Open Line, Friday

Exercising Authority
Should an extraordinary minister of communion bless people?, Do people really stay in Hell for eternity?, Why do Catholics baptize infants?, and more on today's Open Line.
Duty Over Everything
What is the validity of consecration if a priest misspeaks?, Is taking a pilgrimage more important than visiting family?, Is missing Mass a mortal sin or a grave offense?, Who is God?, and more on today's Open Line Friday with Colin Donovan. This is an encore of the 010722 show.
Adam and Eve, Saints?
My pastor is avoiding pronouns when discussing God, is that permissible?, Is the Eucharist an indulgence?, Where is the biblical support for praying to the saints?, and more on today's Open Line Friday with Colin Donovan.
The Book of Job
How can I let go of hatred?, How can I explain Purgatory to a protestant?, Was the Book of Job real?, and more on today's Open Line.
By the Will of God
Does God have free will?, Did God create evil?, and more on today's Open Line.
Inspired Writing
Please explain the difference between the writing of scripture inspired by the Holy Spirit and the testimony and writings of the Saints, Why did God favor the Israelites?, Is it ok for Catholics to attend SSPX Masses and, if so, can it fulfill one's Sunday obligation?, and more on today's mailbag edition of Open Line.
Colin discusses the liturgical season of Advent, Was Christmas always celebrated on December 25th?, May I baptize my 3-year-old granddaughter?, and more on today's Open Line Friday.
A Brief History of EWTN
Colin and Jack reminisce about the 60th anniversary of Mother Angelica's convent, now home to EWTN, How do I know if I am doing things out of love?, and more on today's Open Line Friday.
Transgender Movement: An Open Line Special
Fr. Philip Bochanski, Executive Director of Courage International, and Theresa Farnan of the Person and Identity Project explore the pressing need for Catholic pastoral care for transgender issues with Mary Rice Hasson. Colin Donovan discusses the series with Jack Williams.
Purgation and Prayer
Guest host Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers answers questions such as: Can you serve your Purgatory here on Earth?, Am I praying the right way, and more on today's Open Line.
Women in the Church
What are your thoughts on the role of women in the Church?, When and how was the Bible formed?, What is the difference between an apostle and a disciple?, and more on today's Open Line.
Fallen Angels and their Effect on Men
How can you not have attachment to sin?, Is celebrating Day of the Dead okay?, What was the effect of the fall of the angels on men?, and more on today's Open Line.
Consecration to Mary
Is Mary co-redemptrix?, Will we recognize each other in purgatory?, What constitutes going to Mass?, and more on today's Open Line.
Can My NonCatholic Girlfriend Receive?
Can my nonCatholic girlfriend receive?, why go to #confession if we receive #salvation at baptism?, and how do you know if you're born again?
Live from Family Celebration 2022
Colin and Jack are live from the EWTN Family Celebration 2022. How can I be absolutely certain that God exists?, Does the Catholic Church still teach purgatory?, and more on today's Open Line.