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Register Radio - 10/10/2019 - Amazon Synod Review
Rome is abuzz with the Pan-Amazonian Synod and the bishops from the Amazon region continue to discuss the pastoral needs of its millions of inhabitants. What have been the biggest surprises so far? We talk to Edward Pentin, Register Rome correspondent. And then we get a preview of this Sunday’s Canonization of Cardinal John Henry Newman.
Register Radio - 10/04/2019 - St. John Newman canonization
October 13, Pope Francis will declare Blessed John Henry Newman a new saint, along with four other remarkable new saints from around the world. The canonization of St. John Newman is a huge event not just for English Catholics but Catholic educators and writers defending the Faith with reason in an unreasonable age. This week on Register Radio we talk to Register contributor Kevin Turley and Patrick Reilly, head of the Cardinal Newman Society.
Register Radio - 09/28/2019 - Planned Parenthood in Hollywood
Planned Parenthood’s lobby power in Washington DC is well known, but what about its sway in Hollywood? This week Register correspondent Lauretta Brown talks of the abortion giant’s influence on Tinseltown. Then, Matthew Bunson and Jeanette De Melo catch up on the latest news from the Amazon synod to President Trump at the UN.
Register Radio - 09/20/2019 - Plans for a special synodal assembly?
New accusations of sexual misconduct have been made against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and it did not take long for their credibility to be called into question. Has the political atmosphere grown even darker in Washington, DC? This week on Register Radio we talk to Register Senior Editor Joan Desmond for the latest. Plus, the German bishops are pushing ahead with their plan for a special synodal assembly that could transform the Church in Germany and even beyond. We get all the details from Edward Pentin, Register Rome correspondent.
Register Radio - 09/13/2019 - Pope France in Africa- Sex Abuse Buffalo
The diocese of Buffalo continues to be shaken by the sex abuse scandal and calls for its Bishop, Richard Malone to resign as shepherd. This week on Register Radio we talk to Register correspondent Lauretta Brown for the latest. Plus, Pope Francis finished his whirlwind trip to southern Africa after delivering a message of hope, peace, and reconciliation. We get all the details from Edward Pentin, Register Rome correspondent who was on the papal plane…
Register Radio - 09/06/2019 - ACI Africa- Melinda Gate and Conception
Pope Francis arrives in Africa with a message of hope, peace, and reconciliation. His trip comes just as ACI Africa – EWTN’s latest news agency – begins its work of bringing the Catholic news of Africa to the world. This week on Register Radio we talk to Alejandro Bermudez, executive director of the ACI/CNA group of news agencies. Plus, what did Melinda Gates get wrong about contraception? We find out from Register contributor Mary FioRito.
Register Radio - 08/30/2019 - Extermination of Down Syndrome Babies
The Church has always had great concern for the little ones among us, and today when babies with Down Syndrome are being singled out for extermination through abortion, that concern is even more important. This week on Register Radio we talk to Register correspondent Lauretta Brown about Catholic groups that help those with disabilities enter more fully into the sacraments. Plus, what are the hottest trending stories among Register readers? One story that caught our attention: Iceland Mourns the loss a glacier while Icelanders and others with Downs Syndrome become an endangered species. But there’s a lot more stay tune and we’ll talk to Alyssa Murphy, the Register’s Managing Editor of Digital Assets, for a roundup of hot headlines.
Register Radio - 08/23/2019 - Cardinal Pell abuse conviction appeal
This week a panel of Australian appellate judges rejected Cardinal George Pell’s appeal of the sexual abuse conviction that sent him to prison earlier this year. Now what happens next? For Register Radio this week we talk to Register Rome Correspondent Edward Pentin who has the news details and reactions from Down Under and from the Vatican. And then, what’s the latest from Hong Kong? And why did Planned Parenthood opt out of Title X federal funding? We find out in a news roundup.
Register Radio - 08/16/2019 - The Pew study on the Eucharist
The recent Pew study on the Eucharist that found that only a third of Catholic believe in the Real Presence has left many Catholics shocked and dismayed. How did we reach this point, and what can we do about it? This week on Register Radio we talk to Register Correspondent Peter Jesserer Smith. And, in an age where comedy seems dead, what is a Catholic cartoonist to do? We find out when we talk to Register cartoonist Patrick Cross.
Register Radio - 08/09/2019 - Foster care, religious liberty and Court
Register Senior Editor Joan Frawley Desmond about foster care, religious liberty, and the courts. And, we also discuss the on-going crisis at the John Paul II Institute in Rome. Is the Catholic identity of the iconic school in danger?
Register Radio - 08/02/2019 - French nuns with down syndrome
The fire that nearly destroyed Notre Dame Cathedral on April 15 has sparked great controversy over how it will be re-built. Will the great cathedral be restored faithfully or will there be shocking changes? This week on Register Radio we talk to Register European correspondent Solene Tadie. Also she shares a beautiful story of French nuns with down syndrome. And then, Who Will Defend Catholic Education? That is the question being asked by many Catholic worried about the future. We hear from Patrick Reilly, president of The Cardinal Newman Society.
Register Radio - 07/25/2019 - Planned Parenthood President Fired
The firing of Dr. Leana Wen as president of Planned Parenthood has set off a firestorm of controversy surrounding the pro-abortion giant and exposed again the truth that Planned Parenthood is, as Dr. Wen wrote herself, not about healthcare but politics. This week on Register Radio we talk to Catherine Hadro, host of EWTN’s Pro-Life Weekly. Plus, we get Catherine’s insights into the recent social media explosion over women and preaching.
Register Radio - 07/19/2019 - Moon Landing Movies - Christ Cathedral
Fifty years ago this weekend Apollo 11 landed on the Moon in one of the most watched events in human history. On July 20, 1969, some 650 million people watched as astronaut Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon. This week on Register Radio, we talk to Register film critic Deacon Steven Greydanus about all of the “man on the moon” movies. But first, Christ Cathedral was dedicated this week in California marking the transformation of the famed Protestant Crystal Cathedral of Reverend Robert Schuller into America’s newest Catholic cathedral. This week on Register Radio, we’ll find how that happened.
Register Radio - 07/12/2019 - A Presidential Shout -Out
It isn’t every day that you get a shout-out from the President of the United States. But that’s what happened to Sister Deirdre Byrne. This week on Register Radio, we’ll find out why. And, with the upcoming synod of bishops in Rome in October apparently open to a discussion about married priests, the issue of celibacy has become a major topic in the news. We talk to Register contributor Father Carter Griffin, who has a lot to say about the importance of priestly celibacy.
Register Radio - 07/05/2019 - NCR Awards Wins
Catholic journalists from across the country gathered in St. Petersburg, Florida at the end of June for the Catholic Media Convention. An annual meeting that gives Catholics in media the chance to network, attend professional seminars, and see old friends, the CMC is also best known for the annual Catholic Press Association Awards. This week on Register Radio, we talk to Register Managing Editor Tom Wehner about the convention, the awards for the Register and EWTN News, and the current state of Catholic journalism. And then, we are joined by Register contributor Patti Armstrong, one of those award winners, to discuss her career and the craft of writing.