Reading List

Author: Kevin Clark


Seton Home Study School


5 - 7
5 - 7
4 - 6
4 - 7
4 - 7
4 - 7
5 - 7
5 - 7
4 - 7
4 - 6
5 - 7
4 - 7
5 - 7
5 - 7
5 - 7
5 - 7
4 - 7
5 - 7
4 - 6
6 - 7
5 - 7
4 - 6
4 - 5
4 - 6
4 - 7
5 - 7
5 - 7
5 - 7
4 - 6
4 - 6
5 - 7
4 - 6
5 - 7
4 - 6
4 - 6
3 - 5
4 - 6
5 - 7
4 - 6
3 - 5
5 - 7
4 - 6
3 - 6
4 - 6
5 - 7
4 - 6
5 - 7
4 - 6
5 - 7
4 - 7
6 - 7
6 - 7
5 - 7
4 - 6
6 - 7
5 - 7


Gunther, J.
Brown, S
Syme, R.
Boylston, H.
Shippen, K.
Clapp, P.
Daugherty, J.
Garst, S.
Garst, S.
Syme, R.
Sperry, A.
Syme, R.
Holbrook, S.
Reynolds, Q.
Latham, J.
North, S.
Beckhard, A.
Latman, J.
Jewett, S.
Daugherty, J.
Campion, N.
Syme, R.
Fisher, A.
Sperry, A.
Syme, R.
Commager, H. S.
McNeer, M.
Archer, J.
Israel, C.
Kjelgaard, J.
Bishop, C.
Wheeler, O.
Silverberg, E.
Buehr, W.
Kelly, R.
Politi, L.
O'Connor, R.
Syme, R.
Syme, R.
Syme, R.
Graham, S.
North, St.
Reynolds, Q.
Snedeker, C. D.
Sperry, A.
Spyri, J.
Steele, W.
Steele, W.
Street, J.
Tolkien, J. R.
Tunis, J. R.
Wibberly, L.
Wier, Ester.
Wilder, L. I.
Wojciechowska, M.
Wyss, J. D.


Alexander the Great
Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys
Balboa, Finder of the Pacific
Clare Barton, Founder of the American Red Cross
Mr. Bell Invents the Telephone
Dr. Elizabeth: The Story of the First Woman Doctor
Daniel Boone
James Bowie and his Famous Knife
Jim Bridger, Greatest of the Mountain Men
Chaplain of the St. Lawrence
The Voyage of Christopher Columbus
Captain Cook Pacific Explorer
Davy Crockett
Custer's Last Stand
The Man They Called a Pirate
Young Thomas Edison
Albert Einstein
Anchors Aweigh: The Story of D.G. Farragut
God's Troubadour, the Story of St. Francis of Assisi
Poor Richard (Benjamin Franklin)
Patrick Henry, Firebrand of the Revolution
Henry Hudson
Jeanne d'Arc (St. Joan of Arc)
John Paul Jones
La Salle of the Mississippi
America's Robert E. Lee
America's Abraham Lincoln
Front Line General, Douglas McArthur
Five Ships West: The Story of
Explorations of Pere Marquette
Martin de Porres, Hero (saint)
Mozart, the Wonder Boy
 John Muir, Prophet Among the (naturalist)
The World of Marco Polo
The World of Paul Revere
The Mission Bell: Father Junipero Serra
Sitting Bull: War Chief of the
John Smith of Virginia
De Soto, Finder of the Mississippi
Amerigo Vespucci, Scientist and Sailor
Booker T. Washington
George Washington
The Wright Brothers: Pioneers of American Aviation
Downright Dencey (Quaker girl in 19th century)
Call it Courage (Polynesian boy facing dangers)
The Perilous Road (Civil War Story)
Winter Danger (Pioneer Story)
Good-bye, My Lady (A boy and his dog in Mississippi)
The Hobbit (A Fairy Tale)
Silence Over Dunkerque (A war story)
Flint's Island (Pirate story)
The Loner (Boy shepherd in Montana)
Little House in the Big Woods
Shadow of a Bull (Boy faces a bullfight)
Swiss Family Robinson (Adventures on an island)


Short Story Collections:

Hans Christian Anderson
     Fairy Tales (Different Editions for different ages.)

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
     Boy's Sherlock Holmes; Tales of Sherlock Holmes 6 - 7.

