Summa Theologica, Table of Contents.

Author: St. Thomas Aquinas

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Translated by

Fathers of the English Dominican Province


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FIRST PART (QQ. 1-119)

Question 1. The Nature and Extent of Sacred Doctrine 2. The Existence of God 3. On the Simplicity of God 4. The Perfection of God 5. Of Goodness in General 6. The Goodness of God 7. The Infinity of God 8. The Existence of God in Things 9. The Immutability of God 10. The Eternity of God 11. The Unity of God 12. How God Is Known by Us 13. The Names of God 14. Of God's Knowledge 15. Of Ideas 16. Of Truth 17. Concerning Falsity 18. The Life of God 19. The Will of God 20. God's Love 21. The Justice and Mercy of God 22. The Providence of God 23. Of Predestination 24. The Book of Life 25. The Power of God 26. Of the Divine Beatitude 27. The Procession of the Divine Persons 28. The Divine Relations 29. The Divine Persons 30. The Plurality of Persons in God 31. Of What Belongs to the Unity or Plurality in God 32. The Knowledge of the Divine Persons 33. Of the Person of the Father 34. Of the Person of the Son 35. Of the Image 36. Of the Person of the Holy Ghost 37. Of the Name of the Holy Ghost---Love 38. Of the Name of the Holy Ghost, as Gift 39. Of the Persons in Relation to the Essence 40. Of the Persons as Compared to the Relations or Properties 41. Of the Persons in Reference to the Notional Acts 42. Of Equality and Likeness among the Divine Persons 43. The Mission of the Divine Persons


44. The Procession of Creatures from God, and of the First Cause of All Things 45. The Mode of Emanation of Things from the First Principle 46. Of the Beginning of the Duration of Creatures 47. Of the Distinction of Things in General 48. The Distinction of Things in Particular 49. The Cause of Evil


50. Of the Substance of the Angels Absolutely Considered 51. Of the Angels in Comparison with Bodies 52. Of the Angels in Relation to Place 53. Of the Local Movement of the Angels 54. Of the Knowledge of the Angels 55. Of the Medium of the Angelic Knowledge 56. Of the Angels' Knowledge of Immaterial Things 57. Of the Angels' Knowledge of Material Things 58. Of the Mode of the Angelic Knowledge 59. The Will of the Angels 60. Of the Love or Dilection of the Angels 61. Of the Production of the Angels in the Order of Natural Being 62. Of the Perfection of the Angels in the Order of Grace and of Glory 63. The Malice of the Angels with Regard to Sin 64. The Punishment of the Demons


65. The Work of Creation of Corporeal Creatures 66. On the Order of Creation Towards Distinction 67. On the Work of Distinction in Itself 68. On the Work of the Second Day 69. On the Work of the Third Day 70. On the Work of Adornment, As Regards the Fourth Day 71. On the Work of the Fifth Day 72. On the Work of the Sixth Day 73. On the Things That Belong to the Seventh Day 74. On All the Seven Days in Common


75. Of Man Who Is Composed of a Spiritual and a Corporeal Substance: and in the First Place, Concerning What Belongs to the Essence of the Soul 76. Of the Union of Body and Soul 77. Of Those Things Which Belong to the Powers of the Soul in General 78. Of the Specific Powers of the Soul 79. Of the Intellectual Powers 80. Of the Appetitive Powers in General 81. Of the Power of Sensuality 82. Of the Will 83. Of Free-Will 84. How the Soul While United to the Body Understands Corporeal Things beneath It 85. Of the Mode and Order of Understanding 86. What Our Intellect Knows in Material Things 87. How the Intellectual Soul Knows Itself and All Within Itself 88. How the Human Soul Knows What Is above Itself 89. Of the Knowledge of the Separated Soul 90. Of the First Production of Man's Soul 91. The Production of the First Man's Body 92. The Production of the Woman 93. The End or Term of the Production of Man 94. Of the State and Condition of the First Man as Regards His Intellect 95. Of Things Pertaining to the First Man's Will---Namely, Grace and Righteousness 96. Of the Mastership Belonging to Man in the State of Innocence 97. Of the Preservation of the Individual in the Primitive State 98. Of the Preservation of the Species 99. Of the Condition of the Offspring As to the Body 10O. Of the Condition of the Offspring As Regards Righteousness 101. Of the Condition of the Offspring As Regards Knowledge 102. Of Man's Abode, Which Is Paradise


