Kresta In The Afternoon

Well-known Catholic speaker and author Al Kresta speaks with people from all walks of life on various topics of the day, and about their walk with the Lord.
Hope after Suicide
Fr. George Elliott has tips for discerning your vocation and Fr. Chris Alar offers hope to those grieving the loss of a loved one to suicide. What are some heterodox positions that are challenging the historic teaching on the nature of Christ’s Resurrection body? We explore it with Dr. Jim Ware.
Rediscovering the Eucharist
Guest Host Gary Michuta and John Martignoni discuss a “blue-collar” response to Protestant challenges of Church teachings. Fr. Dwight Longenecker examines whether St. Joseph of Cupertino really flew, and Deacon Dennis Lambert shares how the Eucharist led him back to the Church.
Building Catholic Men as Catholic Leaders
Robert Tunmire discusses how we can build men as authentic Catholic leaders. We discuss the Seven Sorrows of Mary and her other unknown sorrows with Steve Ray.
The Eucharistic Christology of Pope Benedict
Andrew Petiprin joins us to discuss the legacy of Blaise Pascal and Mark Regnerus explains the surge in people who identify as LGBTQ. Al and Marcus Peters explore the Eucharistic Christology of Pope Benedict.
The Quest for Faith
Guest host Gary Michuta talks with Bryan Topham, a recent convert to Catholicism, to share his story, Chris Vitale about how the Eucharist helped him form a personal relationship with Christ, William Albrecht discusses what Simeon meant when he said a sword would pierce Mary’s heart. Also, Dan Gonzalez dives into the deep meanings of the Mass.
The Centrality of Sacrifice to the Eucharist
Why can’t the Church bless same-sex unions? Al discusses and talks with Tyler Graham about the centrality of sacrifice to the Eucharist. Why do fewer Americans have a high regard for American Values than in the past? We talk with Mark Movsesian. Also, Terence Sweeney discusses what St. Augustine would say about being pastoral.
Preaching a Gospel that is not Watered Down
Guest Host Pete Burak talks with Rachel Herbeck about not “watering-down” the Gospel and Brett Salkeld discusses how to incorporate Catholic education in all areas of life. Jake and Heather Khym talk about finding deeper healing in Jesus. Terry Poplava joins us with some steps to take stewardship.
Religious Dialogue is not Hostile to the Gospel
Matthew Bunson joins us with the latest on Fulton Sheen, the Synod and a wide variety of other Church news. When Fr. Burke Masters was a kid, he dreamed of playing professional baseball. Now he’s hit a grand slam for God. He shares the story.
When a Brother Sins Against You
Richard White shares how Jimmy Buffett’s music helped him grow in his own faith and Monica Miller and Eric Scheidler invite you to join in the National Day of Remembrance for aborted children. We examine the origins of gender ideology with Abigail Favale.
Christ’s Plan for Priests
Eduardo Echeverria examines the state of Catholic-Protestant dialogue and Samuel James reviews the kinds of Christian stereotypes that appear in film. We talk about Christ’s plan for priests with Fr. Mitch Pacwa.
The Love that Made Mother Teresa
David Scott honors the feast of Teresa of Calcutta and Mark David Hall discusses the Christian foundations of religious liberty. Michael Heinlein honors the life of Francis Cardinal George.
The Five Pillars of Principled Entrepreneurship
Happy Labor Day! Donna Marie Cooper-O’Boyle has advice for reclaiming Sunday as a day of rest and Dan Weingartz discusses incorporating faith and business. Donna David Bahnsen discusses economic truths such as “There’s No Free Lunch” and Andreas Widmer presents Five Pillars of Principled Entrepreneurship.
Rediscovering Beauty
We explore the meaning of beauty with Jimmy Mitchell and Msgr. Stephen Rossetti discusses how priests are reacting to these challenging times. Keaton Douglas shares how Catholic spirituality can help with our crisis of addiction.
The Treasure of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition
Guest Host Marcus Peter discusses the history of the Catholic intellectual tradition with Robert Royal, Peggy Stanton discusses this week’s Gospel "Get behind me, Satan!" and Fr. Brian Carpenter on René Girard and the Eucharist as the Eschatological Sacrifice.
Understanding John’s Gospel
We examine the opening verses of the Gospel of John with Anthony Esolen. Chuck Gaidica shares the story of his return to the Church.