Kresta In The Afternoon

Well-known Catholic speaker and author Al Kresta speaks with people from all walks of life on various topics of the day, and about their walk with the Lord.
Why the Prosperity Gospel Fails
Guest host Marcus Peter and Thomas Storck discuss the failures of the Prosperity Gospel, and Justin McClain asks if Catholic educators should swear oaths of fealty to the Church. We celebrate the Feast of Justin Martyr with Rod Bennett, looking at how Justin helped win the Scripture Wars.
Receiving the Lord's Fire
Peter Herbeck discusses receiving the Lord's Fire. The Visitation: How is Mary the Ark of the New Covenant? Steve Ray walks us through it.
The Second Coming of Christ
What does it mean to say that Christ will Come Again in Glory? Al discusses. What killed the Catholic University? Professor James Keating joins us. We explore the Problem of Pain with Phil Yancey.
Military Chaplains: Stories from the Barracks and Battlefield
On this Memorial Day, Sen. Tom Cotton gives us a soldier’s tour of Arlington and Fr Daniel Mode shares stories of military chaplains. On this Memorial Day, we look at the lives of Catholic Military wives with Donna Marie Cooper O’Boyle and RJ Matava tells of the Mass on Mt Suribachi, Iwo Jima.
Pentecost and the Birth of the Church
Guest Host Marcus Peter and Jared Staudt discuss what Jesus and the Eucharist can tell us about choice. Steve Ray takes a deep dive into what happened at Pentecost.
The Catechism and Pentecost
Guest Host Matthew Bunson and Clare Kosmalski look at a recent pro-life victory in South Carolina, and Peggy Stanton helps us get ready for Pentecost. Mike Aquilina discusses the early Church and the foundation of modern medicine.
Christian Heroes who Stood Against Islam
Matthew Bunson joins us with a look at the findings of an Illinois study of clerical sex abuse, along with other Church news. Raymond Ibrahim tells stories of Christian heroes who stood up against Islam.
Lessons from two Different Leaders
Al reflects on the legacies of two very different religious figures who recently died. We’ll also hear about the passage of a pro-life Nebraska bill and Jeremy McLelland tells us about the life of a Catholic comedian. Fr. Robert Sirico tells updates us on Jimmy Lai’s struggles in Hong Kong and Keaton Douglas shares how Catholic spirituality can help with our crisis of addiction.
American Catholic History
What do we miss when we talk about American Catholic History? Christopher Shannon joins us. Are Catholics “Preoccupied” with Sex? Al responds. Abigail Favale helps us understand the roots of the Gender Paradigm.
The Fruit of Conversion
Al and Peggy Stanton discuss the “Priestly Prayer” that Jesus offers in John chapter 17, and Michael Kenney lets you know about a new webinar this weekend exploring the future of the Pro-Life movement with Professor Robert George. We discuss bearing the Fruit of Conversion with Fr. Robert Spitzer.
The Necessity of the Ascension
Al and Fr. Thomas Weinandy explore how the Ascension and Pentecost are essential parts of Christ’s mission. Should we acknowledge Mary as our Co-Redemptrix? We look at the history of the debate with Dr. Robert Fastiggi.
The Beauty of Christ
Guest host Marcus Peter talks with Katy Conners about how she overcame a major heart issue during her last pregnancy, and James Matthew Wilson discusses the meaning of Truth and Beauty. We explore the theology of Middle Earth with Austin Freeman.
Modernist and Traditionalist Interpretations of Vatican II
Why do both modernist and traditionalist interpretations of Vatican II fail? We talk with Eduardo Echeverria.
Fatima: 100 Years of Stories, Prayers, and Miracles
We celebrate Saturday’s Feast of Our Lady of Fatima with John Preiss and Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle, looking at what happened that day and what has happened since. Al sits down with Lincoln Bishop Joseph Conley to discuss abortion bills, the transgender movement, and more.
Mother Amata Veritas shares her unique experience of motherhood leading the Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist and Matthew Bunson has the details on a church that featured a “God is Trans” exhibit. We celebrate motherhood and the basis for Marian consecration with Shane Kapler, and Msgr. Stephen Rossetti gives us a look at the psychological and spiritual health of priests.