Conversations with Consequences

"Conversations with Consequences" is the voice of The Catholic Association, offering a weekly hour of thoughtful dialogue—with the leading thinkers of our time— on the most consequential issues of our day.
Sister Mary Grace and Elizabeth Kirk
Sister Mary Grace of the Sisters of Life join to discuss LifeFest & Elizabeth Kirk discusses adoption being the best answer to abortion.
With the March for Life just one week away, we talk to Sister Marie Veritas all about LIFEFEST featuring Mass with Archbishop Lori.
Life and Legacy of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI
As we mourn the loss of Benedict XVI, Edward Pentin of the Register reflects on his life and legacy and Father Roger Landry shares the late pontiff's powerful words on the Epiphany.
Colm Flynn
Colm Flynn of EWTN News reports on the 100,000 births at Bethlehem's Holy Family Maternity Hospital this Christmas!
Dr. Greg Popcak
As so many are spending the holidays suffering or in grief from the loss of a loved one, Dr. Grazie Christie discusses some words of wisdom from Dr. Greg Popcak.
Fr. Roger Landry
Father Roger Landry reflects on this season of Advent and his trip to the Holy Land.
Bill McGurn
As China is soon to decide the fate of Catholic media mogul Jimmy Lai, Bill McGurn of the Wall Street Journal joins with the latest.
Kat Talalas
After the US Bishops meeting last week, Dr. Grazie Christie talks to Kat Talalas all about Walking with Moms in Need--and how every diocese can take part in this post-Roe world.
Dr. Scott Hahn/Elizabeth Kirk
Dr. Scott Hahn talks about his new book: Holy is His Name & Elizabeth Kirk talks National Adoption Month.
Katy Faust
Katy Faust of Them Before Us joins to discuss the devastation of divorce and why children should always come first.
David Naglieri
With the tremendous success of the new St. Teresa of Calcutta documentary, producer David Naglieri joins with the latest on this wonderful film covering the life and impact of Mother Teresa.
Transgender Movement
Dr. Mary Hasson joins Dr. Grazie Christie to discuss her new EWTN series on the transgender movement--and what Catholics need to know!
Dr. Marie Meaney
Dr. Marie Meaney discusses the cross of infertility and what St. Teresa of Calcutta taught her about this suffering.
George Weigel
Marking the 60th anniversary of Vatican II, papal biographer George Weigel joins with a look back at the significance of this council.
Brad Wilcox/Jessica Hooten-Wilson
Brad Wilcox of the National Marriage Project talks Protecting Teens from Big Tech! Jessica Hooten-Wilson discusses the Catholic Literary Imagination.