'Religious' Coalition for Abortion Rights: Anti-Christian Trojan Horse

Author: A.L.L.


American Life League

All warfare is based primarily on deception of an enemy. Fighting on a battlefield is the most primitive way of making war. There is no art higher than to destroy your enemy without a fight by subverting anything of value in your enemy's country.

                                                        Chinese master strategist Sun Tzu, c. 500 B.C.[1]

Anti-Life Philosophy.

[We] oppose efforts to enact into secular law one particular religious doctrine on abortion or the beginning of personhood.

'Religious' Coalition for Abortion Rights propaganda flyer entitled "Are You Pro-Life? ... So Are We."

There is no consensus of opinion regarding abortion, especially among religious denominations. Therefore, the anti-choice churches, particularly the Catholic Church, should get out of the abortion debate and let the rest of us Good Christians get on with our lives.

The most important point to remember is that, if the anti-choice churches get their way regarding abortion, they will be forcing their religious views on the public at large and will compel all Americans to practice the Catholic/fundamentalist religion in the area of sexuality. This is an obvious and flagrant violation of the separation of church and state.


If we are to take the pro-abortionists at their word, the 'Religious' Coalition for Abortion Rights (RCAR) should not even exist. The pro-abortion lobby for many years loudly denounced any religious voice or opinion in the abortion issue until, in the early 1970s, they woke up to the fact that a band of pro-aborts masquerading as 'Good Christians' could do their public relations effort a world of good.

Enter RCAR.

Now, of course, it's all right for a church denomination to speak out for abortion, because it's a social or religious issue. But no church should be allowed to speak out against abortion, because then suddenly it's a political issue, and is, as RCAR commonly snivels, a "profound and distressing violation of the separation of Church and State."

What sense does this logic make? None, of course. And neither does anything else that one will find in RCAR literature.

RCAR's Missions.

RCAR has three primary missions.

The first is to create confusion in the public mind as to what Christians believe about abortion. RCAR strategists know that, if they can plant a seed of doubt in people's minds as to the traditional Christian response to abortion by asserting that the Church did not always oppose baby-killing, then the stance of the church when it does oppose abortion will appear inconsistent and punitive.

RCAR's second mission is to convince people that abortion involves religious freedom. In other words, if abortion is restricted in any way, then somehow religious freedom is also restricted. RCAR says that if abortion is criminalized, a particular religious view regarding when life begins is being forced upon the nation. Of course, RCAR never mentions that such is the case right now the particular religious view that is in force right now is that life begins at birth.

RCAR's third mission is to convince people that they can be Good Christians of any denomination, and still be free to kill their children with a clear conscience. In fact, RCAR insists that people cannot be good Christians unless they support abortion! This is in line with its insistence that every Catholic hospital must perform abortions and that every insurance plan must pay for abortions, even if the hospital or insurance plan is run by a church to whom baby-killing is morally repugnant.[2]

So much for "pro-choice!"

RCAR's Propaganda.

Why 'Christians' Want Abortion.

To achieve its goals, RCAR uses the time-honored propaganda tools of deception, distortion, and doctored statistics. Its brochures, respectably printed on the finest card stock, are masterpieces of disinformation. In fact, they would serve as excellent exhibits for anyone writing a college paper on modern-day propaganda campaigns.

One of these brochures trumpets on its cover;


Naturally, this title implies that all religious organizations want to keep abortion legal, and RCAR deliberately fosters this type of confusion.

The remainder of the pamphlet emphasizes the pro-abortion stands of various small 'splinter' denominations, and attempts to dilute the unfaltering pro-life position of the Catholic Church. In very large print, it asks the spurious question, "WOULDN'T A LAW PROHIBITING ABORTION VIOLATE RELIGIOUS LIBERTY? EXACTLY."

This is the well-known "bait and switch" tactic that the pro-aborts employ as a matter of course, i.e., THE ISSUE IS NOT ABORTION. It is privacy, freedom, economics, anything but abortion.

Taking 'Cute' To the Extreme.

In fact, another RCAR brochure, as painfully cute as the Care Bears, has a drawing of an empty picture frame on its cover with the slogan;


Isn't that precious?

But wait it gets even better! On the inside, the pamphlet says; "You've probably seen the garish brochures that anti-choice organizations hand out. The pictures in those brochures are designed to shock you and they do! They are designed to keep you from thinking seriously about the real issue. Sadly, they often do. THE REAL ISSUE IS FREEDOM!"

RCAR, of course, has it precisely backwards. The reason that the "anti-choice" brochures shock people is because they cut through all the pro-abort smoke, tortured 'logic,' and Newspeak to show what abortion really means dead, butchered babies and grieving women! This is one of the great advantages that naturally accrue to the pro-life movement: Slaughter of the innocents on a huge scale is rather difficult to cover up and sanitize.

On a more fundamental level, RCAR is implying that we should be free to make our own choices because we were given free will by God. We will then, of course, be accountable for our actions when we face Him on the Last Day.

The RCAR 'theologians' are correct, or course but they have committed the dangerous error of logical extrapolation. Just because we were given free will by God does not mean that we may pursue 'freedom' to the point that we can kill others. If RCAR's logic were sound, we should also have the freedom to rape, rob, sodomize, embezzle, molest children, and do anything else that struck our perverted fancies. After all, we would have to account to God for everything in the end anyway, right?

