“Blessed 2 Play” is sports radio with heart & soul! Uncovering the role that faith plays in the lives of athletes and sports professionals, host Ron Meyer shines a spotlight on the world of sports and the motivation behind life on and off the field.
Blessed2Play (Guest: Jake Wieneke)
This week’s guest is Jake Wieneke, a professional football player who plays in the Canadian Football League (CFL). Host Ron Meyer talks with Jake about his career on the gridiron and the importance the Catholic faith has in his life.
Peter Walsdof
This week’s guest is University of Kansas track athlete Peter Walsdof. Peter talks with host Ron Meyer about how his Catholic faith benefits him when in competition and in life.
Bennet Krebs
This week’s guest is Bennet Krebs a football player at Drake university. Bennet talks with host Ron Meyer about playing D1 football and turning to his faith as a guiding light.
Paula Umana
This week’s guest is Paula Umana, former professional tennis player who talks about her career as a #1 ranked player in her country and finding God in hardships.
Best Of Brian Polian
This week’s guest is Brian Polian longtime football assistant and head football coach at the division on level with Notre Dame, Stanford, Nevada amongst others. He is currently the Athletic Director at John Carroll University in Cleveland.
Best Of Lucas Kaliszak
This week’s guest is University of Alabama swimmer Lucas Kaliszak. Lucas talks to host Ron Meyer about his career as a collegiate swimmer and how faith plays an important role in his everyday life.
Best Of Allison Fields
This week’s guest is Allison Fields a former division one volleyball player for Texas A&M now working on a college campus as a Catholic spiritual guide.
Fr. Burke Masters
This week’s guest is Fr. Burke Masters, former collegiate baseball, who talks about his book A Grand Slam for God.
Michael McGlinn
This week’s guest is Michael McGlinn, former University of Notre Dame football player who now promotes the message of divine mercy.
Anna Rockett
This week’s guest is Anna Rockett, a professional soccer player, who played her collegiate ball at LSU.
Best Of John Fanta
This week’s guest is national sports broadcaster and writer John Fanta who looks to his Catholic faith to guide him in his everyday life.
Best Of Joel Osborn
This week’s guest is Joel Osborn head football coach at Benedictine College. Host Ron Meyer talks with this collegiate coach about life on the gridiron and how growing up in a small Catholic town in Iowa shaped who he is today.
Best Of Miriam Diaz-Gilbert
This week’s guest is Miriam Diaz-Gilbert an ultrarunner who has run races over 100 miles. Host Ron Meyer talks with Miriam about how her Catholic faith and running are integrated in her quest to pursue incredible feats of endurance.
Peter Stapleton
This week’s guest is Peter Stapleton a collegiate football player at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois.
Erica Szczechowski
This week’s guest is Erica Szczechowski, a competitive triathlete and theologian, competing for a spot on Team USA.