Open Line, Friday

Saint Pius of Pietrelcina
Colin and Jack discuss Padre Pio, Why are some Protestants so antagonistic towards the Church?, Are there any married saints?, What is a devotional confession?, and more on today's Open Line.
Time in Eternity
When did Jesus know he was the Son of God?, If Catholics do not believe in Sola Scriptura, then how do they avoid the conclusion that the Church is self-authenticating?, Does God hate divorce?, and more on today's Open Line.
Kingdom of the Divine Will
What is the Kingdom of the Divine Will?, In the New Testament, Paul talks about admonishing the sinner. How can we do that without making people angry?, Are there any ways of knowing if someone is demonically possessed? , and more on today's Open Line.
The Virtue of Modesty
Is praying in the shower permissible?, How do Catholics understand being slain in the spirit?, Can you give any advice on explaining modesty to young people?, and more on today's Open Line.
Mary as Co-Redeemer
Is Mary co-redeemer or not?, Since angels are spiritual beings not subject to the physical laws of the universe, why do they need wings?, Was Mary ever tempted to sin?, and more on today's Open Line.
Defending Relics
If the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Assyrian Church came back to full communion with the Pope, how would that affect the 23 Eastern Catholic Churches?, I have heard the statement “Jesus Christ is Lord to the Glory of the Father.” What does this mean?, and more on today's Open Line.
Reanimated Bodies and Our Souls
What happens to our souls if our bodies are reanimated by men?, Why do we call St. Michael, an angel, a saint?, What exactly are indulgences?, and more on today's Open Line.
The Existence of God
Why is there no Catholic art of God the Father in most parish churches?, Who bore the wrath of God?, How do I explain the existence of God to a non-believer?, and more on today's Open Line.
Use of Prudential Judgement
Colin discusses the Pope's trip to Canada, Is Protestant theology prideful?, What is the difference between having your venial sins forgiven during mass or in the Confessional?, and more on today's Open Line.
Why Do Catholics Have Jesus On The Cross?
Why do Catholics have #Jesus on the Cross?, what do I tell someone who believes they are #saved no matter what?, how should I reverently bury a miscarried child? and do aborted babies go to #Heaven. #abortion
Growing in Virtue
We are admonished not to call any man father, if the admonition doesn't apply to natural fathers, and it doesn't apply to spiritual fathers, to whom does it apply?, How can I tell if I'm growing in virtue?, and more on today's Open Line.
The Prudential Witness
Colin and Jack discuss politics and the Church, Are there any saints known for their humor?, What do we know about Mary's childhood?, and more on today's Open Line.
The Bride of Christ
Colin discusses the recent Dobbs Supreme Court decision, Should I walk out of a morally objectionable film?, Is the Church the Bride of Christ?, and more on today's Open Line Friday with Colin Donovan.
What does the Church expect when tithing?, How much weight do we give to Marian apparitions?, and more on today's Open Line Friday with Colin Donovan.
The Trinity
When I enter the confessional, do I need to say the words, "bless me father for I have sinned?" , Why do we allow infertile and menopausal couples to have conjugal relations but not the homosexual couple?, and more on today's Open Line Friday with Colin Donovan.