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EWTN News Nightly - Full Show: 2020-01-17
On "EWTN News Nightly" tonight: Democrats and Republicans in the Senate debate whether to allow witnesses in the impeachment case against President Donald Trump. We have a report. Plus: Fires continue to rage in Australia. We speak to Michael Brearley, a practicing Catholic and member of the Wingello Rural Fire Brigade, about the devastation and relief efforts. Also: A new report indicates a growing number of Christians face persecution worldwide. Jeremy Barker with the Religious Freedom Institute joins us with analysis. And Pope Francis tells the faithful why spiritual wellness is so important. A look at the Holy Father’s message to pilgrims at his daily Mass at the Vatican.
EWTN News Nightly - Full show: 2020-01-16
On "EWTN News Nightly" tonight: The Senate starts preparations for the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. We have a report from Capitol Hill. Plus: The White House unveils a plan for protecting religious freedom in American schools. Joe Grogan, assistant to the President, tells us more. Also: Samuel Brownback, U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom,? shares ways to help persecuted Christians around the world. And Pope Francis gives the faithful a few simple words that always get God’s attention. We explain.
EWTN News Nightly - Full show: 2020-01-15
On "EWTN News Nightly" tonight: Speaker Nancy Pelosi announces the House prosecutors for the Senate. We have a report. Plus: Democratic presidential candidates took the stage last night in Iowa and tensions were high. Phillip Crowther with Associated Press is on the ground with analysis. Also: U.S. Church leaders from the Midwest are in Rome to meet with Pope Francis. Archbishop Joseph Naumann of the Archdiocese of Kansas City shares what he plans to ask the Holy Father. And a magazine profiles the U.S. Attorney General, with a focus on his Catholic faith. We take a look at the piece tonight.
EWTN News Nightly - 2020-01-14
On "EWTN News Nightly" tonight: The private secretary of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is distancing the former pope from a new book on priestly celibacy. Catholic News Agency D.C. Bureau Chief Edward Condon breaks down the latest in this controversy. Plus: There are new developments in the timeline for the articles of impeachment’s transfer from the House to the Senate. We have a report and reaction. Also: South Sudan’s government takes steps towards peace. The Community of Sant’Egidio’s Paolo Impagliazzo tells us about a declaration recommitting to cease hostilities; and how his group was involved. And Iran says it has made arrests for the accidental downing of a Ukrainian plane. Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL) joins us with analysis.
EWTN News Nightly - 2020-01-13
On "EWTN News Nightly" tonight: Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI writes a new book on the crisis in the Church and defending priestly celibacy. We speak with Ignatius Press Founder and Editor Fr. Joseph Fessio about the immediate response it prompted from the Vatican. Plus: Police and protestors clash in Iran after the government acknowledges its role in the downing of a Ukrainian jetliner. We have a report. Also: As the Senate prepares for the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, many questions still surround the process. The Daily Caller’s Vince Coglianese joins us with analysis. And the Church welcomes dozens of babies inside the Sistine Chapel. We will explain.
EWTN News Nightly - Full Show: 2020-01-10
On "EWTN News Nightly" tonight: Officials in Iraq are continuing to demand U.S. soldiers leave the country. We have a report. Plus: New developments emerge in the timeline for the Senate to begin its impeachment trial of President Trump. Rep. Francis Rooney (R-FL) reacts. Also: A Vincentian organization is helping homeless people around the world. Mark McGreevy, international coordinator of the Famvin Homeless Alliance, tells us what projects the group is working on. And we take you inside a church in Rome with a unique relationship to the birth of Christ.
EWTN News Nightly - Full show: 2020-01-09
On "EWTN News Nightly" Lawmakers debate whether to limit President Donald Trump's ability to launch military attacks against Iran. We have team coverage and analysis from Rep. Dan Lipinski (D-IL). Plus: Tensions between the U.S. and Tehran are affecting the Christians in Iraq. Fr. Benedict Kiely, founder of Nasarean.org, shares why the faithful are fearful for their future. Also: Pope Francis meets with diplomats who work with the Vatican. Janusz Kotanski, Ambassador of Poland to the Holy See, shares the Holy Father’s message of peace.