Washington Irving
     Rip Van Winkle, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and other tales. 4 - 6.

Rudyard Kipling
     The Jungle Book 4 - 6.
     Just So Stories, 3 - 6.

Donald Sobol
     Encyclopedia Brown. 3 - 5. (humorous mystery stories)

Collective Biographies:

Asimov, I.              Breakthroughs in Science.                              5 - 7
Benet, L.                Famous Poets for Young People.                   5 - 7
Daugherty, S.        Ten Brave Men (American Heroes).                5 - 7
Davis, B.                Heroes of the American Revolution.              5 - 7
Hume, R.               Great Men of Medicine.                                  4 - 7
Kennedy, J. F.       Profiles in Courage.                                        5 - 7
Nathan, D.            Women of Courage.                                         4 - 6
Posell, E.               American Composers.                                     5 - 7
Steele, W.             Westward Adventures (pioneers)                     5 - 7

Poetry Collections:

Ferris, H.                Favorite Poems.                                            4 - 6
Hazeltime, A.          The Year Around.                                           4 - 7
Morrison, L.           Sprints and Distances (sports poetry).            5 - 7

Catholic Books:

These can be ordered from Daughters of St. Paul, 50 St. Paul Ave.
Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA 02130. A catalog can be obtained free of chrage.

Children of Fatima
Faces of Courage: St. Agnes, et al
57 Saints for Boys and Girls
Mary, Queen of Apostles
Saints for Young People for Every Day
St. Agnes
St. Bernadette
St. Germaine
St. Tarcisius
St. Teresa of Avila
African Triumph
Catherine of Sienna
Cheerful Warrior
Girl in the Stable
Mademoiselle Louise
Trailblazer for the Sacred Heart (Fr. Mateo)
Ahead of the Crowd (Dominic Savio)
Bells of Conquest (St. Bernard)
Boy with a Mission (Francesco of Fatima)
Conscience Game (Thomas More)
Country Road Home (John Vianney)
Fisher Prince (St. Peter)
Flame in the Night (Francis Xavier)
Footsteps of a Giant (Charles Borromeo)
Gentle Revolutionary (Francis of Assisi)
God's Secret Agent (Fr. Pro)
Mary's Pilgrim (St. Peregrine)
Music Master
Light in the Grotto (St. Bernadette)
Noble Lady (St. Helen)
Wind and Shadows (St. Joan of Arc)
The Great Hero (St. Paul)
Her Dream Came True (Imelda)
No Greater Love (Fr. Damien)
No Place for Defeat (Pius V)
Pillar in the Twilight (St. Thomas Aquinas)
Yes is Forever (Mother Theclo Merlo)

Junior High Level


Bagnold, E.
     National Velvet. Velvet wants to enter her horse in the Grand National race.

Benchley, N.
    Bright Candles. Danish resistance in World War II.

Bonham, F.
     Burma Rifles. Merrill's Maruaders in World War II.

Butler B.
     Light a Single Candle. Blind girl trains with a guide dog.

Cervantes, M.
     Adventures of Don Quixote. Humourous adventures of a Spanish Knight.

Chute, M.
     Innocent Wayfaring. Fourteenth century love story in England.

Cooper, J. F.
     Deerslayer.Young hunter brought up among Delaware Indians.

Cooper, J. F.
     Last of the Mohicans. Indian scout during French and Indian War.

Crane, S.
     Red Badge of Courage. Young boy experiences battle during Civil War.

Davies, V.
     Miracle on 34th Street.

Defoe, D.
     Robinson Crusoe. Hero is shipwrecked on an island and tries to survive.

Dickens, C.
     A Christmas Carol. The story of Scrooge.

Dickens, C.
     David Copperfield. David's adventures and unusual friends such as the Micawbers.

Dickens, C.
     Tale of Two Cities. Charles Darnay and Sydney Carton during the French Revolution.

Doyle, A. C.
    Hound of the Baskervilles. Sherlock Holmes and Watson, detectives.

Doyle, A. C.
    Study in Scarlet. Sherlock Holmes mystery.

Dumas, A.
     Count of Monte Cristo. Adventurous story of action and suspense, France, 1800's.

Dumas, A.
     The Three Musketeers. Exciting adventures of the Musketeers in France, 1600's.

Fast, H.
     April Morning. Fifteen-year-old boy involved in the Battle of Lexington.

Fife, D.
     North of Danger. Twelve-year-old boy in Norway during Nazi invasion.

Forbes, E.
     Johnny Tremain. Boy in Boston during excitement of the American Revolution.

Forbes, K.
    Mama's Bank Account. Humorous story of Norwegian-American family's adventure.

Freedman, B.
    Mrs. Mike. 16-year-old girl marries, adjusts to Canadian frontier life.

Gipson, F.
     Old Yeller. Old yellow dog and 14-year-old, frontier life in Texas.

Hilton, J.
     Good-bye Mr. Chips. English school boys having fun and learning from their teacher.

Hunt, I.
     Across Five Aprils. Family farm life during the Civil War.

Irving, W.
     Rip Van Winkle. Dutchman in America falls asleep, wakes up 20 years later.

James, W.
     Smoky, the Cow Horse. A cowpony and his adventures.

Keith, H.
     Rifles for Watie. Boy growing up during the Civil War.

Kelly, E.
     The Trumpeter of Krakow. Adventure and mystery in Poland.

Kipling, R.
     Kim. Adventures of an Irish orphan boy in India.

Lane, R. W.
     Let the Hurricane Roar. (new title: Young Pioneers). Frontier life in the Dakotas.

Latnam, J. L.
     This Dear-Bought Land. Boy in Jamestown colony struggling to survive.

Levitin, S.
     Roanoke. Young boy struggles for survival in the lost colony.

Lewis, C. S.
     The Horse and His Boy;
     The Last Battle;
     The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe;
     The Magicians Nephew;
     Out of the Silent Planet;
     Prince Caspian;
     The Silver Chair;
     The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Adventure stories, conflict of good and evil.

London, J.
     Call of the Wild. Problems of survival for a dog in Alaska.

London, J.
     Sea Wolf. Adventurous sea story.

London, J.
     White Fang. A Dog in Alaska trained to be a fighter, finally finds kindness.

O'Dell, S.
     The Black Pearl. Boy dives for pearls, though a giant ray lives in a nearby cave.

O'Dell, S.
     Island of the Blue Dolphins. Young girl survives alone on an island.

O'Hara, M.
     Green Grass of Wyoming. Adventure with horses on a ranch.

O'Hara, M.

O'Hara, M.
     My Friend Flicka.

Orwell, G.
     Animal Farm. Animals overtake the farm and run it themselves.

Pyle, H.
     Men of Iron. Young nobleman is knighted and fights his father's enemies.

Rawlings, M.
     The Yearling. Jodi adopts an orphan fawn for a pet.

Richter, C.
     Light in the Forest. Boy kidnapped and brought up by Indians, is suddenly reunited
     with his family.

Saint-Exupery, A.
     The Little Prince. Stories of the Prince and his experiences on other planets.

Schaefer, J.
     Shane. Stranger helps family in Wyoming fighting to stay on their land.

Scott, Sir W.
     Ivanhoe. Tournaments, fair ladies in distress, castles, knightly adventures.

Speare, E.
     Bronze Bow. Young Jewish rebel won over to the teachings of Jesus.

Speare, E.
     Calico Captive. Girl is captured by Indians and endures great hardships.

Steinbeck, J.
     The Pearl. The consequences of finding a great pearl for a man and his wife.

Steinbeck, J.
     The Red Pony. Jody on a California ranch and his first horse.

Stevenson. R. L.
     The Black Arrow. Swift-paced adventure of young soldier during the War of Roses.

Stevenson, R. L.
     Kidnapped. David, a cabin boy, fights off a villainous crew.

Stevenson, R. L.
     Treasure Island. Young Jim Hawkins and pirate Long John Silver seek treasure.

Swift, J.
     Gulliver's Travels. Gulliver visits land of little people, of giants, of horses. (edited for younger readers)

Tolkien, J. R. R.
     The Hobbit. Adventures in land of dwarfs, elves, goblins, and dragons.

Tolkien, J. R. R.
     Lord of the Rings.

Twain, M.
     Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Huck and runaway slave on raft floating down
     Mississippi River.

Twain, M.
     Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Tom's pranks in school, with Aunt Polly, and with Huck.

Twain, M.
     Prince and the Pauper. Boy-king of England changes places with a poor boy.

Ullman, J. R.
     Banner in the Sky. Boy's exciting struggle to climb the Alps.

Verne, J.
     Around the World in Eighty Days. Englishman makes a hasty, superhuman global

Verne, J.
     Journey to the Center of the Earth. Explorers go down the funnel of a volcano.

Verne, J.
     Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea. Scientists become prisoners in a

Wallace, L.
     Ben Hur. Escape from prison, search for revenge, miraculous cure by Jesus.

Wells, H. G.
     Time Machine;
     The Invisible Man;
     War of the Worlds; science fiction.

White, T. H.
     Sword in the Stone. Boy must be made worthy to become king.

Wibberly, L.
     John Treegate's Musket. Boy becomes involved in politics and military action of the
    American Revolution.

Short Story Collections:

Fenner, P.
     Brother against Brother. Stories of the War Between the States.

Doyle, A. C.
     Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

Hawthorne, N.
     Great Stone Face and other tales.

Henry, O.
     Complete Works of O. Henry

Kipling, R.
    Jungle Books.

London, J.
     Call of the Wild and other stories.

Fenner, P.
     No Time for Glory. Stories of WW II.

Poe, E. A.
     Tales of Mystery and Imagination.

Stevenson, R. L.
     Strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and other stories.

Wells, H. G.
     The Complete short stories of H. G. Wells.

Biographies: (Name of person about whom book is written is listed
first, then author and title.)

Adams, Samuel;
Chidsey, D.
     The World of Samuel Adams.

Allan, Ethan;
Holbrook, S.
     America's Ethan Allen.

Balboa, Vasco;
Mirsky, J.
    Balboa, Discoverer of the Pacific.

Barton, Clara;
Nolan, J.
     The Story of Clara Barton of the Red Cross.

Blackwell, Elizabeth;
Baker, R.
     First Woman Doctor.

Boone, Daniel;
Brown, J.
     Daniel Boone, the Opening of the Wilderness.

Braille, Louis;
De Gering, E.
     Seeing Fingers.

Carver, G. W.;
Holt, R.
     George Washington Carver.

Cody, William F.;
Garst, S.
     Buffalo Bill.

Crockett, Davy;
Shapiro, I.
     Yankee Thunder.

Custer, G. A.;
Reynolds, Q.
     Custer's Last Stand.

Earhart, Amelia;
Davis, B.
     Amelia Earhart.

Edison, Thomas.
North, S.
     Young Thomas Edison.

Einstein, Albert;
Freeman, M.
     The Story of Albert Einstein.

Faraday, Michael;
Sootin, H.
     Michael Farady, From Errand Boy to Master Physicist.

Franklin, Benjamin;
Benjamin Franklin,
     A Biography in His own Words.

Franklin, Benjamin;
Daughtery, J.
    Poor Richard.

Franklin, Benjamin;
American Heritage.
     The Many Worlds of Benjamin Franklin.

Geronimo, Apache Chief;
Wilson, C.

Gibson, Althea.
Gibson, A.
     I always wanted to be Somebody.

Gilbreath, Frank.
     Cheaper by the Dozen.

Goethals, G. W.;
Fast, H.
    Goethals and the Panama Canal.

Hamilton, A.;
Crouse, A.
     Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr.

Henson, Matthew;
Henry, M.
     A Negro explorer at the North Pole.

Houdini, Harry;
White, F.

Houston, Samuel;
Latham, J.
     Retreat to Glory.

Jackson, Andrew;
Coit, M.
     Andrew Jackson.

Jefferson, Thomas;
Wibberly, L.
     Man of Liberty.

Joan of Arc St.;
Paine, A.
     The Girl in White Armor.

Joseph, Nez Pirce, Chief;
Davis, R.
     Chief Joseph, War Chief.

LaSalle, Robert;
Syme, R.
     LaSalle of the Mississippi.

Leif, Ericson;
Shippen, K.
    Leif Ericson, First Voyager to America.

Leonardo da Vinci;
Horizon Magazine,
     Leonardo da Vinci.

Lincoln, A.;
American Heritage.
     Abraham Lincoln in Peace and War.

Lincoln, A.
Sandburg, C.
     Abraham Lincoln Grows Up.

Longfellow, H. W.;
Holberg, R.
     An American Bard.

Nelson, Horatio;
Horizon Magazine.
     Nelson and the Age of Fighting Sail.

Nightingale, Florence;
Hume, R.
     Florence Nightingale.

