The UN Is At It Again!

Author: Mary Ann Budnik


By Mary Ann Budnik

Still reeling from the International Conference on Population and Development setback in Cairo last September, the United Nations is "quietly" pushing its agenda in preparation for the UN World Summit for Social Development being held in Copenhagen, Denmark, March 6th-12th.

In contrast to the media blitz that preceded the UN conference in Cairo, the media are strangely silent about the UN World Summit. This conference will culminate with the leaders of the world shaking hands and signing agreements which could usher in "the New World Order," which is one-world government. At this point, observers are not sure if the agreements reached in Copenhagen will be binding as treaties or if they will be nonbinding agreements.

Pro-life NGOs (nongovernmental organizations) which attended PrepCom III, the final meeting before the UN conference, differ in their assessment of the draft document. One organization finds it a "good document unlike the document presented in Cairo." Two other organizations consider the document threatening in regard to four key points. The first point is the description of the family. While the section on the family is actually well done in some respects, the family "in all its forms" includes homosexual unions.

The Muslims have bracketed that phrase for discussion in Copenhagen, but unless they remain uncompromising, other countries as a courtesy to the host country of Denmark may slip it in. Denmark, in 1989, became the first country in the world to recognize homosexual "marriages."

The second point of concern is the question of unrestricted worldwide abortion as a means of family planning. While the UN is playing word games with "reproductive rights," an end run at the conference could result in unrestricted abortion imposed on the world. Fred Sai, president of International Planned Parenthood and chairman of the Main Committee in Cairo, is using another tactic. Rather than pushing for "safe, legal abortions," Sai wants to push for "safe abortions," since the word "legal" is not accepted by Muslim and many Christian governments. But once the foot is in the door.....

The third point of concern is the "empowerment of women" through equity and equality. While there is a concerted effort to end reverse discrimination in the United States, Bella Abzug and her Women's Caucus, never acknowledging defeat, are turning their attention to the world at large. If their concept of equity and equality is accepted in Copenhagen, 50% of all jobs worldwide must be filled by women. Consider the absurdity of this!

The struggle for the "empowerment of women" intensifies. On March 8th, a massive rally is planned in Copenhagen to kick off the six-month preparation period for the Fourth UN Conference on Women to be held in Beijing, China. During this conference, on a specified day, all UN positions worldwide will be turned over to women. This will be the day that "Women Rule the World." Although I laughed when I heard about this upcoming "historic" event, Jean Guilfoyle, director of the pro-life Population Research Institute, explained that this is very serious. These radical women, headed by Abzug, want to rule the world. Will they be satisfied with just one day?

The idea that this UN Conference on Women is being held in China is an outrage and an insult to all women. Women in China have no "choice." Their "reproductive rights" are controlled by the state. One child is the policy. Forced abortion and sterilization ensure population control. While the Chinese government struggles to deal with the problem it has created-a lopsided number of marriageable males and a scarcity of marriageable females- a Feb. I 5th news release from China reports that the government is intensifying its efforts to cut its population further. Will only Communist members be allowed to have a child in the future? (A deluge of letters to President Clinton, Congress, and the United Nations is needed now to protest having China as the location for the UN Conference on Women.)

The fourth point of concern is the eradication of poverty. As Christians, we know that this is impossible. Christ told us that the poor will be always with us. The UN, on the other hand, plans to utilize Marxist economic policies involving worldwide taxation to fund family planning in Third World countries and to facilitate the redistribution of wealth (that is, our "wealth"). This, they contend, will ensure the end of poverty in the world. According to Guilfoyle, this UN summit is looking for the "total redistribution of the world's resources." As part of this package, the Third World countries want complete debt forgiveness. This redistribution will also be accomplished through taxation. The first tax to be discussed in Copenhagen is the Tobin tax. The Tobin tax is five-tenths of a percentage on all international financial transactions. It is estimated that this will bring in $1.5 trillion per year. This will help fund the massive family planning initiatives for the Third World, of which abortion is seen as a necessary component. David Reardon of the Elliot Institute explains, "Poor people have poor babies. Eliminate the poor babies and you cut poverty, according to UN thinking. Poverty, however, is a matter of distribution and faulty government economic policies, not poor babies."

The second tax proposed is a progressive tax on all individuals and companies worldwide. The United Nations will set the rate and it can be raised at will. Americans, already suffering under heavy taxation, do not need additional taxes levied by the UN to redistribute our "wealth" to other countries. This tax proposal is part of Marxist economics. If this tax seems unrealistic,-consider the European Economic Union tax on member states. Countries belonging to the European Union (EU) pay a 25% values added tax (VAT) on all purchases. If a person purchases a $100.00 appliance, the VAT is $25:00. The item is now $125.00 plus any additional local and government taxes.

In its arrogance, the United Nations thinks that "people of the world want the UN to be the governing body for the world." The media in the United States, certain that Americans would vocally disagree with this statement and the purpose of this conference, are protecting the UN agenda by wrapping it in a cloak of silence.

Break the silence by protesting to the White House, Congress, and radio and TV talk-show hosts. Prayer campaigns which include the rosary and the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel are also urgently needed.

This article was taken from the March 2, 1995 issue of "The Wanderer," 201 Ohio Street, St. Paul, MN 55107, 612-224-5733. Subscription Price: $35.00 per year; six months $20.00.