The Good Fight

The Good Fight - 10/12/2019 - Thomas Wurtz - Varsity Catholic
Barbara McGuigan and Thomas Wurtz, Director of Varsity Catholic, a division of FOCUS, discuss how Catholics can evangelize by simply sharing their story.
The Good Fight - 10/05/2019 - The Heart of Holiness
Fr. Gary Lauenstein and Barbara discuss his book, "The Heart of Holiness: Friendship with God and Others," a brilliant lesson on how to master authentic holiness by mastering authentic, ordered, and honest love, both with our Gracious God and with one another.
The Good Fight - 09/28/2019 - The Priests We Need Pt. 2
Kevin Wells, author of The Priests We Need to Save the Church, and Barbara will continue their discussion of Msgr. Tommy Wells, his holiness and victimhood as a priest, his Eucharistic Glow and how prayer is a Priest’s connection to God.
The Good Fight - 09/14/2019 - Vaccine Crisis
Debi Vinnedge is back to talk with Barbara about the vaccine situation today and what is being done to make morally ethical and safe vaccines.
The Good Fight - 09/07/2019 - The Priests We Need to Save the Church
Barbara speaks with Kevin Wells, whose new Sophia Institute Press release, The Priests We Need to Save the Church, will deepen your faith, strengthen your hope and help you understand what all priests are consecrated and called to be.
The Good Fight - 08/31/2019 - Pro-Catholic Education / Pro-Life
Sadly, many Catholic's today do not believe in the Real Presence. Patrick J. Reilly, founder and president of the Cardinal Newman Society will joins Barbara to discuss how to restore America's faith in the source and summit of our Faith, and in the second hour, David Dowd, a card-carrying believer in Christ and His Church, shares his inspiring poetry.
The Good Fight - 08/24/2019 - Janet Smith / Sally Read
Sally Read is back to discuss the fiat of motherhood and every vocation, and Professor Janet Smith shares her wisdom and knowledge on the causes of the sex-abuse crisis and why God chose us to live at this moment in Church History.
The Good Fight - 08/17/2019 - Why Celibacy?
Some people say priestly celibacy is an outdated relic of the Catholic Church. Fr. Carter Griffin begs to differ! Father Griffin and Barbara discuss Mother Church's perennial wisdom on celibacy in his new book "Why Celibacy? Reclaiming the Fatherhood of the Priest."
The Good Fight - 08/10/2019 - How Christianity Changed the World Pt. 2
Mike Aquilina and Professor James Papandrea return to give us a roadmap to reclaim the Faith in our own neo-pagan modern culture. Christianity saved civilization once and can definitely do it again!
The Good Fight - 08/03/2019 - Our Call to Faith in a Broken World
Did you know that "Every moment in our lives is an Annunciation...that contains God and His plan for us, Christ's wounds and their mercy for us and Mary's unequivocal 'Yes!'"? Then don't miss Sally Read on this episode of the Good Fight. The Annunciation will have a whole new meaning for you!
The Good Fight - 07/27/2019 - How Christianity Changed the World
Are you concerned about the soul of America? Mike Aquilina and Jim Papandrea, co-authors of How Christianity Saved Civilization, will show us the necessary steps to transform our dark and hostile culture. That's The Good Fight on EWTN radio.
The Good Fight - 07/20/2019 - Teaching Teens to Fail
Would you like to learn how teaching your teen failure will achieve victory? Then don't miss this episode of The Good Fight! Alan Migliorato and Darryl Dziedzic share how to raise children to be respectful, God focused, decision-making leaders in a world that tells us we need to be followers!
The Good Fight - 07/12/2019 - Susan Tassone- Day By Day w St. Faustina
Are you fully aware of God's overwhelming love for you? Well, don't miss Good Fight on Saturday. Susan Tassone, author of Day By Day with St. Faustina will grace us with her presence and her "truly lovely and pray-able" Prayer Book.
The Good Fight - 07/06/2019 - (ENCORE) Carrie Bucalo / Dr. Fortanasce
In the first hour, Barabara welcomes Carrie Bucalo to share her amazing story of healing from abuse and the discovery of her vocation and also discuss Pope Emeritus Benedict's essay on "The Church and the Scandal of Sexual Abuse”, to which Carrie responds from a victim's perspective. In the second hour, Barbara speaks with Dr. Vincent Fortanasce, a Catholic neurologist, about the threat of immoral medical practices made mandatory, when the “right to die” becomes the “duty to die.”
The Good Fight - 06/29/2019 - The Missionary of Wall Street
Stephen Auth, a Wall Street Money Manager, speaks with Barbara about his calling to get Catholics back to the Sacraments at St. Pat's Old Cathedral in the City!