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EWTN News In Depth - 2021-06-11 - Full Episode - A preview to the upcoming USCCB Spring General Assembly
This week on EWTN News In Depth, the pressing topics bishops are expected to address in the upcoming USCCB General Assembly. Plus, Father Philip Bochanski is on set with host Montse Alvarado to talk about "Courage International", an organization that ministers and provides support for parishioners who experience same-sex attraction. This episode also looks at what some medical professionals say are under-reported concerns about hormonal contraception.
EWTN News In Depth - 2021-05-28 - Full Episode - Honoring Military Chaplains who serve our country
Honoring our military on Memorial Day. EWTN News In Depth's Montse Alvarado hosts a special episode dedicated to the brave men and women who have fought and died for our country. We look at what the Catholic Catechism teaches about war and when it is justified to take up arms. Two panel discussions are held on military chaplaincy. The first features two chaplains who weigh in on ministering to service members. The second panel provides a perspective from a seminarian as well as the President of Mount Saint Mary’s University on the immeasurable impact chaplains have on the spiritual health of our service members.
EWTN News In Depth - 2021-05-21 - Full Episode - Understanding the complexities of Vatican Finances
Financial transparency in the Church. Rome Correspondent Colm Flynn gives us a look at finances in the Vatican. The complex inner workings of budgeting the world's largest church. Where do donations come in and how are they distributed? Plus, an "On the Record" interview with the former U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See and distinguished law professor at Harvard, Mary Ann Glendon. She discusses her work at the Vatican, dangers she sees for religious freedom and hopes for the future of the Church. And host Montse Alvarado speaks with reporter Matt Hadro, the Senior DC Correspondent for CAN about the new case at the Supreme Court defending Mississippi’s heartbeat law. Is it a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade? EWTN News In Depth also dives into the changing face of the Church with a report on demographics around the world.
EWTN News In Depth - 2021-05-14 - Full Episode - A look at religious freedom concerns in China
EWTN News In Depth covers the release of the 2020 International Religious Freedom Report and the countries listed as violating religious freedom. EWTN correspondent Mark Irons speaks with Chinese dissident, activist and author Chen Guangcheng who escaped the regime and William Saunders, the Co-Director of the Center for Religious Liberty at the Catholic University of America about the dangers of the communist party. We also hear from those helping to lead a call to prayer for those persecuted in China. Host Montse Alvarado speaks with the Executive Director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, Melissa Rogers on the administrations initiatives. She also speaks with the former Deputy Director of the White House Council on Domestic Policy, Jennie Lichter who will weigh in on the current administration. Plus a rare interview with a member of the Swiss Guard.
EWTN News In Depth - 2021-05-07 - Full Show
In celebration of Mother’s Day, EWTN News In Depth looks at the physical and spiritual aspects of motherhood and the vital role mothers play in the Catholic Church. Host Montse Alvarado speaks with the Sisters of Life in New York City about their mission to help pregnant mothers choose life. This episode also looks at the history of the Church in establishing the foster care system for children in the U.S., and providing a path towards adoption.
EWTN News In Depth - 2021-04-30 - Full Show
A move by church leaders in Germany to bless same-sex unions is creating a sharp divide within the church. EWTN News speaks with experts in the U.S. and in Germany on what it could mean for The Universal Church and provides a report from Germany on how lay people are reacting. This episode also delves into a lawsuit challenging religious colleges and universities' exemption to Title IX and how religious liberty could be threatened.
EWTN News In Depth - 2021-04-23 - Full Show
After a year of COVID lockdowns, around the world, EWTN's News In Depth looks at the spiritual, physical and legal impacts the pandemic has had in the U.S. and Europe. Host Montse Alvarado speaks with EWTN correspondent Erik Rosales about his personal battle to survive the disease and his emotional stay in the hospital. We also hear from Dr. Eustace Fernandes who is on the front lines treating COVID patients. COVID lockdowns have, in some areas of the United States, targeted religious institutions including Catholic parishes. Montse Alvarado speaks with the top legal minds fighting for religious liberty. Plus, a new lawsuit to overturn the Blaine Amendment in South Carolina claiming it discriminates against Catholics and African Americans.
EWTN News In Depth - 2021-04-16 - Full Show
“From Canada to Belgium, countries around the world are legalizing euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide. News In Depth takes a look at the countries that have passed laws that endanger the elderly, disabled, depressed, and isolated. Medical experts and advocates discuss end-of-life care and the moral implications these policies have on communities . Plus, host Montse Alvarado speaks exclusively with Archbishop Charles Chaput about his new book Things Worth Dying For: Thoughts on a Life Worth Living, and why friendship is the key to understanding why our lives matter. This week’s episode also features a Syrian refugee’s brave journey escaping the dangers of war on his doorstep.”
EWTN News In Depth - 2021-04-09 - Full Show
“Catholic schools have been a bedrock of the education system in the United States for decades. There are more than 1.6 million students enrolled across the country. EWTN’s Montse Alvarado speaks with the Interim President of the National Catholic Education Association on the impact Catholic schools have had during the pandemic and the essential resources they provide to low-income families. A panel discussion with the Superintendent of Schools for the Archdiocese of Boston, Thomas Carroll and Senior Fellow of the Catholic Association, Ashley McGuire dives into ongoing challenges within the school system and more.”
EWTN News In Depth - 2021-03-26 - Full Show
As the United States’ Border Patrol deals with a surge of immigrants in the South, EWTN’S Montse Alvarado speaks with the head of the USCCB, Archbishop Jose Gomez about the Church’s teaching on immigration and its impact on U.S. parishes. News In Depth also interviews a dynamic group of young missionaries who are spreading the word of God on college campuses. Montse Alvarado tells us how this mission group gained national attention thanks to EWTN foundress, Mother Angelica.
EWTN News In Depth - 2021-03-19 - Full Show
As we celebrate the Feast of St. Joseph, EWTN News In Depth looks at the importance of fatherhood in the church. Host Montse Alvarado interviews Supreme Knight Patrick Kelly of the Knights of Columbus who explains how the faith of a family is dependent on the leadership of fathers. Plus a unique panel discussion including Fr. Agustino Torres, CFR dives into the need of both physical and spiritual fatherhood.
EWTN News In Depth - 2021-03-12 - Full Show
After his historic trip to Iraq accompanying Pope Francis, Archbishop Warda gave EWTN News IN Depth an exclusive interview on what it meant to the people in the region and to Catholics around the world. The implications for the Catholic Church and all Americans of the controversial Equality Act are discussed by our expert panel: Dr. Jackie Rivers (Executive Director of the Seymour Institute for Black Church and Policy Studies), Dr. Melissa Moschella (Associate Professor of Philosphy, The Catholic University of America), and Dr. Matthew Bunson (Executive editor and Washington, D.C. Bureau Chief).