103. Of the Government of Things in General 104. The Special Effects of the Divine Government 105. Of the Change of Creatures by God 106. How One Creature Moves Another 107. The Speech of the Angels 108. Of the Angelic Degrees of Hierarchies and Orders 109. The Ordering of the Bad Angels 110. How Angels Act on Bodies 111. The Action of the Angels on Man 112. The Mission of the Angels 113. Of the Guardianship of the Good Angels 114. Of the Assaults of the Demons 115. Of the Action of the Corporeal Creature 116. On Fate 117. Of Things Pertaining to the Action of Man 118. Of the Production of Man from Man As to the Soul 119. Of the Propagation of Man As to the Body

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Question 1. Of Man's Last End 2. Of Those Things in Which Man's Happiness Consists 3. What Is Happiness 4. Of Those Things That Are Required for Happiness 5. Of the Attainment of Happiness 6. Of the Voluntary and the Involuntary 7. Of the Circumstances of Human Acts 8. Of the Will, in Regard to What It Wills 9. Of That Which Moves the Will 10. Of the Manner in Which the Will Is Moved 11. Of Enjoyment, Which Is an Act of the Will 12. Of Intention 13. Of Choice, Which Is an Act of the Will with Regard to the Means 14. Of Counsel, Which Precedes Choice 15. Of Consent, Which Is an Act of the Will in Regard to the Means 16. Of Use, Which Is an Act of the Will in Regard to the Means 17. Of the Acts Commanded by the Will 18. Of the Good and Evil of Human Acts, in General 19. Of the Goodness and Malice of the Interior Act of the Will 20. Of Goodness and Malice in External Human Actions 21. Of the Consequences of Human Actions by Reason of Their Goodness and Malice 22. Of the Subject of the Soul's Passions 23. How the Passions Differ from One Another 24. Of Good and Evil in the Passions of the Soul 25. Of the Order of the Passions to One Another 26. Of the Passions of the Soul in Particular: and First, of Love 27. Of the Cause of Love 28. Of the Effects of Love 29. Of Hatred 30. Of Concupiscence 31. Of Delight Considered in Itself 32. Of the Cause of Pleasure 33. Of the Effects of Pleasure 34. Of the Goodness and Malice of Pleasures 35. Of Pain or Sorrow, in Itself 36. Of the Causes of Sorrow or Pain 37. Of the Effects of Pain or Sorrow 38. Of the Remedies of Sorrow or Pain 39. Of the Goodness and Malice of Sorrow or Pain 40. Of the Irascible Passions, and First, of Hope and Despair 41. Of Fear, in Itself 42. Of the Object of Fear 43. Of the Cause of Fear 44. Of the Effects of Fear 45. Of Daring 46. Of Anger, in Itself 47. Of the Cause That Provokes Anger, and of the Remedies of Anger 48. Of the Effects of Anger


49. Of Habits in General, As to Their Substance 50. Of the Subject of Habits 51. Of the Cause of Habits, As to Their Formation 52. Of the Increase of Habits 53. How Habits Are Corrupted or Diminished 54. Of the Distinction of Habits 55. Of the Virtues, As to Their Essence 56. Of the Subject of Virtue 57. Of the Intellectual Virtues 58. Of the Difference between Moral and Intellectual Virtues 59. Of Moral Virtue in Relation to the Passions 60. How the Moral Virtues Differ from One Another 61. Of the Cardinal Virtues 62. Of the Theological Virtues 63. Of the Cause of Virtues 64. Of the Mean of Virtue 65. Of the Connection of Virtues 66. Of Equality among the Virtues 67. Of the Duration of Virtues after This Life 68. Of the Gifts 69. Of the Beatitudes 70. Of the Fruits of the Holy Ghost 71. Of Vice and Sin Considered in Themselves 72. Of the Distinction of Sins 73. Of the Comparison of One Sin with Another 74. Of the Subject of Sin 75. Of the Causes of Sin, if General 76. Of the Causes of Sin, in Particular 77. Of the Cause of Sin, on the Part of the Sensitive Appetite 78. Of That Cause of Sin Which Is Malice 79. Of the External Causes of Sin 80. Of the Cause Of Sin, As Regards the Devil 81. Of the Cause of Sin, on the Part of Man 82. Of Original Sin, As to Its Essence 83. Of the Subject of Original Sin 84. Of the Cause of Sin, in Respect of One Sin Being the Cause Of Another 85. Of the Effects of Sin, and, First, of the Corruption of the Good of Nature 86. Of the Stain of Sin 87. Of the Debt of Punishment 88. Of Venial and Mortal Sin 89. Of Venial Sin in Itself


