Power and Witness

Acts 1:8 says, "But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be my witnesses ... to the end of the earth." Join Father Mark Mary as he discusses the witness of faith through the power of the Holy Spirit in the world today.
Father Stu (Guests: Fr. Bart Tollenson & Amy Trisdale)
Fr. Stu Long, is the boxer-turned-priest, portrayed in the new film starring Mark Wahlberg and Mel Gibson. Fr. Mark speaks with Fr. Bart Tollenson, a brother priest of Fr. Stu in the Diocese of Helena, MT, and Fr. Stu’s younger sister, Amy Tisdale.
What is Communion & Liberation? (Guest: Marco Saccaggi)
Marco Saccaggi is the Southeast Coordinator for Communion & Liberation, an ecclesial movement in the Catholic Church founded by Fr. Luigi Giussani.
Helping the Homeless (Guest: Deacon Jim Vargas)
Deacon Jim Vargas is president and CEO of Father Joe’s Villages, the largest homeless services provider in San Diego.
The Ukrainian Crisis from a Polish Perspective (Guest: Iwo Bender)
Iwo Bender is a journalist, historian, and EWTN's Regional Manager of Central and Eastern Europe. He talks to us about the Ukrainian Crisis from a Polish Perspective.
Serving the Youth in the Slums of Haiti (Guest: Sr. Paesie)
Sr. Paesie, a French nun, founded the Kizito Family (a community of Catholic nuns) after 30 years as a Missionary of Charity. She lives in Cite Soleil in Port-au-Prince, Haiti running orphanages, schools, and Catechism centers serving about 2,000 children who live in extreme poverty in the largest slum area of the northern hemisphere.
Do You Struggle to Trust in Jesus? (Guest: Sr. Faustina Maria Pia, SV)
Have you encountered a particularly difficult situation and struggled to trust Jesus? Sister Faustina Maria Pia of the Sisters of Life talks to us about this very situation, from discerning her religious vocation to growing in her spiritual life. She composed the Litany of Trust, a powerful prayer for clarity and open dialogue with Jesus.
Magnificat, a Spiritual Companion (Guest: Fr. Sebastian White, O.P.)
Fr. Sebastian White, O.P., currently serves as editor-in-chief of Magnificat magazine. He talks to us about this monthly publication that is a spiritual companion and guide to so many. He also talks to us about his conversion to Roman Catholicism, his vocation as a Dominican Friar, and much more!
Inspiring the Next Generation of Female Leaders (Guest: Rachel Ullmann)
Rachel Ullmann is the executive director of the Given Institute, an organization dedicated to activating the gifts of young adult women for the Catholic Church and the world. She talks to us about her background as well as inspiring and equipping the next generation of female leaders.
Fully Known, a Short Film about Identity in Christ (Guest: Joelle Maryn)
Joelle Maryn is an award-winning, actress, speaker, and TV host. Her new short film, “Fully Known,” tackles one of the greatest worldwide crises of our time - spiritual amnesia. Inspired by actual events, a woman challenged by life choices discovers her true calling and identity in a story of faith and redemption.
A Modern History of Radical Islam in the Middle East (Guest: Patrick Flanagan)
Patrick Flanagan is a retired military officer and current government contractor with the Department of Defense who has also done charity work in Afghanistan. He gives us an overview and brief modern history of radical Islam in the Middle East and superpower involvement.
Uncompromising Purity (Guest: Kelsey Skoch)
For far too long women have been silenced in their struggle to overcome an addiction to pornography or masturbation. While the world might say these are helpful, or even “necessary” activities for women’s empowerment, empirical data and human experience are sharing a much different story.
From Conversion to Catholic Media (Guest: Sissel Anderson)
Sissel Anderson shares the story of how her parents returned to the Catholic Church with all their children converting. Sissel now works for the Guadalupe Radio Network hosting a pair of radio programs. She and Fr. Mark discuss a range of topics including conversion, discipleship, and even film & media.
Early Christianity in a Pagan World (Guest: Mike Aquilina)
Mike Aquilina is the award-winning author of more than fifty books on Catholic history, doctrine, and devotion. He has hosted eleven television series and several documentary films and is a frequent guest on EWTN.
A Hobo for Christ (Guest: Meg Hunter-Kilmer)
After 5 years as a full time religion teacher, Meg Hunter-Kilmer quit her job and packed everything into the trunk of my car to drive around the country and fly around the world as a hobo missionary. (We apologize for a few segments of bad audio)
What is Subordination in Marriage? (Guest: Fr. Michael Zimmerman)
Fr. Michael Zimmerman was ordained to the priesthood in 2017 and currently serves as assistant Vocation Director for the Archdiocese of Boston and adjunct Scripture Professor at St. John’s Seminary.