Catholics Coast to Coast

A weekly look at some of the best Catholic webcasts from across America, all available at EWTN’s Podcast Central!
Mary's Servanthood & the Rules of Discernment
This weekend, host Ace McKay wraps up the month of Mary as Dare Great Things looks at how Mary lived as a servant leader and Catholic Review Radio is going through the Rules for Discernment that are the patterns of how God inspires us and how to recognize that it’s from the Lord.
Authentic Masculinity & Marriage
This weekend, host Ace McKay spotlights Pints with Aquinas as they talk with Lila Rose about authentic Masculinity and in Pre Cana with the Pope they are helping your marriage build through your faith.
Honoring Moms & Easter Reflections
This weekend, host Ace McKay celebrates Mother’s Day diving into helping her with Catholic Momcast co-hosts Maria, Allison, and Barb have fun in a round table episode bring in ideas of how to honor Mom for Mother’s day. Also on Letters from Home will continue our Easter reflections.
True Happiness & Healing
This weekend, host Ace McKay spotlights our 2 newest podcasts, "Speakin with The Deacon" where Deacon Harold Birk Sivers explores the difference between "true happiness" and "feeling good" and "Saints Alive" you'll hear the incredible story of Saint Bernadette and her inexplicable healing.
Cupcakes, Leprechauns & Self Confidence
This Ace McKay spotlights Forte Catholic as Allison Sullivan joins Taylor Schroll as he shares about how a recent reflection on the Creation story really broke his brain in regards to the balance between confidence and humility. Also, Fierce Athlete is are talking about the IT Factor-The toolbox of attributes beyond your skills, drills and stats. Whether you are looking to be a stand out recruit, a leader on your team, or be an influence beyond your athlete career. This week Fierce Athlete tackles the topic of self-confidence.
Where's My Peace?
This weekend we spotlight "The Catholic Influencers" as they answer the question of “where has my peace gone?" and on "The Messy Family" they explains why it’s better to be wrong together then right alone. Join Ace McKay as we highlight the conversations happening in Podcast Central at ewtn radio dot net.
The Intellectual Life of a Man
This week we challenge men in their faith with "The Catholic Man Show" talking what it means to have an intellectual life and "The Catholic Gentleman" helps boys become men through the art of storytelling. Catholics Coast to Coast available in Podcast Central at
Mysteries of Mass
This Ace McKay is spotlighting podcast that are reflections of Easter. "Poco-A-Poco" addresses Jesus' authority through His obedience to the Father and what that means when he went to The Cross. As you attend Mass maybe for the 1st time, it can remain a mystery. Why do we respond "And with your spirit?" or Why do we bow during the Creed? How do we engage the Mass and not be bored? Tune in to hear Fr. Joseph and the Restless Crew to unveil the mystery of the Mass on Catholics Coast to Coast available in Podcast Central at
Framework of Reflections
We begin Holy Week with "The Catholic Conversation" giving the framework to reflect on Scripture and "Just a Guy in The Pew" addressing how our brokenness doesn’t define us. Catholics Coast to Coast available in Podcast Central at