Polo, Marco;
Horizon Magazine.
     Marco Polo's Adventures in China.

Raleigh, S. Walter;
Fecher, C.
     The Last Elizabethan.

Revere, Paul;
Forbes, E.
     America's Paul Revere.

Roentgen, Wilhelm;
Grey. V.
     Roentgen Revolution: The Discovery of the X-Ray.

Roosevelt, Theodore;
American Heritage.
     Theodore Roosevelt.

Burt, O.
    Sacagawea (American Indian woman who helped Lewis and Clark Expedition)

Sequoya, Cherokee Indian;
Cambell, C. W.
    Sequoya (devised Indian alphabet).

Seton, Elizabeth Ann, Mother;
Power-Waters, A.
     Mother Seton, First American-born Saint.

Sitting Bull, Dakota Chief;
Garst, S.
     Sitting Bull, Champion of His People.

Tecumseh, Shawnee Chief;
Schraff, A.

Thorpe, James;
Schoor, G.
     The Jim Thorpe Story.

Trapp, Maria.
     The Story of the Trapp Family Singers.

Washington, Booker T;
Washington, B.T.,
     Up From Slavery.

Washington, George;
     American Heritage and the Making of a Nation.

Whitney, Eli;
Latham, J. L.
     The Story of Eli Whitney.


Bronte, Emily:
     Poems for Young Readers.

Burns, Robert:
     Hand in Hand We'll Go.

Carroll, Lewis:
     Poems of Lewis Carroll.

Stevenson, Robert L.
     Poems of Robert Louis Stevenson.

Tennyson, Alfred Lord:
     Poems of Alfred Lord Tennyson.

Tolkien, J. R. R.:
     The Adventures of Tom Bombadil.

Benet, Rosemary:
     A Book of Americans.

Dickinson, Emily:
     For Love of Her.

Frost, Robert:
     North of Boston.

Longfellow, H. W.:
     Poems of H. W. Longfellow.

Millay, Edna St. Vincent:
     Edna St.Vincent Millay: Poems selected for Young people.


Day, Clarence:
     Life with Father

Saint's Biographies from Daughters of St. Paul:

Doctor Luke, Beloved Physician
In Garments All Red (St. Maria Goretti)
The Legacy of St. Patrick
The Little Bishop (St. John Nuemann)
Mother Cabrini
Mother Seton
Saint of the Impossible (St. Rita)
St. Anthony of Padua
St. Fracis of Assisi
St. Gemma, the Passion Flower
St. Joan of Arc, Virgin-Soldier
St. Margaret Mary Alaoque
St. Martin de Porres
St. Pius X
St. Vincent de Paul
Story of Monica and Her Son Augustine
Village Priest Who Fought God's Battles: St. John Vianney (Cure of Ars)
Blessed James Salomoni.
Great Blackrobe: Father DeSmet
Hero of Molokai: Father Damien
Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha

High School Reading List


Austen, Jane
     Pride and Prejudice— humorous conflict between young lady and aristocrat.

Bellamy, Edward
     Looking Backward— the state is the Great Trust in this utopian story.

Benchley, Nathaniel
     Bright Candles— story of a boy in the Danish Resistance.

Benet, Stephen Vincent
     The Devil and Daniel Webster — the devil tries to buy a soul.

Benson, Robert Hugh
     Come Rack, Come Rope— matyrdom in the English reformation.
     The Light Invisible— God working in a soul.

Bernanos, George
     Diary of a Country Priest— a priest's difficult life in an out-of-the-way parish.

Boulle, Pierre
    The Bridge Over the River Kwai — resistance in a Japanese prison camp.

Bronte, Charlotte
     Jane Eyre — Jane lives among strange happenings at Thornfield manor.

Bronte, Emily
     Withering Heights — a wild tale of Heathcliff's revenge in Yorkshire moors.

Buck, Pearl
     Dragon Seed— Ling Tan's family trying to survive in Nanking during wartime.
     The Good Earth— a Chinese family tries to survive the war.

Bunyan, John
     The Pilgrim's Progress— the troubled journey of Christian.

Butler, Samuel
     Erewhon — citizens of a utopia who seek health and beauty.

Carroll, Gladys Hasty
     As the Earth Turns;

Cather, Willa
     Death Comes for the Archbishop;
     My Antonia;
     O Pioneers.

