Kresta In The Afternoon

Well-known Catholic speaker and author Al Kresta speaks with people from all walks of life on various topics of the day, and about their walk with the Lord.
Biblical Worldview
Why is a Biblical Worldview important? Al discusses, Judge Michael Warren reacts to the Dobbs leak, Sweden and Finland will officially apply for NATO membership. Elisabeth Braw has the details, and Fr. Robert Sirico looks at the Economics of the Parables.
The Priest as Sacrificial Witness
Guest Host Marcus Peter and Jared Staudt discuss examples of martyred priests and Teresa Tomeo examines media coverage of the pro-life movement, Luke Lancaster discusses the Sacrament of Confirmation, and Kevin Symonds celebrates the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima.
Stories of Fatima
Lorcan Price discusses the latest in the case against Pavi Rasanen in Finland, David Pinalut on Charles de Foucauld, Curtis Martin invites you on the Good News Marriage Cruise, and Peggy Stanton shares stories from Fatima.
Catholics, Israel and “the Land”
Benedict Rogers reports on the arrest of Cardinal Zen in Hong Kong. Also, Luke Coffey looks at whether Finland and Sweden will join NATO and Reverend Daniel Hixon explains the new congregation in the United Methodist Church. We take a Catholic view of the Jewish people and Israel with Andre Villeneuve and Tracy Robinson invites you to a new pro-life movie.
A Catholic Pilgrimage through American History
Monica Miller has news on new pro-life protests, We discuss the HHS and conscience clauses with Louis Brown, and Kevin Schmiesing takes us on a pilgrimage through American Catholic history.
Marian Apparitions
We discuss colonial Catholics with Michael Breidenbach, and we celebrate the Month of Mary by reviewing the who, what, when, and where of Marian apparitions with Mark Miravalle.
The Power of Prayer in the Abortion Fight
Al and Peter Herbeck discuss the power of prayer and reactions to the Dobbs decision. Archbishop Aquila has responded to the Germans again. Matthew Bunson has the story. Also, Al explains why Catholics make so much of Mary.
The Day of Prayer in a Prayerless America
We discuss the Day of Prayer in a Prayerless America with Jody Bottum, and Petr Jasek shares his story of being imprisoned with ISIS.
The Priority of Peace and the Problem of Power
Jason Negri weighs in on the Dobbs story, Andrew Jones looks at a revival in Catholic political thought, Peggy Stanton reflects on when Roe v Wade was passed, and David Gwynn discusses St. Athanasius’ defense of Truth.
The End of Roe?
A leaked Supreme Court document indicates Roe v Wade may be about to be overturned. We have full coverage with Monica Miller and Clarke Forsythe.
St. Joseph the Worker
Dawn Beutner shares stories of martyrs of Communism, Chadd Garcia is back from the “Woodstock of Capitalism,” Paul Kengor discusses the example of St Joseph the worker, and Carl Trueman looks at the rise of sexual identity politics.
The Catholic Influence of Alfred Hitchcock
Jerry Usher examines the Catholic influence on Alfred Hitchcock with Steven Greydanus, Matthew Bunson reports live from Rome on the latest Church news, and Fr. Thomas McDermott celebrate the Feast of Catherine of Siena.
Thinking Christianly about Immigration
Al discusses immigration and the faith of Jackie Robinson, and Doug Keck discusses the “cult” of transgenderism. Dani Laurion tells how she experienced a miraculous healing and Peggy Stanton examines what Jesus said to St Faustina.
The Immigration Debate
Monica Miller tells us what happened when security guards assaulted her pro-life protest. Also, Sam Gregg looks at the French elections and Al has more thoughts on mistakes we make in the immigration debate.
Welcoming the Stranger
We look at new evidence that dates the Shroud of Turin to the time of Christ and Archbishop Gudziak discusses the latest in Ukraine. Also, Al dives into the immigration debate and “welcoming the stranger.”