Subversion: Death From Within

Author: A.L.L.


American Life League

All warfare is based primarily on deception of an enemy. Fighting on a battlefield is the most primitive way of making war. There is no art higher than to destroy your enemy without a fight by subverting anything of value in your enemy's country.

                                                                     Sun Tzu, c. 500 B.C, The Art of War.[1]


The great Chinese strategist Sun Tzu theorized that the most efficient and devastating way to destroy a country or opponent was to "infect" and then rot his organization(s) from within.

Sun was a prophet as well as a strategist.

Humanism has eaten away at our churches and our governments until they are mere shadows of their former glory. In the past sixty years, we have seen the morals and direction of the Christian Church and of "Western" societies collapse all over the world. As recently as 1930, every church denomination condemned even artificial contraception as contrary to the will of God and the secular news media backed them up!

In a span of just sixty short years, we have "progressed" from having respect for all human life to the point where many so-called "Christian" churches not only approve of, but enthusiastically support, divorce, abortion, pornography, homosexuality, and even sex with animals!

Those few denominations that remain faithful to traditional Christian dogma (notably the Roman Catholic Church and Fundamentalist churches) are plagued ceaselessly with charlatans proclaiming to speak with authority on moral issues.

This is why we see persons identifying themselves as "good Catholics" or "traditional Evangelicals" sowing confusion and 'dissent' on every topic from abortion to "United States imperialistic aggression."

Unfortunately, this type of deceptive propaganda works all too well on those persons who do not know or care about their faith. The eventual outcome is inevitable for those who are swayed and confused by the constant barrage of anti-life psychobabble; they become hooked on "tolerance" and "nonjudgmentalism," and begin to accept the various facets of the "progressive" lifestyle. Their creed becomes "Live and let live." Inevitably, they begin to practice an unconsciously pagan lifestyle.

Finally, they wake up one morning and realize that they no longer believe in God. And they think that they no longer need Him.

Progressive Infiltration of the Churches.

Overt and Covert Attacks.

In the arena of strategy and tactics, the Christian Church is identical to any other organization in many fundamental ways. Most importantly, the Church, like most other large groups, is actually strengthened by an overt attack carried out by a visible enemy.

However, it is extremely vulnerable to a long-term and persistent program of infiltration and subversion, because the visible results of such an attack take place slowly and in increments small enough to escape an unwanted degree of attention. Since it is always easier to defend against an enemy that presents a visible threat, the infiltrators escape the determined and concentrated counterattack that would beat back an external assault.

Humanists fully recognize this principle, and have therefore embarked on a massive program of infiltration and subversion of the conservative Christian churches. This is not to say that there is some massive conspiracy afoot; quite the contrary. Tens of thousands of genuinely caring individuals with an agnostic or "New Age" philosophy also seek spirituality, and they have come to regard the pastor's collar as an easy ticket to respect, dignity, a good salary, and a comfortable home, not to mention the opportunity for aiding people in a "nonjudgmental" and "compassionate" manner.

The fact that these tens of thousands of influential individuals do not really believe in the precepts of Christianity means that they have a huge impact upon the direction of the Church.

The Beginnings of the Program.

This diffuse but deadly-effective program began approximately in 1965, when many Catholic and Protestant seminaries began to downplay spirituality and instead began to emphasize "sensitivity" and "compassion." When young priests and ministers graduated from these "reformed" seminaries, they often openly confessed that they did not believe that the Bible was the literal word of God and, indeed, many stated that they did not even believe in the existence of God any more!

Clergy-Laity Divergence.

Most lay people are not exposed directly to this pervasive Neoliberal network on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, the majority have retained their belief in God and His precepts. This fact is reflected in repeated polls that show that a greater percentage of United States citizens believe in God than in any other country. The resulting extraordinarily large gap between the faith of the laity and that of the clergy has been highlighted in several recent surveys.

