Kresta In The Afternoon

Call in: 877-573-7825 | Well-known Catholic speaker and author Al Kresta speaks with people from all walks of life on various topics of the day, and about their walk with the Lord.
Did the Mafia Try to Poison an Italian Priest?
Did the Mafia just try to poison an Italian priest? Matthew Bunson joins us with more on this and other Church news.
Building Bridges between Christians and Jews
Stephen Nix has the latest on the murder of Alexi Navalny and Jonathan Feldstein visits from Israel to discuss the Hamas attack and how he is helping to build bridges between Christians and Jews.
Is Catholic Sexual Morality Infallible?
Why do some theologians say there are no infallible moral teachings? Robert Fastiggi joins us.
Gospel of the Old Testament
Why do we call Isaiah the Gospel of the Old Testament? Fr. Mitch Pacwa joins us.
Church News
Why did four Mexican bishops meet with organized crime bosses? Matthew Bunson joins us with this and other Church news.
Karl Marx and the Birth of the Communist Manifesto
The Communist Manifesto was published on February 21, 1848. We look at its origins and legacy with Paul Kengor.
Sharing the Faith, One Person at a Time
Karen Edmisten joins us with the evangelization tools that brought her from atheism and how she uses them today. Fr Rob Galea shares his journey from darkness and despair to Hope.
What I Saw as the Ambassador to the Vatican
Aaron Rothstein explains the academic world’s “covert persecution” of Israel and former Holy See Ambassador Mary Ann Glendon shares stories from her years of work with the Vatican.
A Day in the Life of the Holy Family
Steve Ray walks us through a day in the life of the Holy Family.
Why You Should Get Married
Guest Host Pat Oedy-Murray and Phil Campbell discuss the Catholic concept of guilt and Brad Wilcox discusses what the data says about the social benefits of marriage.
Will the Germans Defy Pope Francis?
The German Bishops are meeting next week. Will they move forward with their Synodal Council, in defiance of the Vatican? Matthew Bunson joins us.
Lent is Upon Us Again
Al kicks off Lent with a special extended commentary on the Ash Wednesday readings.
Israel’s Tabernacle
Why do some people claim Michelangelo’s Creation of Man is a sign of White Supremacy? Al discusses, and Gary Anderson explains the importance of the Tabernacle narrative.
The Key to Raising Catholic Kids
How do we know we can trust the Gospels? Lydia McGrew joins us, and Greg Popcak shares a new study that looks into how families raise Catholic kids into Catholic adults.
Who was Anne Catherine Emmerich?
A journal has retracted three studies showing risks of chemical abortions. Michael New responds, and Scott Smith looks at the life of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich.