Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers’ New Radio Show On EWTN Helps Listeners Connect Their Everyday Lives With Biblical Teaching


Fans of Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers refer to him as the “Dynamic Deacon,” and anyone who tunes into “Beacon of Truth,” his new radio show, will immediately understand why. (Airs 4 p.m. ET, beginning Monday, Feb. 5 on EWTN Radio. Find EWTN Radio at 

“Listeners tell us that Deacon Harold’s enthusiasm for the faith is contagious,” said EWTN Radio General Manager Jack Williams. “He has a way of helping people better understand how to connect what they’re hearing from the pulpit with their everyday problems, and that’s what this new show is all about.”

As the Deacon describes it, this show is for listeners of all ages who want to strengthen – or to learn to develop – a deep, personal, loving relationship with Jesus Christ. 

“I travel 250,000 miles a year,” says Deacon Harold. “I hear constantly from youth and young adults: ‘We want to hear the truth and we’re not hearing it!’ When I hear people say they’re not hearing the Truth, that tells me they’re not hearing the message of Jesus Christ – the way, the TRUTH, and the Life – in a way that impacts the way they think, act and live. There’s a disconnect between what they hear and their everyday lived experience.”

“On the flip side, I talk to parents who say, ‘I can’t get my kids to go to church even though they went to Catholic school and were confirmed.’ I’ve heard people say: ‘My wife just died. What happens now?’ [or] ‘We lost a baby. What happens now?’ [or] ‘How come the Church seems to be the only one standing up for this? Why can’t the Church be like everybody else?’ This show is for everybody – even if they’re not Catholic – who wants to really experience their faith and their love for Christ in a deeper, more personal way – and to make those connections [between what they are hearing at church] and their everyday lived experiences.”

The show will include hot topics that are currently in the news and that may be causing people to lose hope; guests who address a specific topic like marriage and the family or sexual addiction; as well as questions from listeners. And because Deacon Harold is also known for his love of the psalms, music, and the many talks he gives at parishes across the country, Producer Ace McKay says listeners can expect all of this and more to be part of this multi-faceted show.

EWTN Radio is the only place to hear the “Dynamic Deacon” so, if this sounds good to you, consider this your invitation to join Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers at 4 p.m. ET weekdays, beginning Monday, Feb. 5 – and get ready to have your faith life rocked!



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