It is obvious that RCAR members do not believe in God, because if they did, they would be trying to help people avoid being condemned to Hell, not enabling them to commit the very sins that will virtually guarantee condemnation on the Last Day.

RCAR makes the same fundamental error that many Neoliberal churches all over the world make they all stress God's infinite mercy while conveniently forgetting His perfect justice.

No Abortion = Another Inquisition.

Another of RCAR's brochures is a particularly slick propaganda piece. It is printed (once again) on only the best paper, and is entitled "Religious Liberty: A Heritage at Stake." The brochure begins by relating the heart-rending story of a woman tortured and killed centuries ago for her religious beliefs. The brochure lovingly lingers on such garish details as the woman's tormenters screwing her tongue to her palate so she could not speak.

After this lurid description, the narrative smoothly switches to an extensive listing the 'sins' of Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and Edwin Meese, and warns that they and others are trying to subvert the separation of church and state. The obvious implication is that women will once again be tortured and killed for exercising their Goddess-given religious right to decapitate, burn, and dismember their preborn babies if fanatics like Falwell, Robertson, and Meese have their way.

Abortion is only mentioned in passing along with several other issues, and the overall logical impression that the uninformed reader is left with is that we will go back to the Bad Old Days of The Inquisition if everyone doesn't join RCAR and send it lots of money RIGHT AWAY!

Immoral Agency.

Another RCAR prize propaganda piece was written by female 'theologian' Virginia Ramey Mollenkott, and carried the feel-good, nebulous title "Respecting the Moral Agency of Women."

Mollenkott may be a self-proclaimed expert at theology, but she reveals herself to be profoundly ignorant of both logic and biology as she says that

Anti-abortionists claim that fetal personhood is a biological fact rather than a theological perspective. However, the fetus is human only in the sense that any part of a human body is human: Every cell carries the full genetic code (a severed hand is genetically human, as well, but we do not call it a person).[3]

The pamphlet rises to even greater heights of silliness as Mollenkott quotes a female doctor who says that "... six hundred million sperm are "aborted" in every masturbation or wet dream."

She concludes by asking "Can we, dare we, force another human being into making such a Christlike sacrifice?"[3]

The "Christlike sacrifice" Mollenkott is referring to is having a baby that might not be convenient at the time. By making the near-blasphemous comparison between having a baby and the Crucifixion of Christ, she is revealing that Neoliberal women are irresponsible, weak, and self-centered, and in no way the independent, 'empowered' people the Neofeminists claim they are.

Paragons of Paranoia.

Anyone who grew out of comic books in high school should cheer up: There is now a viable substitute in the form of RCAR propaganda brochures and its national magazine, which is grossly mis-entitled Conscience. Nowhere else has silliness and illogic been distilled into such a concentrated format. It is recommended that at least one pro-life activist in each city subscribe to this magazine in order to keep up on the cutting-edge anti-theology dished up by the fevered minds of the RCAR 'thinkers.'

There is at least one gem in each issue of Conscience that could be published in local pro-life newsletters for laughs. Perhaps the best recent example was provided in the November/December 1988 issue of the publication, where a female author displayed the depths of RCAR's schizophrenia when she griped that only 26% of the directors of diocesan Respect Life offices are women![4]

A Common Characteristic.

Those who study logic know that the defense of an illogical position will inevitably lead to contradictions and inconsistency. This is why RCAR is maddeningly inconsistent, self-deceiving, and devious in its positions, as demonstrated in every single piece of its literature.

One typical example is a little flyer entitled "Are You Pro-Life? So Are We ...," which includes the following statements that are representative of views that are the polar opposites of RCAR's actions. Comments are in brackets.

• "[We] oppose efforts to enact into secular law one particular religious doctrine on abortion or the beginning of personhood" [yet RCAR insists that the nation adhere to their Neoliberal religious view that personhood begins at birth];

• "[We] oppose legislation which fails to affirm women as moral decision makers or limits the exercise of moral choices" [yet RCAR supports the pro-abortion campaign to shut down every anti-Crisis Pregnancy Center in the country];

• "[We] distribute accurate information on the medical, social, legal, moral and religious factors underlying the abortion issue" [yet RCAR battles any and all informed consent provisions in the courts].

'Prayerfully Pro-Choice?!?'

Amusing Oxymoron.

One of the most irritating (yet amusing) oxymorons of all is the trite slogan 'prayerfully pro-choice,' which is the "brain" child of the 'Religious' Coalition for Abortion Rights. The apparent objective of this slogan is to convince the public that you can murder your children and still be a 'good Christian.'

Pro-life activists have seen RCAR members pass out scores and even hundreds of placards with this slogan on it to every pro-abort in sight (including, presumably, a large percentage of atheists and anti-theists) during major rescue missions and at pro-abortion rallies.

It is amusing indeed to see a person in bizarre clothing holding a sign saying "PRAYERFULLY PRO-CHOICE," while blaspheming and vividly cursing pro-lifers.

The Importance of Religion to Activists.

It is quite obvious to thinking activists on both sides of the abortion fight that religion is far more important to pro-lifers than it is to pro-aborts. After all, aren't the pro-abortionists the ones who are always screaming "Keep your religion out of my crotch," "Keep your rosaries off my ovaries," "curb your dogma," and calling us "Bible-beating fanatics?"

