Kresta In The Afternoon

Well-known Catholic speaker and author Al Kresta speaks with people from all walks of life on various topics of the day, and about their walk with the Lord.
2021-10-20 05:00:00 UTC
Demonic Possession – Distinguishing the Real from the Imagined
In hour 1 Paul Kengor explains why Fr. Jerzy Popieluszko was the “terror of communists” and Dr. Richard Gallagher examines the real and imagined demonic possessions, and in hour 2 Why do some deeply committed Christians decide not to come into full communion with the Church? Also, Fr. Dave Pivonka examines true fulfillment in Christ.
2021-10-19 05:00:00 UTC
The Catholic History of Baseball
In hour 1 We talk with Ashley Rindsberg about the history of how the New York Times has manipulated news, and in hour 2 Andy Fowler discusses the Catholic history of baseball and Sandie Weathers invites you to join Al and 40 Days for Life at a Jericho March.
2021-10-18 05:00:00 UTC
Know the Cross, Know the Kingdom
In hour 1 Guest host Jerry Usher talks with KV Turley about the British politician who was murdered and Lindsay Gloede shares how her son was healed through St Gerard Majella’s intercession, and in hour 2 we discuss the Gospel readings with Carl Olson and Steve Ray talks about the feast of St Luke.
2021-10-15 05:00:00 UTC
The Extraordinary News of the Gospel
In hour 1 Fr. John Riccardo discusses the extraordinary news of the Gospel, and in hour 2 Fr. Kieran Kavanaugh and Anthony Lilles celebrate the feast of Teresa of Avila.
2021-10-14 05:00:00 UTC
The Power of Fatima
In hour 1 Gavin Ashenden discusses an Anglican bishop who has come into the Church and detective J Warner Wallace asks if Jesus was a “person of interest,” and in hour 2 Al discusses the power of Fatima and Matthew Bunson explains an expanded Vatican investigation into abuse.
2021-10-13 05:00:00 UTC
A Long View of Vatican II
In hour 1 Brian Pedraza presents a Catechesis for the New Evangelization and Stephen White takes a long view of Vatican II, and in hour 2 Al comments on what it means to “walk worthy with the Lord” and Elvis Guitierrez shares how he came back to the faith.
2021-10-12 05:00:00 UTC
Hope in the Gospel
In hour 1 What does it mean to say we are Not Ashamed of the Gospel? Al discusses and Dr. Wes Ely shares how he found hope and healing as an ICU doctor, and in hour 2 How can you help someone grieving after a miscarriage? We talk with Michaelene Fredenburg and William Doino celebrates the feast of John XXIII.
2021-10-11 05:00:00 UTC
Entering the Kingdom of Heaven
In hour 1 Guest host Tom Nash talks about Fr Patrick Peyton and what it takes to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, and in hour 2 Fr. John Cush discusses the theology of St. Irenaeus, while Steve Ray tells of the life of “Saint” Abraham.
2021-10-08 05:00:00 UTC
How Should Catholics Respond to Scandal?
In hour 1 How should Catholics respond to scandal? Al shares his thoughts and discusses the “useful idiots” who idolize Che Guevara with Humberto Fontova, and in hour 2 we celebrate the feast of John Henry Newman with Fr. Juan Velez.
2021-10-08 05:00:00 UTC
Report on France and Germany- Contemplative Rosary
A stunning report in France found that for than 216,000 people were abused by French clerics between 1950 and 2020. Al looks at what we know about the report, how it compares to the crisis in the US, and how the laity can respond. In hour 2 Matthew Bunson recaps the latest on the German synod and other Church news and Dan Burke takes us into the contemplative Rosary.
2021-10-06 05:00:00 UTC
Essential Encounters with God
In hour 1 We discuss the history of God’s Mercy with Fr. Daniel Moloney and the art of Conversion with Fr. Donald Haggerty, and in hour 2 Dr. Greg Popcak discusses faith and depression, and Fr. John Bartunek presents a 60-day plan for discipleship.
2021-10-05 05:00:00 UTC
One Million People, One Milion Rosaries
In hour 1 JD Flynn has the details on a Church sex abuse report in France, the Napa Institute’s Tim Busch invites you to join in on one million Rosaries, and Al looks at “the Gospel of Steve Jobs,” and in hour 2 Dan Johnson tells the story of Venerable Jerome Lejeune and Mary Healy shares what happened at the International Eucharistic Congress.
2021-10-04 05:00:00 UTC
The Feast of St Francis
In hour 1 We celebrate the Feast of St Francis and Edward Clancy weighs in on a new survey of global religious persecution, and in hour 2 Dr. Robert Whaples explains cryptocurrencies and Dr. Robert Fastiggi looks at St Paul and the Natural Law.
2021-10-01 05:00:00 UTC
What is the Role of Government?
In hour 1 What is the role of government? What is the relationship between peace and power? We talk with Dr. Andrew Jones, and in hour 2 we reflect on the words and prayers of the Mass with David Seitz.
2021-09-30 05:00:00 UTC
The Heroic Fr. Kapaun
In hour 1 Matthew Bunson joins us for church news and to celebrate the life of Fr Emil Kapaun, and Al discusses the guardian angels, and in hour 2 James Carafano weighs in on the Biden Afghanistan news and Dr. Tom Scheck celebrates the Feast of St Jerome.