Power and Witness

Acts 1:8 says, "But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be my witnesses ... to the end of the earth." Join Father Mark Mary as he discusses the witness of faith through the power of the Holy Spirit in the world today.
Restoring Confidence in Marriage and Family Life (Gueszt: Monica & Renzo Ortega)
Renzo and Monica Ortega are Catholic ministry leaders, authors, speakers, and content creators. They host the popular marriage podcast, Two Become Family. Their online marriage apostolate, Two Become Family, has been featured in the National Catholic Register and their conversion story has been featured in the documentary St. Joseph: Our Spiritual Father. Renzo holds a MA in Theology from Holy Apostles College and Seminary. The Ortegas live in CT with their 5 children where they facilitate youth ministry and marriage prep ministry.
Serving Impoverished Children & Single Parents in Ethiopia (Guest: Kim Zember)
Kim moved to Ethiopia when she was 23 years old and by God’s loving hand created Unforgotten Faces. UF is an organization dedicated to supporting impoverished children and single parents in Ethiopia for 17+ years!
Are you a Child of Divorce? (Guest: Beth Sri)
Life Giving Sounds is a Catholic ministry to adult children or divorce or separation. They offer Christ-centered healing through retreats, support groups, community, spiritual formation, resources and more.
Ministering to those with Same-Sex Attraction or Gender Dysphoria (Guest: Anna Carter)
Anna Carter is the co-founder and president of Eden Invitation, a Catholic ministry that seeks to provide community, accompaniment and resources for people who experience same-sex attraction or gender dysphoria and who want to follow Christ and Catholic Church teaching.
Reflections on the March for Life and what lies ahead? (Guest: Jeanne Mancini)
Jeanne Mancini is the President of the March for Life Education and Defense Fund. In this capacity she proudly directs the small non-profit organization committed to restoring a culture of life in the United States, most notably through the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C.
How did a Roman Execution turn into a Sacrifice? (Guest: Dr. Scott Hahn)
Dr. Scott Hahn joins Fr. Mark to talk about how important it is to focus on the sacred mysteries of our Faith particularly why the Eucharist is a sacrifice.
Insights from the Catholic Church in Africa (Guest: Fr. Don Bosco Onyalla)
Did you know that 94% of Nigerians, 73% of Kenyans, only 24% of Americans go to Mass every week. Fr. Don Bosco Onyalla, the head of ACI Africa news gives us insights about why the Catholic Church in Africa has such strong devotion.
Aquinas and Our Lady (Guest: Fr. Gregory Pine, O.P)
Fr. Gregory Pine, O.P. is a Dominican friar (Order of Friars Preachers) of the Province of Saint Joseph, which is located in the Northeastern portion of the United States. He s an instructor of dogmatic theology at the Dominican House of Studies and an Assistant Director of the Thomistic Institute in Washington, DC. Fr. Gregory is also a regular contributor to the popular podcasts Pints with Aquinas, Godsplaining, and The Thomistic Institute and has traveled widely to preach and teach the Catholic Faith.
Feminism has Abolished Women (Guest: Carrie Gress)
In her latest book, “The End of Women: How Smashing the Patriarchy Destroyed Us,” Carrie Gress discuses how feminism has abolished women. Only a rediscovery of true womanhood—and motherhood—can pull our society back from the brink. And happiness is possible only if women are open to making peace with men, with children, with God, and—no less difficult—with themselves.
Cultivating the Unique Calling of Every Person (Guest: Dr. Joshua Miller)
Joshua is devoted to building a culture in which each one can flourish in his/her personal vocation for building up the Body of Christ and sanctifying the world.
Classical Liberal Arts Education in the Catholic Tradition (Guest: Ali Ghaffari)
Ali Ghaffari is the founder and president of the Divine Mercy Academy located in the Severna Park-Pasadena, Maryland area. A recently retired naval officer whose career spanned 20 years, Ghaffari flew F/A-18 jets and also taught leadership classes at the United States Naval Academy. The Divine Mercy Academy offers a Classical Liberal Arts Education in the Catholic Tradition to children in Kindergarten through Eighth grade.
The Writings of Fr. Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange (Guest: Fr. John Maria Devaney, OP)
Fr. John Maria Devaney, OP is a Dominican Friar of the Province of St. Joseph currently serving in Hanover, NH at St. Dennis Parish and Aquinas House Catholic Ministry at Dartmouth College. He talks to Fr. Mark about the recent retreat that he gave to a group of Dominican Nuns based on the writings of Fr. Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, OP, a French Dominican friar, philosopher and theologian.
St. Faustina's Incredible Journey (Guest: Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle)
Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle is a well-known Catholic author of more than thirty books, international speaker, EWTN television host, and retreat leader. She is passionate about sharing the Faith and has taught it for almost thirty years. In her most recent book, “Diary of a Future Saint,” Donna-Marie presents the life of St. Faustina in a page-turning novel for all ages.
The Relationship Between Faith and Literature (Guest: Dr. Christine Schintgen)
Dr. Christine Schintgen is the president of Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College where she also teaches literature. Her current interests include Dickens, Dante, and the relationship between faith and literature. She also writes poetry. Christine and her husband Michael live in Barry's Bay with their three children.
Joy, Silence, and Truth (Guest: Fr. Augustine Wetta, OSB)
Fr. Augustine Wetta is the author of Pray. Think. Act. , The Eighth Arrow and Humility Rules. He is a monk of Saint Louis Abbey in Saint Louis, Missouri, where he teaches high school and coaches rugby. He has degrees from Oxford University, Rice University, and Middlebury College. Father Augustine grew up on a tropical island, where he learned to surf and was nearly eaten by a shark. He has also worked as a professional juggler, beach patrol lifeguard and archaeologist. During his spare time, he raises carnivorous plants, carpenter ants, and makes armor.