Kresta In The Afternoon

Call in: 877-573-7825 | Well-known Catholic speaker and author Al Kresta speaks with people from all walks of life on various topics of the day, and about their walk with the Lord.
Death and Eternal Life
We will explore death and eternal life and how to live well, and Paul Thigpen, author of St. Joseph as Seen by the Mystics.
Viganò to Undergo Church Trial for Schism
Cardinal Vigano has been accused of Schism. Matthew Bunson has the details.
My Memories of Al
We conclude our tribute to Al Kresta by taking your calls on how he impacted your life.
Honoring Al Kresta
We continue to honor the life and legacy of Al Kresta.
Remembering Al Kresta
Al Kresta passed away from liver cancer this weekend. His friends and coworkers join us to honor him.
Engaging the World Like the Early Church
Stephen Presley discusses Engaging the World Like the Early Church.
Trends through a Catholic Lens
Marcus Peters chats with Matthew Bunson about news and current events through the Catholic lens.
Engaging the World
Stephen Presley discusses Engaging the World Like the Early Church.
Assemblies of God
From militant atheist, Assemblies of God praise leader, preacher and finally home to the Catholic faith, Dr. Marcus Peter looks at the world around us – and talks about the things that matter most.
Ask Me Anything
Today on Kresta, Ask Me Anything: Dropped Calls with Karlo Broussard.
The Tide of Insanity
How can we fight the tide of insanity and win reality back? Gary Michuta joins us.
The Life and Faith of Winston Churchill
Ed Clancy updates us on anti-conversion laws in India and Gary Scott Smith looks at the faith of Winston Churchill.
The Devil and Communist China
Steven Mosher discusses the Tiananmen Square massacre and the deadly legacy of Communism in China.
Making Moral Decisions at the End of Life
Bruce Green discusses making moral decisions at the end of life and Monica Miller updates us on the DOJ’s proceedings against her.
The Eucharist: Mystery of Presence, Sacrifice, and Communion
Lawrence Feingold explores the mystery of the Eucharist.