The Good Fight

What does it take to be a saint? Barbara McGuigan, her guests, and her listeners talk about saints…past present and future. Sainthood is not beyond reach for any of us!
The Good Fight - 04/10/2021 - The Equality Act / Real Religion
Anne Hendershott discusses The Equality Act and how it will destroy the civil rights of women and all people of faith. In the second hour, Fr. Jeffrey Kirby is back to give us more Real Religion... not When Religion becomes sentiment, or self-help, or social activism.
The Good Fight - 03/27/2021 - Dr. Alan Moy and Fr. Jeffrey Kirby are Guests
Hour 1: HOST BARBARA MCGUIGAN talks with Dr. Alan Moy, the Founder of the John Paul II Medical Research Institute,as he share his work to develop an ethical COVID-19 vaccine that does not utilize any immoral cell lines in any phase of development or testing Hour2: Fr. Jeffrey Kirby returns to talk about his book Real Religion: How to Avoid False Faith and Worship God in Spirit and Truth.
The Good Fight - 03/20/2021 - (ENCORE) Warrior Women Who Won the Battle for Souls
Julie Onderko discusses her book "Holy Handmaids of the Lord: Women Saints Who Won the Battle for Souls"
The Good Fight - 03/13/2021 - The Politics of Envy / Worthy of Wearing
Steubenville Professor Anne Hendershott, author of "The Politics of Envy", will share how envy cannot be defeated by politics but by our heroic attitude. In the second hour, Nicole Caruso, author of "Worthy of Wearing", will bring out "the feminine genius" in all of us!
The Good Fight - 03/06/2021 - Restless Heart / This Present Paradise
Kim Zember, author of "Restless Heart: My Struggle with Life and Sexuality", tells her story of transformation. In the second hour, Claire Dwyer, author of This Present Paradise will share A Spiritual Journey with St. Elizabeth of the Trinity to unlock the mystery of our own interior life.
The Good Fight - 02/27/2021 - Listening for God / English Standard Version Catholic Edition of the Bible
Teresa Tomeo presents her new book "Listening for God: Discovering the Incredible Ways God Speaks to Us". In the second hour, Dr. Michael Barber discusses the Catholic Edition of the English Standard Version of the Bible, an essentially literal translation in elegant, contemporary English.
The Good Fight - 02/20/2021 - Discernment of Spirits in Marriage / Our Lady's Picture Book
Fr. Timothy Gallagher, author of "Discernment of Spirits in Marriage", shares five ways in which God strengthens husbands and wives who seek to grow spiritually. In the second hour, Anthony de Stefano presents his latest release "Our Lady's Picture Book".
The Good Fight - 02/13/2021 - Christ Versus Satan in Our Daily Lives
Fr. Robert Spitzer, author of "Christ versus Satan in our Daily Lives," delivers a chilling reminder of the footholds of the devil and the hope and tools to defeat evil forces.
The Good Fight - 02/06/2021 - A Church in Crisis - Pt. 3
Dr. Ralph Martin, author of the new book "A Church in Crisis", returns to discuss how repentance and action are critically necessary in these very very dark times. Part I aired 1/16/21 and Part II aired 1/23/21.
The Good Fight - 01/30/2021 - Praying with Jesus and Faustina During Lent and In Times of Suffering
Susan Tassone returns to The Good Fight to share with us her brand new Sophia Institute Press release, "Praying with Jesus and Faustina during Lent and in Times of Suffering."
The Good Fight - 01/23/2021 - Why Curse the Darkness When You Can Light a Candle?
Dr. Ralph Martin, author of "A Church in Crisis", will explain how Satan's work is often hidden in various movements in society and the Church. Patti Garibay, Founder of American Heritage Girls, will bless us with her story recounted in her book "Why Curse the Darkness When You Can Light a Candle?"
The Good Fight - 01/16/2021 - The Story of Félix Leseur / A Church in Crisis
Mary Dudro Gordon returns to tell us whatever happened to Félix Leseur, husband of Servant of God Élizabeth Leseur! In the second hour, Ralph Martin will squarely addresses the serious crisis that is unfolding both in the Church and our Culture.
The Good Fight - 01/09/2021 - Be Not Afraid in 2021 / Anti-Catholic Spouse
Patrick McCrystal, Executive Director of HLI Ireland, tells us how to maneuver in 2021! Here's a hint: fear not! And in the second hour, Mary Dudro Gordon will share a stunning new Ignatius Press release called "Salt and Light: The Spiritual Journey of Élisabeth and Félix Leseur." What does daily life looks like when one spouse is adamantly anti-clerical and the other is a devoted Catholic?
The Good Fight - 01/02/2021 - (ENCORE) The Wisdom of Robert Cardinal Sarah
The Wisdom of Robert Cardinal Sarah. Fr. Joseph Fessio, founder of Ignatius Press, Mark Brumley, and Joseph Pearce discuss Robert Cardinal Sarah's prophetic book "The Day is Now Far Spent."
The Good Fight - 12/26/2020 - Father Jeffrey Kirby
Best Of - Living the Lord's Prayer Everyday - Fr Jeffrey Kirby