Beacon of Truth with Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers

The Beacon of Truth with Deacon Harold Burke Sivers is a show for listeners of all ages who want to strengthen – or to learn to develop – a deep, personal, loving relationship with Jesus Christ. Covering hot topics that are currently in the news and that may be causing people to lose hope; guests who address a specific topic like marriage and the family or sexual addiction; as well as your questions. Deacon Harold also brings his love of the psalms, music, and the many talks he gives at parishes across the country to each days show. Join "Dynamic Deacon" at 4 p.m. ET weekdays on EWTN Radio.
Feminine Spirituality
Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers about Satan's one play and how it relates to Feminine Spirituality. Also looking into Psalms 128.
True Freedom
Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers talks about connection between truth & freedom and looks into Psalms 119.
Special Guest Monet Souza
Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers talks with Monet Souza about stepping Out of lukewarmness and Becoming on Fire for the Faith. Also looking into the Soulful Psalms with Psalm 9:1-11.
Today is a special edition of Beacon of Truth as we bring you Deacon Harold LIVE from the Deeper into the Psalms from the Ignite Bible Tour. He travels most of the year speaking and this conference he's challenging us to build a LEGACY.
The Alexander House
Reflections into Genesis 2 and how that connects to marriage. Also, Today Deacon Harold welcomes Greg & Julie Alexander to talk more about The Alexander House.
Christian Check Box
Today Deacon Harold talks about the rut of the Christians checkbox. How do we truthy spend time with God and how to get our of the rut we are in as well as a look at today's Psalms.
The Power of 40
There is meaning in the number "40". As we begin Lent together, Deacon Harold looks at Matthew 6 & 16 to bring light and what it means for us in these next 40 days of faith.
A Love Story
On the surface, having Valentine’s Day fall on Ash Wednesday seems like a bummer because it doesn’t feel like a celebration, but it presents an opportunity for married couples to go deeper in their prayer life together. Valentine’s Day is about love and Ash Wednesday focuses on sacrifice so praying together as a couple is a beautiful way to show both heartfelt love for each other while sharing in each other’s gift of vulnerability. Today Deacon Harold talks in response to our prayers that Jesus tells us that the Father is ready to give us His own passionate love that is received by those who genuinely hunger and long for the love of God.
Biblical Manhood
Satan has one play in the playbook! Today Deacon Harold unmask the enemies plan to take down the men in this world and how was can be on the defense as we head into Lent.
The Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist
Covenant relationship not a contract. A contract says, "This is yours and this is mine," but a covenant says, "I am yours and you are mine." Today, Deacon Harold talks about the depth connection of The Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.
Faith after the Fall
Is personal sin greater than God’s forgiveness? Jesus' actions include his ministry, passion, and death. His actions also include miracles; extraordinary signs of mercy, love, and compassion which show and express the presence of the Kingdom of God. Today, Deacon Harold looks into how to find our faith after we fall.
Discerning God’s Will
There is no function of “purpose” in the natural world itself. The world is a machine or mechanism, nothing more. Today, Deacon Harold helps to answer the questions on our purpose in this life and how to know God's will from our own!
Word of God Wednesday: Sin & The Eucharist
It's Word of God Wednesday and today Deacon Harold will be looking into 1 Corinthians 11:20-30 to discuss confession of sins before receiving the Eucharist.
Loved Ones Away from the Church
Why do people leave? Why aren’t many evangelization programs working? What can we do to help loves ones consider coming back? What have you been listening to? Deacon Harold talks about what we can do when loved ones walk about from the Church.
Truth in Love
Truth is not a philosophical construct or an idea that you form in your mind: Truth is a Person, Jesus Christ, the Way, THE Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father, but by me”. It's the premiere of Beacon of Truth and the purpose of the show is to help bring people to a deeper love and intimacy with Jesus Christ and the Catholic faith by speaking the truth in love. Join us weekdays 4pm EST on EWTN RADIO and