Open Line, Monday

The Eucharist and Salvation
Why are we being dared to say the Our Father?, Why do we no longer say the word One in the Collect, as in one God forever and ever?, Is the Eucharist necessary for salvation?, and more on today's Open Line Monday with Fr. John Trigilio.
Rev. Dr. MLK Jr. Day Mailbag
How does a plenary indulgence upon death work?, How can i surrender completely to God?, Who are the poor?, and more on today's special mailbag edition of Open Line.
Jesus' Missing Years
Why do the US bishops insist on parking a Holy Day on January 1?, Why are there no stories about Jesus during his teen years?, Why did they name him Emmanuel but we call him Jesus?, Why was Jesus Jewish and we are Catholic?, and more on today's Open Line.
The Octave of Christmas Mailbag
Fr. Trigilio answers your questions on a special mailbag edition of Open Line.
Why Did The 3 Kings Leave Jesus?
Why did the 3 Kings leave #Jesus after seeing him in the #Nativity?, if a #priest celebrates a Mass without certain vestments, is it invalid?, Craig wants suggestions for Catholic universities that are really Catholic and involved in sports, whom would you suggest and if a person knows he needs to abstain from #Communion. is he still part of the sacrifice? #Catholic
The Biblical Basis for Purgatory
Can you give me a good biblical explanation for Purgatory?, What are the best Bible verses to defend becoming Catholic?, The writers of James and Hebrews seem to have different beliefs about faith and works. Do they disagree on how salvation is obtained?, and more on today's Open Line with guest host John Martignoni.
What Is Modernism?
What is #Modernism?, the Church's position on #vasectomy, what is a #soul?, and do you go right to #heaven if you got the sacraments before #death? #Catholic #Church #morality #birthcontrol
The State of Grace
Is it a mortal or venial sin to watch a film where someone takes the Lord’s name in vain?, Has any pope ever died while attempting to introduce error into the Church, thus preserving papal infallibility?, What does it mean that Mary was free from original sin?, and more on today's Open Line.
Sobriety and the Sacraments
I’m having trouble explaining to my girlfriend how we know in our fullest sense that God is real. I’d like some help on this, Is there any chance that Lucifer will repent? Should we be praying for him to repent? If he does will he be saved and hell would go away?, and more on today's Open Line.
Jesus, Fullness of Revelation
Why should I become Catholic? Are there more “benefits” than in just being a born-again Christian?, How do I explain to my Protestant friends why we ask for Mary’s intercession instead of going straight to God?, Why is it that Catholics are not allowed to marry unless they intend to have children?, and more on today's Open Line Monday with Fr. John Trigilio
Transgender Movement: An Open Line Special
Mary Rice Hasson looks at the cultural changes and controversies surrounding the transgender movement with Ryan Anderson, president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center and author of the book, When Harry Became Sally. Fr. John Trigilio takes your calls.
Mailbag Monday
What is the role of men and women in the family?, How is the Church not making the Eucharist a false idol?, What degree of specificity in form and kind is necessary for a valid confession?, and more on a special mailbag edition of Open Line Monday with Fr. John Trigilio.
Baptism of the Holy Spirit?
How do we become unattached to sins?, Why do we get baptized?, Where does free will end?, What is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?, and more on today's Open Line.
Mailbag Monday
What does the phrase, “the gates of hell will not prevail against it” mean?, If God didn’t make evil and the devil can’t make anything, then where did evil come from?, and more on a special mailbag edition of Open Line Monday with Fr. John Trigilio.
Mary's Role in Redemption
Is it now the new term to call the Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist the host minister?, What explanation can I give to verify that Purgatory exists?, Why do Catholics believe that Mary is Co-Redemptrix?, and more on today's Open Line.