Chesterton, Gilbert Keith
     Manalive— marriage on trial;
     The Man Who was Thursday— a mad modern adventure.
     The Ball and the Cross— atheist and believer battle;
    The Napoleon of Notting Hill — man fights for his town;
     The Flying Inn— protest against unjust laws;
     The Father Brown mystery series;
     The Ballad of the White Horse— King Alfred and the Dan.

Cervantes, Miguel de
     Don Quixote— adventures and enchantments of a knight.

Collins, Wilkie
     The Moonstone;
     The Woman in White— mystery and detective stories.

Connolly, Miles
     Mr. Blue— a happy Catholic in the modern world.

Conrad, Joseph
     Lord Jim— analysis of a man considered a coward and a demi-god at same time.
     The Heart of Darkness (mature reader)

Cooper, James Fenimore
     The Deerslayer;
     The Last of the Mohicans;
     The Spy.

Costain, Thomas
     The Black Rose;
     The Silver Chalice.

Crane, Stephen
     The Red Badge of Courage— young Henry under fire in Civil War battle.

Cronin, A. J.
     The Citadel — ambitious doctor struggles for success.
     A Pocketful of Rye— young doctor finds his soul.
    The Keys of the Kingdom— memories of a missioner.

Defoe, Daniel
    Robinson Crusoe— hero's struggle to survive on island.

Del Castillo, Michel
     Child of Our Time — boy during the Spanish Civil War.

de Wohl, Louis
     The Quiet Light— Thomas Aquinas.
     The Last Crusader— Don John of Austria.

Dickens, Charle
     David Copperfield;
     Great Expectations;
     Oliver Twist;
     Tale of Two Cities.

Dostoevsky, Fyodor
     Crime and Punishment — psychological study of a murderer (mature reader).
     The Brothers Karamazov.

Douglas, Lloyd
     The Robe— influence of Christ's robe on young Roman Soldier.

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan
     The White Company — adventures in England during Hundred Years War.

Dudley, Owen Francis
     Will Men be Like Gods?;
     The Shadow on the Earth;
     The Masterful Monk;
     The Pageant of Life;
     The Coming of the Monster;
     The Tremaynes and the Masterful Monk.

Dumas, Alexandre
     The Black Tulip— love story in Netherlands in 1670's.
     The Three Musketeers;
     The Man in the Iron Mask;
     The Count of Monte Cristo.

Du Maurier, Daphne
     Rebecca— thrilling mystery for a young girl on Cornish estate.

Edmonds, Walter
     Drums Along the Mohawk — farmers struggling against British and Indians.

Eliot, George
     Silas Marner— lonely weaver finds a little girl who brings him happiness.
     The Mill on the Floss;
    Adam Bede.

Fast, Howard
     April Morning— 15-year-old Adam during the Battle of Lexington.

Ferber, Edna
     So Big— struggle of a woman who sees beauty even in hardship.

Forester, C. S.
     The African Queen;
     Captain Horatio Hornblower.

Glasgow, Ellen
     Barren Ground— Dorinda keeps her spirit as she farms her Virginia land.

Godden, Rumer
     In This House of Brede— story of a late vocation.

Goldsmith, Oliver
     The Vicar of Wakefield— misfortune comes to unselfish but vain vicar.

Hawthorne, Nathaniel
     The House of the Seven Gables;
     The Scarlet Letter.

Hemingway, Ernest
     The Old Man and the Sea— courage of an old man against monster marlin.

Hudson, William H.
     Green Mansions— a young man in Venezuela finds a mysterious woman.

Hugo, Victor
     Les Miserables— relentless pusuit of a criminal.
     The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Jackson, Helen Hunt
    Ramona— struggles of a young girl and her Indian husband in California.

James, Henry
     The Turn of the Screw— two children haunted by evil spirits.

Jewett, Sarah
     The Country of the Pointed Firs— characters adventures in Maine seaport.

Kipling, Rudyard
     Kim — adventure in British India;
     Captains Courageous— spoiled boy grows up in a hurry.

Lane, Rose Wilder
     Young Pioneers— (formerly, Let the Hurricane Roar) — hardships of pioneers.

Lewis, C. S.
     Out of the Silent Planet — journey to Mars fantasy
     Perelandra — space trilogy;
     That Hideous Strength;
     The Great Divorce— the difference between heaven and hell;
     Screwtape Letters  — a demon's plan for corruption.