According to a comprehensive 1990 poll, 55 percent of all Presbyterian ministers describe themselves as "liberal" to "far left," while only 13 percent of lay Presbyterians do.[2] Another survey carried out at the United Methodists' 1988 General Conference revealed that only 11 percent of the clergy-delegates believed that the Bible is the "literal word of God," while a separate survey showed that 62 percent of all lay Methodists do.[2]

A Classic Example.

As the "Modernized" products of the newly- Neoliberal seminaries took their seats as pastors or church bureaucrats, they naturally banded together to enact their personal agendas. Once again, this was no overt or organized conspiracy; just as conservatives naturally work together towards a common goal, so do Neoliberal clergy. However, the Neoliberals have a vast advantage. They are on the side of "freedom" and "tolerance," a message that has always been more appealing to man's fallen nature than self-discipline and self-control.

An absolutely classic example of infiltration and subversion took place recently in a mainline Protestant church. Neoliberals managed to pack the 18-member National Worship Committee of the Presbyterian Church, USA, and proceeded to enact sweeping changes in the liturgy without once consulting the 2.9 million person membership to see what their opinion might be.

This Committee took a huge step towards enacting the Neoliberal agenda by striking at the very heart of the Church: Its manner of worship.

Therefore, in order to avoid being perceived as "sexist," the Presbyterian Church jettisoned the great traditional hymns "God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen," "Faith of Our Fathers," and "Once to Every Man and Nation." They did not want to seem "militaristic," so they dumped "Onward, Christian Soldiers" and even "The Battle Hymn of the Republic." And, in order to avoid offending the handicapped, they went so far as to discard "Stand, Up, Stand Up for Jesus!"[2]

Music has always stirred our souls. But in Presbyterian churches, all that remains is a hymnal packed with inclusive, non-sexist, non- militaristic, non-homophobic elevator Muzak that will stir nobody to Christian action.

After all, wasn't that the original goal of the Neoliberals?

The Silliness Never Ends.

Every church, unless it is eternally vigilant, is susceptible to the strategy of infiltration and subversion.

The Methodist Church, long infected with revisionists, recently redubbed "Good Christian Men, Rejoice" as "Good Christian Friends, Rejoice." On the cutting edge of social reform as always, the Methodists (nicknamed the "abortion church" in the late 1960s) are even considering the neutering of God: "Father, Son and Holy Spirit" may well soon become "Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer."[3]

In May of 1990, the National Council of Churches which counts among its members all of the mainline Protestant denominations issued a resolution condemning Christopher Columbus' historic 1492 voyage as " ... an invasion and colonization with legalized occupation, genocide, economic exploitation and a deep level of institutional racism and moral decadence." Needless to say, the rank-and-file were left out of this decision as well.

In 1987, the Episcopal Church issued its 112-page manual entitled Sexuality: A Divine Gift. It defined sexual intercourse even outside of marriage as a "sacrament," and also condoned homosexuality.

'Catholics' for a Free Choice.

The Protestants may have their problems, but they have experienced nothing like the 'Trojan horse' attack of the so-called 'Catholics' for a Free Choice (CFFC).

CFFC and its parent (oops, mother organization), the 'Religious' Coalition for Abortion Rights, are attempting through the use of disinformation and lies to convince the public that women can be Good Christians of any denomination, and still be free to kill their preborn children with clear consciences. In fact, RCAR insists that, in order to be a good Christian, a person must support abortion!

'Catholics' for a Free Choice employs as its tools defrocked priests, nuns who have been thrown out of their orders, and excommunicated lay people who represent themselves as "Good Catholics" while aggressively working to undermine the teachings of the Church. Some of CFFC's tactics include;

