Church Alive

EWTN's Brian Patrick joins Dr. Matthew Bunson of the National Catholic Register and Fr. Thomas Petri each weekend! They look back on the week just past and the week ahead, in the Church and the world.
Church Alive - 03/27/2020 - Father Donald Calloway
Fr. Donald Calloway shares his Consecration to St. Joseph to help The Church and the world get through the coronavirus pandemic. Fr. Thomas Petri unpacks the Gospel for the 5th Sunday of Lent, explaining why Jesus waited two days before going to the home of Lazarus, knowing his dear friend would die before he arrived.
Church Alive - 03/20/2020 - Catholic Medical Association- COVID19
Dr. Thomas McGovern, board member for The Catholic Medical Association, addresses questions about COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus spreading through the world. He’s studied the medical realities of The Passion of Christ and makes a connection between the suffering of Jesus and our own suffering today. Fr. Thomas Petri guides us through a Spiritual Communion as we are unable to receive The Eucharist sacramentally.
Church Alive - 03/13/2020 - Health and Public Mass
EWTN’S Rome Bureau Chief Alan Holdren describes the lockdown in Italy as the coronavirus pandemic affects almost every aspect of daily life for families and The Church. Dominican Father Jacob Bertrand Janczyk suggests meditating on all of Lent’s gospel readings for a complete picture of this powerful penitential season, as health issues keep so many Catholics away from public Masses.
Church Alive - 03/06/2020 - Ancient Catholic Traditions of Fasting
Dominican Father Paul Clarke explores Sunday’s gospel reading depicting The Transfiguration, reminding us to keep Christ’s light in this penitential season of Lent. Dr. Jay Richards from The Catholic University of America discusses restoring the ancient Catholic tradition of robust fasting in concert with the many great feasts on the liturgical calendar.
Church Alive - 02/28/2020 - New survey of Catholic voters
Carl Cannon with “Real Clear Politics” joins Dr. Matthew Bunson in dissecting the most recent comprehensive survey of Catholic voters commissioned by EWTN News. It paints. in part, a dark picture of self-identified Catholics who don’t believe in, or adhere to, certain Church teaching. Fr. Thomas Petri describes how Jesus addresses the temptation we all face to be “like gods.”
Church Alive - 02/21/2020 - The Rafael Tapestries
Art Historian Liz Lev describes the incredibly powerful tapestries by Rafael that were displayed in the Sistine Chapel this week for the first time since the artist’s death 500 years ago. Dominican Fr. Thomas Petri teaches on the importance of disciplining our bodies in preparation for Lent.
Church Alive - 02/14/2020 - How does Jesus fulfill the Old Law?
Fr. Thomas Petri is back helping us prepare for Sunday’s Gospel, answering the question: How does Jesus fulfill the Old Law? The Catholic News Agency’s JD Flynn breaks open the newly released apostolic exhortation on the Amazon region following last year’s Synod on the Amazon that generated wild speculation.
Church Alive - 02/07/2020 - What is Conversations with Consequences
Fr. Gregory Pine with The Dominican House of Studies Thomistic Institute provides spiritual direction on Christian consecration. Dr. Grazie Christie and Andrea Piciotti-Bayer discuss the work of The Catholic Association and their new EWTN Radio show, “Conversations with Consequences.”
Church Alive - 02/01/2020 - Pro-Life Voting
Ahead of Sunday’s celebration of The Presentation of The Lord, Fr. Thomas Petri examines possible reasons Jesus and Mary, although sinless, submitted to the Jewish purification requirements. Kate Scanlon, producer of EWTN Pro Life Weekly, discusses the significance of the Pro-Life voting bloc in this crucial election year.
Church Alive - 01/24/2020 - 47th annual March For Life
This week, A retrospective look the 47th annual March For Life with EWTN’s Debbie Cowden. Fr. Thomas Petri clears up misunderstandings about positions taken by St. Thomas Aquinas on the sanctity of human life in the womb. Fr. Tom Gaunt discusses the new book, Catholic Bishops in the United States
Church Alive - 01/18/2020 - Pro-life Progress in 2019
What does it mean to say Jesus is The Lamb of God? Fr. Thomas Petri clarifies this often misunderstood reference to Christ. Prudence Robertson with The Susan B. Anthony List reviews pro-life progress over the past year and looks ahead to key objectives for the pro-life movement in 2020.
Church Alive - 01/04/2020 - Difference between Christmas & Epiphany
Fr. Thomas Petri teaches on the difference between Christmas and Epiphany. Dr. Matthew Bunson talks about great saints celebrated this coming week who battled heresies in the early church. The Catholic News Agency’s Ed Condon reviews big stories from 2019 that are sure to spill over into the new year.
Church Alive - 12/27/2019 - The Best of Church Alive 2019
The Best of the Church Alive focuses on the celebration of the Octave of Christmas, Sunday’s Feast of The Holy Family and the January 1st Solemnity of Mary, The Mother of God. The Catholic News Agency’s Ed Condon sorts out financial turmoil within The Holy See and Dr. Miguel Romero discusses efforts to help Catholics with disabilities participate fully in the sacraments.
Church Alive - 12/13/2019 - New Poll from EWTN News
Just ahead of The Nativity of Our Lord, Fr. Thomas Petri reflects on Mary’s freedom to accept God’s call to bear His Son. Christoph Wimmer, Editor in Chief of CNA Deutsch dissects the troubling synodal path initiated by German bishops and the possible implications for the universal church.
Church Alive - 12/07/2019 - Postponement of a Beatification
The Catholic News Agency’s Ed Condon delves into the surprise postponement of the beatification of Archbishop Fulton Sheen. Fr. Thomas Petri continues his Advent series on the Blessed Mother.