Dr. Greg Popcak and his wife Lisa host this live call in program that helps listeners navigate the waters of family life. More2Life features relevant, relatable and achievable tools and solutions straight from the genius of John Paul II's Theology of the Body. It’s the life you were meant to live!
Seeing Red!
Is anger getting the best of you? Greg and Lisa help you find peace and healthier responses to problems.
Marriage Madness
Are challenges in your marriage making you mad? Let this husband and wife team help you cultivate the relationship God wants for you!
Excuse Me?
Are you tired of people making excuses for their bad behavior and disrespectful attitudes? We'll help you find solutions.
A More Faithful Family
Struggling to create a faithful family life? Let Greg and Lisa help you overcome the obstacles you're facing.
Disarming The Narcissist
Tired of all the entitled people in your life? We'll help you manage narcissists, gracefully.
You're Getting On My Nerves!
Is someone getting on your last nerve? Let Greg and Lisa help you cope.
Would you like to experience more joy in your life and relationships. We'll show you how to do it.
People Pleasing
Exhausted from trying to make everyone happy all the time? Let Greg & Lisa help you care for others AND yourself.
Gripped by Guilt
Wrestling with guilt that won't go away? The Popcaks help you find hope and healing.
Fighting The Good Fight!
Feeling burdened or discouraged? Greg and Lisa Help you persevere!
Flight, Flight, or Freeze
Is stress getting the better of you? Here's help to find peace.
The Plans God Has for You!
Struggling to know what God wants you to do? Greg & Lisa help you discover his plan!
Resolving Resentment
Is resentment getting the best of you? The Popcaks help you heal and move past the pain.
My Love Language is Criticism!
Greg and Lisa help you deal with the chronic critics in your life.
Stepping Stones!
Are you struggling to make a change in your life? Do you feel stuck wondering where to begin? We'll help you break through these barriers and take the next step!