Conversations with Consequences

"Conversations with Consequences" is the voice of The Catholic Association, offering a weekly hour of thoughtful dialogue—with the leading thinkers of our time— on the most consequential issues of our day.
Noelle Mering
Dr. Grazie Christie and TCA co-host Leigh Snead talk with Noelle Mering of the Ethics and Public Policy Center's Theology of Home project about the challenges facing parents and students in the wake of critical race theory and how best to combat this 'woke ideology' infiltrating schools across the country.
Conversations with Consequences - 06/26/2021 - Abigail Tucker/Fr. Jeff Kirby
Dr. Grazie Christie and TCA colleague Ashley McGuire talk to Abigail Tucker about her new book, "Mom Genes: Inside the New Science of Our Ancient Maternal Instinct," offering insightful new research on how motherhood transforms not only the body but mind. Father Jeff Kirby also joins with his new book, "Way of the Cross for Loved Ones Who Have Left the Faith," a very important read post-pandemic.
Conversations with Consequences - 06/19/2021 - Katy Faust/Brian Burch
Dr. Grazie Christie talks with Katy Faust exploring 'Them Before Us: Why We Need a Global Children's Rights Movement.' Brian Burch of Catholic Vote also joins looking at Eucharistic coherence in light of the USCCB Spring meeting.
Conversations with Consequences - 06/12/2021 - Carter Snead/Maureen Ferguson/Stephen Gabriel
Dr. Grazie Christie and co-host Leigh Snead chat with legal scholar Carter Snead about the Mississippi abortion ban case soon to be heard by the Supreme Court in the fall and what impact the case may have on Roe v. Wade. Maureen Ferguson and Catholic author Stephen Gabriel also join to discuss 'The Indispensable Dad' just ahead of Father's Day.
Conversations with Consequences - 06/05/2021 - Theology of the Body
With reports of a baby bust despite dreams of a baby boom, Catholic speaker and father of 8 Damon Owens joins Dr. Grazie Christie and Maureen Ferguson with a look at the Theology of the Body and ways we can best embrace our authentic Catholic selves in the face of such a bleak secular culture.
Conversations with Consequences - 05/29/2021 - Bishop Donald Hying/Fr. Benedict Kiely
Bishop Donald Hying of Madison Wisconsin joins Dr. Grazie Christie discussing his new book, Love Never Fails. With violence against Christians on the rise in Nigeria and China, Father Benedict Kiely joins with a look at how Catholics can help our persecuted brothers and sisters.
Conversations with Consequences - 05/22/2021 - Ed Whelan/Fr. Donald Calloway
With the big news this week regarding the Supreme Court taking up an abortion ban case out of Mississippi, distinguished legal scholar Ed Whelan of the Ethics and Public Policy Center joins Dr. Grazie Christie & Maureen Ferguson with a look at what this might mean for overturning Roe v. Wade. We also chat with surfer-priest Father Donald Calloway about the year of St. Joseph!
Conversations with Consequences - 05/15/2021 - National Foster Care Month
Marking National Foster Care month, TCA colleague Leigh Snead joins along with Elizabeth Kirk, a lawyer and adoptive mother of 4 discussing the soft stigma surrounding adoption--and what we might expect from the Supreme Court next month regarding faith-based adoption.
Conversations with Consequences - 05/08/2021 - Lila Rose/Curtis Martin
Just in time for Mother's Day, Dr. Grazie Christie and Maureen Ferguson talk with Lila Rose about her new book, Fighting for Life: Becoming a Force for Change in a Wounded World. Curtis Martin also joins with a look at FOCUS and his new book, Foundations for Discipleship out now with Dr. Edward Sri.
Conversations with Consequences - 05/01/2021 - Senator Marsha Blackburn/Suann Maier
Dr. Grazie Christie and Maureen Ferguson chat with Senator Marsha Blackburn about the Women's Right to Know Act and her memoir. Suann Maier also joins looking at how the Special Olympics has been hit hard by the pandemic and what Catholics can do to help those with special needs struggling amid isolation.
Conversations with Consequences - 04/24/2021 - Nicole Neily/Dr. Christina Francis
This week we talk with Nicole Neily, President of Founder of Parents Defending Education joins with a look at some of the biggest issues facing our children right now and with Dr. Christina Francis, Chair of the American Association of Pro-Life OB/GYNs.
Conversations with Consequences - 04/17/2021 - Persecution of Catholics in China
With the news of Jimmy Lai's arrest in Hong Kong and a possible 5-year prison sentence, Dr. Grazie Christie gets the latest on the persecution of Catholics in China with Steven Mosher of Population Research Institute. We also speak with Father Jeff Kirby about his new book, Real Religion.
Conversations with Consequences - 04/10/2021 - Joan Frawley/Anthony Cirillo
Joan Frawley Desmond of the National Catholic Register joins to discuss some alarming news out of California with more radical ideology infiltrating public schools and why Catholics should be concerned. We also chat with FOCUS missionary Anthony Cirillo about fellowship on campus in the era of COVID.
Conversations with Consequences - 04/03/2021 - March for Life
Dr. Grazie Christie talks with March For Life President Jeanne Mancini about all the work that goes on throughout the entire year promoting the protection of the unborn on a federal level and in all 50 states plus we get a behind-the-scenes look at EWTN News In Depth with host Montse Alvarado!
Conversations with Consequences - 03/27/2021 - America, Liberalism, and Catholicism
Dr. Grazie Christie speaks with Notre Dame law professor Stephanie Barclay about how religious freedom empowers women throughout the world. We also speak with Gladden Pappin about America, Liberalism, and Catholicism, previewing a conference taking place at the University of Dallas next month.