Llewellyn, Richard
     How Green Was My Valley— various problems among coal miners in Wales.

London, Jack
     The Sea-Wolf— couple aboard a ship ruled by Wolf, ruthless sea captain.

Manzoni, Alessandro
     The Betrothed.

Melville, Herman
     Moby Dick— outer adventure and inner struggles of Captain Ahab and whale.

Michener, James
     Bridges at Toko-ri— men of the Navy in Korean War.

Mitchell, Margaret
     Gone With the Wind— forceful Scarlett O'Hara during the Civil War struggle.

Nordhoff and Hall
     Mutiny on the Bounty— Bounty trilogy;
     Men Against the Sea— Bligh returns to England;
     Pitcairn's Island — mutineers find trouble in paradise.

Orwell, George
     Animal Farm— animals take over the farm and run it themselves.

Pasternak, Boris
     Doctor Zhivago— difficulties of being a Russian (mature readers).

Paton, Alan
     Cry, the Beloved Country— human suffering caused by racial prejudice in S. Africa.

Peck, Robert Newton
     Fawn — French-Mohawk boy at Battle of Ticonderoga.

Remarque, Erich Maria
     All Quiet on the Western Front— German private in the trenches.

Richter, Conrad
     The Light in the Forest;
     The Town— white boy brought up by Indians.

Roberts, Kenneth
     The Northwest Passage — Major Rogers leads expedition during Fr. and Indian

Rolvaag, D. E.
     Giants in the Earth— adventure and loneliness of woman in Dakotas.

Sabatini, Rafael
     Captain Blood— exciting adventures of pirates.

Schaefer, Jack
     Shane— stranger helps family to keep land from evildoers.

Scott, Sir Walter
     Kenilworth— Queen Elizabeth and the Earl of Leicester.
     Ivanhoe — adventures of a virtuous knight.

Sienkiewicz, Henryk
     Quo Vadis?— Roman noble struggles between Christianity and paganism.
     With Fire and Sword — historical Poland;
     The Deluge— historical Poland;
     The Little Knight— historical Poland.

Solzhenitsyn, Alexander
     One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich— prisoner in slave labor camp. (mature

Steinbeck, John
    The Pearl.

Tolkien, J. R. R.
     The Hobbit;
     The Fellowship of the Ring— trials of the ring-bearer;
     The Two Towers— in evil Mordor;
     The Return of the King— the triumph of the good king.

Twain, Mark
     St. Joan of Arc— a masterful telling of Joan's tale.

Undset, Sigrid
    Kristin Lavransdatter — medieval Catholic Norway.

von Le Fort, Gertrude
     The Song at the Scaffold— martydom of Carmelite nuns in the French Revolution.

Walker, Mildred
     Winter Wheat — Ellen comes to understand her parents on farm in Montana.

Waught, Evelyn
     Brideshead Revisited— finding faith in the English aristocracy.

Werfel, Franz
     The Song of Bernadette— Lourdes.

West, Jessamyn
     The Friendly Persuasion— adventures of Quakers in Indiana.

White, Robb
     Deathwatch — Ben's slow battle against vicious Madec and the wilderness.

White, T. H.
     The Once and Future King — adventures of King Arthur.

Wilder, Thornton
     The Bridge of San Luis Rey— secret lives of five victims of accident.

Wouk, Herman
     The Caine Mutiny — suspense and terror of boy on ship. (Mature readers).

Stories by
     Anton Chekhov,
     Stephen Crane,
     Sir Arthur Conan Doyle,
     G. K. Chesterton,
     Phyllis Fenner (editor),
     O. Henry,
     Jack London,
     Guy de Maupassant,
     H. H. Munro,
     Edgar Allan Poe,
     Robert Louis Stevenson,
     Mark Twain,
     H. G. Wells.


Gerard Manley Hopkins — a Jesuit who revolutionized modern poetry.
Francis Thompson — a visionary and other worldly English poet.
Coventry Patmore — poetry of marital fidelity and love.
T.S. Eliot — clear criticism of modern corruption and emptiness.


Andrews, Joan
    I Will Never Forget You

Athanasius, St.
    The Life of St. Anthony

Augustine, St.