According to an April 13-16, 1989 New York Times/CBS poll of 1,412 adults, people become more pro-life as religion (and prayer) becomes more important in their lives;[5]

                                                                                Pro-                  Pro-
Religion's Importance to Person                          Life                  Abortion

   "Extremely" or "very" important                              66%                  39%
   "Somewhat" or "not" important                               34%                  61%
   "Extremely" or "very" important                              72%                  28%
   "Somewhat" or "not" important                               28%                  72%

Keep in mind also that many or most 'religious' pro-abort activists are "children of a looser God;" their God is either some artificial New Age conglomeration or a wimpy, fuzzy-wuzzy, feel-good 'Jesus' a 'mush god' who is too kind and nonjudgmental to ever send anyone to Hell. Their ideal God is the 'Jesus' of Martin Scorcese's "The Last Temptation of Christ," a confused and tortured character who is deeply and obviously flawed, just like them.

The abortophiles rely upon Christ's mercy in this life; unfortunately for them, they will have to face His justice in the next.

RCAR's Membership.


RCAR proudly lists 31 "major religious affiliates" in each piece of its literature. At first glance, this seems to be an impressive number. However, a closer look reveals that this number is liberally padded with renegade splinter groups, duplicate organizations, and even atheist "religions." Figure 80-1 is a complete listing of RCAR members.


[A medium text size on your computer's 'view' setting is recommended, otherwise, the tables may be discombobulated.]


Atheist/Humanist Groups
(1) American Ethical Union                                                             4,400
(2) American Ethical Union
          National Service Conference
(3) American Humanist Association                                                7,500

Women's Subgroups 
   (usually composed of radical Neofeminists)
(4) B'nai B'rith Women                                                                   1,300
(5) Church of the Brethren Women's Caucus                                     500
(6) Episcopal Women's Caucus                                                      1,500
(7) Pioneer Women/NA'AMAT                                                        450
(8) Presbyterian Church,
          Committee on Women's Concerns                                        2,200
(9) Presbyterian Church, Council on
          Women and the Church                                                        1,350
(10) National Council of Jewish Women                                         1,150
(11) Unitarian Universalist Women's Federation                              1,000
(12) Women's League for Conservative Judaism                                700

Jewish Organizations
(13) American Jewish Congress                                                      3,000
(14) Federation of Reconstructionist
          Congregations/Havurot                                                       25,700
(15) National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods                             2,200
(16) North American Federation of Temple Youth                             900
(17) Union of American Hebrew Congregations                          112,000
(18) United Synagogues of America                                            775,000

Pseudo-Religious Organizations and Subgroups
(19) Episcopal Urban Caucus                                                         2,000
(20) Presbyterian Church, The Program Agency                                200
(21) Unitarian Universalist Association                                        171,000
(22) United Church of Christ, Board of
          Church and Society                                                                 200
(23) Young Women's 'Christian' Association                                 75,000

"Mainline" Churches
(24) American Baptist Churches, USA                                    1,704,000
(25) Disciples of Christ (Christian Church)                               1,108,000
(26) Presbyterian Church                                                        2,561,000
(27) United Church of Christ                                                   1,560,000
(28) United Methodist Church                                                 7,500,000

TOTAL MEMBERSHIP OF RCAR:                               15,642,250

References. (1) "Organizations That Have Taken a Position on Abortion Rights," Congressional Research Service, The Library of Congress, HQ 780, October 22, 1985. (2) T.J. Bosgra. "Abortion, the Bible, and the Church." Booklet from Hawaii Right to Life Education Foundation, Post Office Box 10129, Honolulu, Hawaii 96816. (3) Bureau of the Census, United States Department of Commerce. National Data Book and Guide to Sources, Statistical Abstract of the United States. 1990 (110th Edition). Washington, DC: United States Government Printing Office. Table 77, "Religious Bodies Selected Data."

Atheistic "Religionists?"

RCAR pushes raw chutzpah to the absolute limit by listing predominantly atheist organizations in their pretty little brochures. These groups include the American Humanist Association and two committees of the American Ethical Union.

This fact confirms what conservative thinkers have known for some time: That organized atheists often infiltrate religious organizations in efforts to divide and subvert them.

It is revealing that these atheists do not even have to conceal their identities because RCAR is so fundamentally inept and corrupt.

Neofeminist Splinter Groups.

Nine of RCAR's member groups are small bands of radical Neofeminists who band together, bestow upon themselves grandiose and official-sounding names, and promptly embrace the entire Neoliberal agenda in the name of their church. The parent church, even if it is pro-abortion to the hilt, wisely refuses to become entangled with such an obviously disreputable organization, but the women's subgroup deliberately gives the false impression that its entire church is a member of RCAR.

RCAR also lists numerous extremely small splinter groups and renegade organizations, whose combined membership represents about one-tenth of one percent (or a thousandth) of the total churchgoing population in this country. These theological toothpicks include B'nai B'rith Women, the Federation of Reconstructionist Congregations and Havurot, Pioneer Women of NA'AMAT, the YWCA, and the Episcopal Urban Caucus.

Padding the Numbers.

RCAR lists multiple groups from single churches and counts each as a "membership affiliation." This dishonest and deceptive practice is commonly called "padding the numbers" in other fields. For example, RCAR lists four groups under the Presbyterian Church, three under the United Church of Christ, and two each under the American Ethical Union, Episcopal Church, Unitarians, and United Methodists.

Defections from the Radical Ranks.

