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A Legacy: The Pope of Peace - Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger
On 18 October 2003, the Holy Father met with members of the College of Cardinals and Presidents of the world's Bishops' Conferences. At the conclusion of their Symposium, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and Dean of the College of Cardinals, read the College of Cardinals' opening Message to the Holy Father for the 25th Anniversary of his Pontificate.

Introduction to the Symposium of the College of Cardinals - Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger
At the Symposium of the College of Cardinals, met to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Pontificate of John Paul II (15-18 October 2003), certain pastoral and doctrinal issues of the Holy Father's 25-year Pontificate were highlighted by six Cardinals. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger introduced the meeting.

Missions in the Pontificate of John Paul II - Cardinal Ivan Dias
Cardinal Dias, Archbishop of Bombay, examines the salvific mission of John Paul II in light of the three stages of evangelization: missio ad gentes (first Gospel proclamation), pastoral care, and new evangelization (to "refresh and deepen Christian roots"), as exemplified in the Holy Father's visits to the five continents.

Petrine Ministry and Communion in the Episcopate - Cardinal Bernardin Gantin
From the Cardinals' Symposium, 15-18 October 2003, honoring the 25th anniversary of Pope John Paul II's election, Cardinal Gantin describes the impact the Holy Father has had on the Church, and on the world. He underscores the relationship between the Petrine Ministry and the collegiality of Bishops.

A 25-Year Pontificate at the Service of Peace - Cardinal Angelo Sodano
Cardinal Sodano, Vatican Secretary of State, recalls the great contributions of Pope John Paul II, in various conflicts during his pontificate, to the cause of peace.

The Family in the Pontificate of John Paul II - Cardinal Alfonso López Trujillo
Cardinal Trujillo, President of the Pontifical Council for the Family, tells how the Holy Father has proclaimed and defended the truth of the family, in the face of a "sick, dehumanizing society."

Vocations in the Pontificate of John Paul II - Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger
The Archbishop of Paris summarizes the "body of pronouncements by John Paul II on the subject of priests, consecrated life and the vocation of the baptized," highlighting "their logic and their originality." He roots the Holy Father's teachings in the Pope's own history and in the history of our times.Symposium of Cardinals: Holy Father's Closing Address - Pope John Paul II
On 18 October 2003, John Paul II addressed the 128 Cardinals and 4 Patriarchs, as well as the 59 Presidents of the Bishops' Conferences from the five continents of the world, on the occasion of the close of the Symposium organized by the College of Cardinals for his 25th Anniversary as Pope.

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