EWTN News Nightly - Full Show: 2020-01-08
On "EWTN News Nightly" tonight: Iran retaliates against the U.S. for killing its top military leader. We have a report and analysis from Sen. James Lankford (R-OK). Plus: CNN settles a lawsuit with a Catholic high school student who claims the outlet falsely labeled him as a racist. We speak with Todd McMurtry, an attorney for Nicholas Sandmann. Also: Catholic News Agency’s Andrea Gagliarducci breaks down what is expected as Pope Francis meets with a group of diplomats tomorrow. And a statue of the Virgin of Luján, pilgrim of peace, is taking a trip. We will explain.
EWTN News Nightly - 2020-01-07
On "EWTN News Nightly" tonight: Tensions continue to rise between the U.S. and Iran. We have a report and analysis from Joseph diGenova, former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia. Plus: There have been at least 24 confirmed deaths as this fire season in Australia continues to bring widespread devastation. EWTN News Nightly’s new anchor, Tracy Sabol, tells us how a Melbourne Catholic leader is responding. Also: Planned Parenthood's latest annual report shows a continued increase in the number of abortions it performed. The Daily Caller’s Mary Margaret Olohan takes us inside the data. National Catholic Register’s Edward Pentin tells us about a new documentary showing the daily life of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. And a look at how people in the Orthodox faith are celebrating their Christmas today.
EWTN News Nightly - 2020-01-06
On "EWTN News Nightly" tonight: Congressional Democrats want more information in the U.S. drone strike that killed one of Iran’s top military leaders. We have a report and reaction from former Steve Yates, a former national security advisor to Vice President Cheney. Plus: Pope Francis reacts to the tensions in the Middle East. EWTN Vatican Bureau Chief Alan Holdren takes a look at the Holy Father’s plea for peace. Also: An update in the legal battle to continue life-sustaining treatment for 11-month-old Tinslee Lewis. Texas Right to Life’s Kimberlyn Schwartz breaks down her parents’ rights. And how the Nigerian government is responding to the execution of 11 Christians by a terrorist group associated with the Islamic State.
EWTN News Nightly - Full Show: 01-03-2020
On "EWTN News Nightly" tonight: A drone ordered by President Donald Trump is used to kill an Iranian military leader responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans. We have a report and analysis from former CIA Officer Clare Lopez. Plus: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo condemns the machete attack on a Hanukkah celebration north of New York City as an “act of domestic terrorism.” Ricochet Editor Bethany Mandel joins us with her reaction to the rise of anti-Semitic violence in New York. Also: St. John Paul II’s alma mater will undergo major renovations in 2020. Fr. Benedict Croell, director of Development & Mission Advancement for the Angelicum, explains. And saying goodbye: Jason Calvi looks back on his time at EWTN News Nightly in his final day with the show.
EWTN News Nightly - Full show: 2020-01-02
On "EWTN News Nightly" tonight: Tension remains high between the U.S. and Iran following an attack on an Embassy in Baghdad. We have a report and reaction from the Gold Institute for International Strategy's Matthew RJ Brodsky. Plus: We have an update on the 2020 presidential election. Which Democratic candidate has dropped out of the race. Also: The Holy Father says the new year is a time for hope and peace. Catholic News Agency Vatican Analyst Andrea Gagliarducci takes us inside Pope Francis’ message to the faithful. Plus Fr. Jeffrey Kirby looks at ways Catholics can set New Year’s resolutions. And Melanie Israel of The Heritage Foundation examines why lawmakers are considering the Equal Rights Amendment nearly 50 years after it originally was introduced.
EWTN News Nightly - 2019-12-31
On “EWTN News Nightly” tonight: a year in review from 2019 including Vice President Mike Pence and the Trump administration’s fight for religious freedom plus: Abby Johnson tells us about her plan to try to convert abortion clinic workers.
EWTN News Nightly - 2019-12-30
On “EWTN News Nightly” tonight: the top stories from Rome and the Pope from 2019 including a three week meeting of Bishops at the Vatican and how one religious order prepared for the Feast of the Assumption.
EWTN News Nightly - 2019-12-27
On “EWTN News Nightly” tonight: a recap of our EWTN News/Real Clear Opinion Research polling on the faithful and their attitudes leading to the 2020 election.