Although RCAR is likely to hang on to all of its radical Neofeminist groups, its mainline churches are beginning to wake up to the fact that they have been hoodwinked into RCAR membership by deceptive Neofeminists. These churches have adopted very loose moral standards and are therefore dying because their membership is collapsing. They are, however, finally beginning to wake up to the fact that only Scriptural churches will survive, not quasi-religious social clubs.

In 1988 alone, RCAR's three largest members (comprising three-fourths of its total membership) toughened their stances on abortion, and now substantially disagree with RCAR's credo of unlimited abortion for any reason;[6]

• The United Methodist Church, once known as the "abortion church," has become disturbed at the tidal wave of abortion washing over our country. It stated its firm opposition to abortion for birth control or gender selection (women on contraception obtain half of all abortions).

• The Presbyterian Church, USA stated that abortion "should not be used for convenience or to ease embarrassment or as a means of birth control" (such convenience abortions account for 98 percent of all baby-killing, as described in Chapter 87, "Statistics on Abortion").

• The American Baptist Churches, USA denounced "irresponsible sexual behavior," and stated that "As American Baptists, we oppose abortion, as a means of avoiding responsibility for conception, as a primary means of birth control without regard for the far-reaching consequences of the act."

• The Episcopal Church (whose parent body is not a member of RCAR) has stiffened its liberal pro-abortion stance, and now sanctions abortions "... only in extreme situations. We emphatically oppose abortion as a means of birth control, family planning, sex selection, or any reason of mere convenience."

No Consensus?

On of RCAR's primary arguments is that abortion must remain legal because there is "no consensus of opinion on abortion."

Let's look at the definition of the word "consensus." The Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary defines it as "judgement arrived at by most of those concerned," or as "general agreement."

Therefore, let us summarize the total number of churchgoing people who belong to RCAR member groups;


5 "mainline" Protestant churches                                      14,430,000
6 secular Jewish organizations                                              918,800
20 splinter groups                                                                270,450

Total RCAR membership:                                               15,642,250
Total American church membership
(See Figure 80-2);                                                        155,727,000

This summary shows that RCAR represents only 10 percent (or one out of ten) of all churchgoing Americans. This means that 90 percent (nine out of ten) Americans belong to churches that are not members of RCAR.

Using the dictionary definition of "consensus" given above, it is quite obvious that there is a religious consensus against abortion!

The fact that RCAR represents only 1/10th of the religious voice in this country certainly qualifies it as a "small and vocal minority!"

RCAR's Prize Quislings CFFC.

A Minuscule Group of Non-Catholics.

RCAR frequently tries to cloak itself with a thin veneer of legitimacy by trotting out its prized trained puppies, the organization that has named itself 'Catholics' for a Free Choice (CFFC). CFFC is to the abortion-rights movement what the North American Man-Boy Love Association is to the homosexual-rights movement: It is such an obviously disreputable and spurious group that not even the liberal National Catholic Reporter will accept its advertisements.

Rather like a maggot in rotting flesh, CFFC began its miserable existence housed in the Washington, DC headquarters of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.[7] The CFFC leadership consists of such luminaries as ultraproabort Frances Kissling (rhymes with quisling), called the "Cardinal of Choice" by her friends, defrocked and married former priest Daniel Maguire, and several ex-nuns who were thrown out of their orders.

Its Philosophy.

The CFFC people, as do all Neoliberals, think that they are so noble that they are exempt from the rules that govern mere mortals (the rest of us). The circumstances of life are always "different" or "too difficult" for them. They're special.

Just ask them.

Therefore, CFFC members naturally think that the Catholic Church should bend its teachings to more closely conform to American culture. But did Our Lord tell the Apostles to make exceptions to His teachings to conform to local culture and practice? Of course not! If such exceptions were made, there would be no call for repentance, and no need for the Christian Church! After all, God did not say, "Thou shall not kill except in America!"

Ultimately, of course, the Neofeminists in CFFC burrow away at the structure of the Catholic Church, but have no intention of leaving it. They need its structure, power, and resources. If they did leave, their platform would disappear, the press would forget them, and they would eventually vanish screaming into the void as a forgotten, shrill fringe group. They are vampiric parasites, greedily feeding on their host while actively sucking away its vitality.

CFFC calls itself 'pro-choice,' of course, but in reality is as pro-abortion as a group can possibly get. It has even opposed giving women factual biological information on preborn children, asserting that such constitutes a "... propaganda tool for the anti-abortion position." It has even referred to abortion as a "sacred" act![8]

Marjorie Maguire, showing utter contempt for the precepts of the Church, has stated that; "The voice of the officers of the Catholic Church on reproductive matters speaks to me of a materialistic God ... whose greatest joy comes from playing cruel reproductive tricks on women and watching them squirm."[9]

What mindless lunacy! Maguire's statement about "cruel reproductive tricks" conjures up a vision of God somehow 'zapping' women into being pregnant at random, while insanely laughing the whole time. This is typical of RCAR and CFFC: Everyone else is at fault, but they disown any and all responsibility for their own sexual misadventures.

Every Catholic knows (or should know) that abortion is an excommunicable offense.

The Truth, Please.

The position of the Catholic Church on abortion could not be clearer. Only a person who is willfully blinding himself or herself to the facts could make the ridiculous claim that there is 'room for a diversity of opinion' within the Catholic Church on abortion.

The church not only does not want to change its teaching on abortion it absolutely cannot change its teaching, because this critical issue deals with fundamental questions of faith, morals, and ethics.

