The Doctor Is In

"The Doctor is In" is hosted by Dr. Ray Guarendi, who brings to the program a wealth of academic credentials and personal life experience. He deals with personal problems, family issues, and professional questions. EWTN listeners love his fun approach and practical advice!
Email Monday
Dr. Ray Guarendi answers emails on family, marriage & relationships.
Look Back Friday
EWTN's president and COO Doug Keck tells listeners of upcoming EWTN programming. Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life addresses the 15-week abortion limit introduced by Sen. Lindsey Graham.
I'm Very Dysfunctional and I Want to Change
Michelle believes that she is dysfunctional and wants to rewire her brain. The doctor has something else in mind to change her bad habits.
My Sister is Acting Strangely
Angel calls in to explain how her sister is acting and the doctor says that there's definitely something wrong with her.
Hold Your Kid Tightly by the Hands!
Doctor Ray Guarendi use to close his show with "Hold your Kid Tightly by the Hand? But not anymore, why?
E-Mail Monday
Dr. Ray answers emails on family, marriage & relationships.
My Mother-in-Law is ruining my Life
Mary called in from Toronto, Canada to inform the doctor that her mother-in-law says that "she will ruin her daughter's life if she continues to raise her the way that she thinks is best! The doctor responds and you got to hear this
Setting Boundries
Anonymous called the doctor from West Virginia and wants to know the best way to "set boundaries."
Setting Boundaries
Anonymous from Virginia called to ask the doctor how he would go about setting boundaries.
Potty Training
Rebecca has a 2 year old that she can't "potty train." She would like the doctor's opinion regarding this matter.
E-Mail Monday
Dr. Ray Guarendi answers emails on family, marriage & relationships.
Look Back Friday!
Dr. revisits calls from previous shows and adds additional comments.
John called in to tell the doctor that he suffers from acrophobia. The doctor says this malady comes in 3rd of all phobia's suffered by people.
Michael called from Spokane to ask the doctor how humor plays an important role in our lives.
Not Enough Money!
Julie from Texas called to ask the doctor's advice about her daughter and her niece. Both are 10 years old, her daughter has everything she could want. Meanwhile, her niece's family cannot afford to enough money to buy her lunch so she goes without. Her daughter doesn't seem to understand because her mother says that she has everything.