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Tammy Peterson and Dignitas Infinita
EWTN News Correspondent Colm Flynn speaks about Tammy Peterson about her journey to the Catholic Church, and Jonathan Liedl, Senior Editor for the National Catholic Register, assesses the document Dignitas Infinita which examines the crucial truth of Human Dignity and notes the threats to it.
Pope Francis' Media Moment
Fr. Roger Landry joins us with his reflections on Divine Mercy, and how penance cleanses the soul for receiving Christ in the Eucharist. Matthew Bunson and Jeanette De Melo take a look at Pope Francis’ media moment. A trove of books and recently published media interviews are spotlighting the Holy Father and his message.
Spy Wednesday
Jeanette DeMelo & Matthew Bunson shine the truth of the Gospel and this weekend, Guest Jonathan Liedl talking about Vatican News and Fr. Jeffery Kriby telling us more about "Spy Wednesday".
Down’s Syndrome Awareness/ Prayers for Haiti
Looking ahead to Down’s Syndrome Awareness Day March 21 developmental psychologist and mother Mary O’Callaghan sheds light on the joys and challenges facing families who receive trisomy 21 diagnoses. Fr. Louis Merosne, pastor of the Cathedral of St. Anne in Anse-à-Veau, roughly 80 miles west of Port-au-Prince, describes the fright and the faith of the Haitian people.
Fr. Aquinas Guilbeau/Solene Tadie
Fr. Aquinas Guilbeau joins us to discuss St. Thomas Aquinas and Solene Tadie discusses the pro-life movement in France where abortion has been declared a "right".
IVF and Catholic Teaching/ Ukrainian Struggles in Wartime
Bishop Earl Fernandes of Columbus, Ohio sheds light on Catholic teaching on in vitro fertilization, then EWTN News reporter Colm Flynn gives insights on the Ukrainian people’s struggles through war after his recent trip to Ukraine.
The German Synod and Women in the Catholic Church
CNA Deutsch Editor-in-Chief AC Wimmer reports on the Vatican's intervention of the German bishops controversial vote on the synodal way. Solène Tadié, Europe correspondent for the National Catholic Register looks at the influential role of women in the Catholic church
National Marriage Week
Ken Oliver joins us to discuss the relationship between the new president of Argentina and Pope Francis, and we are joined by Ryan and Mary Rose Verret to discuss marriage tips for National Marriage Week.
Practical Tips for Lent
Franciscan Missionary of the Eternal Word Father Joseph Mary helps us prepare for Lent. Then we turn to the news, last fall Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana, historically a school for undergraduate women, decided to accept men who identified as women. The school reversed course after blowback but many are still concerned over St. Mary’s direction. Jonathan Liedl brings us news and analysis.
Lourdes and the African Church
Courtney Mares in Rome talks about her trip to Lourdes last week. Jonathan Leidl talks about his article on Africa and same-sex blessings.
Realities of Hell
Pope Francis’ recently called on the international community to ban surrogacy. His words are welcomed aid to pro-life advocates in Michigan which is about to become “one of the most surrogacy-friendly jurisdictions in the world.” That’s what Genevieve Marnon, legislative director of Right to Life of Michigan, told the Register. Genevieve joins us today But first we turn to another topic Pope Francis has talked about recently and most of us don’t like to think about… the reality of Hell. Father Jeffery Kirby joins us now.
How a Supreme Court Case Affects Fishermen and Religious Sisters/ Pro-life Marches Coast to Coast
A Supreme Court case argued last week could have significant implications for a decade-long religious liberty battle fought by the Little Sisters of the Poor. The case is Loper Bright Enterprises, Inc. v. Gina Raimondo which challenges the authority of the federal administrative state to dictate certain rules and regulations related to federal laws. Becket Law’s President and CEO Mark Rienzi joins us today to explain why this seeming technical case is one of the most important cases of the term. Then we highlight pro-life marches from coast to coast with EWTN News’ Catherine Hadro.
24,000 Youth at SEEK/ March for Life 2024 Preview
More than 20,000 young people gathered in St. Louis the first week of January for the Seek24 conference. Within that crowd were 450 seminarians and at least 500 priests, who heard more than 3,000 confessions in two hours… What a wonderful way to start a New Year. CNA’s Jonah McKeown was on the ground. He joins us with highlights. Then we gear up for March for Life 2024 with Prudence Robertson, host of EWTN Pro-life Weekly.
2023 Year in Review
Register Radio notes the top stories of 2023 with Register Editor in Chief Shannon Mullen. Then Senior Editor Jonathan Leidl joins us from Rome to discuss ‘Fiducia Supplicans’ and the impact it will have on Pope Francis’ Legacy.
Fr. Jeff Kirby
Fr. Jeff Kirby on the recent declaration from the Vatican on Blessings.