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The Arrest of Cardinal Joseph Zen
When Cardinal Joseph Zen, the 90 year old bishop emeritus of Hong Kong, was arrested and released on bail two weeks ago it sent a clear signal of just how far China will go in trespassing on religious freedom. What’s next for Cardinal Zen and for Catholic and other religious believers in Hong Kong? Register Rome correspondent Edward Pentin brings us that story and more, including how European prolifers are hailing the expected Dobbs decision.
Do Boycotts Work? - SCOTUS Leak
Many in the U.S. are still reeling over the leaking of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinion revealing the High Court is poised to overturn Roe verse Wade. Protests have erupted. Politicians have dug in entrenched on either side of the abortion policy debate as the Dobbs decision as well as mid-terms approach quickly. The Register’s National correspondent Lauretta Brown joins us today with reports from Washington. And then our Senior Editor Jonathan Liedl helps us wade through the question of boycotts. Should pro-lifers boycott those big companies pouring funds into expanding abortion access? We weigh the situation here.
The SCOTUS Leak on Roe v Wade
The leaked draft of the Supreme Court’s majority opinion in the Dobbs case – a decision that could bring an end to the abortion regime of Roe v. Wade – has caused a political and media firestorm. What was behind the unprecedented leak, what is actually written in the opinion, and what might lie ahead for the highest court? EWTN legal analyst Andrea Picciotti Bayer gives her insights into this blockbuster news. And then, we discuss with Register staff writer Peter Jesserer Smith the challenges the Pro-life movement faces in a post-Roe landscape. And we honor the memory of Vicky Thorn, the founder of Project Rachel.
Father Stu Premiere
On this week's show, we welcome Register Editor Alyssa Murphy, who went to the premiere of Father Stu and interviewed various people involved in the production of the film.
Holy Week Insights & Disney's LGBTQ Agenda
Register columnist Msgr. Charles Pope offers some insights into staying the course with the Lord’s Passion, Death and Resurrection during Holy Week. Then Register intern Meaghan Schultz on Disney’s LGBTQ agenda and how some parents are reacting.
Pope Francis Met with Canadian Indigenous Leaders
Pope Francis met with Canadian indigenous leaders and Canadian Catholic bishops this week in steps aimed at bringing reconciliation to those communities due to tensions over the Church’s role in operating assimilation oriented residential-school. Father Raymond DeSouza provides analysis. Then we explore the new exciting venture of EWTN News in the Middle East, a Catholic news agency in Erbil Iraq. Catholic News Agency’s executive director Alejandro Bermudez explains the important mission ACI Mena.
Why a Consecration of Russia & Ukraine?
Pope Francis joined by the bishops of the world consecrated themselves, the Church, humanity and specifically Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary on March 25. Why was this event so important? What more can be done for peace? Register staff writer Joseph Pronechen offer us a refresher on the Messages of Our Lady of Fatima and how we can follow her direction. Then we have an editors corner to look at Pope Francis’s new constitution of the roman curia, the anniversary sixth anniversary of Mother Angelica’s death and a new Catholic news agency in Mother’s name in Erbil, Iraq.
News of Consecration of Russia & Ukraine to the Blessed Mother
Pope Francis has announced he will consecrate Russia and Ukraine to the Blessed Mother on March 25. What’s the significance and historical context of this consecration? Register columnist Father Raymond De Souza has the answer. Plus Father Raymond give insights into the greatest canonization ever when 5 holy companions were canonized 400 years ago on March 12, 1622 – what’s the relevance today? Also, Andrea Picciotti-Bayer another give us some updates on practical matters for Catholics – that is the freedom to practice our faith. The host of Religious Freedom Matters tells how school choice in education relates to our faith and our liberty.
The Difference and Importance of Ukraine Catholics
Last week International Women’s Day was used by some, including President Joe Biden, to push abortion. Women deserve so much more. Here on Register Radio Lauretta Brown, the our National Correspondent provides perspective. Then EWTN News executive editor and I have an editors’ corner where we talk news and topics you won’t want to miss.
Ready for Lent and Pets in Our Lives
Ash Wednesday is March 2nd, only days away. Do you know what you’re giving up? EWTN’s Father John Paul Mary Zeller joins me to help us prepare for Lent. Then we turn to something more mundane. Pets and their place in our lives. Are pets making our lives better or drawing us away from something greater? Register writers Jonathan Liedl and Peter Jesserer Smith share the lessons they’ve learned in reporting on the value of pets.
Wading through the Week's Headlines- Motu Proprios, Sports Bras and Valentines Day
Skimming headlines for this past week Register readers would find Archbishop Georg Ganswein defending the record of Pope Benedict on handling sexual abuse, Pope Francis issuing two new Motu Proprios, 15 Catholic leaders musing on the sacrament of Marriage for Valentine’s Day and Adidas advertising bare naked ladies tops when then intended to promote sports bras. Wading through these stories we are joined by Shannon Mullen, Catholic News Agency’s editor in chief and Meghan Schultz the Register’s latest intern.
Edward Pentin (Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI) & Johnathan Leidl (Cardinale Hollerich)
The Church in German was the focus of many Catholic news headlines this week as Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI responded to a report that faulted his handling of sexual abuse cases when he led the Archdiocese of Munich. Register reporter Edward Pentin brings us the story from Rome. Then we turn to another controversy that erupted in a German news interview with Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich of Luxembourg relator general of the Synod on Synodality that seems to undermine the integrity of Catholic doctrine. Register senior editor Jonathan Liedl brings us analysis of that story.
Catholic Schools Week 2022
Many Catholics across the U.S. are celebrating Catholic schools during this week. And there’s reason to applaud all those connected with our Catholic schools for staying open and persevering through what’s now the third academic year impacted by Covid. Register correspondent Judy Roberts brings us highlights of Catholic schools week. Then we turn to Catholic News Agency’s editor in Chief Shannon Mullen for an editors corner discussing news and stories you won’t want to miss.
Catholics in France and Pro-Life News
The Church in France has long been called the eldest daughter of the Church, but today there are challenges and crises for French Catholics in all directions. But there are also signs of hope and promise. This week on Register Radio we talk to Register Senior Editor Jonathan Liedl about his recent trip to France. And then, as the nation marks the anniversary of Roe versus Wade and the Pro-Life movement marches in Washington, DC and around the country, we are joined by Lauretta Brown with an update on Pro-Life News as we all look ahead to the Supreme Court’s decision on Dobbs v. Jackson.
EWTN Prolife Weekly's Prudence Robertson
EWTN Prolife Weekly has a new host. This week on Register Radio we welcome Prudence Robertson, a former spokesperson for Susan B. Anthony List. Then we have an editors corner on those who we lost in 2021.