• conducting phony public opinion polls that purport to 'show' that the 
   majority of Catholics are 'pro-choice;'
• taking out expensive newspaper and magazine ads that publicly challenge 
   Church teachings;
• generating as much sympathy as possible by creating a media event when 
   one of their members is excommunicated or banned from the Sacraments;
• insisting that speaking out for abortion is supporting pluralism, but speaking 
   out against abortion is "a flagrant violation of the separation of Church and
• ridiculing the Church by crowning a female "Pope" ("Patricia the First," a 
   member of the National Organization for Women), conducting 'liturgies' 
   celebrating abortion, and using singers and artists to pillory those Bishops 
   and others who stand up against the killing; and
• using the well-known "bait and switch" tactic to insist that THE ISSUE IS 
   NOT ABORTION. It is privacy, freedom, economics, anything but 

It is most instructive to examine some of the smooth quotes used by the members of CFFC to burrow away at public confidence in the Church. Notice how those who are not well instructed in their faith may well be fooled by these oily, slippery, cotton-candy quotes.

Marjorie McGuire once said that "The voice of the officers of the Catholic Church on reproductive matters speaks to me of a materialistic God ... whose greatest joy comes from playing cruel reproductive tricks on women and watching them squirm."

Every Catholic knows (or should know) that abortion is an excommunicable offense. However, a 'Catholics' for a Free Choice brochure entitled "You Are Not Alone" asserts that "If you carefully examine your conscience and then decide that an abortion is the most moral act you can do at this time, you're not committing a sin. Therefore, you're not excommunicated. Nor need you tell it in confession since, in your case, abortion is not a sin."

And CFFC director Frances Kissling (rhymes with Quisling) used the tired old "bait and switch" when she claimed that "It's not the abortion issue that's at question. The question is: How do we get the Church to acknowledge that women can be trusted to make good decisions? That is what we are trying to do on the abortion issue, to trust women."[4]

Presumably, in order to be consistent, Kissling would support trusting some unbalanced men regarding their decisions on whether or not to rape women.

Other Examples of Subversion.

All left-wing groups know that the mainline churches are (or at least claim to be) fortresses of orthodoxy. So they burrow away within the structures of the "oppressive" or "patriarchal" churches on all important issues, and certainly do not limit themselves to the issue abortion.

For example, the left-wing, pseudo-religious group "Clergy and Laity Concerned" said in their January 1970 "Policy Statement" that "What we are about today is not simply an end to the war in Vietnam, but a struggle against American imperialism and exploitation in just about every corner of the world ... Our task is to join those who are angry and who hate the corporate power which the United States presently represents, and to attempt, in our struggle, to liberate not only black, brown, and yellow men in every corner of the world, but more importantly, to help liberate our own nation from its reactionary and exploitative policies."[5]

'Catholic' Dan Ebner of the pseudo-religious peace group "Fellowship of Reconciliation" said that; "As a Catholic, a pacifist, a feminist, and a Socialist, I am committed to working for the anti-imperialist, anti-racist, anti-sexist, and anti-interventionist movement."

These quotes show that such subversive groups are many times closely allied with radical Socialist and Communist groups. As Vladimir Lenin correctly surmised, "We will find our greatest success to the extent that we inculcate Marxism as a kind of religion: Religious men and women are easy to convert and win, and so will easily accept our thinking if we wrap it up in a kind of religious terminology."

Attack of the "Concerned Citizens."

Of course, groups with deceptive names and purposes can blunt the Church's successes by passing themselves off as groups of "concerned citizens."

In their amicus brief submitted to the United States Supreme Court in support of the pro-abortion position for the Webster v. Reproductive Health Services case, Americans United for Separation of Church and State asserted that; "Americans United urges the Justices to find the Missouri law unconstitutional because it has a clearly religious purpose and entangles church and state. It is precisely because religious faiths hold widely divergent views about when human life begins that we believe that the government must respect religious diversity and remain neutral, respecting the right of every woman to act in accordance with her conscience religious or secular. Separation of church and state requires nothing less!"[6]

Apparently it never occurred to the members of this group that, under this logic, opposition to murder and rape would be interpreted as a "profoundly religious viewpoint" or that the current situation regarding abortion on demand through all nine months of pregnancy is also a religious viewpoint that "entangles church and state!"

