Marcus Grodi and his guests address the personal obstacles, doctrinal objections, and the irresistible attraction to the Church Jesus founded 2,000 years ago.
07/12/21 Kenny Burchard
Former Foursquare pastor Kenny Burchard shares how questions about Scripture and authority led him to step down from ministry, and eventually enter the Catholic Church. Marcus Grodi hosts.
06/28/21 James and Kelli Beaumont
James and Kelli Beaumont were serving in Methodist youth ministry, but were shocked when some close friends became Catholic. They share how that friendship played a role in their own Catholic journey. Marcus Grodi hosts.
06/21/21 Dan Teller
Dan Teller came from a Jewish family that took their tradition seriously. He talks to Marcus Grodi about how his hunger to know God took him through Zen Buddhism, and eventually to Catholicism through mystics like St. John of the Cross.
06/07/21 Nick De La Torre
Nick De La Torre was an altar server as a kid, but ended up wandering through Unitarianism and a number of different Christian denominations. He talks to JonMarc Grodi about how the Theology of the Body helped lead him back to Catholicism.
05/24/21 Frank Cronin
Frank Cronin stopped going to Mass as a young man, and embraced atheism. He shares how over time, he came to back to Christianity, and eventually the Catholic Church. Marcus Grodi hosts.
05/10/21 Fr. Eric Roush
Fr. Eric Roush wasn’t raised in a churchgoing family, but after the death of his Methodist grandmother, he began to take matters of faith more seriously. He shares with Marcus Grodi his journey to the Catholic Church
04/26/21 Maija Fish
Former Evangelical Protestant Maija Fish shares what led her to the Catholic faith. JonMarc Grodi hosts.
04/12/21 Dr. Ryan McDermott
Dr. Ryan McDermott, a former Episcopalian, shares how studying medieval literature was part of his journey to the Catholic faith. Marcus Grodi hosts.
03/29/21 Msgr. Jeffrey Steenson
Marcus Grodi talks with Msgr. Jeffrey Steenson, who once served as an Episcopalian Bishop, about what draws Anglicans and Episcopalians to the Catholic Church.
03/15/21 Fr. Matthew Hawkins
Fr. Matthew Hawkins of the Diocese of Pittsburgh shares his journey from the African Methodist Episcopal Church to the Catholic Church.
03/01/21 Marcus Peter
Former atheist and Assemblies of God preacher Marcus Peter of the St. Peter Institute shares his journey back to the Catholic Church. Marcus Grodi hosts
02/15/21 Deacon Charlie and Jess Echeverry
Deacon Charlie and Jess Echeverry share their dramatic story of forgiveness and healing through the sacraments after Jess’s experience of abortion and abuse. Marcus Grodi hosts.
02/01/21 Jim Anderson
Former Episcopal priest Jim Anderson shares his path through hippie drug culture to ordained ministry and eventually Catholicism. Marcus Grodi hosts.
01/25/21 Steve Ray
Former Baptist Steve Ray returns to the program to discuss the role of the Nicene Creed in his journey to the Catholic faith. Marcus Grodi hosts.
01/18/21 Fr. Bob Rottgers
Former Episcopalian Fr. Bob Rottgers shares how accompanying his wife in her struggle with addiction was part of his path to the Catholic Church and eventually the priesthood. Marcus Grodi hosts.