Marcus Grodi and his guests address the personal obstacles, doctrinal objections, and the irresistible attraction to the Church Jesus founded 2,000 years ago.
06/29/20 Phally Budock
Cambodian genocide survivor Phally Budock shares her journey to the Catholic Church. JonMarc Grodi hosts.
06/15/20 Michael Vanderburgh
Clergy abuse survivor Michael Vanderburgh shares how the Holy Spirit gave him the strength to rediscover his Catholic faith.
06/08/20 Deacon Peter Grodi
Marcus welcomes his son Peter, a transitional deacon preparing to be ordained to the priesthood, to share his spiritual journey
06/01/20 Zubair Simonson
Former Muslim Zubair Simonson shares how his experience of 9/11 was part of what led him to consider Christianity, and eventually the Catholic Church. Hosted by Marcus Grodi.
Marcus and JonMarc Grodi discuss scriptures for remaining steadfast in difficult times.
05/11/20 David Mills
David Mills, a former Anglican, joins Marcus Grodi to reflect on his journey of faith.
05/04/20 Marcus Grodi
Special: Marcus Grodi on COVID-19 pandemic
04/20/20 Bobbyjon Bauman
Former Presbyterian minister Bobbyjon Bauman shares the story of his conversion to the Catholic faith. Hosted by Marcus Grodi.
04/06/20 Bishop Scott McCaig
Bishop Scott McCraig, former Presbyterian and Anglican, describes the steps he took that eventually led him to the fullness of the Catholic faith. Hosted by Marcus Grodi.
Former Methodist Minister Keith Nester explains how a lengthy period of discernment led him to resign from his full-time ministry position and instead join the Catholic Church. Hosted by Marcus Grodi.
03/23/20 Sarah Christmyer
Sarah Christmyer, former Evangelical Protestant, shares her story of conversion. Hosted by Marcus Grodi.
03/16/20 Fr. Scott Borgman
Fr. Scott Borgman, former Pentecostal Missionary, tells how he converted to the Catholic Faith. Hosted by Marcus Grodi.
03/09/20 Atheism Roundtable
Former atheists Leah Libreasco Sargeant and Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble, FSP, discuss their conversion experiences in this atheism roundtable. Hosted by Marcus Grodi.
03/02/20 Dr. Jonathan Fuqua
Dr. Jonathan Fuqua, philosopher and former Evangelical Protestant, tells how he came home to the Catholic Church. Hosted by Marcus Grodi.
02/24/20 RACHEL LU
Rachel Lu discusses her conversion from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to the Catholic faith. Hosted by Marcus Grodi.