While recovering from tuberculosis, a consecrated missionary who had been teaching geography in a High School in Calcutta heard her vocational calling. Though already a member of the Sisters of Loretto, Sister Teresa had received an unmistakable request from the Lord: live and work among the poorest of the poor. Despite not knowing where or how she would accomplish His order, she obeyed. Four years later, she had her answer. The little nun found herself back in Calcutta, but this time in its slums, not schools.

With several of her former students at her side, she set out to minister to its people, from making house calls to sick residents to gathering those abandoned and suffering in the streets. It wasn’t long before her efforts of seeking Christ in those that the world had forgotten, had finally attracted the world’s attention. As her mission progressed in an age of material wealth and industrialism, Mother Teresa and her Missionaries of Charity would go on to open up the eyes of the world to the importance of living simply, loving greatly, and the looming threat threat of spiritual poverty.