“Blessed 2 Play” is sports radio with heart & soul! Uncovering the role that faith plays in the lives of athletes and sports professionals, host Ron Meyer shines a spotlight on the world of sports and the motivation behind life on and off the field.
Blessed2Play - 01/17/2021 - Jackie Sherrill
Join Ron Meyer as he speaks with legendary college football coach Jackie Sherrill about his on the field success as well as his life of faith and how it related to coaching.
Blessed2Play - 01/10/2021 - Molly Bent
This week’s guest is Molly Bent who played women’s basketball for the nations #1 basketball team at the University of Connecticut. Host Ron Meyer talks with Molly about excelling on the hardwood and why she is now promoting the Catholic faith to collegiate athletes.
Blessed2Play - 12/27/2020 - Best of Alexis Lewis
This week’s Blessed2Play collegiate spotlight show features Alexis Lewis who plays Division 1 basketball for the Seton Hall Pirates in the Big East Conference. Host Ron Meyer interviews this student athlete about her faith and commitment to excellence.
Blessed2Play - 12/20/2020 - Best of Ron Fazio
This week’s guest is Ron Fazio former college and NFL player. Find out how a former bouncer, actor and football player became a man of faith and charity.
Blessed2Play - 12/13/2020 - Best Of Linda Cimino
This week’s guest is Linda Cimino head women’s basketball coach at St. Francis University Brooklyn. Host Ron Meyer talks with Linda about her rise to coaching at the division one level and why attending the Catholic Mass, daily, gives her strength and focus on and off the court.
Blessed2Play - 12/05/2020 - Best of Lou Holtz
Listen in to this week's Best of Blessed 2 Play as Ron Meyer interviews Coach Lou Holtz!
Blessed2Play - 11/29/2020 - Best of Steve Lavin
Today’s guest is Steve Lavin who can be seen on FS1, Turner, and CBS as a college basketball analyst. Host Ron Meyer talks with the former head coach at UCLA and St. Johns about his career thru the coaching ranks and how virtue guided him in developing the student athlete. (This is a re-air of the 06/27/20 show).
Blessed2Play - 11/22/2020 - Best of Rebecca Callison
This week’s Blessd2Play collegiate spotlight show features Rebecca Callison who played division one soccer at George Mason University and now reaches out to student athletes with the message of the Catholic faith.
Blessed2Play - 11/15/2020 - Michael McGlinn
This week’s guest is Michael McGlinn, former Notre dame football player under coach Lou Holtz. Host Ron Meyer talks with Michael about his time playing for the Irish and why he decided to start a new work that promotes Eucharistic adoration thru storytelling.
Blessed2Play - 11/08/2020 - Samantha Kelley
This week’s guest is Samantha Kelley a former division one soccer player at the University of Connecticut. She is the founder and creator of Fierce Athlete, a catholic organization that promotes true femininity in sports. Host Ron Meyer talks to Samantha about some of the challenges women athletes face on the competitive landscape.
Blessed2Play - 11/01/2020 - Leo Golembieski
This week’s guest is Leo Golembiewski who founded and coached the University of Arizona Icecats for 32 years, culminating in a National Championship. Host Ron Meyer talks with Leo about bringing competitive hockey to the desert Southwest and how his Catholic faith guided him along the way.
Blessed2Play - 10/25/2020 - Best Of Julia Webb
Host Ron Meyer speaks with this week’s guest Julia Webb, an elite runner who competed in the Olympic trials. She is the unofficial world record holder for pushing a stroller in a half marathon. She now runs for Life Runners making a stance for the unborn.
Blessed2Play - 10/18/2020 - Todd Honas
This week’s guest is Todd Honas a deaf athlete who played football for the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers. Host Ron Meyer talks with Todd about overcoming adversity and why he is reaching out to college students with the message of the Catholic faith.
Blessed2Play - 10/11/2020 - Kramer Soderberg
This week’s guest is Kramer Soderberg the assistant head men’s basketball coach at Millikin University and former division one basketball player at Miami University. Host Ron Meyer talks to Kramer about his athletic career and book “Fill Your Cup for Christ”.
Blessed2Play - 10/04/2020 - Mike Sweeney
This week’s guest is Mike Sweeney a 5x MLB All-Star who currently serves as special assistant to the general manager for the Kansas City Royals. Ron talks with Mike about his role in the movie set to release in theaters, Pray: The Story of Patrick Peyton.