90. Of the Essence of Law 91. Of the Various Kinds of Law 92. Of the Effects of Law 93. Of the Eternal Law 94. Of the Natural Law 95. Of Human Law 96. Of the Power of Human Law 97. Of Change in Laws 98. Of the Old Law 99. Of the Precepts of the Old Law 100. Of the Moral Precepts of the Old Law 101. Of the Ceremonial Precepts in Themselves 102. Of the Causes of the Ceremonial Precepts 103. Of the Duration of the Ceremonial Precepts 104. Of the Judicial Precepts 105. Of the Reason for the Judicial Precepts 106. Of the Law of the Gospel, Called the New Law, Considered in Itself 107. Of the New Law As Compared with the Old 108. Of Those Things That Are Contained in the New Law 109. Of the Necessity of Grace 110. Of the Grace of God As Regards Its Essence 111. Of the Division of Grace 112. Of the Cause of Grace 113. Of the Effects of Grace 114. Of Merit

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Question 1. Of Faith 2. Of the Act of Faith 3. Of the Outward Act of Faith 4. Of the Virtue Itself of Faith 5. Of Those Who Have Faith 6. Of the Cause of Faith 7. Of the Effects of Faith 8. Of the Gift of Understanding 9. Of the Gift of Knowledge 10. Of Unbelief in General 11. Of Heresy 12. Of Apostasy 13. Of the Sin of Blasphemy, in General 14. Of Blasphemy Against the Holy Ghost 15. Of the Vices Opposed to Knowledge and Understanding 16. Of the Precepts of Faith, Knowledge, and Understanding 17. Of Hope, Considered in Itself 18. Of the Subject of Hope 19. Of the Gift of Fear 20. Of Despair 21. Of Presumption 22. Of the Precepts Relating to Hope and Fear 23. Of Charity, Considered in Itself 24. Of the Subject of Charity 25. Of the Object of Charity 26. Of the Order of Charity 27. Of the Principal Act of Charity, Which Is to Love 28. Of Joy 29. Of Peace 30. Of Mercy 31. Of Beneficence 32. Of Almsdeeds 33. Of Fraternal Correction 34. Of Hatred 35. Of Sloth 36. Of Envy 37. Of Discord, Which Is Contrary to Peace 38. Of Contention 39. Of Schism 40. Of War 41. Of Strife 42. Of Sedition 43. Of Scandal 44. Of the Precepts of Charity 45. Of the Gift of Wisdom 46. Of Folly Which Is Opposed to Wisdom TREATISE ON PRUDENCE AND JUSTICE

47. Of Prudence Considered in Itself 48. Of the Parts of Prudence 49. Of Each Quasi-integral Part of Prudence 50. Of the Subjective Parts of Prudence 51. Of the Virtues Which Are Connected with Prudence 52. Of the Gift of Counsel 53. Of Imprudence 54. Of Negligence 55. Of Vices Opposed to Prudence by Way of Resemblance 56. Of the Precepts Relating to Prudence 57. Of Right 58. Of Justice 59. Of Injustice 60. Of Judgment 61. Of the Parts of Justice 62. Of Restitution 63. Of Respect of Persons 64. Of Murder 65. Of Injuries Committed on the Person 66. Of Theft and Robbery 67. Of the Injustice of a Judge, in Judging 68. Of Matters Concerning Unjust Accusation 69. Of Sins Committed Against Justice on the Part of the Defendant 70. Of Injustice with Regard to the Person of the Witness 71. Of Injustice in Judgment on the Part of Counsel 72. Of Reviling 73. Of Backbiting 74. Of Tale-Bearing 75. Of Derision 76. Of Cursing 77. Of Cheating, Which is Committed in Buying and Selling 78. Of the Sin of Usury 79. Of the Quasi-integral Parts of Justice 80. Of the Potential Parts of Justice 81. Of Religion 82. Of Devotion 83. Of Prayer 84. Of Adoration 85. Of Sacrifice 86. Of Oblations and First-fruits 87. Of Tithes 88. Of Vows 89. Of Oaths 90. Of the Taking of God's Name by Way of Adjuration 91. Of Taking the Divine Name for the Purpose of Invoking It by Means of Praise 92. Of Superstition 93. Of Superstition Consisting in Undue Worship of the True God 94. Of Idolatry 95. Of Superstition in Divinations 96. Of Superstition in Observances 97. Of the Temptation of God 98. Of Perjury 99. Of Sacrilege 100. On Simony 101. Of Piety 102. Of Observance, Considered in Itself, and of Its Parts 103. Of Dulia 104. Of Obedience 105. Of Disobedience 106. Of Thankfulness or Gratitude 107. Of Ingratitude 108. Of Vengeance 109. Of Truth 110. Of the Vices Opposed to Truth, and First of Lying 111. Of Dissimulation and Hypocrisy 112. Of Boasting 113. Of Irony 114. Of the Friendliness Which is Called Affability 115. Of Flattery 116. Of Quarreling 117. Of Liberality 118. Of the Vices Opposed to Liberality, and in the First Place, of Covetousness 119. Of Prodigality 120. Of "Epikeia" or Equity 121. Of Piety 122. Of the Precepts of Justice