Those 'Catholic' abortophiles who are waiting for a change will be waiting for a very long time indeed.

Canon 2350, promulgated in 1917, states that all who procure abortion shall be automatically excommunicated.

Canon Law Number 1398 states, quite simply, in Latin and English;

Qui abortum procurat, effectu secuto, in excommunicationem, latae sententiae, incurrat.

"Those who successfully abort a living human fetus bring on themselves instant excommunication."

Abortum procurat means anyone who works to kill a human fetus in any manner at all. This may be the boyfriend or husband who drives the mother to the abortion mill, pays for the abortion in full or in part, or even advises that abortion may be an option in her case.

Latae sententiae means that the person brings instant excommunication upon themselves with their act. No solemn pronouncement need be made by the Church or a Bishop or priest, and no one else need even know about the abortion. For automatic excommunication to take place, the woman must know that she is pregnant and must freely choose abortion. At the moment the woman's child dies, she is cut off from all the Sacraments completely, and cannot return unless she sincerely repents and makes a good confession. This sanction also applies to the abortionist, attending nurse or counselor, and anyone else who assists in the abortion. This is why Mary Ann Sorrentino, a "Catholic" who administered a Planned Parenthood abortuary in Rhode Island, was publicly informed of her excommunication. Keep in mind that Rome or the Bishop did not excommunicate her, nor did any priest; she excommunicated herself.

It is important to note here that the woman must be fully knowledgeable of her act. She may using the birth control pill, intra-uterine device (IUD), NORPLANT, or some other abortifacient. Since many women are completely unaware of the abortifacient effects of these devices and drugs, they would not generally be liable to excommunication.

Effectu secuto means that the excommunication takes place only if the abortion is completed.

In spite of this crystal-clear teaching, a 'Catholics' for a Free Choice brochure entitled "You Are Not Alone" asserts that; "If you carefully examine your conscience and then decide that an abortion is the most moral act you can do at this time, you're not committing a sin. Therefore, you're not excommunicated. Nor need you tell it in confession since, in your case, abortion is not a sin."

Isn't that special? Now, if you are a man who decides that "Rape is the most moral act you can do at this time," you're OK too.

Right, CFFC?

Its Membership and Funding.

Before being embarrassed into becoming a non-membership group, CFFC 'boasted' about 3,500 members, or less than 1/10,000 of the total Catholic church membership of 55 million. Yet RCAR does not mention the 99.99+ percent of Catholics who are not members of 'Catholics' for a Free Choice.

It is very interesting that CFFC derives only about $5,000 annually from its $15 dues. This means that it has an actual paying membership of about 300. The vast majority of its quarter-million dollar budget is extracted from organizations whose philosophies directly contradict those of the Catholic Church.[6]

For example, CFFC's biggest source of funds is the Sunnen Foundation, which manufactures Emko contraceptive foam and which poured money into funding the litigation that led to the Roe v. Wade decision. Sunnen's director has labeled the Catholic Church as "detrimental to the world," and has demanded that the Church should be forced by law to change its beliefs regarding abortion[10] (more good "pro-choice" philosophy)!

What better way to undermine the moral teachings of this "detriment" than to fund loud CFFC stooges?

CFFC is also heavily funded by the Brush Foundation, founded by a eugenicist friend of Margaret Sanger, and the Ford Foundation, which donates more than $10 million annually to pro-abortion population control groups.

Most interestingly, the Playboy Foundation has poured tens of thousands of dollars into CFFC coffers.

Joseph O'Rourke, an early CFFC activist, revealed the real reason that the organization even exists: "CFFC really was just kept alive for years because the mainline pro-choice movement wanted a Catholic voice."[11]

Mission: To Neutralize the Catholic Church.

CFFC mirrors the broader mission of its parent organization, RCAR, by attempting to disable the most dangerous potential opponent to abortion "rights" in America: The Roman Catholic Church.

Frances Kissling, director of CFFC, summarized the group's mission when she said that "What we are doing is telling Catholics they can no longer remain silent. It's essentially time to tell the bishops to get out of this."[12]

To this end, CFFC organized and funded the (in)famous October 7, 1984 New York Times advertisement entitled "A Catholic Statement on Pluralism and Abortion." All but four CFFC members later recanted their positions publicly, thereby displaying for all to see the shallowness of their courage and commitment to abortion "rights."

CFFC is certainly not above ridiculing the beliefs of the Church it so loudly insists that it represents. For example, its first public act was to crown Patricia McQuillan, the local National Organization for Women (NOW) chapter head, as "Her Holiness Pope Patricia the First" on the steps of St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City. This act was to celebrate the first anniversary of the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision.[7]

This was a significant victory for CFFC, because the Catholic Church (with the notable exception of the New York Archdiocese) did not react in the slightest. When the rank-and-file membership of the Church sees various fools ridiculing its beliefs with impunity, they begin to wonder how committed the Bishops are to their teaching authority, and this attitude contributes to the paralysis of the laity regarding abortion and other critical matters involving sexual ethics artificial contraception, divorce, and homosexuality, to name a few.

Are They Even Catholic?

CFFC members claim with straight faces that they are "Catholics in good standing," while simultaneously ignoring teachings of the Church that do not fit in with their lifestyles.

