Catholic Connection

Teresa Tomeo, host of Catholic Connection, discusses social issues, media awareness, and interviews community leaders and newsmakers live. Teresa reports on news throughout the Catholic community and how we can make a difference.
March for Life in the Future!
Venessa Denha Garmo is the guest host and she welcomes Eric Sheidler about building a post - Roe future!
March for Life Recap
President of March for life, Jeanne Mancini gives a recap and discusses where to go from here. Gail Buckley Barringer offers this week's Bible verse.
The Best of Catholic Connection.
This is the best of Catholic Connection with Greg and Julie Alexander, Dr. Ray Guarendi and Monica Cline.
Walk for Life West Coast
Chris Stefanick and Sean Forrest speak with Teresa on the "Good News Cruise" about their ministries. Eva Munteen promotes Saturday's "Walk for Life, West Coast".
Good News Cruise 23'
Today, Teresa broadcasts from the Good News Cruise!
A Holy Land pilgrimage in 2023
Steve Ray joins Teresa to talk about a Holy Land Pilgrimage in this year. Teresa also revisits her 2021 interview with the late Cardinal Pell.
The Good News Cruise!
Teresa is "Live" from the Good News Cruise. Do to technical difficulties, only the interview with Fr. Josh Johnson is complete.
EWTN Programming with Doug Keck
EWTN'S Doug Keck joins Teresa for his weekly look at upcoming programming on EWTN. And Niru DeSilva with FOCUS looks at their retreats, Seek 23, and their upcoming free Bible study.
Walk for Life West Coast
Kathryn Jean Lopez recalls her 2021 meeting with Pope Emeritus Benedict the XVI during which she received a copy of his message to women throughout the world. Teresa chats with Eva Muntean, co-chair and co-founder of the Walk for Life West Coast.
The Passing of Cardinal Pell
Teresa speaks with Dr. Matthew Bunson and Joan Lewis on the passing of Cardinal Pell. And Greg and Julie Alexander talk about improving your marriage.
Answering Pro-Abortion Arguments.
Camille Pauley's group, Healing the Culture, Has released a series of short videos answering pro-abortion arguments. John Hale was in Rome for Pope Emeritus Benedict the VXI's funeral.
Stop Sexualizing Our Children.
Parents Television and Media Council Program Director Melissa Henson reports on their work urging Disney to stop sexualizing children and social media's impact on kids. Coverage continues on Pope Emeritus Benedict the XVI.
Pope Emeritus Benedict the XVI
Teresa talks with Tim Weigle about Pope Emeritus Benedict the XVI.
Religious Freedom
More discussion about the late Pope Emeritus Benedict the 16th and a visit from EWTN's C.E.O. Michael Warsaw speaking about religious freedom.
Joan Lewis
Shorter show due to the passing of Pope Emeritus Benedict the 16th