Called to Communion

Are you "Called to Communion?" In this LIVE call-in show, Dr. David Anders talks clearly with non-Catholics about the faith. We ask the question "What's stopping YOU from becoming a Catholic?"
Is The Catholic Church An Ideology?
Is the Catholic Church an ideology?, if we're an apostolic Faith like it says in the Creed, why does everyone talk about Paul?, is it a sin to receive Communion in the hand, and why didn't the apostles write more?
Discussing Frank Herbert's Dune Novels
Dr. Anders gets a question about Frank Herbert's Dune Novels, why use the word "charity"?, and who were the first feminists in the ancient world?
Putting Your Trust In Jesus For Salvation
Putting your trust in Jesus for salvation, what is the expiatory nature of our suffering, would it be appropriate for someone seeking an annulment to reference that to the priest is handling my case?, and why is it necessary to sign a marriage license in one's state?
Why Did Reformers Reject Marriage As A Sacrament?
Why did some Protestant Reformers reject marriage as a sacrament?, the Early Church celebrated the Eucharist, and do you have to give your life to Jesus to be saved?
How Do I Explain The Trinity?
How do I explain the Trinity?, dealing with pastoral malpractice, naïve ways of reading the Bible, and is Catholicism nonbiblical?
How Do We Know God Is Real?
How do we know God is real and if he's the true God?, does the Pope just give audiences to the rich and wealthy?, where does centering prayer come from?, and why wait a year before becoming Catholic?
What Did Jesus Accomplish?
In the face of suffering on Earth, what did Jesus accomplish?, do you believe in the baptism of the Holy Ghost?, and what was Jesus's teaching about?
What Is Canon Law?
What is Canon Law in the Catholic Church and where does it get its authority?, can a lay person officiate a sacramental marriage?, and would Jesus have forgiven Judas?
Had A Horrible Confession Experience, What Now?
(MB) Had a horrible Confession experience, what do I do now?, why confess my sins to a priest?, how is the missal supposed to be used by the faithful?, and how many languages was the Bible translated into after the Church established the Canon?
Did Mary Really Have A Choice To Give Birth To Jesus?
Did Mary really have a choice to give birth to Jesus?, and I was raised Catholic until 12 and then switched to Assembly of God. I am afraid to come back but still want to. How can I do this?
Showing Reverence
How showing reverence at Mass helps with interior reverence, the Eucharist in the Bible and other topics.
How Can Catholics Be More Welcoming?
How can Catholics be more welcoming?, how important is membership in a particular parish?, what are the steps to become Roman Catholic?, and what is the apostolic pardon?
Can I Talk About My Confession With Others?
Can I talk about my Confession with others?, getting wrapped up in feelings, what are indulgences and what is the history of Martin Luther and born-again Christianity.
Is Religion Bad?
Is #religion bad?, my nonCatholic wife is struggling to understand the #Eucharist, do the saints grow in glory?, and what is a plenary vs. a partial #indulgence? #Catholic #Church
What Is The Role Of The Holy Spirit?
What is the role of the Holy Spirit?, can you explain third orders, consecrated virginity and personal consecrations?, and does the Catholic Church have an official Bible?