Song of Songs

Author: Fr. William Most

Song of Songs

by Fr. William Most

--In Ephesisns marriage is an image of the union of Christ and the Church. Cf. Israel as bride of God. f. Paul VI on marriage as long past to sanctification. God uses pleasure to get peoples to register for the course. .

Writer need not have seen all the Holy Spirit had in mind: cf. LG 55, Jer 31. 31 and Irenaeus on know and V. II on coredemption. .

OT used material images for spiritual things: cf. Gal 3. 15 -- Sinai--Gen 15. 16 promises, Ezech 40-48 DCD on prophecies. .

Remarks of Sirach on women-- but should not they have a difficult role, for chemistry changes constantly, even outside of PMS. If they do well they become holy. Cf 1 tim on saved by childbearing.