Power and Witness

Acts 1:8 says, "But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be my witnesses ... to the end of the earth." Join Father Mark Mary as he discusses the witness of faith through the power of the Holy Spirit in the world today.
The Evangelical Catholic (Guest: Jason Simon)
During his conversation with Fr. Mark, Jason Simon, the President of The Evangelical Catholic, shared about his personal journey to Catholicism and his mission to empower and assist leaders in launching impactful evangelization movements within their own communities. Through his work with The Evangelical Catholic, Jason is equipping laypeople to lead on the front lines of evangelization, bringing the light of the Gospel to the world.
Preserving Marriage (Guest: Ivonne Ream)
Ivonne Ream is an experienced and certified life and marriage coach. She also serves as the Spanish Director of the Alexander House, a renowned center for fostering hope and healing in marriages and relationships.
Empowering Women to Embrace Their Real Selves (Guest: Cameron Fradd)
Cameron Fradd is the founder of Among the Lilies, a podcast for woman “who are tired of pretending and ready to be real!” She speaks weekly to a growing community of women about being authentic and real. She spends most of her time raising and homeschooling her four beautiful, energetic children in Ohio, where she lives with her husband, Matt Fradd.
Renewal in the Church through the Interior Life (Guest: Keven Roerty)
Souls are leaving the Church. What is the one most crucial thing to provide deeper roots in the next generation of Catholics? Kevin Roerty, director of Souls of the Christian Apostolate, discusses his organization’s efforts to form lay apostles, promote mental prayer and foster renewal in the next generation of the Church.
A Musical Journey of Healing and Love in Marriage (Guest: Tony Manfredonia)
Tony Manfredonia is a Michigan-based singer-songwriter and composer. After receiving funding on Kickstarter in just 48 hours, his latest concept album-in-progress, ANCHORED, delves into the true story of a miraculous redemption in his marriage after he and his wife experienced a near-fallout.
The Byzantine Monastic Tradition (Guest: Abbot Moses)
Prepare to be inspired as Abbot Moses takes us on a journey from his beginnings as a chef to his current role as a newly elected Byzantine abbot at Holy Resurrection Monastery in Wisconsin. In a fascinating conversation with Fr. Mark, he shares insights into the spirituality of Eastern Catholic Monasticism. Through their discussion, you'll discover the unique practices that guide the daily lives of these devoted monks and gain a deeper appreciation for the richness and wisdom of the Byzantine tradition.
Mission Possible: Empowering the Catholic Community in Ethiopia (Guest: Mother Clare, CFR)
Mother Clare, CFR is the General Servant (Superior) of the Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal. Father Mark and Mother engage in a conversation on their return journey from Ethiopia, which was one of several mission trips organized by her to the country.
Catholicism in Ethiopia (Guest: Abba Michael Tekeste)
Abba Michael is an Ethiopian Franciscan Priest (Capuchin) Serving in diocese of Harare.
EWTN Norway (Guest: Paul Johannes Niz)
Paul Johannes Niz talk to us about his conversion, his work in Norway with EWTN, and reflecting on modern society.
Ignatian Discernment & Prayer (Guest: Fr. Timothy Gallagher, OMV)
Fr. Timothy Gallagher helps us understand St. Ignatius of Loyola’s Rules for Discernment and how their insights are invaluable for our spiritual growth today. He also discusses the Exam Prayer as well as Spiritual Consolation/Desolation.
Prayer and Action (Guest: Fr. Gale Hammerschmidt)
Fr. Gale Hammerschmidt is a priest for the Salina Diocese and currently serving as the Chaplain for St. Isidore's Catholic Student Center at Kansas State University. He is also the founder of Prayer & Action, a ministry that inspires teens to encounter Christ and serve those in need.
St. Maximilian Kolbe (Guest: Sr. Annamarie Mix)
Fr. Mark talks to Sr. Annamarie Mix at the Museum of St. Maximilian Kolbe located in Niepokalanów monastery in central Poland. Tour this fascinating museum and and discuss the life of St. Maximilian Kolbe. (Due to technical difficulties the first 35 minutes of audio is poor quality)
Pro-Life Advocacy on Campus (Guest: Emily Albrecht)
Emily Albrecht from the pro-life organization Equal Rights Institute speaks about the ministry of reaching young people and changing hearts about abortion.
The Rome Boys (Guests: Tony Frasco, Chris Martin, & Joe Matthiesen)
Rome Boys is a Catholic Show with Tony the Theologian (Cradle Catholic), Chris the Entrepreneur (Convert) and Joe the Farmer (Revert) as your hosts. They take a topic and discuss it from three different perspectives.
Vocation Ministry (Guest: Rhonda Gruenewald)
Rhonda Gruenewald is the founder of Vocation Ministry. She has trained thousands of priests and laity, representing over 4,000 parishes and 50 schools in over 50 dioceses on how to create a culture of vocations so that men and women can more easily answer God’s call.