123. Of Fortitude 124. Of Martyrdom 125. Of Fear 126. Of Fearlessness 127. Of Daring 128. Of the Parts of Fortitude 129. Of Magnanimity 130. Of Presumption 131. Of Ambition 132. Of Vainglory 133. Of Pusillanimity 134. Of Magnificence 135. Of Meanness 136. Of Patience 137. Of Perseverance 138. Of the Vices Opposed to Perseverance 139. Of the Gift of Fortitude 140. Of the Precepts of Fortitude 141. Of Temperance 142. Of the Vices Opposed to Temperance 143. Of the Parts of Temperance, in General 144. Of Shamefacedness 145. Of Honesty 146. Of Abstinence 147. Of Fasting 148. Of Gluttony 149. Of Sobriety 150. Of Drunkenness 151. Of Chastity 152. Of Virginity 153. Of Lust 154. Of the Parts of Lust 155. Of Continence 156. Of Incontinence 157. Of Clemency and Meekness 158. Of Anger 159. Of Cruelty 160. Of Modesty 161. Of Humility 162. Of Pride 163. Of the First Man's Sin 164. Of the Punishments of the First Man's Sin 165. Of Our First Parents' Temptation 166. Of Studiousness 167. Of Curiosity 168. Of Modesty as Consisting in the Outward Movements of the Body 169. Of Modesty in the Outward Apparel 170. Of the Precepts of Temperance


171. Of Prophecy 172. Of the Cause of Prophecy 173. Of the Manner in Which Prophetic Knowledge Is Conveyed 174. Of the Division of Prophecy 175. Of Rapture 176. Of the Grace of Tongues 177. Of the Gratuitous Grace Consisting in Words 178. Of the Grace of Miracles 179. Of the Division of Life Into Active and Contemplative 180. Of the Contemplative Life 181. Of the Active Life 182. Of the Active Life in Comparison With the Contemplative Life 183. Of Man's Various Duties and States in General 184. Of the State of Perfection in General 185. Of Things Pertaining to the Episcopal State 186. Of Those Things in Which the Religious State Properly Consists 187. Of Those Things That Are Competent to Religious 188. Of the Different Kinds of Religious Life 189. Of the Entrance Into Religious Life

