Catholics Coast to Coast

A weekly look at some of the best Catholic podcasts from across America, all available at EWTN’s Podcast Central!
Meltdown & The Rosary
This Memorial Day weekend, Host Ace McKay takes into the mysteries of the Rosary with the help of Fr Sam and “The Tangent” podcast and if May has felt a bit crazy, “Forte Catholic” mirrors the crazy of what is doing in those seasons of life.
Adversity is Your Superpower
This weekend, Host Ace McKay introduces us to the “Beatidudes”! Our newest member of the family at Podcast Central and this week they are talking about adversity is our superpower with the help of James W Keys talking about his new book “Education is Freedom” and with “Mamas in Spirit” we embrace what it means to wait on God’s timing.
Apostolic Life
This weekend, Host Ace McKay opens the discussions for young catholic adults about living an apostolic life with “The Catholic Influencers” and how do we support friends facing hard times? We check in with “Restless Catholic Young Adults” to find the answers.
Hope & Trauma
This weekend, Host Ace McKay starts the month of Mary with “A Reason for Hope” podcast taking a look at Mary’s apparition and what we can learn in here warnings from Doug Berry. Also, how to bridge trauma and hope with the help of “Springs in the Desert”.
Fear of Failure
This weekend, Host Ace McKay checks in with “The Catholic Gentleman” as we talk about why men are afraid of failure and how to change it and “Catholic Review Radio” welcomes Christian recording artist Matt Maher talking about fatherhood and how he shapes his music through his own life experiences.
Hyper-masculinity & Christian Leadership
This weekend, Host Ace McKay helps us find out about Christian Leadership with the help of the “Dare Great Things” podcast and there’s fertility cheat sheet inside our relationship check up from “Two Become One”.
Earthly Father Wounds
This weekend, Host Ace McKay introduces you to one of our newest Podcast members, “Dive Deep” tells the conversion story from Buddhist to Catholic and with the help of the guys from “Poco A Poco” we start to heal the wounds of our earthy Fathers with hope that we can all experience the goodness of the fatherhood of God.
Pride When We Fall
This weekend, Host Ace McKay tackles the topic of Pride with the help of “Just a Guy in the Pew” podcast and Dr. Scott Hahn opens the books of Acts to help us understand how we can RISE UP during this Easter Season.
Authentic Hope
As we celebrate Easter this weekend, Host Ace McKay explores the topic of HOPE. With the help of Steve & Becky from “The Catholic Conversation” they are talking about the virtues of Hope and “Catholic Momcast” opens the conversation when we are facing despair how to find hope RIGHT NOW.
Authentic Brotherhood
This week, Host Ace McKay opening up for Holy Week with ways to have an authentic brotherhood and getting the scoop on the new movie Cabrini with the help of 2 of our newest members to the podcast family, “Living the Call” & “Encouragement Conquers All” with Justin Fatica.
Authentic Femininity
This week, Host Ace McKay checks in with “Catholic Feedback” to answer the ‘Gotcha Questions’ in the Catholic faith and with “Catholic Women Now”, helps young women learn how to Bloom in your authentic femininity.
Finding Hope in hard times
This week, Host Ace McKay checks in to see how to seek a deeper faith during lent with the help of the podcast “Honest to God” and how do we find hope in Hard Times? The “Rome Boys” are talking Dr. Scott Hahn to resolve our behaviors and prayers as we search for that hope.
Tools for Family Bonding
This week, Host Ace McKay dives into exile with the help of Dr. Scott Hahn on “The road to Emmaus” and in “The Messy Family” we follow the heart of family bonding and spiritual growth with an enlightening interview with the Marinist Family.
The Catholic Identity
This week, Host Ace McKay introduces us to 2 of our newest shows on Podcast Central. The first being “The Cardinal Newman Society” which shows us the 5 principles of Catholic Identity and with help from “Lily: the Voice of Alice Hildebrand” we find hope in despair as we commune with God.
God Doesn’t Make Mistakes
This week, Host Ace McKay helps us start our prep for the Lenten Season to cover the 7 forms of bodily discipline with the help of “The Catholic Man Show” and “Inspired by Faith” talks with Fr. John Burns about doing God’s will and how his family came closer together in the passing of his father.