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EWTN News Nightly - 2020-08-03
On "EWTN News Nightly" tonight: Tropical Storm Isaias is gaining strength and becoming more dangerous as it heads toward the Carolinas. We have the latest. Plus: Pope Francis says the Eucharist can inspire the faithful to support those around us. A look at the Holy Father’s message. Also: An update on the health of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI following a report from Germany. And Supreme Knight Carl Anderson tells us how the Knights of Columbus are altering their annual convention amid the COVID-19 crisis.
EWTN News Nightly - Full show: 2020-07-31
On "EWTN News Nightly" tonight: House Republican Whip Steve Scalise shares how he relied on his Catholic faith on the fateful day when a gunman opened fire at a Congressional baseball practice. Plus: What the Archbishop of Portland is saying about the violence after another night of conflict between demonstrators and police. Also: Learn about the child at the center of an approved miracle attributed to Venerable Fr. Michael J. McGivney. And a look at how COVID-19 is shaping the summer of 2020.
EWTN News Nightly - Full show: 2020-07-30
On "EWTN News Nightly" tonight: A look at the new guidelines for priests who perform exorcisms released by the Vatican. Plus: Our team is at the White House with a report on developments in the fight against COVID-19. Also: Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL) tells us about his conversion to Catholicism. And EWTN Pro-Life Weekly Host Catherine Hadro discusses recent calls for the head of the Food and Drug Administration to remove the abortion pill from the US market.
EWTN News Nightly - Full show: 2020-07-29
On "EWTN News Nightly" tonight: A look at a report saying Chinese hackers targeted the Holy See. How Beijing is responding. Plus: President Donald Trump travels to Texas. What he said about the coronavirus and unrest in Portland, OR. Also: The CEOs of four major tech companies appear before lawmakers to address privacy concerns, bias claims and more. Our team is on Capitol Hill. And an art historian looks at how Jesus has been depicted for centuries, amid recent controversy.
EWTN News Nightly - Full show: 2020-07-28
On "EWTN News Nightly" tonight: Rep. Debbie Lesko (R-AZ) tells us about a pro-abortion caucus’ move to strike Hyde’s pro-life protections from a 2021 appropriations bill. Plus: Rome’s pontifical universities will hold in-person classes this academic year. We speak with Angelicum Professor Sr. Catherine Joseph Droste, O.P. about what that will look like. And Kristen Day, executive director of Democrats for Life of America, tells us what pro-life supporters would like to see from the Democratic party as the election approaches.
EWTN News Nightly - 2020-07-27
On "EWTN News Nightly" tonight: The search continues for a COVID-19 vaccine. We are at the White House with a look at new developments. Plus: A new pro-life campaign is adding pressure to the growing calls for statues and symbols of the Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger to be removed. Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life, tells us about the effort. Also: Officials in France have an update on the burning of a Catholic cathedral earlier this month. And Pope Francis shares his advice to avoid leading a mediocre life.
EWTN News Nightly - Full show: 2020-07-24
On "EWTN News Nightly" tonight: US bishops condemn acts of vandalism and destruction at Catholic sites. Plus: The USCCB has declared July 24 “a Day of Mourning” for Hagia Sophia, a former church and museum in Istanbul that will be inaugurated as a mosque today. We have analysis. Also: We are on Capitol Hill as tensions continue to grow between the United States and China. And meet a 26-year-old priest and YouTube sensation who is making videos to connect with young people.
EWTN News Nightly - Full show: 2020-07-23
On "EWTN News Nightly" tonight: President Donald Trump unveils his plan to combat riots in some US cities. We are at the White House. Plus: Luke Coppen, Europe Editor For Catholic News Agency, has analysis of a recent string of vandalism and destruction of Catholic buildings in Europe. Also: The latest in the debate over the removal of statues of Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood’s founder. And a look at a new book released by the Vatican with encouraging words from Pope Francis.
EWTN News Nightly - Full show: 2020-07-22
On "EWTN News Nightly" tonight: A province in Northern China is ordering Christians to replace pictures of Jesus with pictures of Chairman Mao. This comes as a 2018 Vatican-China deal regarding the approval of bishops is nearing expiration. Fr. Bernardo Cervellera of AsiaNews has the latest. Plus: A Catholic hospital in Maryland faces a lawsuit from a person who presents as a transgender man because it would not perform a hysterectomy on the person’s healthy uterus. We have analysis. And a county in California considers removing St. Junipero Serra from its seal.
EWTN News Nightly - Full show: 2020-07-21
On "EWTN News Nightly" tonight: Debate continues over what should be included in the next phase of coronavirus relief. Our team is on Capitol Hill. Plus: One diocese announces its plans for Catholic schools this fall. Also: A Catholic cathedral that was repeatedly struck by missiles amid the Syrian civil war was due to reopen Monday following its restoration. We have an update. And a look at preparations for the Diocese of Rome’s first pilgrimage to Lourdes, France following the COVID-19 lockdown.
EWTN News Nightly - 2020-07-20
On "EWTN News Nightly" tonight: We are on Capitol Hill with reaction to the death of Georgia Congressman John Lewis. A look at his role in the fight for civil rights. Plus: Thomas Farr, President of the Religious Freedom Institute, joins us with analysis of a draft report by the US Commission on Unalienable Rights. Also: An update on a fire at a cathedral in France. And a look at the Vatican’s new guideline for parishes and dioceses.
EWTN News Nightly - Full show: 2020-07-17
On "EWTN News Nightly" tonight: Louis Brown, executive director of the Christ Medicus Foundation, has a preview of an event for Catholic groups and their response to COVID-19. Plus: Our team is on Capitol Hill with a look at what Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is saying about another round of stimulus payments. Also: How the Church is responding to sorcery accusation-related violence in Papua New Guinea. And a US commission weighs in on the importance of religious freedom.
EWTN News Nightly - Full show: 2020-07-16
On "EWTN News Nightly" tonight: Lawmakers battle over what should be included in the next COVID-19 funding package. We are on Capitol Hill. Plus: We speak with a Catholic Medical Association member and neurologist about a new study looking at COVID-19’s effects on the brain. Also: The chaplains of the Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes are launching a virtual pilgrimage to spiritually gather the faithful amid the global pandemic. Solène Tadié with EWTN’s National Catholic Register gives us a preview of “Lourdes United.” And a look at a manual issued by the Vatican for bishops on handling reports of sexual abuse of minors.
EWTN News Nightly - Full show: 2020-07-15
On "EWTN News Nightly" tonight: Princeton Professor Robert George weighs in on “cancel culture,” a disturbing trend that seems to be on the rise. Plus: President Donald Trump comments on the presence of MS-13 in the US. Our team is at the White House with the latest. Also: How a hospital boat named after Pope Francis is delivering medical aid along the Amazon River amid Brazil’s coronavirus outbreak. And we recap a busy night of primary elections.
EWTN News Nightly - Full show: 2020-07-14
On "EWTN News Nightly" tonight: U.S. bishops defend the use of the federal Paycheck Protection Program by Catholic organizations. We have analysis of a report from Associated Press saying the government gave "special consideration" to faith groups. Plus: Fight for the unborn: A look at new developments in Georgia’s heartbeat bill. And an update on Mozambique less than one year after the Holy Father’s visit.