The reason that "Americans United" opposed the Missouri law, of course, is that its idea of when life begins is the law of the land, and the group did not want it tampered with.


It appears that the Neoliberals have succeeded in subverting the Christian Church beyond their wildest dreams. They have neutralized their greatest enemy by totally disarming the mainline Protestant churches and many other churches as well.

The Church now thrashes aimlessly around the featureless moral landscape, an emasculated and blind behemoth that is a laughingstock to all thinking people, whether they be religious or otherwise. In its zeal to avoid offense to every possible special-interest group, the Church has disarmed itself. It has spent tens of millions of dollars and tens of thousands of man-years exorcising the imaginary demons of "racism," "sexism," "fascism," "interventionism," "age-ism," "species-ism," "heterosexism," and every other imaginable "ism," while millions of babies have died, while pornography and apostasy have flooded the land with a darkening tide, and while sexual perversions have proliferated in every imaginable hideous permutation.

This, of course, is precisely what the Humanists/Neoliberals were "praying" for.

The Christian Church has nearly succumbed to the deadly Neoliberal virus. It is critically ill. Some individual churches are close to death but refuse to acknowledge their terminal conditions.

The only therapy that will cure this deadly infection will be a massive infusion of spiritual penicillin bare truth, Holy Spirit- inspired grace and the true Word of God.

Progressive Infiltration of the Government.

Committee Cramming.

One of the most effective tactics used by Neoliberals to gain influence in the government is to create "prestigious" committees and then pack them with "progressive" thinkers. A token conservative is desirable, of course, so the organizers can claim that their committee is "balanced," and that they have not censored opposing viewpoints (they merely ignore them).

President Carter's 1980 White House Conference on the Family (WHCF) was a classic example of this "committee cramming."

The mission of the Conference was to chart the "official" family agenda for the Carter administration, which was too good a propaganda target for the Neoliberals to pass up. Delegates were elected from every state, but in 27 states, the mailing was rigged so that conservatives did not receive nomination notices until after critical deadlines had passed. Only "progressives" received notice of the nomination process.

In Washington State, a conservative woman was twice elected chairperson of the Washington State delegation by the entire assembly of delegates, but the state steering committee (composed entirely of Neoliberals) overturned her election and then even went so far as to throw her out of the delegation entirely. A Planned Parenthood employee was appointed in her place, and the delegates were not allowed to vote on this appointment.

In Kansas, the state steering committee announced that it would draw names out of boxes to elect delegates. Since the committee controlled whose names were in the box, every delegate from Kansas was an approved Neoliberal.

The New York State delegation of 48 persons included members of 'Catholics' for a Free Choice, National Organization for Women, and Lesbians Over Forty; there was not a single member of a conservative organization.[7]

For a detailed description of another case of Neoliberal committee cramming, see the story of the International Women's Year (IWY) conference in Chapter 129 of Volume III, "Neofeminism."

Infiltration of the Judicial System.

Anyone who has been on the front lines of the pro-life battle for long knows that our most formidable enemy is the judicial system. The American judicial system gave us the "right to privacy" and legalized abortion in the first place, and it is now ferociously defending what it considers to be its sacred turf.

Pro-lifers are a threat to the power of the judicial system, and so this system comes down on them very hard. Pro-life sidewalk counselors are jailed and sued. Pro-life rescuers are sometimes given sentences of years for misdemeanor trespass, while animal rights activists and homosexuals who have committed actual violence against property and human beings are given suspended sentences.

The ACLU (supposedly the champion of free speech) has declared that abortion is its "number one priority" not free speech rights![8]

Why are we laboring under such a deplorable set of conditions?

Quite simply because the Neoliberals have infiltrated and subverted the entire judicial system.

Does this sound like another paranoid pro-life fantasy?

