“Blessed 2 Play” is sports radio with heart & soul! Uncovering the role that faith plays in the lives of athletes and sports professionals, host Ron Meyer shines a spotlight on the world of sports and the motivation behind life on and off the field.
Brad Seng
This week’s guest is Brad Seng, a former professional triathlete and now head Triathlon coach at the University of Colorado. Host Ron Meyer talks with Brad about being a champion faith filled Catholic athlete and coach.
Chuck Kyle
This week’s guest is Chuck Kyle the head football coach of St. Ignatius in Cleveland, Ohio. Now in his final season, host Ron Meyer talks with one of the country’s most respected and accomplished high school football coaches; ranked 6th greatest high school coach of all-time by MaxPreps.
Best Of Hannah Ammerman
This week’s B2P collegiate spotlight show features University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) volleyball player Hannah Ammerman. Host Ron Meyer talks with the Hannah about excelling at the division one level and the role faith plays in her life.
Best Of Jerry Schmitt
Join Ron Meyer as he discusses faith and football with Jerry Schmitt; - Head Coach of the Duquesne Dukes
Brittany Bock
This week’s guest is Brittany Bock, former University of Notre Dame and professional soccer player. Brittany has dealt with adversity as an athlete and shares her struggles and perspective when difficulties arise and only faith can get you through those challenges.
Nick Foligno
This week’s guest is Nick Foligno, who plays left wing for the NHL’s Boston Bruins. Host Ron Meyer talks with this NHL veteran about his time in pro hockey, which spans over a decade and how the Catholic faith provided support for some of life’s challenges.
Ben Steele
This week’s guest is Ben Steele, former NFL player who is now the assistant offensive line coach with the NFL’s Denver Broncos. Host Ron Meyer talks with Ben about his career in football and why the Catholic faith is an essential part of his life.
Best of Jason Romano
This week’s guest is former ESPN producer Jason Romano who talks with host Ron Meyer about his book “Live to Forgive”. Jason tells the story of the work God did to help him forgive his alcoholic abusive father.
Best Of Devlin Hodges
This week’s guest is Devlin “Duck” Hodges a professional football player who played in the NFL with the Pittsburgh Steelers and now in the Canadian Football League (CFL). Host Ron Meyer talks with Devlin about rising to the highest level of his profession while keeping his Catholic faith at the forefront.
Haylee Blach
Join Ron Meyer as he talks with Colorado State Ram Soccer's Haylee Blach) about her faith.
Landry Weber
This week’s guest is Landry Weber who played division one football for the Kansas State Wildcats. Host Ron Meyer talks with Landry about life on the gridiron and why he chose to enter a Catholic seminary as the next step in his life.
Kane Waselenchuk
This week’s guest is Kane Waselenchuk widely known as the greatest professional racquetball player of all-time. His 134 match unbeaten streak is a record that may stand the test of time. Host Ron Meyer talks with Kane about his career on the court and how faith defines his life.
Best Of Jim Pieczinski
This week’s guest is Jim Pieczynski, author of The Doubleday Code. Host Ron Meyer talks with Jim about the parallels between the sport of baseball and Catholicism.
Best Of Samantha Kelley
This week’s guest is Samantha Kelley a former division one soccer player at the University of Connecticut. She is the founder and creator of Fierce Athlete, a catholic organization that promotes true femininity in sports. Host Ron Meyer talks to Samantha about some of the challenges women athletes face on the competitive landscape.
Luke Vercollone
This week’s guest is Luke Vercollone, a former professional soccer player, who is doing pro-life work with an organization that is helping mothers to make a decision for life.