Open Line, Wednesday

Redemptive Suffering
In Lk 16:1-13, how do you understand the point Christ was trying to make?, In Genesis when it starts “let us make man in our image” was this the Trinity or was there a pantheon of Hebrew Gods?, Were the “gods” mentioned in the Old Testament demons?, and more on today's Open Line.
Was Jesus a Pharisee?
Why do priests wear red vestments?, Was Jesus a Pharisee or was Jesus an Essene?, What was the purpose of the Council of Nicaea?, and more on today's Open Line.
Heaven and Earth Meet at Mass
Can you explain the symbolism of Leviticus 4-6?, Of the many Catholic devotions, which are the best?, Was Mary at John the Baptist's birth?, Is Purgatory avoidable?, and more on today's Open Line.
Grace and Free Will
Why was it at sunset that the sick were brought to Jesus?, Do Eastern rite parishes have their own bishops or are they subject to the local bishop?, Which Catholic theology school/opinion, current or historical, places most weight on free will?, and more on today's Open Line.
Judgements of God
If we are of one faith, then why are there so many orders for our priests and what are the differences, if any?, Do you think the people in heaven know what we on earth are doing?, Where is evidence of Purgatory found in the Bible?, and more on today's Open Line.
The Descendants of Cain
Were the descendants of Cain on the Ark?, Why don't we use the Septuagint as the source for the Old Testament?, Did God have backups in case Mary said no?, and more on today's Open Line.
The All-Seeing Eye
Is the All-Seeing Eye perfectly acceptable to be embraced as symbolizing the Holy Trinity?, Why do servers lift the chasuble during the elevation of the Host?, What is the desire of the everlasting hills?, and more on today's Open Line.
Somethings Not Right In My Parish with the Rubrics
Join Father Mitch Pacwa as he answers questions on the Bible, Church teaching and more...!
God's Forgiveness
What do you think of centering prayer?, What is the nihil obstat?, Does God ever stop forgiving you?, and more on today's Open Line.
Helping Freemasons
Can people become angels?, How can I help a freemason?, Are there rubrics for the laity?, and more on today's Open Line.
Children of the Devil
What did the Pharisees mean when they protested against Jesus‘ criticism of them, that they weren’t living as true sons of Abraham?, Are there people today who are the "children of the devil"?, and more on today's Open Line.
God's Wisdom
How can you know you've received God's wisdom and that it's guiding your choices?, What does it mean that while Jesus was walking on the water, “He meant to pass them by”?, and more on today's Open Line.
The Breath of Life
When does life begin, is it after the first breath?, In the Old Testament considerable importance is given to one’s name. Why would we not at least attempt to pronounce Jesus' name in its original pronunciation?, and more on today's Open Line Wednesday with Fr. Mitch Pacwa.
The Souls in Purgatory
I am at a new parish. I noticed several things which I think are incorrect in regard to the Mass rubrics, What is the Old Catholic Church, is it valid?, Can the souls in Purgatory hear our prayers?, and more on today's Open Line Wednesday with Fr. Mitch Pacwa.
Why Is Confession Important?
It's Open Line Wednesday with Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J. Fr. Mitch answers why is #Confession important?, and is Communion in the hand acceptable? #Catholicism #Eucharist #question