If it does, consider visiting any law school in the country. Look at the bulletin boards for the times when the buses leave the law schools to take students to act as escorts at local abortion mills on Saturday mornings. Peruse a course schedule to discover the proliferation of classes aimed specifically at teaching future attorneys how to use racketeering and other statutes against pro-lifers, and how to protect the "right to privacy." Notice the profusion of "pro-choice" student groups and the total absence of pro-life groups. Attend a "debate" on abortion, in which all members of the panel are pro-abortion, but where some members are appointed to uphold the pro-life position, working hard to make all pro-lifers look ignorant and inept.

Try to bring pro-life materials and thought onto the campus and be ridiculed or even physically attacked.

And then rejoice in the fact that we really have it soft now. Just wait until these future attorneys are sitting on benches as judges twenty years hence!

Indirect Subversion.

Do not fear when your enemies criticize you. Beware when they applaud.

                                                                         Vietnamese politician Vo Dong Giang.[9]


The most common 'target' of anti-lifers who are employing the strategy of infiltration and subversion is an easily- identifiable institution such as the Catholic Church or the American Psychiatric Association. This type of attack could be called direct subversion because the targets of the strategy are the most important facets of the institution itself, those qualities necessary for its very survival its morals, ethics, and beliefs.

A less common form of infiltration and subversion is focused upon the members of an institution or organization. This indirect assault focuses on the institution's people, and is designed to convince them to be the agents of change in the organization.

This section describes a very clever and extremely deadly form of indirect infiltration and subversion being used by Neoliberals to disable certain elements of the pro-life Movement.

'Sitting Down and Talking.'

The Supreme Court's 1989 Webster decision caused some slight changes in the landscape of the abortion battle. Most significant of these were certain changes in attitude displayed by various pro-abortion groups and their spokespersons.

On the one hand, condemnation of pro-lifers and their position in general was transformed from a sullen mutter into a deafening roar. And on the other hand, a number of pro-abortion organizations suddenly became interested in 'sitting down and talking' with pro-life activists. This curious inconsistency was a warning sign to astute and experienced pro-life leaders.

The stated desire of those pro-abortion groups "extending the hand of comradeship" was to "find some middle ground," and their slogan was "Good people can disagree on abortion."

A little thought reveals that this slogan represents an impossible situation. For true pro-lifers, a person who approves of baby-killing will never be "good." For pro-aborts, a person who insists that killing preborn babies is a sin is "judgmental" and "intolerant," and therefore can never be "good."

In other words, there can be no possible agreement between pro-lifers and pro-aborts as to what constitutes a "good" position on the abortion issue.

Perhaps the most prominent example of these "talking sessions" was the program sponsored by Boston's Public Conversations Project. This program was directed by Laura Chasin, who headed a team of family therapists who ran a series of three-hour 'sessions' between pro-life and pro-abortion activists.[10]

Reasons for the Programs.

Certain pro-lifers gave this program a cursory examination and pronounced it a good idea.

After all, the temperature surrounding the abortion debate is incandescent. Many people are stressed out over the issue, and rational dialogue between the warring factions might seem like the caring and logical thing to do. The objective of the workshops, after all, was not to find a solution to the abortion conflict, but instead to allow activists to eliminate stereotypes about each other. If this could be done, reasoned the family therapists, both sides could begin working towards "real solutions."

A Great Idea NOT!

The idea of having both 'sides' sit down and 'dialogue' seems to be a good idea at first. However, a little thought and examination of workshop results reveals very definite indications that the pro-aborts are using the workshops as a kind of "Trojan horse" tactic.

Some of these danger signs are listed below.

(1) Why hadn't the pro-abortionists approached pro-lifers to talk about this issue before? People who are in a position of strength do not sit down and talk. Obviously, the pro-aborts suddenly became interested in talking because they believed that they were about to lose their precious abortion 'right,' and they hoped that they could stall and confuse many pro-lifers with these workshops. If the pro-aborts were truly serious about 'defusing the abortion debate,' they would have been pushing these workshops for more than twenty years.

