The Doctor Is In

"The Doctor is In" is hosted by Dr. Ray Guarendi, who brings to the program a wealth of academic credentials and personal life experience. He deals with personal problems, family issues, and professional questions. EWTN listeners love his fun approach and practical advice!
The Doctor Is In - 12/09/2019 - "E-Mail Monday!"
"E-Mail Monday."
The Doctor Is In - 12/06/2019 - Look Back Friday!
Today is "Look Back Friday"!
The Doctor Is In - 12/05/2019 - Elizabeth from Ohio has a question.
Elizabeth from Ohio has a question about her son who lives with her brother in a trailer.
The Doctor Is In - 12/04/2019 - Buttinsky
Julie from Ohio wants to know what to say to relatives who are correcting her political and religious beliefs.
The Doctor Is In - 12/03/2019 - Confrontation
A listener from Texas has a question for the doctor regarding confronting her cousin about make inappropriate comments to her husband.
The Doctor Is In - 11/26/2019 - No Visitors Allowed!
Diane from South Dakota was told by her relatives not to visit!
The Doctor Is In - 11/25/2019 - E-Mail Monday
E-Mail Monday - Dr. Ray answers your e-mails.
The Doctor Is In - 11/22/2019 - Look Back Friday!
Dr. Ray revisits calls from previous shows and adds additional comments.
The Doctor Is In - 11/21/2019 - Children who won't talk about religion.
Caller Susan says that her children refuse to talk about religion. She wants to know what the doctor says.
The Doctor Is In - 11/20/2019 - Children Leaving Home!
Julie from Omaha, Nebraska has a comment about children leaving the nest.
The Doctor Is In - 11/19/2019 - Is Catholism wrong!
Zaina from Boston asks the doctor how should she react when a relative feels that Catholism is incorrect.
The Doctor Is In - 11/18/2019 - Email Monday!
Email Monday!
The Doctor Is In - 11/15/2019 - Look Back Friday!
"Look Back Friday!"
The Doctor Is In - 11/14/2019 - Home Schooling
Michelle from Saskatchewan has a question about home schooling and wonders how the doctor feels about it.
The Doctor Is In - 11/13/2019 - Anger!
Suzanne called from Abilene, Texas, She wants advice on how to best deal with anger issues.