Imagine, if you will, a person who joins the Army and then chooses what regulations to follow (only the easy ones), and which he will not follow (because they are personally distasteful to him). This person does not wear the uniform (too conformist), will not salute officers (too slavish), and detests manual labor and work details. This person also refuses to even touch a gun because he is a pacifist.

How long would this person last in the Army? Not very long, because he would be immediately court-martialled and jailed or discharged! The same is true of members of 'Catholics' for a Free Choice. Many or most of them are former Catholic women who have had abortions themselves and have thus excommunicated themselves. Instead of repenting and returning to the Sacraments, these women stupidly insist that the Church is wrong and they are right!

Talk about the essence of arrogance!

They are driven by guilt and hate to band together with others of their contemptible ilk to try to bury their feelings in pro-abortion action.

Since these CFFC members have been excommunicated from the Church, they have absolutely no right or authority to tell real Catholics how they should think and act.

For further information on the automatic excommunication of those who have procured or assisted in abortion, see Chapter 43, "Catholic Church Position on Abortion."

Catholics or Witches?

CFFC has never in the slightest way resembled anything Catholic. The group likes to chant "If men became pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament." In support of this drivel, CFFC has already made abortion into a witchcraft-like 'sacrament!' A CFFC brochure entitled "You Are Not Alone" includes two 'liturgies' for women who are going to kill their children;[13]

• The first 'liturgy' is designed to make a woman feel good about the inevitable decision to abort (and there, of course, IS no question that she will abort, none at all). She is to play some soothing background music and "light a candle, absorb its power, and pray." Then she must imagine herself in ten years (a) with a child and (b) without a child. Then she talks about her feelings with an assistant and sings a song entitled "i found god in myself." Then she does something "nice for herself" after the exhausting ordeal of deciding to abort.

• Then, of course, there is a 'liturgy' for all of those Good Catholic Women who decide that abortion is the Most Moral Thing For Them To Do. The 'liturgy' "affirms that a woman has made a good and holy decision [to abort]." Then the 'celebrant' and her friends chant the following stomach-turning, self-indulgent prayer; "Praised be you, Mother and Father God, that you have given your people the power of choice. We are saddened that the life circumstances of (aborting woman's name) are such that she has had to choose to terminate her pregnancy. We affirm her and support her in her decision."

The 'celebrants' at the 'liturgy' may express their 'sorrow' by "sprinkling flower petals, or sharing dried flowers."

Perhaps a small vial of crocodile tears, obtained at the nearest Wicca outlet, would be more appropriate?

It is significant indeed that CFFC doesn't bother to include a 'liturgy' for women who decide to keep their babies. This, after all, is the essence of 'pro-choice' there is really only one choice, and that is to abort.

What charlatans!

Frances Kissling: "Cardinal of Death."

Frances Kissling is the longtime director of 'Catholics' for a Free Choice, and this position suits her morality and theology perfectly. No more ideal person could possibly be found to direct CFFC.

Kissling, who likes to mention her background as a nun (conveniently 'forgetting' to mention that she quit the Sisters of St. Joseph after only six months), boasts about shacking up with men, states that she would have an abortion if she got pregnant, and says that she was neutered in 1978 (the Catholic Church also teaches that sterilization is a mortal sin).[14]

She co-founded the National Abortion Federation (NAF, the abortionist's trade union) and worked as a highly-placed official of the International Projects Assistant Services, whose specialty is subverting the law in foreign countries and setting up illegal abortion clinics in contravention to local beliefs and customs.[14]

Kissling also helped establish illegal abortion clinics in Mexico and Italy, and directed two New York abortion mills (the Eastern Women's Center and the Pelham Medical Group, which, she boasts, killed 13,000 unborn babies every year) during the time period 1970 to 1973.[15] These acts automatically excommunicated her, just as Mary Ann Sorrentino was thrown out of the Church for running a Rhode Island Planned Parenthood abortion mill.

Kissling, by her wide range of pro-abortion actions, has committed enough grave sin to excommunicate herself a thousand times. She starkly revealed her totally pro-abortion worldview and her hatred of the Church she claims as her own when she said "The Catholic religion makes the fetus into an icon, a figure of religious veneration, which I think is sick, really sick."[14]

Despite the fact that sexual behavior is mentioned in Scripture more than any other kind of behavior, Kissling blindly asserted that "I don't think God cares very much about our sexual activity."[14]

Yes, Kissling is the perfect director for CFFC.

Typical CFFC Propaganda.

CFFC fully lives down to the incredibly low standards set for it by RCAR. Nowhere is this more apparent than in its propaganda.

The utility of a "Catholic" front organization for pornographers and abortionists is obvious. The propaganda is laughable to one who is familiar with the issues, but may be persuasive to the average (or unthinking) Catholic.

For example, defrocked priest Daniel Maguire wrote an astonishingly bald essay entitled "A Catholic Theologian Visits an Abortion Clinic," which appeared in the December 1984 issue of Ms. Magazine. This rote piece described how terribly frightening and violent abortion protesters were, how lovely and caring all abortion clinic workers are, and how the dismembered baby he held in his hands was "... not a person or a candidate for baptism." Every woman who gets an abortion is liberated by the act, and there is no such thing as a dead baby. This essay is so obvious in its intent that is has been reproduced and distributed by virtually every major pro-life group in the country as a teaching tool about pro-abortion propaganda, and several pro-lifers have written parodies of it.