(2) In virtually all cases, the rules of the workshop specifically prohibit discussion of the central issue surrounding the abortion battle: Are the preborn alive and/or human and do they have any rights? Additionally, participants are generally not allowed to try to persuade those on the "other side." Instead, the dialogue is directed towards purely tangential topics such as "increasing understanding" and "dispelling stereotypes." If the basic questions of the debate are off limits, how can true progress be made?

(3) The organizations that sponsor the workshops are invariably pro- abortion. Pro-abortionists are utilitarian by their very nature. Therefore, they would not be holding these workshops unless they have something very valuable to gain. For example, on May 2, 1992, B.J. Isaacson-Jones, president of the Missouri abortuary Reproductive Health Services, received the James F. Hornback Ethical Humanist Award from the Ethical Society of St. Louis for her work with the St. Louis Common Ground Association, because it "serves as a national model for cooperation for people who hold opposing views on abortion."[11] Anyone who knows how the crafty Humanists think can bet the farm that the only people they honor are those who further the Humanist cause; i.e., the complete and total destruction of religion in this country.

(4) If the pro-aborts truly want to 'dialogue' about abortion, why do they continue to so loudly and publicly condemn the very same people they allege they want to talk to? Common sense (and common courtesy) would demand that, if you want to talk to someone, you don't continue to scream insults in his face as you are asking him to sit down and discuss the issues.

(5) One obvious sign that these workshops should be anathema to pro-lifers is that they are enthusiastically supported by all pro-abortion Neofeminists, including Ellen Goodman. An obvious question we must ask ourselves is this: If abortion was currently illegal in all instances, would leading pro-abortionists be willing to sit down at a table and talk to pro-lifers? The answer is obviously "No." They would instead be in the streets agitating for legalization.

(6) As soon as Bill Clinton was elected to the Presidency in November of 1992, pro-abortion interest in these "middle ground" workshops suddenly vanished. It is obvious that they no longer served a purpose, because the pro-aborts knew that Clinton would give them everything they want.

(7) Finally and most obviously, the common conclusions reached by the two 'sides' are never pro-life in character. For example, some of the workshops have resulted in both 'sides' agreeing that "more sex education is required in the schools" and that "contraceptives should be made more easily available to teenagers," both of which significantly increase the incidence of abortion rather than decrease it, as described in Chapter 99 of Volume III, "Contraceptive Use and Effectiveness," and Chapter 139 of Volume III, "Sex Education."


Lenin, Mao, and other leading Leftist strategists have stated very accurately that the only people who want to talk are those who are in a position of great strength or those who are on the verge of surrender.

The pro-abortionists are not about to surrender. We must remember that they currently have everything they want abortion on demand for any reason through all nine months of pregnancy. The trivial restrictions on abortion enacted by some states have not made the slightest dent in the abortion industry, which continues to grind up 1.6 million preborn babies per year. In fact, under a Clinton regime, even these piddling restrictions may soon be swept away by the Freedom of Choice Act.

The purpose of the 'dialoguing workshops' is not to lower the temperature of the abortion debate. The workshops have two primary purposes.

To begin with, they are a public relations ploy, staged so the pro- aborts can say, "Look at us! We are moderates because we are willing to initiate these talks and sit down with our opponents!"

Most importantly of all, the conferences are a distraction a tactical diversion. This means that, if the public and pro-life activists pay close attention to these conferences and invest an undue degree of hope and interest in them, they will be less likely to notice that the slaughter of the innocent preborn is continuing unabated. If pro-lifers can be lulled into thinking that some kind of progress is being made as a result of these workshops, they are less likely to exert their best efforts in other areas. In fact, if pro-lifers participate in these workshops and then picket or protest abortion, pro-aborts can then publicly accuse them of deception or a "lack of good faith."

Anyone who believes that pro-lifers will make any concrete gains at these conferences is a hopeless dreamer. The sole redeeming quality of the pro-abortion movement is that it does not compromise for any reason whatever. A pro-lifer who thinks that any babies will be saved as a result of these talks is simply out of touch with reality.

