Missionary Contemplative Movement P. de Foucauld

Begin as a Group That Helped Street Children


Here is the description of the Missionary Contemplative Movement "P. de Foucauld" which appears in the Directory of International Associations of the Faithful, published by the Pontifical Council for the Laity.

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Official name: Missionary Contemplative Movement "P. de Foucauld"

Also known as: Centro Missionario "P. de Foucauld"

Established: 1951

History: The movement has its origins in a community to help street children founded in Cuneo as "Boys' Town" by Father Andrea Gasparino in the 1950s. The diocesan authorities issued their first approval in 1983. On June 14, 1990, the Pontifical Council for the Laity issued a decree recognizing the Movimento Contemplativo Missionario "P. de Foucauld" as an international association of the faithful of pontifical right.

Identity: The purpose of the movement is contemplation in serving the poor, and is made up of fraternities whose members, men and women, live the contemplative dimension in the form of small monastic communities among the poor, with whom they share their lives, to be a sign of God's love among them, and to bring the love of Christ and the gift of prayer to them.

The brothers and sisters receive their formation through a trial period lasting two years preparing them for their vows. Before they are sent to missions in the Third World, the consecrated members undergo a further six-year formation period.

Organization: The movement is governed by an executive council made up of two brothers and three sisters. In addition to the consecrated members, there are also the fraternity of families, friends and sympathizers.

Membership: The movement comprises 40 fraternities and is present in 11 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America.

Works: The movement manages canteens for the poor in Madagascar, Ethiopia, Kenya and Bangladesh; a workshop to train people to produce jute articles in Bangladesh; and people's schools and sewing schools.

Publications: Lettere dalle missioni, published every two months

Web site: www.centromissionario.org


Movimento Contemplativo Missionario "P. de Foucauld"
Corso Francia, 129
12100 Cuneo - Italy

Tel. (39) 0171-491-263 — Fax 0171-344-033

E-mail: cittildeiragazzi@centromissionario.org

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