Kresta In The Afternoon

Well-known Catholic speaker and author Al Kresta speaks with people from all walks of life on various topics of the day, and about their walk with the Lord.
How to Find True Happiness
Dr John Bruchalski shares his pro-life conversion and J. Budziszewski has tips on how to find true happiness. What did a recent religious conference say about God’s will for religious pluralism? Matthew Bunson fills us in and Archbishop Samuel Aquila shares his correspdondence with the German synod.
The World’s Debt to the Catholic Church
How do Christians respond to the new religion of Wokeism? Noelle Mering joins us. Eduardo Echeverria analyzes the state of Catholic-Evangelical dialogue and Michael Rubin explains why a girl in Iran died in prison after failing to properly wear a hijab.
We Share in Christ’s Sufferings
Paul Long explains what is in Michigan’s abortion proposal. Also, Matthew Bunson looks at how the German bishops are defying the Vatican and Al looks at what St. Paul says about suffering. Fr. John Clote discusses how Confession is the “Door to the Heart of God” and we discuss the life and times of Elizabeth I and II with Patrick Allitt.
Finding Healing in Jesus
Jake and Heather Khym of Life Restoration Ministries discuss finding complete healing in Jesus, and George Weigel looks at the legacy of Fr. Paul Mankowski.
From Darkness to Light in Jesus
We talk righteous Christian anger with Bert Ghezzi and Sister Miriam James shares her journey from the darkness of sin to the light of Christ. How can men grow as leaders in the faith? Robert Tunmire joins us.
Trinity, Scripture, and the Church Fathers
Guest Host Gary Michuta and William Albrecht examine what the Scriptures and Church fathers say about the Trinity. Karlo Broussard discusses common objections to Catholic teachings and Fr. Jeffrey Kirby tells the story of the Brown Scapular.
Saint John Chrysostom
Guest Host Marcus Peter and Joe Heschmeyer on Saint John Chrysostom.
Mary as Co-Redemptrix: A History of the Debate
Why do some conservatives reject “Classical Liberalism?” Sam Gregg looks at the history, and Bishop Earl Boyea invites you to “Fight Like Heaven” for women and babies. We examine the idea of Mary as co-redemptrix with Dr. Robert Fastiggi.
From the White House to the White Cross: A Journalist’s Journey of Faith
Peggy Stanton, the first female DC correspondent for ABC News, takes us on a journey through history, journalism and faith.
Did the Media Overlook Elizabeth’s Faith?
61% of German synod bishops just voted in favor of changing Church teaching on sexuality. Matthew Bunson has the details. Also, abortion is on the ballot in Michigan – we talk with correspondent Clare Kosmalski – and Terry Mattingly examines the press coverage of Queen Elizabeth’s death.
Lessons from the Prodigal Son
Al looks at the legacy of the late Queen Elizabeth and Peggy Stanton dives into this week’s Gospel of the Prodigal Son. Historian Robert Bucholz explains the significance of Queen Elizabeth’s life and Kishore Jaybalan announces a new program to help college students answer the big questions about life.
American Catholic History
How did the experiences of immigrants from France, Ireland and Germany come to shape the vision of the American Catholic? Dr. Christopher Shannon tells the story. Why was John Paul I called the smiling pope? What is Pope Francis doing to the Order of Malta? And what’s happening in Germany? Matthew Bunson discusses these stories and more.
Is Reality Secular?
We celebrated the feasts of two remarkable saints this weekend – Gregory the Great and Mother Teresa. We look at their lives today. We discuss the nature of reality with Mary Poplin.
The Five Pillars of Principled Entrepreneurship
Donna Marie Cooper-O’Boyle has advice for reclaiming Sunday as a day of rest and Dan Weingartz discusses incorporating faith and business. Donna David Bahnsen discusses economic truths such as “There’s No Free Lunch” and Andreas Widmer presents Five Pillars of Principled Entrepreneurship.
How Religion Benefits Everyone
Christian Smith looks at what Atheism can’t deliver. The late Rodney Stark was a strong proponent of the belief that religion is beneficial to all in society. We look back on a conversation explaining why.