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Question 1. Of the Fitness of the Incarnation 2. Of the Mode of Union of the Word Incarnate 3. Of the Mode of Union on the Part of the Person Assuming 4. Of the Mode of Union on the Part of the Human Nature 5. Of the Parts of Human Nature Which Were Assumed 6. Of the Order of Assumption 7. Of the Grace of Christ as an Individual Man 8. Of the Grace of Christ as He Is the Head of the Church 9. Of Christ's Knowledge in General 10. Of the Beatific Knowledge of Christ's Soul 11. Of the Knowledge Imprinted or Infused on the Soul of Christ 12. Of the Acquired or Empiric Knowledge of Christ's Soul 13. Of the Power of Christ's Soul 14. Of the Defects of Body Assumed by the Son of God 15. Of the Defects of Soul Assumed by Christ 16. Of Those Things Which Are Applicable to Christ in His Being and Becoming 17. Of Christ's Unity of Being 18. Of Christ's Unity of Will 19. Of the Unity of Christ's Operation 20. Of Christ's Subjection to the Father 21. Of Christ's Prayer 22. Of the Priesthood of Christ 23. Of Adoption as Befitting to Christ 24. Of the Predestination of Christ 25. Of the Adoration of Christ 26. Of Christ as Called the Mediator of God and Man 27. Of the Sanctification of the Blessed Virgin 28. Of the Virginity of the Mother of God 29. Of the Espousals of the Mother of God 30. Of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin 31. Of the Matter From Which the Saviour's Body Was Conceived 32. Of the Active Principle in Christ's Conception 33. Of the Mode and Order of Christ's Conception 34. Of the Perfection of the Child Conceived 35. Of Christ's Nativity 36. Of the Manifestation of the Newly Born Christ 37. Of Christ's Circumcision, and of the Other Legal Observances Accomplished in Regard to the Child Christ 38. Of the Baptism of John 39. Of the Baptizing of Christ 40. Of Christ's Manner of Life 41. Of Christ's Temptation 42. Of Christ's Doctrine 43. Of the Miracles Worked by Christ, in General 44. Of Christ's Miracles Considered Specifically 45. Of Christ's Transfiguration 46. The Passion of Christ 47. Of the Efficient Cause of Christ's Passion 48. Of the Efficiency of Christ's Passion 49. Of the Effects of Christ's Passion 50. Of the Death of Christ 51. Of Christ's Burial 52. Of Christ's Descent into Hell 53. Of Christ's Resurrection 54. Of the Quality of Christ Rising Again 55. Of the Manifestation of the Resurrection 56. Of the Causality of Christ's Resurrection 57. Of the Ascension of Christ 58. Of Christ's Sitting at the Right Hand of the Father 59. Of Christ's Judiciary Prayer 60. What is a Sacrament? 61. Of the Necessity of the Sacraments 62. Of the Sacraments' Principal Effect, Which is Grace 63. Of the Other Effect of the Sacraments, Which Is a Character 64. Of the Causes of the Sacraments 65. Of the Number of the Sacraments 66. Of the Sacrament of Baptism 67. Of the Ministers by Whom the Sacrament of Baptism Is Conferred 68. Of Those Who Receive Baptism 69. Of the Effects of Baptism 70. Of Circumcision 71. Of the Preparations That Accompany Baptism 72. Of the Sacrament of Confirmation 73. Of the Sacrament of the Eucharist 74. Of the Matter of This Sacrament 75. Of the Change of Bread and Wine into the Body and Blood of Christ 76. Of the Way in Which Christ Is in This Sacrament 77. Of the Accidents Which Remain in This Sacrament 78. Of the Form of This Sacrament 79. Of the Effects of This Sacrament 80. Of the Use or Receiving of This Sacrament in General 81. Of the Use Which Christ Made of This Sacrament at Its Institution 82. Of the Minister of This Sacrament 83. Of the Rite of This Sacrament 84. Of the Sacrament of Penance 85. Of Penance as a Virtue 86. Of the Effect of Penance, As Regards the Pardon of Mortal Sin 87. Of the Remission of Venial Sin 88. Of the Return of Sins Which Have Been Taken Away by Penance 89. Of the Recovery of Virtue by Means of Penance 90. Of the Parts of Penance, in General

