Called to Communion

Call in: 833-288-EWTN (3986) | Are you "Called to Communion?" In this LIVE call-in show, Dr. David Anders talks clearly with non-Catholics about the faith. We ask the question "What's stopping YOU from becoming a Catholic?"
Father's Day Edition
In today's show Dr. Anders answers questions such as, How can I honor my absent father who is not open to reconciliation? What are Dr. Anders's favorite horror movies?
Do Infused Virtues Lead To Happiness?
Do infused virtues lead to happiness?, how do I understand the psalms better?, and the baptism at the end of John 3.
The Catholic View Of God
On today's Called to Communion show, Dr. Anders answers listener questions including: What is the Catholic view of God vs. the New Age view of God?, and can you explain Catholic devotional practices and language?
Is The King James Bible The Only Legit Translation?
Dr. Anders answers questions from listeners and callers including: Is the King James Bible the only legit translation?, papal infallibility and infallible papal statements and are Faith and Charity coequal principles of God's grace?
How Can I Become More Christ-Like?
How can I become more #Christ-like?, #atonement, and a question about #salvation.
Finding Common Ground In Faith
Finding common ground in faith with our Protestant brothers and sisters.
How Do I Be Reverent Without Seeming Prideful?
How do I be reverent without seeming prideful?
What Is The Catholic View Of Original Sin?
What is the Catholic view of Original Sin?, Church teaching on sacramental marriage and divorce, and did Adam and Eve really exist?
Can A Christian Be In A Relationship With A Catholic?
Can a Christian be in a relationship with a Catholic? and Can a non-Catholic Christian receive Communion?
A Question About Messianic Judaism
Dr. Anders gets a question about Messianic Judaism.
The Experience of The Saints
The experience of the saints, what did Adam and Eve gain by eating the fruit and why don't Catholics talk about Jesus having become sin?
Infallible Statements And The Pope
Infallible statements and the Pope, and a marriage convalidation question.
I Don't Care What God Thinks
What do you say to someone who doesn't care what God thinks?
Do You Have A Lentil Cookbook?
Do you have a lentil cookbook?, how was the Eucharist administered in the Early Church?, and did Jesus's parables have deep meanings below the surface?
Explaining A Male Only Priesthood
How do explain to your Protestant friends about the Catholic Church having a male only priesthood?, what is the large book on the altar that the priest reads from?, and why do Catholics do penance for sin?