Conversations with Consequences

"Conversations with Consequences" is the voice of The Catholic Association, offering a weekly hour of thoughtful dialogue—with the leading thinkers of our time— on the most consequential issues of our day.
Crisis in Ukraine
With the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, Father Ben Kiely joins with the latest after his trip during the Easter Triduum. Kathryn Jean Lopez also joins discussing the passing of pro-life legend Vicki Thorn of Project Rachel.
Dangers of Gender Ideology
The TCA team talks SCOTUS leak and Father Dave Pivonka of Franciscan University talks the real dangers of gender ideology.
Archbishop Naumann
With the Dobbs decision still being looming, Dr. Grazie Christie chats with Archbishop Naumann about the importance of walking with moms in need.
Pro-Life News from Washington, D.C.
Dr. Grazie Christie chats with her TCA colleagues Maureen Ferguson and Ashley McGuire about the terrible discovery in Washington, D.C. of unborn babies found--potentially pointing to infanticide--Maureen discusses the facts of the case and what the pro-life movement can do in the wake of this tragedy
Bill Barr
Dr. Grazie Christie, Maureen Ferguson, and Ashley McGuire talk issues of religious liberty and faith ahead of the Easter vigil with former Attorney General Bill Barr.
Gender Politics
Dr. Grazie Christie chats with TCA colleagues Ashley McGuire and Maureen Ferguson about Disney's recent decision to wade into gender identity politics.
Fruitful Lenten Season
Catholic author Mike Aquilina joins to discuss how to make our Lenten season more fruitful and Mary Hasson tells us about a new parental rights bill in Florida.
The Beauty of Complementarity
With the book 'Ask Your Husband' causing quite an online stir, Dr. Grazie Christie chats with TCA colleagues Ashley McGuire and Leigh Snead about the beauty of complementarity.
V.P. Mike Pence
Former Vice President Mike Pence joins to discuss the dire situation in Ukraine and the heartrending stories he heard from millions fleeing their homeland in search of safety.
Alexandra DeSanctis
Alexandra DeSanctis of National Review talks about her new book: 'Tearing Us Apart: How Abortion Harms Everything and Solves Nothing.'
Metropolitan-Archbishop Borys Gudziak
Covering the crisis in Ukraine, Metropolitan-Archbishop Borys Gudziak of the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia joins to discuss the situation on the ground as more than a million have already fled the war-torn country and why he thinks negotiating is out of the question.
Dr. Donna Harrison
As secular media advanced the lie last week that the abortion pill is safer than Tylenol, Dr. Donna Harrison joins to discuss the real dangers of chemical abortions and why the FDA is complicit in promoting this harmful pill.
Walking with Moms in Need
Dr. Grazie Christie and TCA colleagues Ashley McGuire and Leigh Snead discuss Walking with Moms in Need, a parish-driven pro-life ministry spearheaded by the USCCB to help moms-to-be choose life with confidence.
Protestantism In England
With the news of yet another #Anglican bishop converting to #Catholicism this week, Dr. Grazie Christie and Leigh Snead chat with former chaplain to the queen of England Dr. Gavin Ashenden about his own conversion and what this moment means for the fate of #Protestantism.
Catholic Schools Week
As we celebrate Catholic Schools Week, Dr. Grazie Christie chats with Tom Carroll, superintendent of Boston Catholic schools about the successes they continue to have during the ongoing pandemic, and Tom's continued mission of putting the 'Catholic' back in Catholic schools.