with political leaders calling for police reform and a national dialogue on racism, who are the voices that need to be heard? Who brings a perspective that we need to here? This week on Register Radio, we hear from one such voice: Dr. Alveda King, niece of Rev. Martin Luther King and an eloquent voice in the Pro-Life movement. And then we catch up with Register contributor Fr. Roger Landry on the importance of protesting on both our knees.
Register Radio - 06/05/2020 - Summer of 1969 vs 2020 -Marches & Space
Media images for the last two weeks have shown a mixture of protest, rage, violence and destruction that have captured cities across our country after the unjust death of George Floyd, after being pinned down to the point of losing consciousness at the hands of police. But one adjective to describe this moment that deserves more focus is grief. On Register Radio this week we are joined by Register Columnist Msgr. Charles Pope, who shares his grief and insights as a pastor of an diverse inner city parish in Washington DC. Then we talk to another Register contributor Paul Kengor about some similarities between the Summer of 1969 and this summer 2020.
Register Radio - 05/29/2020 - Churches Closed- Abortion Open
Even in a pandemic, the battle over abortion in the United States is vivid. First abortion businesses pushed to be recognized as essential services and next Planned Parenthood applied for federal relief funds. The Trump Administration has pushed back. Register Reporter Lauretta Brown brings us the story. And as states all across America are re-opening, controversy continues to swirl around the question of why in some places churches are not considered essential. We talk to Montse Alvarado, executive director of Becket.