Dr. Greg Popcak and his wife Lisa host this live call in program that helps listeners navigate the waters of family life. More2Life features relevant, relatable and achievable tools and solutions straight from the genius of John Paul II's Theology of the Body. It’s the life you were meant to live!
MORE2LIFE - 06/24/2021 - This IS Your Circus and These ARE your Monkeys!
Let Greg and Lisa help you be a more effective ringmaster of your family circus!
MORE2LIFE - 06/23/2021 - Scrupulosity
Are you struggling with scrupulosity? Greg and Lisa are here with the help needed to set you free.
MORE2LIFE - 06/22/2021 - Jumping Ship!
Are you or your spouse ready to jump in your marriage? The Popcaks will help you stay afloat.
MORE2LIFE - 06/21/2021 - Claim Your Strength
Are you feeling overwhelmed by the challenges or struggles in life? The Popcaks will help to find the strength to be "more than an overcomer."
MORE2LIFE - 06/18/2021 - Father's Day!
Today the Popcaks discuss Father's Day and how on you can be an awesome father.
MORE2LIFE - 06/17/2021 - Communication Station
Are you feeling like your communication with your spouse or other people in your life has fallen off the rails? Greg and Lisa can help get your communication back on track.
MORE2LIFE - 06/16/2021 - Stuck in your head
Are you finding yourself stuck in your head or ruminating on your thoughts? We'll help you get out of your head.
MORE2LIFE - 06/15/2021 - Guilt
The Popcaks will show you how to combat the weight that weighs you down.
MORE2LIFE - 06/14/2021 - The Pursuit of Comfort
Stop settling for just anything. The Popcaks will show you how to go for it!
MORE2LIFE - 06/11/2021 - To Have and to Hold
Are you struggling with marital conflict? Greg and Lisa are going to help you have a more peaceful relationship.
MORE2LIFE - 06/10/2021 - Your Love Language!
Communicating effectively your feelings toward your spouse is critical to a long and happy marriage. Today the Popcaks have a few suggestions.
MORE2LIFE - 06/09/2021 - Seeking Solutions!
The Popcaks will help you find your strength.
MORE2LIFE - 06/08/2021 - Them's Fightin' Words!
Today the Popcaks will help you deal with conflicts in your relationships.
MORE2LIFE - 06/07/2021 - Seeking Solutions
In this Best of program, Greg and Lisa will help you find answers to the problems you are facing in your life.
MORE2LIFE - 06/04/2021 - Verbal Abuse
Greg and Lisa Popcak show you how to rectify this problem in your life.