Russia, Babies, and Hard Currency

Author: Fr. Paul Marx, O.S.B.

RUSSIA, BABIES, AND HARD CURRENCY by Fr. Paul Marx, O.S.B. Hellbent on snuffing out Christianity overnight in Russia, Vladimir Lenin gave Russia divorce and abortion on request on Nov. 16th, 1920. The Communist dictator wanted to shell out Christianity and destroy the bearer of Christianity which is the family. The evil genius could hardly have imagined the monster he was unleashing. Within a decade, and again and again thereafter, the Communists tried to kill the monster by discouraging abortion and even by forbidding it.

Today, Russia has the lowest birthrate in the world: 1.1 child per family, with 2.2 needed for reproduction. Last year, there were 900,000 more deaths than births. In 1993, medical authorities in Russia told me that it is very possible that the average married woman in Russia has five to eight abortions in a married lifetime.

There is a reason why abortion was condemned in the common sense of history. Preborn babykilling was prohibited 2,000 years before Christ in the oldest major law code we know, the Sumerian Code. Abortion was condemned 400 years before Christ by "the father of modern medicine," a Greek doctor named Hippocrates; he gave his name to a famous oath, the Hippocratic Oath, which doctors took in the civilized world for many centuries, swearing before society, and before they began their medical practice, that they would never kill. The father of modern medicine condemned both abortion and euthanasia.

Again, abortion was condemned in the first Christian catechism we know, the about the year A.D. 70. The pagans, old and new, always play with sex, become unwantedly pregnant, and then often kill their offspring.


More than 75% of mankind now lives in countries where the historic protection of the unborn has been surrendered. The forthcoming Sept. 5th-13th World Population and Development Conference in Cairo, with the strong encouragement of President Bill Clinton, wants to make abortion legal worldwide as a woman's right, to make contraception available to married and single alike, and to modify the traditional, natural family.

A German cardinal once told me, (abortion destroys everything). An African archbishop remarked to me that "to legalize abortion is to cause a moral earthquake, shaking up the whole of law, order, and common sense."

Today, we are living in a culture of death. The greatest war of all time is going on, the war on the unborn. The numbers of victims are mind-boggling. The president of Pharmacists for Life, Bogomir Kuhar. estimated that there will be between 9 and 14 million abortions in the United States alone this year.


The German equivalent of (n. 6, 1993), reported that, in order to attract foreign capital, the "largest bank in the world" of "medical raw materials" had recently opened in Moscow. Babies, well-formed in their mothers' wombs, are artificially aborted alive in order to be used as "raw materials" for their organs; these then are sold for hard currency on the so-called free market.

published shocking photographs. A midwife holds a boy with the umbilical cord still attached: "A helpless living human being, reacted to the cold operating room, raises his tiny hands to his yet blind eyes," but, in a few minutes, "he will be dismembered in a most routine way," and packed up in neat plastic sacks to be frozen: brain, heart, liver, kidneys, glands. All of these "parts" will be transplanted into the bodies of other human beings who are protected by big bank accounts.

And where does this take place? In the Moscow International Institute of Biological Medicine and in the Russian Center of Perinatology and Obstetrics. Pregnant women are recruited through newspapers ads: "Fast and free abortion for scientific purpose." Permission for an abortion is given on social grounds: the salary level, the size of living quarters, inability to feed the children she already has, and other personal problems. The duped women themselves explain their decision by pointing out their growing poverty and inability to provide for the expected baby.

Keep in mind that such is the economic disaster in large Russian cities that seven out of ten Muscovites are struggling daily to survive. Medical services are abominable, but far worse in the country. Last year I saw women who, I was told, were about 50 years old, but looked like they were 80, selling radishes, cucumbers, apples, kitchen parts-anything to make a living. Meanwhile, the Mafia has taken over, and intimidates the government-it even blackmails pilots of Aeroflot (the most unsafe airline in the world) to carry its wares to various places.


But who does the real recruiting and management? According to the artificial abortion business in the above-mentioned Russian institutions have been developed with permission of Russian authorities by an American entrepreneur, M. Molnar. Molnar has the gall to say, "This center is my gift to mankind." This confused American "benefactor," however, demands $8,000 for each transplant of organs cut out from live babies.

Some foreign clients are called to Moscow where they are promised that they will receive the transplantation immediately after the dismemberment of the freshly aborted babies; this fee covers the cost of "the stay in the Kremlin hospital, the best in the country" (formerly used only by the Communist elite). For Russian citizens, however, benefactor Molnar is ready to do an organ transplant for only $5,000; "after all," he explains, "there are now many rich people here as well." The director of the institute, G. Suhih, remarked that "we do not pay the women; we have more than enough of them anyway [about ten per week]."

In true entrepreneurial American fashion, the monster Molnar tried to organize this type of business in other East European countries, but failed: Serbia, due to the start of the war, and the Czech state, due to Church protests. Molnar succeeded in Russia, however, because there were no such protests. During 21 days in Russia last year, I could not find out whether the Russian Church (the Moscow patriarchate) has ever pointed out to Yeltsin the great number of immoral exploits of his present policies including this one "We exploit the peculiar situation in Russia.... There is no other similar center in the world," avers Molnar.

If neither the government, the Orthodox Church, the Russian unions, assemblies, nor political parties are able to stop these ghoulish crimes, then surely the Russian intellectuals () will not have the nerve to protest these mindboggling and heart-rending atrocities in the way they protested against the perverted newspaper, loaded with sexual perversion and graphic pornography. Even were the intellectuals to do so, it would surely be called by the "democrats" a "fascist raid" and the "endangerment of democracy."


And you don't think these kinds of atrocities are going on in the United States? Don't kid yourselves. The so-called leader of world democracy, President Clinton, was hardly in office when he rescinded the ban utilizing such unique "raw materials" and even allowing for the full financing of such hideous experiments. called it "a gift for the whole nation" in its broadcast of March 23rd, 1993.

Meanwhile, millions of Americans who consider themselves civilized, moral, progressive, and educated stand by to allow this type of modern cannibalism: the brutal slaughter of babies for commercial consumption by other human beings, like the suffocated Russian baby boy who is wrenched from his mother's womb and brought prematurely into God's creation merely to become "a unique raw material" for those with dollars.

So this is "the free market" and "the common human values" which are being cultivated in Russia by its present rulers and their Godless Western mentors. Indeed, as the African archbishop observed, "To legalize abortion is to create a moral earthquake, shaking up the whole of law, order, and common sense."

This article was taken from the June 30, 1994 issue of "The Wanderer," 201 Ohio Street, St. Paul, MN 55107.