EWTN Español Launches on DIRECTV Satellite and DIRECTV STREAM


EWTN Español, the leading Spanish-language Catholic media network, will launch on DIRECTV Satellite and DIRECTV streaming, effective June 1, 2023.

With this new launch, viewers will be able to tune into EWTN Español on Channel 475 as part of their Spanish packages. Additionally, EWTN Español will also be available on DIRECTV’s streaming service, known as DIRECTV STREAM.

This expansion marks a significant milestone as EWTN Español becomes accessible through all of DIRECTV’s services, including direct-to-home satellite, streaming, and the IPTV service known as AT&T U-verse, where it has been airing on channel 3077.

EWTN Chairman & CEO Michael P. Warsaw expressed his excitement about this groundbreaking launch, saying: “This is very good news and a significant development in the distribution of our Spanish-language services in the US. This launch marks many years of tireless efforts to make EWTN Español available to a much broader population of viewers.”

Enrique Duprat, Vice President of Spanish Language Production & Marketing, concurred: “We know many people have been requesting EWTN Español to be added to DIRECTV’s services over the past five years. This is a true witness to the power of prayer and persistence. We are very grateful to DIRECTV for recognizing the value that EWTN Español brings to their services and for opening up a space in every one of their TV distribution services to offer EWTN Español to their customers.”

As the single largest Spanish-language Catholic television network available in the United States and Puerto Rico, EWTN Español is everywhere. 

About EWTN Español: EWTN Español is the leading Spanish-language Catholic television network in the United States and Puerto Rico. With a diverse range of programming, including religious shows, documentaries, news, and live events, EWTN Español strives to provide authentic and inspiring content to Spanish-speaking audiences. For more information about EWTN Español and its programming, please visit https://www.ewtn.com/es.