Supreme Court's Abortion Decision Hurts Women

Author: Lynn K. Murphy

This was a commentary for publication in newspapers. *Supreme Court's abortion decision hurts women*

*By Lynn K. Murphy*

On January 22, 1973, the United States Supreme Court announced its famous decision and its less famous but very important decision. Together these decisions legalized abortion across the United States for any reason the mother would give and for any age of the unborn baby.

On June 29, 1992, the United States Supreme Court announced its decision. This decision allows the states to place some restrictions on abortions, but for the most part the decision reaffirms the alleged validity of and . That is, it allows abortion to continue unchecked.

This reaffirmation will cause extreme suffering of women across the United States for many years to come.

Who says so? Planned Parenthood. And they should know: They do more abortions than anyone else in the United States and in the world. In their 1990 - 1993 (Department of Education) <3-Year Plan and Long Range Program Goals>, they said,

A number of anti-choice studies and surveys (including the Reardon/WIC Study and the Grant Survey) have shown that the incidence of post-procedural trauma for abortion clients may be as high as 91 percent of all cases. While recent unpublished reports from the Alan Guttmacher Institute [this is the research arm of Planned Parenthood] indicate that the scope of the problem may have been accurately tabulated . . ."

(The statement in the brackets is mine.)

A number of anti-choice studies and surveys have shown that the incidence of post-procedural trauma for abortion clients may be as high as 91 percent of all cases. Planned Parenthood, 1989

They said that abortion hurts women!

In their publication, , Planned Parenthood also said:

An abortion kills the life of a baby after it has begun. It is dangerous to your life and health. It may make you sterile so that when you want a child you cannot have it. Birth control merely postpones the beginning of life.

They said that abortion hurts women! No wonder Cincinnati Suiciders has reported that 1,800 of their 4,000 women members have had abortions!

Is this women "controlling their own bodies," or is it Planned Parenthood controlling their bodies? Is this good for women?

Planned Parenthood referred to the famous Reardon/WIC Study and the Grant Survey. These works have been for years pointing out that abortion providers, including Planned Parenthood, have consistently refused to provide good counseling. Here are just a few of the questions and answers Reardon asked women who have had abortions:

"Did the clinic, doctor, or counselor help you to explore your decision?" Only three percent said, "Very much."

"Do you feel their opinions were biased? If so, for or against abortion?" Seventy-nine percent said, "For."

"Were you encouraged to ask questions?" Only two percent said, "Very much."

"Were your questions thoroughly answered to your satisfaction?" Only four percent said, "Very much."

"Were risks and dangers discussed?" Only four percent said, "Very much."

Frankly, it would surprise me if nine out of ten women wouldn't be traumatized by their abortions.

We have seen a consistent pattern by Planned Parenthood, other abortion providers, and the National Organization for Women. They claim to be pro- woman, they claim abortion providers help women, but they consistently fight to keep abortion legal and consistently fight to keep secrets from their patrons. The June 29, is just one of many court cases designed to keep women from knowing the facts and being allowed to evaluate them before making their irrevocable decisions.

In , this is what Planned Parenthood argued against:

* Informing the mother of the risk of her abortion.

* Informing the mother of the facts of fetal development.

* Informing the mother of abortion alternatives.

* Informing the mother of medical benefits available if she gives birth.

* A compulsory, 24-hour waiting period after examination before abortion is allowed.

* Informing a parent of a child's upcoming abortion.

* Compulsory parental consent for a child's upcoming abortion.

* Reporting of abortion statistics to the state.

* Spousal notification of abortion.

In other words, Planned Parenthood wants a Gag Rule against women.

The only one of the above points that Planned Parenthood won was the spousal notification. Although it is only one of the nine, it is by far the most important: It reaffirms the right of a woman to kill her unborn baby whenever she chooses to.

This will continue to hurt women. Below is only one of millions of real-life examples of how. This is the experience of Kathy Walker, who, because of her experience, later formed the organization, Women Exploited by Abortion.

Immediately when the needle went through my abdomen, I hated myself. I wanted to scream out "Please don't do this to me!" I wanted to run as far as I possibly could run. And for the next four and a half hours, I felt my son thrash around violently while he was being choked, poisoned, burned and suffocated to death. I didn't know any of that was going to happen. I remember my son's very last kick. He had no strength left to fight. I then went into hard labor for 35 1/2 hours. [Then] I delivered my first born son. The only thing wrong with him was that he was severely burned and dead. The nurses didn't make it to my room in time. I delivered my son myself. Within a matter of minutes I found myself being rushed into surgery. I was hemorrhaging to death. [Later] I was told I would never, ever be able to have children.

I ask you again, is this women controlling their own bodies, or is it Planned Parenthood and the other abortion providers controlling them? Is this a woman's right, or is it Planned Parenthood's right?

Isn't it time we put a stop to this?

We must all work together to enable women to make informed, healthy choices unhampered by the abortion industry's self-imposed Gag Rule.

I urge you to vote only for pro-life candidates for office. This includes George Bush. And if you have problems because of your abortion, call The Pregnancy Center at 827-0100.