Bede, Venerable
    A History of the English Church and People

Belloc, Hilaire
    The Path to Rome
     Europe and the Faith
     Characters of the Reformation
     How the Reformation Happened

Benson, Robert Hugh
     Christ in the Church

Bligh, William
    The Mutiny on Board H.M.S. Bounty

Brown, Dee Bury
    My Heart at Wounded Knee

Brownson, Orestes
    The Spirit-Rapper: An Autobiography

Burton, Katherine
     Sorrow Built a Bridge
     The Great Mantle
     Witness of the Light

Carrel, Alexis
     Man the Unknown

Carroll, Warren
     Isabel of Spain: The Catholic Queen
     1917: Red Banners, White Mantle
     Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Conquest of Darkness
     The Guillotine and the Cross

Chesterton, Gilbert Keith
     The Everlasting Man
     St. Francis of Assisi
     St. Thomas Aquinas
     The Catholic Church and Conversion

Columbus, Christopher
    Four Voyages to the New World

de Caussade, Jean-Pierre
    Abandonment to Divine Providence

DeMarco, Donald
     The Anesthetic Society

Derrick, Christopher
    That Strange Divine Sea

de Tocqueville, Alexis
    Democracy in America

     Ecclesiastical History

Francis de Sales, St.
    Introduction to the Devout Life

Francis of Assisi, St.,
    The Little Flowers of St. Francis

Frank, Anne
    Diary of a Young Girl

Franklin, Benjamin

Frossard, Andre
    Forget Not Love (Maximilian Kolbe)

Howard, Thomas
     Christ the Tiger

Ignatius Loyola, St.

Ignatius of Antioch, St.

Irving, Washington
    Life of Columbus
     Life of George Washington

Jaki, Stanley
    Miracles and Physics
     Catholic Essays
     The Virgin Birth and the Birth of Science
     The Keys of the Kingdom
     Scientist and Catholic: Pierre Duhem

Janaro, John
     Fishers of Men

Jerome, St.
    On Famous Men

John of the Cross,
     St. Dark Night of the Soul

Jorgensen, Johannes
    St. Bridget of Sweden
     St. Catherine of Siena

Joseph, Chief of the Nez Perce
     I Will Fight No More Forever

Knox, Ronald
     A Spiritual Aeneid
     The Belief of Catholics

Krason, Stephen M.
     Catholic Makers of America

Kreeft, Peter
     Making Sense of Suffering
     C.S. Lewis: A Critical Essay

Larkin, Dennis
     A Walk to Rome

Lewis, C.S.
     Mere Christianity
     The Abolition of Man
     The Problem of Pain
     The Four Loves

Louis de Montfort, St.
     True Devotion to Mary

Lunn, Arnold
     A Saint in the Slave Trade: Peter Claver

Margaret Mary Alacoque, St.

Martin, Ralph
     A Crisis of Truth

Meynell, Alice

Newman, John Henry
    Apologia Pro Vita Sua
     The Idea of a University

O'Connor, Flannery
     A Habit of Being

Parkman, Francis
     Oregon Trail

Pascal, Blaise

    Coventry Principle in Art

    The Republic

Ricciotti, Giuseppe
     The Age of Martyrs

Sadunaite, Nijole
    A Radiance in the Gulag

Scott, Robert
     Scott's Last Expedition

Sheed, Frank
     Theology and Sanity

Sheen, Fulton J.
     Life of Christ

Simonnet, Christian
    Theophane Venard, Martyr of Vietnam

Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr
     The Gulag Archipelago

Stein, Edith
     Essays on Woman
     The Science of the Cross

Teresa of Avila, St.

Teresa of Calcutta,
     Mother Love, a Fruit Always in Season

Therese of Lisieux, St.

Thomas a Kempis
     The Imitation of Christ

Tolkien, J.R.R.
    Essay on Fairy Tales

Trochu, Francis
    St. Bernadette Soubirous
     The Cure d'Ars: St. Jean Marie Baptiste Vianney

Undset, Sigrid
     The Saga of the Saints
     The Longest Years

Van Straaten, Werenfried
     Where God Weeps

Van Zeller, Hubert
     Death in Other Words
     Moments of Light
     One Foot in the Cradle
     We Live With Our Eyes Open
     We Die Standing Up

Walsh, William Thomas
    Isabella of Spain
     Characters of the Inquisition
     Our Lady of Fatima

Washington, Booker T.
    Up from Slavery

Waugh, Evelyn
    Edmund Campion

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