Kissling, her in best "Abortion Is Not The Issue" style, summed up the CFFC position (which is identical for all pro-abortion groups), when she said (drum roll, please); "It's not the abortion issue that's at question. The question is: How do we get the Church to acknowledge that women can be trusted to make good decisions? That is what we are trying to do on the abortion issue, to trust women."[14]

CFFC, being composed of typical pro-aborts, finds it quite easy to use lies and distortions. One of its flyers trumpets;


Anyone who sees this unexplained statement assumes that 77% of all American Catholics believe in abortion as it is, i.e., no restrictions whatever. But what CFFC leaves out is that the 1980 Gallup Poll referred to by the asterisk (*) breaks down as follows;

* 23% of all American Catholics believe that abortion is wrong, even to save the life of the mother, and

* 77% of all American Catholics are distributed among all other attitudes, i.e., a single exception for the life of the mother; another exception for rape and incest, or all the way to no restrictions whatever.

In other words, if you are a Catholic pro-lifer who believes that abortion should be allowed only to save the life of the mother (as most pro-lifers do), then you are among the "77% of American Catholics who believe in abortion rights!"

This would mean that even the Pope is 'pro-choice!'

The above Gallup Poll is flawed in that it includes many Catholics who do not even practice their faith so-called "cafeteria Catholics."

A more comprehensive poll of more than 12,000 American Catholics who do practice their faith, performed by Thomas Sweetser, S.J., showed the true Catholic position toward abortion;

* 61% believe abortion should be illegal;

* 25% were unsure or said it depends on the circumstances; and

* a mere 10% said abortion should be legal under all circumstances.

Of course, CFFC's (in)famous $32,000 New York Times advertisement proclaiming that Good Catholics Can Still Choose Abortion was filled with the usual tissue of lies and misinformation. The ad stated that Catholic theologians stood for a variety of positions regarding abortion. CFFC surveyed 2,000 Catholic scholars and theologians. The results of its own poll shows that the CFFC-style pro-aborts are a tiny minority;


Total surveys mailed:                                      2,000 (100%)
Responses:                                                       498   (25%)
   Abortion is unacceptable:                               364   (73%)
   Abortion as it legally stands
      now is acceptable:                                         30    (6%)
   Other answers or 'not sure:'                            104  (21%)

Reference: Pete Sheehan. "'Pro-Choice Catholics:' What Do They Want?" Catholic Twin Circle, June 25, 1989, pages 4 to 9.

Once again, CFFC's own polls show it to be in a tiny minority: In this case, only six percent!

Using Force to Compel Support.

The members of RCAR and CFFC are typical pro-abortionists. They prattle endlessly on about conscience and 'freedom to choose,' but when it comes right down to it, they are simply dictators who want to force everyone else to support abortion. It is not enough that their opponents be reduced to sullen, glowering silence they must be forced to applaud and support abortion wholeheartedly!

Why else would RCAR and CFFC demand total public funding of abortion?

Sometimes the actions taken by these groups goes far beyond what is reasonable or decent by any standards, and descends to the level of trying to coerce real Christians into actually working for them. Such an incident recently occurred in Vermont, and details came to light during the litigation Paquette v. Regal Art Press.

In early 1990, a Vermont Catholic couple who ran a private printing press, Regal Art, refused to print membership forms for the state chapter of 'Catholics' for a Free Choice (CFFC). Chuck and Susan Baker said that they refused because CFFC lies about Catholic teaching regarding abortion and contraception.[16]

Linda Paquette, a member of Vermont CFFC (VCFC), whimpered that she was "bewildered" by the Bakers' refusal, since VCFC "promotes freedom of conscience" and "tolerance."[16]

Paquette could easily have taken her business to any other printer, but she was apparently driven to punish the Bakers because they were pro-life. Hypocritically ignoring the Bakers' "freedom of conscience," Paquette, showing a complete lack of "tolerance," complained to the Vermont Human Rights Commission, which threatened the Bakers with a $10,000 fine and a lawsuit for compensatory and punitive damages. The charge? "Religious discrimination!"

The Commission's Investigative Report of July 11, 1990 found that businesses " ... cannot deny services to individuals based on religious doctrine ... even if the result has the effect of curtailing the ... free exercise of the owner's religious beliefs."[16]

Perhaps most incredibly, the Vermont chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which alleges that it champions free speech, agreed to prosecute the Bakers for exercising their 'freedom to choose!'

Note that this couple ran a private printing press. They received no government money, and were not a tax-deductible charity. In other words, they were a private small business but they were being forced into printing material that violated their religious beliefs!

This silliness leads one to speculate what action the Vermont Human Rights Commission would take if a Jewish printer refused to print flyers for the White Aryan Resistance or for any other overtly racist group.

The answer to that question should be obvious.

The Religious Coalition for Babies' Rights.

Pro-Life Churches.

Naturally, RCAR wants the public to be totally ignorant of the existence of the much larger body of pro-life church members, who could be referred to as the Religious Coalition for Babies' Rights.

The church with the largest membership in the United States, the Roman Catholic Church (54,800,000), opposes baby-killing for any reason. Of the 13 major subdivisions of the Baptist Church, totalling about 6,500,000 members, only the American Baptist Church in the USA and the tiny Seventh Day Baptist General Conference take a 'free choice' position. And even the American Baptists are now backing away from 'free choice.'

Of the 10 major subdivisions of the Lutheran Church, seven are totally opposed to baby-killing, one allows abortion to save the life of the mother, one takes no position on the issue, and one allows abortion without limitation.