References: Infiltration and Subversion.

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Institute on Religion and Democracy. 
Those Christians who are fed up with the decaying Humanism being dished out by their churches will be glad to hear that there exists a clearinghouse dealing with information on national and local Protestant and other renewal groups, including United Methodist Good News, Presbyterian Lay Committee, and Episcopal Renewal Ministries. Write to; Institute on Religion and Democracy, 1331 H Street NW, Suite 900, Washington, DC 20005.

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 Idea Books, Post Office Box 4010, Madison, Wisconsin 53711. 1985, 192 pages. Reviewed by Nancy Koster on page 6 of the November 24, 1983 issue of National Right to Life News. A former prolific abortionist exposes the anti-Catholic bigotry of the pro-abortion movement, discusses the role of the blatantly biased media in obtaining abortion on demand, and explores what the science of fetology has revealed about the unborn child. This enjoyable book is written in George Will's wry and acerbic style. Dr. Nathanson is one of the co-founders of the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL). Chapter 3, "Catholics," pages 177 to 209, describes in detail how NARAL used blatant anti-Catholic bigotry to push liberalized abortion laws and undermine the teachings of the Church. Other examples of NARAL skulduggery abound in this book. For example, NARAL asserted to the state of Massachusetts that pro-life groups have no right to endorse pro-life candidates, even if the groups are not tax- exempt. In the ensuing lawsuit, FEC v. Massachusetts Citizens for Life, Inc., the right to distribute such literature was upheld. This is typical of the harassment lawsuits brought by NARAL and others when any pro-life efforts are in progress. Pro-aborts almost never spend money themselves, but get a government entity to go after pro-life activists. Also see Chapter 1, "Abortion and the Media," pages 7 to 109, and Chapter 2, "Fetology for Pro-Life," pages 111 to 175. Chapter 2 consists of a detailed and interesting history of fetology in the United States.

Father William Oddie. What Will Happen to God?  
(Feminism and the Reconstruction of Christian Belief). 180 pages. Order from: Ignatius Press, 15 Oakland Avenue, Harrison, New York 10528, telephone: 1- 800-528-0559. The Neofeminists are striving to eliminate from all church documents and prayers what they consider to be "sexist" language. Father Oddie exposes the fallacies of this goal, and shows what will happen if we allow radical feminism to continue to dictate to the Church. The elimination of so-called "sexist" language is only the beginning!

'Religious' Coalition for Abortion Rights. 
To obtain excellent examples of subtle propaganda created by masters of infiltration, subversion, and confusion, write to the 'Religious' Coalition for Abortion Rights. Request a catalog from RCAR, 100 Maryland Boulevard NE, Washington, DC 20002, and ask for sample literature.

Donna Steichen. Ungodly Rage: The Hidden Face of Catholic Feminism
Ignatius Press, San Francisco. 1991, 413 pages. A very detailed and absorbing account of how the Roman Catholic Church in the United States has been infiltrated and subverted by Neoliberals and Neofeminists for the express purpose of blunting its effectiveness in its reaction to evils such as divorce, abortion, and euthanasia.

Rosemary Thomson. Withstanding Humanism's Challenge to Families: Anatomy of a White House Conference
Traditional Publications, Box 112, Morton, Illinois 61550. 1981, 170 pages. A detailed look at the skulduggery that went on and on at Jimmy Carter's White House Conference on the Family. How traditionalists were literally shut out of the process, how the Neoliberals sought to redefine the family out of existence, and how the battle went from state to state.

Dietrich von Hildebrand. The Devastated Vineyard
Order from Keep the Faith, 810 Belmont Avenue, Post Office Box 8261, North Haledon, New Jersey 07508, telephone: (201) 423-5395. The author describes in harrowing detail the destruction of the Roman Catholic Church in America and in Europe, and the methods of infiltration and subversion now being used to confuse and paralyze all conservative Christian churches in our country today.

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