Regina Coeli: Beatification of John Paul II

Author: Pope Benedict XVI

Regina Coeli: Beatification of John Paul II

Pope Benedict XVI

Regina Coeli, Pope Benedict XVI, Rome, 1 May 2011

Following the Mass in which Pope Benedict XVI beatified Pope John Paul II, he led the assembly in praying the Regina Coeli and greeted the English-speaking pilgrims.

I greet the English-speaking visitors present at today’s Mass. In a particular way I welcome the distinguished civil authorities and representatives of the world’s nations who join us in honouring Blessed John Paul II. May his example of firm faith in Christ, the Redeemer of Man, inspire us to live fully the new life which we celebrate at Easter, to be icons of divine mercy, and to work for a world in which the dignity and rights of every man, woman and child are respected and promoted. Trusting in his prayers, I cordially invoke upon you and your families the peace of the Risen Saviour![Vatican Press Office]

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