Open Line, Wednesday

The Messiah
When did the Israelites first hear of the Messiah? Are Mormons saved?, How do I explain why God ordered people to be killed in the Old Testament?, and more on today's Open Line with Fr. Mitch Pacwa.
The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament
Are Catholics breaking the keep holy the Sabbath day commandment?, Which of the apocryphal gospels are Catholics permitted to read?, Where is the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament?, and more on today's Open Line.
The Sin of the Census
Did Mary know she was born without original sin?, How do we know the cannons used by the Essenes and Sadducees at the time of Christ?, Where is the Eucharist in our creeds?, and more on today's Open Line.
The Narrow Path
Why was verse 21 of Matthew 17 removed from most Bibles around the 1960's?, What is the Church's position on private revelation?, Do you think God calls people to Catholicism?, and more on today's Open Line.
Fr. Mitch answers your emails on a special mailbag edition of today's Open Line Wednesday with Fr. Mitch Pacwa. This is an encore of the 11/25/20 show.
Fr. Mitch Pacwa UNLEASHED
Fr. Mitch Pacwa gives us the back story behind why and when we celebrate Christmas as well as invites a special guest who is making a difference for families in the Ukraine while here in the states.
Recognize the Son in the Cross
Why did Jesus tell people to be quiet about his miracles?, Are the dead judged according to their works?, and more on today's Open Line.
Visions and the Afterlife
After death on earth, does an unbelieving soul have that moment of seeing our God to realize and say yes to our Lord?, What is the Church's stance on Maria Valtorta?, and more on today's Open Line.
Archaeology and the Gospel
Could you throw some light on why the words "He descended into hell" appear in the Apostles Creed but not in the Nicene Creed?, When the nation of Israel divided into the Northern and Southern kingdoms, why did they divide 10 and 2 instead of 6 and 6 or some other grouping?, and more on today's Open Line.
The Souls in Purgatory
I am at a new parish. I noticed several things which I think are incorrect in regard to the Mass rubrics, What is the Old Catholic Church, is it valid?, Can the souls in Purgatory hear our prayers?, and more on today's Open Line Wednesday with Fr. Mitch Pacwa
Feeling Overwhelmed During The Holidays?
Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J. gives a listener advice on how to deal with feeling #overwhelmed during the #holidays. In addition, other questions covered include: can you explain how we have free will if #God is omniscient?, and did the #Exodus really occur? #Christmas #Thanksgiving #holiday #anxiety #stress #Catholicism #Jesus #prayer
Transgender Movement: An Open Line Special
What does the Church say about transgender issues? Theresa Farnan of the Person and Identity Project, joins Mary Rice Hasson to discuss the Church’s teaching on the person, the body, and “transgender” identification. Fr. Mitch Pacwa takes your calls.
Work Out Your Faith in Love
How do you prepare yourself for an indulgence?, What are our duties versus our rights as parents to know what is going on with our children?, How does John represent us?, Did Jesus always exist?, and more on today's Open Line.
The Sorrow of Mary
Why isn't the Book of Enoch in the biblical canon?, What was your role in the writing of Christ the Bearer of the Water of Life?, and more on today's Open Line.
You and Your Household
Is Peter actually called "rock"?, Why do Catholics baptize infants, where is that in the Bible?, Are we excluded from all graces when in a state of mortal sin?, and more on today's Open Line.