Video Exposes Kinsey Research Fund

Author: Eagle Forum


A 30-minute documentary entitled The Children of Table 34, released by the Family Research Council, shows that Alfred Kinsey's famous research on human sexuality was either fraudulent or based on "criminal experimentation on children funded by taxpayers." The video charges that Kinsey incorporated into his research data from the rape of children and infants, and that he used these records of perversion and criminality as the basis for his influential conclusions about normal childhood development, published in his two books, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female.

In a booklet that accompanies the videotape, Robert Knight of the Family Research Council observes that the Kinsey Reports, when they first appeared in the late 1940s and early 1950s, "ignited a controversy over sexual morality that persists to this day. Both painted a picture of Americans of all ages awash in secret sexual experimentation." The philosophy of Kinsey and his cohorts "placed all sexual acts on the same moral, social, and biological level whether in or out of wedlock, between two people of the same sex or opposite sex, or even when sex involved children or animals." The Kinsey Reports, says Knight, "provided the 'scientific' foundation for America's sexual revolution."

That assumption remained unchallenged until 1981, when Dr. Judith Reisman presented a critique of Kinsey's research at the Fifth World Congress of Sexology in Jerusalem. "She began asking questions that have yet to be answered," says Knight. "How did the Kinsey team obtain the data on children? Did parents give consent? Was there any follow-up on the recorded experiments? Where are the children now?"

Nearly 10 years later, Dr. Reisman attempted to answer some of those questions with a book called Kinsey, Sex and Fraud. The book, says Knight, "reveals shocking evidence that children were sexually abused by adults in the name of science."

But that was just the beginning of the tragedy. Kinsey's bogus and/or criminal research became the basis for a burgeoning sex-education industry. "The Kinsey data are the sole source of child sexuality data, since no other researchers have been willing to risk criminal prosecution for reporting on or conducting systematic molestation of children," Knight explains. "The Kinsey conclusions, based on the data, have permeated America's educational institutions and are the major behavioral model on which sex education programs are designed for children."

Today, sex education programs in schools across America "systematically strip children of sexual modesty, ridicule the idea of sexual restraint ... and reduce parents' roles to that of consultants, not authorities in their children's lives. The justification for this radical departure from traditional sexual morality begins with the Kinsey Reports," says Knight. "Kinsey's work remains an underpinning for many ongoing federally-sponsored research programs," he adds, noting that a group with close ties to Kinsey, the Sex Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS), was chosen in 1994 "to evaluate sex education programs throughout the United States and to make recommendations to the federal government."

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