RCAR forgets to mention that the Amish, the Apostolic Christian Church of America, the Evangelical Free Church of America, Islam, Jehovah's Witnesses, the Rabbinical Alliance of America, Rabbinical Council of America, the United Orthodox Rabbis of the United States and Canada, and more than 100 other major denominations are totally opposed to abortion for even rape and incest, as shown in the summary figures of Chapter 42, "Church Positions on Abortion." As far as RCAR is concerned, all of these churches don't exist in their bloody, untidy little universe.


The comparison between the sizes of the active memberships of pro-abortion churches and pro-life churches are depicted in Figure 80-2.


                                                                                                              of All
Position Regarding Abortion     Denominations     Membership    Members

Pro-life (exception for
   mother's life only)                                  152             119,312,000           76
Pro-life (exceptions for mother's
   life and rape and incest)                           22                8,904,200             6

Totals for pro-life churches                       174            128,216,200           82

Neutral on abortion                                    14                   712,000             1
Pro-abortion churches                                44              26,799,500           17

ORGANIZATIONS                               232            155,727,700         100

NOTES. This table summarizes the information contained in Figures 42-4, 42-5, and 42-6 of Chapter 42, "Church Positions on Abortion." The definition of "church membership" follows United States Census Bureau parameters. Membership in Christian churches is defined as all adults and children and the estimated number of other regular participants who are not considered as confirmed or full members. Estimates of Jewish memberships are generally made by local Jewish federations, and are usually made by multiplying the number of member families by the average family size, and therefore may include some non-Jews who are family members.

The pro-abortionists are constantly waving their bogus public opinion polls in our faces and telling us that, since a majority of Americans favor abortion, the issue is settled: Abortion is right and moral.

If we apply this same logic to the positions of religious denominations regarding abortion, the pro-abortion churches turn out to be just a "small and vocal minority." Figure 80-2 shows that pro-aborts constitute only about one-fifth of all churchgoers. And RCAR represents about one tenth of all churchgoers!

Therefore, in the religious realm at least, the issue is settled: Abortion is wrong and immoral to followers of the Old and New Testament God!

Of course, the RCAR's member groups almost universally also support the 'freedom to choose' homosexuality, adultery, and fornication, all of which are explicitly condemned in Scripture. Many RCAR members insist that "God doesn't care about our sexuality," despite literally hundreds of Bible quotations to the contrary. In fact, the RCAR philosophy is generally so far removed from Christianity that it represents more of a quasi-Buddhist pseudo-religion.

Whatever dogma RCAR clings to, it certainly isn't Christianity.

For more detailed information on the positions of the 185 major American churches on abortion, see Chapter 42, "Church Positions on Abortion."

RCAR: Partners With Pornographers.

It is interesting indeed that the 'Religious' Coalition for Abortion Rights has accepted large sums of money from the Playboy Foundation. This fact has been confirmed by Ellen Kirby, Assistant General Secretary, Section of Christian Social Relations, Women's Division of the United Methodist Church, in a March 1986 letter to the National Federation for Decency.[17]

The amount given to RCAR by porn kings was at least $15,000 in 1983.[11] It is curious that a group that boasts of 'standing up for women's rights' would accept money from Hugh Hefner, whose life and fortune are based entirely upon exploiting and degrading women.

But perhaps we should not be so hasty in condemning RCAR for accepting money from pornographers. After all, there is more consistency here than first meets the eye. Does not abortion exploit and degrade women as well?

When questioned about this funding, Frances Kissling, executive director of 'Catholics' for a Free Choice, caused chuckles all over the country with her unintentional humor. She said that "I've never felt that by taking money from someone indicates that we support them." However, she stated that CFFC would never accept money from Hustler magazine, because, as she put it, "There are boundaries of good taste."[18]

Indeed there are, and RCAR and CFFC dwell permanently beyond them. Perhaps the publishers of Hustler magazine did not want to degrade their images by offering money to RCAR and CFFC.

RCAR's Former Logo.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of RCAR is its former trademark, a juxtaposition of the Menorah and the Christian cross, purportedly symbolizing "The unity of purpose of the Coalition." The organization's former logo (used in all of RCAR's publications until it was wisely streamlined in 1991), rests on three vertical bars that, inappropriately for RCAR, allegedly represent an "active intellect."

Look closely at this symbol, and you will see at the very heart of it A SWASTIKA. Such symbolism for a tiny bunch of loud renegades who are dedicated to perpetuating the New Holocaust could not be more appropriate.



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Further Reading: 'Religious' Coalition for Abortion Rights.

Roy Howard Beck. On Thin Ice
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Institute on Religion and Democracy. 
Those Christians who are fed up with the decaying Humanism being dished out by their churches will be glad to hear that there exists a clearinghouse dealing with information on national and local Protestant and other renewal groups, including United Methodist Good News, Presbyterian Lay Committee, and Episcopal Renewal Ministries. Write to; Institute on Religion and Democracy, 1331 H Street NW, Suite 900, Washington, DC 20005.

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'Religious' Coalition for Abortion Rights. 
To obtain excellent examples of subtle propaganda created by masters of infiltration, subversion, and confusion, write to the 'Religious' Coalition for Abortion Rights. Request a catalog from RCAR, 100 Maryland Boulevard NE, Washington, DC 20002, and ask for sample literature.

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