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Question 1. Of the Parts of Penance, in Particular, and First of Contrition 2. Of the Object of Contrition 3. Of the Degree of Contrition 4. Of the Time for Contrition 5. Of the Effect of Contrition 6. Of Confession, As Regards Its Necessity 7. Of the Nature of Confession 8. Of the Minister of Confession 9. Of the Quality of Confession 10. Of the Effect of Confession 11. Of the Seal of Confession 12. Of Satisfaction, As to Its Nature 13. Of the Possibility of Satisfaction 14. Of the Quality of Satisfaction 15. Of the Means of Making Satisfaction 16. Of Those Who Receive the Sacrament of Penance 17. Of the Power of the Keys 18. Of the Effect of the Keys 19. Of the Minister of the Keys 20. Of Those on Whom the Power of the Keys Can Be Exercised 21. Of the Definition, Congruity and Cause of Excommunication 22. Of Those Who Can Excommunicate or Be Excommunicated 23. Of Communication with Excommunicated Persons 24. Of Absolution from Excommunication 25. Of Indulgences 26. Of Those Who Can Grant Indulgences 27. Of Those Whom Indulgences Avail 28. Of the Solemn Rite of Penance 29. Of Extreme Unction, As Regards Its Essence and Institution 30. Of the Effect of This Sacrament 31. Of the Minister of This Sacrament 32. On Whom Should This Sacrament Be Conferred and on What Part of the Body? 33. Of the Repetition of This Sacrament 34. Of the Sacrament of Order As to Its Essence and Its Parts 35. Of the Effect of This Sacrament 36. Of the Qualities Required of Those Who Receive This Sacrament 37. Of the Distinction of Orders, of Their Acts, and the Imprinting of the Character 38. Of Those Who Confer This Sacrament 39. Of the Impediments to This Sacrament 40. Of the Things Annexed to the Sacrament of Order 41. Of the Sacrament of Matrimony As Directed to an Office of Nature 42. Of Matrimony As a Sacrament 43. Of Matrimony with Regard to the Betrothal 44. Of the Definition of Matrimony 45. Of the Marriage Consent Considered in Itself 46. Of the Consent to Which an Oath or Carnal Intercourse Is Added 47. Of Compulsory and Conditional Consent 48. Of the Object of the Consent 49. Of the Marriage Goods 50. Of the Impediments of Marriage, in General 51. Of the Impediment of Error 52. Of the Impediment of the Condition of Slavery 53. Of the Impediment of Vows and Orders 54. Of the Impediment of Consanguinity 55. Of the Impediment of Affinity 56. Of the Impediment of Spiritual Relationship 57. Of Legal Relationship, Which Is by Adoption 58. Of the Impediments of Impotence, Spell, Frenzy or Madness, Incest and Defective Age 59. Of Disparity of Worship As an Impediment to Marriage 60. Of Wife-Murder 61. Of the Impediment to Marriage, Arising from a Solemn Vow 62. Of the Impediment That Supervenes to Marriage after Its Consummation, Namely Fornication 63. Of Second Marriages 64. Of the Things Annexed to Marriage, and First of the Payment of the Marriage Debt 65. Of Plurality of Wives 66. Of Bigamy and of the Irregularity Contracted Thereby 67. Of the Bill of Divorce 68. Of Illegitimate Children 69. Of Matters Concerning the Resurrection, and First of the Place Where Souls Are after Death 70. Of the Quality of the Soul after Leaving the Body, and of the Punishment Inflicted on It by Material Fire 71. Of the Suffrages for the Dead 72. Of Prayers with Regard to the Saints in Heaven 73. Of the Signs That Will Precede the Judgment 74. Of the Fire of the Final Conflagration 75. Of the Resurrection 76. Of the Cause of the Resurrection 77. Of the Time and Manner of the Resurrection 78. Of the Term, "Wherefrom" of the Resurrection 79. Of the Conditions of Those Who Rise Again, and First of Their Identity 80. Of the Integrity of the Bodies in the Resurrection 81. Of the Quality of Those Who Rise Again 82. Of the Impassibility of the Bodies of the Blessed after Their Resurrection 83. Of the Subtlety of the Bodies of the Blessed 84. Of the Agility of the Bodies of the Blessed 85. Of the Clarity of the Beatified Bodies 86. Of the Conditions under Which the Bodies of the Damned Will Rise Again 87. Of the Knowledge Which, after Rising Again, Men Will Have at the Judgment Concerning Merits and Demerits 88. Of the General Judgment, As to the Time and Place at Which It Will Be 89. Of Those Who Will Judge and of Those Who Will Be Judged at the General Judgment 90. Of the Form of the Judge in Coming to the Judgment 91. Of the Quality of the World after the Judgment 92. Of the Vision of the Divine Essence in Reference to the Blessed 93. Of the Happiness of the Saints and of Their Mansions 94. Of the Relations of the Saints towards the Damned 95. Of the Gifts of the Blessed 96. Of the Aureoles 97. Of the Punishment of the Damned 98. Of the Will and Intellect of the Damned 99. Of God's Mercy and Justice towards the Damned

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Question 1. Of the Quality of Those Souls Who Depart This Life with Original Sin Only 2. Of the Quality of Souls Who Expiate Actual Sin or Its Punishment in Purgatory


Two Articles on Purgatory